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"It's definitely some weird weather" 60 feet high waves (almost 20 metres) pound the Oregon Coast smashing windows and damaging buildings
A man is missing and coastal authorities were warning people to stay away from the beaches and cliffs as waves almost 60 feet high (almost 20 metres) were pounding the Oregon Coast on Thursday.
The forecast of dramatic seas and unusually high waves drew many people to the shore, and one 44-year-old man remained missing after being swept off a seawall near Depoe Bay on Thursday morning, according to information from the Depoe Bay Fire District.

Heatwave! Melbourne open tennis championship causing dizziness and heat blisters to players as temperatures reach 45C (111F)
As temperatures hit 40C today at the Melbourne open tennis championship causing dizziness and heat blisters to players, temperatures are forecast to nudge 45C as a five-day heatwave blankets southeast Australia.
The heat, which has fire services on ready alert, will be mostly centred on northern Victoria and southern NSW over the next few days with temperatures about 12C above average for this time of year.

Russia's Yakutia region temperatures of -84℃ (-119℉) are shattering and bursting thermometers as INSANE cold to last through January
It's insane!
On Tuesday, in Russia's Yakutia region, temperatures dropped to an unbelievable 84 degrees below zero.
Temperatures are so low that thermometers are freezing and bursting.
For the Yakutians, cold Januarys are normal, so life typically goes on.
But Tuesday's temperatures were so cold, schools were closed and people had been advised to stay indoors.

Most of the Gulf coast and deep South suffering crippling winds and record-breaking low temperatures as New Orleans smashes old low record
Most of the Gulf coast and deep South woke up this morning to sub-zero temperatures which cancelled flights, disrupted traffic and closed schools and businesses.
Crippling winds and record-breaking low temperatures were recorded in New Orleans and other cities in the US deep south.

Europe batters down the hatches as "Storm Fionn" the sixth named storm of the season begins arrives threatning galeforce winds and snow
"Storm Fionn" the sixth named storm of the season has arrived and is battering parts of Ireland and the UK with galeforce winds and sleeting rain and snow likely to cause chaos through Wednesday.
The high damaging winds along with heavy snow and coastal flooding are expected across the entire area of Ireland and the British Isles.

The enormous storm factory the Atlantic Ocean is preparing to batter Europe with another "BOMBOGENESIS" late Wednesday
The enormous storm factory, The Atlantic Ocean is preparing to batter Ireland, the UK and western Europe with another "BOMBOGENESIS," weather bomb late Wednesday and Thursday.
Out in the Atlantic, a massively deep and deepening depression is heading east toward Ireland and The British Isles and on Thursday is expected to impact north-west Europe.
Winds expected to reach 100mph + causing widespread damage to buildings flooding and loss of power to some areas.

At least another 60 people have died in Nepal bringing the total to 71 after severe cold with a further 143 dead just over the border in India
At least another 60 people have died in Nepal bringing the total to 71 after 11 died last week, with 143 more dead just over the border in Uttar Pradesh India from extreme cold in the area.
Twenty-six succumbed to the cold in Saptari while 17 died in Rautahat, nine in Parsa, seven in Siraha and six in Dhanusha.

Sahara snowfall! Temperatures in the summer can reach 40 deg C Ain Sefra, Algeria, known as the gateway to the Sahara desert covered in snow
It doesn't happen often, the last time it snowed here was 40 years ago.
Temperatures in the summer can reach 40 deg C but yesterday the small town of 1    was covered in snow.
A rare blanket of snow in the Sahara Desert was spotted over the weekend -- an unusual sight for an area known for its relentless heat.

Nearly 5,000 lightning strikes in 3 hours left thousands without power in Sydney after temperatures approaching 50 deg C melted roads
 Fast-moving storms swept across Sydney this morning. Photo: Nick Moir
After temperatures approaching 50 deg C, 122 deg F melted roads and killed thousands of flying fox bats the weather in Sydney has gone from one extreme to the other
A heavy thunderstorm hit Sydney with more than 4600 lightning strikes between 3am and 6am this morning, leaving thousands without power after days of extreme heat.

The longest cold snap in more than 80 years around Chicago area likely to end today with another drop in temperature expected by Thursday night
As is often the case, there's good and bad news when it comes to the weather in Chicago.
First, the bad news: Chicago tied a record Saturday for its nearly two-week-long cold snap, meteorologists said.
The good news is the weather is expected to start warming up dramatically on Sunday, putting an end to the longest cold snap in more than 80 years.

Thousands of people some with babies trapped in their vehicles by heavy snow overnight on a highway near Madrid Spain
Spain deployed 250 soldiers on Sunday (Jan 7) to help rescue thousands of people trapped in their vehicles by heavy snow overnight on a highway near Madrid, officials said.
The army's emergency unit UME said it sent two companies of specialist soldiers and 95 vehicles to free over 3,000 vehicles that became stranded on the AP6 highway linking Madrid and the northwestern city of Segovia.

Almost hottest day ever in Sydney temp hits 47.3 deg C 120 deg F Sunday! Aus vs Eng cricket match pitch side reaches 57.6 deg C: 136 deg F
Sydney recorded almost the hottest day ever in its history as the mercury reached 47.3 deg C, almost 120 deg F on Sunday.
The temperature fell just short of the all-time highest recorded in 1939 when the silver line stopped at 47.8 deg C.
According to The Sydney Morning Herald, it was a scorching day that saw international tennis cancelled and residents flock to the beach in droves, the Bureau of Meteorology also felt the heat after mistakenly announcing it as metropolitan Sydney's hottest day.

China hit by second wave of snow after blizzard's earlier in the week leaving eleven dead and 2.5 million without power
Heavy snow has killed 13 people in east China's Anhui Province since Jan. 3, the provincial government announced on Friday.
The worst snowstorms since 2008 have so far affected 1.06 million people in the province, causing direct economic losses of 1.26 billion yuan (190 million U.S. dollars), and 790 million yuan (122 million U.S. dollars) of losses in agriculture, according to China's Xinhua news agency.
Nine cities including capital Hefei initiated emergency responses due to the snow.

Frigid hemisphere! Nepal is the latest cold-hell with 11 dead and hundreds in hospital as temperatures hit -31.5 C (-25 F)
The spell of a cold wave has claimed at least eleven lives in southern Nepal's districts of Terai region bordering India in the past two days, media reports said on Saturday.
Hundreds of locals have been taking to hospital suffering from hyperthermia.
Six people died of freezing cold in Saptari district and three in Rautahat district, mostly children and elderly people, Republica Newspaper reported referring local authorities.

Bombed! From Boston to Baltimore and beyond blizzard-stirred coastal flooding more frozen sharks airports closed 2ft snow expected in places
Massive flooding is wreaking havoc along New England's coast.
The blizzard-stirred coastal flooding in Boston could be the worst in history as reports of major flooding are pouring in from coastal Massachusetts communities on Thursday afternoon.
Parts of Causeway Street, Morrissey Boulevard and Seaport Boulevard in Boston are completely underwater, and the harbourside entrance at the MBTA's Aquarium Station is temporarily closed due to flooding.

'Bombogenesis' Grayson aiming to bomb Mid-Atlantic States and the Northeast as classic Nor’easter to bring blizzards and strong winds
A 'Bombogenesis' takes aim at U.S. Northeast adding to the crippling cold, bringing strong winds and blizzards and delivering the most powerful winter storm of the season for the Mid-Atlantic States and the Northeast Thursday.
The storm named Grayson has caused the cancellation of 3,000 flights with more than 5 inches of snow expected in New York and New England.

Kenya to experience one of the world's worst heat waves temperatures expected to hit more than 40 degrees Celsius (above 104 deg F) for the next month
For the first time in history, Kenya is expected to experience one of the world's worst heat waves, with temperatures expected to hit more than 40 degrees Celsius (above 104 deg F) during the day in northwestern and northeastern parts of the country.
A month-long weather forecast released by the Kenya Meteorological Department on Wednesday indicates that the looming heat wave will most likely be triggered by bursts of extreme heat that are expected to hit the two regions in the month of January.

Welcome to 2018: Heatwave in Alaska and Holland Freeze warnings for Florida Texas and the Gulf Coast Two massive storms batter Europe
While the most of the United States is dealing with record cold and ice, residents of Alaska are enjoying unusually warm weather.
In some parts of the country temperatures reached 10 degrees, which is unusual at this time of year, BNT reported.

Storm Eleanor impacts western Europe with 200,000 French without power flights cancelled in Holland as category 2 hurricane strength storm heads East
Storm Eleanor cuts power to 200,000 households in northern France on Wednesday after storm Carmen cut power to 65,000 households in western France on new years eve, Monday.
The storm is set to move to eastern regions throughout the day and is thought to bring more destruction.

Eleanorgeddon batters the UK and Ireland with category 2 strength hurricane winds of more than 100mph and devastating flooding
Tens of thousands of homes and businesses have been hit with a blackout as Storm Eleanor swept across the country.
ESB Networks said at least 55,000 households and other properties had been affected by the widespread outages in the west and north-west.
The areas worst hit are understood to be across Galway, Mayo, Sligo and Leitrim as the Atlantic storm moved in with gales gusting to 100mph in parts of Ireland and the UK.

Storm Eleanor to reach cyclone level as hurricane-force winds and torrential rain set to batter the UK and Ireland later tonight: Flood warnings
Flood warnings for most of England and Wales have been issued by the Met Office as Storm Eleanor takes aim for Ireland the UK and Western Europe.
According to the Daily Express, Storm Eleanor will reach cyclone level as it smashes into the UK with hurricane-force winds.

Gulf of Mexico and Florida under freeze warnings as the Arctic blast hits the deep south bringing record cold temperatures
The record-shattering Arctic cold which has hampered the new year celebrations in parts of the US has reached the deep south as freeze warnings were in place for in Florida and Texas on Monday.
The Northeastern United States is facing another cold wave at the end of the week according to Reuters.

It's weather madness on both sides of the Atlantic as parts the US records lowest cold; parts of Europe record highest warmth in living memory
Weather madness hits the Northern Hemisphere as extremes are recorded on both sides of the Atlantic.
While parts of the US are colder than Mars and are expected to have the coldest new years eve in living memoryHolland is enjoying it's warmest new years eve in living memory as the Limburg town of Ell recorded a temperature of 14 deg C (57. 2 deg F).

It's madness! Frozen sharks -40 deg F (-40 deg C) in Minnesota colder than Mars and the North Pole coldest New Year in living memory in the US
As parts of the US is considered colder than Mars some remarkable stat's are being banded around the net as some weather forecasters predict the cold will last well into January.
The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy said it had found three dead thresher sharks frozen to death on the shore of the Cape Cod Bay in Brewster, south of Boston, in the last three days.

It's a Jet-Stream party pooper! Storm Dylan to bring galeforce winds of 80mph to the UK while parts of the US set to be as cold as a domestic fridge-freezer
The Jet Stream is set to disrupt new year celebrations on both sides of the pond as storm Dylan is set to batter the UK and Ireland with winds of 80mph while sucking down record cold temperatures from the Arctic with parts of the US colder than a domestic fridge-freezer!

New Year's Eve shocker! Temperatures in parts of the US to plummet to minus 36'6 deg C (minus 34 deg F): Meteorologists warn of frostbite
It's the kind of temperatures human beings shouldn't have to endure!
Most of the US will be plunged into Arctic conditions on New Year's Eve with some parts plummeting to minus 36.6 deg C (minus 34 deg F) with meteorologists warning of frostbite to exposed skin.

Almost 5 FEET of snow smashes Pennsylvania snow records as Erie receives 53 inches of snow in 30 hours

Record snow totals smashed as Erie, Pennsylvania receives 53 inches of snow in 30 hours, this is the greatest two-day total in the entire state of Pennsylvania.
The previous record was 44" in Morgantown, Pennsylvania on March 20 and 21, 1958.
It also beats the 13-day total snowfall record for Erie, Pennsylvania, which was 52.8" from Dec. 31, 1998, to January 12, 1998.

Temperatures colder than parts of the Arctic Circle to hit the US: Record mild air across the UK replaced with wind and rain for Christmas
Temperatures humans shouldn't have to endure will hit parts of the US this week as the jet stream will deliver an Arctic hell and dangerous conditions with temperatures colder than parts of the Arctic Circle.
Christmas day will see a dip in the jet stream deliver an Arctic blast into the Plains and the Great Lakes.

Penrith Sydney records the highest December temps on record with a maximum of 44.1C on Tuesday as Australian mercury surges upwards
A golfer in his 60s has died after collapsing in the heat in Sydney's south, as the city swelters through tops of 40C.
Emergency services were called to the Woolooware Golf Club, in Sydney's south, after the man collapsed about 1 pm.
A spokesperson said the man later went into cardiac arrest and died at the scene.

Summer madness arrives in Australia as temperatures hit the mid 40's C (113 deg F) in Sydney
Demand for ambulances has risen by 40 percent across the Sydney metro area today, with temperatures in the western suburbs hitting 40 degrees Celsius.
By 2:30pm Penrith had reached 43.4C, while several suburbs in Sydney's west had reached 40C, including Badgerys Creek, Bankstown, Camden and Horsley Park.
Areas in the east were spared thanks to some sea breezes.

"It's beginning to look like Christmas" Europe to receive the first widespread snow of the season from Germany to Finland
"It's beginning to look like Christmas," well, in Europe anyway, the first real widespread snow of the season is set to transform Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia along with the Czech Republic and the Baltic States from Wednesday night into Friday.
Cold air settling over eastern Europe ahead of this storm will set the stage for accumulating snowfall at all elevations with significant travel disruptions possible.
Snow will fall heavy at times Wednesday night from Austria into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The fifth named storm of the year Caroline to batter the UK and Ireland with high winds torrential rain and snow and another storm to hit Sunday
The fifth named storm of the year storm Caroline is set to batter the UK and Ireland with high winds torrential rain and snow in the grounds causing chaos to the islands once again.

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