Monday 14 March 2022

Freedom of Information document in the UK, submitted by a Dr Campbell, claims 17,371 Covid deaths in two years cost the UK tax payers 400 billion Pounds! BBC claim kids, arriving in Moldova from the Ukraine fever pneumonia coughing breathing problems and flu-like symptoms—No mention of Covid! Above, death registrations for 2020 and 2021 for deaths (UK) where COVID-19 was listed as the underlying cause, but had no other pre-existing conditions recorded on the death certificate, England and Wales. This publication will be updated quarterly.

17,371 deaths at the cost of 400 billion Pounds Sterling!

A Freedom of Information document has surfaced in the UK, submitted by a Dr John Campbell. The document shows the true number of Covid-19 deaths in the UK from March 2020 to January 2022. These are only Covid-19 deaths with no other underlying disease. At this point, I would just like to inform you, the UK government spent almost 400 billion Pounds Sterling dealing just with Covid-19. . . 
Remember during the two years since Covid-19 became a pandemic—Just in the UK—Millions of kids have had their education damaged. Millions of adults and pensioners have been left in some kind of depressed state. ‘100s of thousands of small and medium businesses have been closed down. We have endured lockdowns, travel bans, mask and vaccine mandates along with sanctions and our freedom taken away. Why?
Because we were told by a “mind-boggling” entourage of so-called experts, Covid-19 would be a repeat of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic which would kill vast numbers of people.

The UK has a population of almost 70 million people—Every year around 700,000 of them die. . . The total number of people who died in the UK from March 2020 to January, 2022 from Covid-19, was a mere—“17, 371.”—Less than 10,000 covid deaths a year folks. While the government was spending nearly 400 billion on Covid-19 and 17,371 deaths, other people with debilitating diseases, cancer, heart patients, lung liver and kidney problems were put on a waiting list and now face the prospect of dying before the back-log is cleared. These figures are from official UK national statistics, so it would be reasonable to say, the same kind of figures are almost certainly the same for other “advanced” western countries! If you needed proof we have been duped during the last two years, here it is. I know families have lost loved ones and they have my deepest sympathy but—It’s not hard to see, either the government is inadequate or the whole thing has been some kind of  a scam!

Another clue!

Is it all beginning to make sense?

Jab remorse would be a worldwide phenomena, however, the stable door by then would be slammed shut! Ironically, I received an email this morning with these words, "SOON THE DOOR WILL CLOSE, and many will be pounding on it, begging for it to open," but it will be too late! For billions of people, I believe this to be true. Remember Klaus Schwab's mantra? "Our small window of opportunity!"

When the virus exploded into our lives at the beginning of 2020, I wondered myself why the virus was just attacking rich countries, the West along with Japan, RICH Arab countries, Russia, China and India, and to an extent, Brazil.
The "experts" back then told us it was because poor people didn't fly as much as the rich (but the virus does).
According to Wikipedia back in early 2020, 73 countries were using 5G networks: North America, all of Europe, China, Russia, Japan, all the rich Arab nations, and nearly all of them had 5G installed in 2019 or early 2020. The poor countries and Third World Countries were not on the list . . .

Then—Two events happened which proved the whole vaccine mandate had been a test!


Is it not ironic that the “Omicron” variant derived from South Africa and for a while at least had the whole world in total panic? But, the reality of the strain, according to the South African scientist who discovered Omicron, claimed the virus as “quite mild” and resulted in few hospitalisations in South Africa and even less deaths! But yet, Omicron had gripped western governments with Covid-fear. Governments, scientists, healthcare experts and the main stream media were in total panic over a variant which, for normal healthy people had the same symptoms of a common cold?
So why was Omicron being touted as the new "zombie killer?” Firstly, Africa, the second biggest continent in the world, had faired remarkably well during the entire Covid pandemic. Africa has a huge population of 1.37 billion people, many of them living in desperate poverty compared to the West. Even so—Since the beginning of Covid-19, Africa the"continent" had done remarkably well. They had registered just under 9 million cases of Covid-19 up to the arrival of Omicron—Incredibly,1 million less than the UK who had a much smaller population of just over 70 million— The UK also suffered 225,000 deaths.
However, when you consider South Africa, “the country,” an affluent and westernised land, had registered 3 million cases, “one-third” of the entire total of the African continent, with almost 100,000 deaths from a population of just 60 million—We can now clearly see how remarkable rest of the African Continent dealt with Covid-19, easily better than any other continent on the planet!—Only 122,000 deaths resulting from a continent of 1.31 billion people on the continent of Africa; 60 million removed, of course, which is the population of South Africa, and 100,000 deaths South Africa suffered, up to (January 2022).

When you consider the US had almost “50 million” cases and a very gruesome 778,000 deaths, all from a population of just 335 million, just 1/4 the population of Africa, during the same period. The World Health Organisation (WHO) in my opinion brazenly used the Omicron variant as a threatening tool to pressurise richer nations to donate Covid vaccinations to the whole of the continent of Africa! Africa didn't need to be vaccinated because it had the virus well under control. The continent was obviously doing rather well without the vaccine, thank you very much!
And then Covid-19 from being the world news dominator for the last two years vanished!—Literally, overnight! Gone!


Over the weekend of late February, 2022 I, like millions of other worried citizens around the world watched the invasion of the Ukraine by a Russian military, led by a leader who at best appears unhinged and at worst resembles a madman who’s cold feral, soulless eyes stares back at the camera devil-like—I must say I feel uncomfortable just looking at him.
I have held a suspicious eye on the European leaders and their mighty media machine during the conflict. A week or so before Putin’s invasion, something changed which caught millions of us by surprise! European leaders, along with Boris Johnson—Suddenly and unexpectedly began lifting many sanctions and travel restrictions, even though 14 million new cases had been reported world wide and 70,000 deaths had been recorded that week—Week ending February the 20th, 2022 I believe.

A week later, more than 500,000 Ukranian refugees were fleeing into Poland, Romania and Hungary with another 3.5 million refugees expected to follow in the coming days and weeks. As the tragic story unfolded all European leaders and the UK were falling over themselves to allow Ukranian refugees into their countries—And quite right too of course, Europe is with the Ukranian people!

However, what I want to bring to your attention to is this—Since the refugees began to move West, on-mass I noticed most of them were without masks! Any other time I could imagine families fleeing a war-zone without a mask covering, but now?—Supposedly in the middle of a pandemic? Just a week earlier, the world couldn’t go the toilet without a mask on, c’mon, I mean? What was just as strange, I heard not one reference to Covid-19, not one!—Now, let me put that into some kind of perspective, since March, 2020 we have not been able to breath without being warned of Covid-19, now suddenly—Nothing, zilch!

Surely the Polish, Romanian and Hungarian border control would at least be wearing masks and giving masks out to the refugees? Nope, I actually saw Polish first responders walking around maskless. The thousands of maskless refugees is even more baffling when just a week before the Russian invasion, Ukraine reported more than 200,000 weekly cases of Covid-19 and the week before that more than a quarter of a million. According to those figures 5 people in every 100 crossing the Ukrainian border has Covid? The whole situation must be a ticking-time-bomb and by now, 20 days into the war,(March 14th) we should at least be hearing reports of an exploding covid outbreak—But we are “NOT?”On Sunday, the 13th of March I watched a BBC report claiming kids, arriving in Moldova from the Ukraine were turning up with “fever,” pneumonia, coughing, breathing problems and flu-like symptoms—There was no mention of Covid!

Overnight—after dominating the world for two years, Covid-19 was dropped by the media like a hot-coal! After lockdowns, travel bans mask, vaccine mandates and sanctions in the blink of an eye— Millions of people are allowed to suddenly cross borders into Europe without being checked, segregated or even masked.

Now, for those of you who do not know what graphene oxide is let me give you a brief explanation. Graphene oxide first and foremost is poisonous to humans. Graphene is the best known natural heat and electrical conductor there is and can store electric energy, and is practically indestructible. Graphene oxide can host its own magnetic field and it is also the main ingredient in a hydrogel which is the AI template used in Elon Musk and Bill Gates's research into creating an interface, (neural network) between humans and the internet, (5G) or AI (artificial intelligence). Graphene Oxide is considered nanotechnology.

Some health experts and doctors have claimed  Graphene Oxide is the “secret ingredient” mentioned by Bill Gates in Covid-19 vaccinations—According to big Pharma, Graphene Oxide is "not" added into Covid-19 vaccines and boosters... but—Graphene Oxide is being coated onto protected face masks, millions of ‘em, according to mask-makers, ZEN Graphene Solutions and Trebor RX, who have produced around 1 billion protective face masks coated with Graphene Oxide. It is also being added to the flu vaccine! Graphene oxide is giving a boost to new intranasal flu vaccine Researchers at Georgia State University and Emory University who have developed an intranasal influenza vaccine using recombinant hemagglutinin (HA), a protein found on the surface of influenza viruses, as the antigen component of the vaccine. They also created a two-dimensional nano-material (polyethyleneimine-functionalized graphene oxide nanoparticles) and found that it displayed potent adjuvant (immunoenhancing) effects on influenza vaccines delivered intranasally.
Meanwhile, researchers have developed graphene-biosensors for brain machine interfaces. Researchers at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) have developed a novel graphene-based biosensor, set to drive new innovations in brain-controlled robotics. The biosensor adheres to the skin of the face and head in order to detect electrical signals being sent by the brain.These signals can be translated into commands to control autonomous robotic systems. The sensor, made of epitaxial graphene grown onto a silicon carbide on silicon substrate, overcomes the major challenges of corrosion, durability and skin-contact resistance.

And there is more! Much more.

Graphene oxide is currently capturing the imagination of “Frankenstein scientists” and  Jekyll and Hyde health experts because of its use as a fantastic conductor of electricity and can host its own "magnetic field” inside a human body and could quite easily connect us, (humans) to the internet where we could, all be monitored on a neural network connected to the brain, this technology is already out there and is being championed by Mr Elon Musk and Mr Bill Gates and computer giants IBM, to name just a few.(It's kind’a weird, earlier in the book the years 1914 and 1957 kept reappearing now its names such as Musk and Gates?)

According to IBM, neural networks reflect the behaviour of the human brain, allowing computer programs to recognise patterns and solve common problems in the fields of AI, machine learning, and deep learning. Now, with the use of “lipid nanotechnology” delivering mRNA effectively to cells, DNA sequencing could quite easily be tweaked so a person could be monitored through a neural link or RFID chip along with the graphene electrical conductor. The "Mark Of The Beast,”—mentioned in Revelation 13 springs to mind!
Scientists and health experts have denied the use of Graphene Oxide in Covid Vaccines, however, proof has been provided by Karen Kingston, a Pfizer employee, that Graphene Oxide is included— She also claims, Bill Gates, who is linked to the Moderna vaccine who claims his vaccine has "secret ingredient”—Is probably  Graphene Oxide. Zentex, a Canadian company is producing millions of Covid masks coated with Graphene Oxide and Graphene is being added to a intranasal flu vaccine manufactured by Georgia State University. Meanwhile, researchers have developed graphene-biosensors for brain machine interfaces. Researchers at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) have developed a novel graphene-based biosensor, set to drive new innovations in brain-controlled robotics. The biosensor adheres to the skin of the face and head in order to detect electrical signals being sent by the brain. These signals can be translated into commands to control autonomous robotic systems. The sensor, made of epitaxial graphene grown onto a silicon carbide on silicon substrate, overcomes the major challenges of corrosion, durability and skin-contact resistance. Developing next-generation graphene-based optical networks for 5G and future communication.
Graphene Flagship researchers have discovered that graphene oxide inhibits anxiety-related behaviours in a model study. They found that, "Injecting" graphene oxide into a specific region of the brain silences the neurones responsible for anxious behaviour. (Bill Gates has, in fact invented a vaccine which takes away extreme religious thoughts from religious fanatics.) Scientists have developed a sensor that detects brain signals in a wide frequency band, from extremely low frequencies to high frequency oscillations. The sensor is biocompatible and could be used to measure and predict brain states—Full story Graphene oxide is currently capturing the imagination of scientists and health experts because of its use as a fantastic conductor of electricity and can host its own "magnetic field" and could quite easily connect us, (humans) to the internet  in the very near future!

The Future of Vaccines...

I would like to bring your attention to what I believe vaccines will be capable of accomplishing in the very near future and just how all this ties up with the many so-called "END TIMES" Bible Prophecies which have suddenly becoming alarmingly real since the recent Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

How Graphene Oxide could be used in a vaccine.

Because mRNA vaccines are very unstable, nanoparticle lipids (a none-viral delivery system) is used to help deliver certain agents to a cell. The vaccines used for Covid-19, contain four nanoparticle lipids. Number one is cholesterol which travels easily through the blood, number two is a fossil lipid that adheres to the cell allowing lipid three to ionise a charge which penetrates the cell allowing lipid four, the Graphene Oxide into the cell. At the moment the first vaccines have been a trial, rushed through to test out how much graphene people can handle before it becomes toxic and lethal. The first vaccines were a dose-finding study. People, as we saw, were given a booster with more Graphene Oxide every six months with the so-called "top-up BOOSTER vaccines." When the Graphene Oxide is given a positive charge, a magnetic field is activated in the vaccinated person's body. Graphene Oxide is a fantastic conductor of electricity and can host its own magnetic field and could quite easily connect a person to the internet and his/her thoughts could then be monitored on a neural network which would be fitted to the brain. This technology is already out there and is being championed by Elon Musk and Bill Gates along with computer giant IBM.

According to IBM, neural networks reflect the behaviour of the human brain, allowing computer programs to recognise patterns and solve common problems in the fields of AI, machine learning and deep learning. Now, with the use of lipid nanotechnology, our bodies could quite easily be monitored through the neural link in our heads along with the graphene electrical conductor. Orwell's "Thought Police” spring to mind, and could be monitoring our every thought and—If we had a wrong or bad thought, we could be quite easily zapped with an electrical shock by the nasty man, or robot monitoring our thought pattern. A positive charge could potentially kill a person depending on how much graphene was in the body.

I personally don’t think the Covid vaccination is the "Mark of the Beast," mentioned in Revelation 13, well... not yet anyway but I do believe the vaccine mandate could have been some kind of trial, more like a trial run, you could say. It has been very interesting to see how heroes workers the of pre-vaccine era, such as health workers, first responders and the military, have overnight become social pariahs because the refused the vaccinations. Increasingly around the world, governments are gradually taking away the rights of genuine people who want to work, shop, go to restaurants, the cinema or even just leave the house in some cases. But, because they have refused a jab, or a booster...they can’t. As far as vaccines go, democracy has flown out of the window!

Eventually, when the global vaccination and top-ups are finished and most of the world is walking around with a body full of electrified graphene oxide, a global database will be in the hands of "The New World Order," ready to be uploaded to the new incredibly fast, 5G Network.

At the beginning of the Covid pandemic there was much speculation around the world claiming a link between 5G and the coronavirus.Governments, scientists, and the media were quick to dispel such claims as being believed by conspiracy theorists and nut-jobs. We didn't know about the vaccines back then of course! For some strange reason, the topic of 5G—suddenly and inexplicably disappeared from vogue and people suddenly stopped talking about it, as if it had never happened. But it did happen and is in place, connected to the many orbiting satellites all primed and ready to be linked to the vaccines. Our vaccinated body, with its graphene oxide superconductor of electricity hosting its own magnetic field, and the neural network in our head controlling our minds and thoughts, along with the eventual chip in our hand, that will allow us to buy and sell, and become absolutely complete when "WE" will all be connected to the super-fast worldwide 5G Network.
According to my dear friend in Alaska, Bill Laughing-Bear, bad biological effects of non-ionising radiation is a Western disease because of cellphone use. With this type of energetic air pollution, there are many causes for concern. For instance, it is known that both single and double-strand DNA will break down due to cell phone frequencies. While single strands at times can heal, it is thought that double-strand DNA breaks will “not repair” and can lead to “genetic mutations.”

Other problems such as poor memory and concentration, delayed reaction times, headaches, lower levels of both melatonin and serotonin, anxiety, chronic pain or pressure in the chest, shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness, blood pressure problems, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, and tinnitus are very common in our digitalised western world. If that’s not bad enough—Let’s throw in the likes of Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, birth defects, red blood cells sticking together (which also happens after the vaccine in many people) or deforming in what is called bottle capping, ADD/ADHD in children, reproductive problems, skin disorders, Parkinson’s Disease, and Autism.

According to an NCBI (National Institutes of Health) report, low doses of charged particles cause acute and persistent oxidative stress which can lead to cell and tissue damage, damaging proteins, and DNA and suppress immune systems. With a damaged suppressed immune system, we are "sitting ducks" for an attack by a virus such as COVID-19.

Covid Vax, 5G and Bible Prophecy: The fifth Trumpet

There would be no hiding place for anyone on the planet with an inserted neural network link in his/her head (Musk has already introduced these and are on sale now) and a magnetic charge from Graphene Oxide monitoring a persons thoughts and pinging them at a satellite through the neural network and bouncing them back to a control room somewhere here on Earth with the speed and power of 5G, and we have George Orwell's thought police looking like pussy cats!

 I have often wondered about this quote in Revelation 9:6:

"During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them."

This frightening verse suddenly makes perfect sense. A person connected to 5G, with a body full of electrically charged graphene and a neural link, would automatically send unwanted "bad" thoughts (you can’t stop yourself thinking!) through to an algorithm in cyber-space —And on picking up the bad thought— “ZAPP" you are hit with an un-healthy dose of electricity delivered into your positive charged magnetic field as a punishment. It would be a "shock to your system," pardon the pun, and of course a total misery for the person receiving it. How can you possibly stop yourself thinking something negative? You can't, and every time a bad thought pops into your head - ZAPP!—Shit'''I hate this life—ZAPP! 

More ZAPPS!—“I wish I was dead—ZAPP!

Revelation 9:3: 

And out of the smoke, locusts descended on the earth, and they were given power like that of the scorpions of the earth. 4 They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree, but only those who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads. 5 The locusts were “not” given the power to kill them, but only to torment them for five months, and their torment was like the stinging of a scorpion. 6 In those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, but death will escape them.

The little locusts mentioned above are already available from the military. Tiny drones are available on the market and these things could well deliver electric “ZAAPS” to people with a positively charged body, easily. Could this technology be the locusts mentioned in Revelation 9:3? This technology is already out there, developed by the US Navy, and is called a “Micro-drone.”

In Revelation 9:10, it claims:

They had tails with stingers like scorpions, which had the power to injure people for five months. 11 They were ruled by a king, the angel of the Abyss. His name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, it is Apollyon. 12 The first woe has passed. Behold, two woes are still to follow.

Revelation 13:16-18:

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man, and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. Death registrations for 2020 and 2021 for deaths where COVID-19 was listed as the underlying cause, but had no other pre-existing conditions recorded on the death certificate, England and Wales.


Corona Virus 2022


Hawkeye said...

Thanks Gary. Really good info here! Agree with all of it and if we add to it the reality of "severe earth changes" including our "climate woes", one has to wonder WTF are these lunatics thinking?!! (Lol). Seriously I ask this although it's a bit funny sounding.

How can any of what you truly wrote about happen when our life support system (Earth) is imploding and quite rapidly now? I just watched the latest post on Margo's Healing Corner blog. I recommend her site because she has been at it a long time, she uses legitimate government monitoring sites that are powered by legitimate satellites man put up in the sky. CAMS/ClimateReanyliser and a couple others. They are all publically available and used by "scientists" to watch, learn, document all earth events occurring namely from global warming/climate change. Without the technology of a good in house PC I can not get these sites myself, another reason I watch Margo's posts.
If you keep up on this earth subject matter and put it side by side up against the news in Gary's post, you can see other reasons political insanity is likely really taking place....but it also shows the insanity is absolutely out of control ludicrous!
Today we all breathing air on this planet are breathing in levels of methane gas that have never before in history been breathed by any life forms. The jet stream is officially broken and these gov sites prove it. It broke for good last summer (2021) and can not be fixed. Was that on the news? NO!

The arctic sea floors are collapsing with huge sink holes being found (in recent news by cnn). All glaciers are melting from the bottom up, contrary to scientists BS that warming is coming from above. Oh its above too but its cause and is caused by the bottom heating up. That's why so many volcanos are blowing and depths registered are amazingly a majority of 10 km deep. That means magma is only 10km under our feet and rising up. Some depths have been way less then that and ocean volcanos have zero for depths.

Each shift in earths landscape increases the speed of the next shift to ocurr. Feedback loops! Looking at the latest info from our government sites monitoring all of this, the thought of how in the hell can we make it one more year comes to my mind! No kidding! You know when methane gets too high in our breathable air, shortness of breath occurs. Did you know that? Hmmmm. Many other symptoms come from too much methane and it's a "coincidence " that those symptoms also align with virus symptoms and so much else!
I'm not kidding folks, I seriously see a link between the news of the day and earth collapsing. Too much to say and see to be dismissed. F the damn economy of money. Screw the damn system. Ignore it. Repent! It is time. "Those days will be shortened or no flesh shall survive".

Maybe we are in the final 7 trib years. Maybe it's almost over too. If we cant breath none of this technology madness will be able to control that! You think I'm a bit zealous maybe? Think again please and go look for yourselves....please go look at the truth. Just Margo and Dane (geoengineeringwatch dot org), the only 2 I trust tell you all you really need to know. Mr Putin most likely is acting out of severe concern for his country is blowing apart and melting away from methane gas and not by enemy weapons, by Earth forces....God!
I have read several news articles in recent past that so called scientists see this climate threat so near they are posed with trying to invent scenarios of combating it with a nuclear winter event. That is a lunatic mind set desperately seeking a solution and it is also very similar to why news is now saying beware of Russia detonating a nuclear bomb. Just saying.......

Anonymous said...

JungianINTP :

“This article contains all the known safe

and effective detox protocols that both

the vaxxed and the unvaxxed can use to

help your body remove these deadly

poisons.” :

— protocols found here — :


Gary Walton said...

Thanks Hawkeye and Rick!

Christopher said...

Hi Guys, it has been a while. Thank You Gary for connecting all of those subjects together. Hawkeye, I agree with everything you mentioned about Geoengineering and our biosphere collapsing. This past weekend Dane from reported that the Geoengineers are now spraying Graphine in their Chemtrails.

Carbon 60 found in Shungite is known for binding with any and every thing bad within our bodies. If you take a glass of Hydrogen water with your Carbon 60 it works synergistically even better. These two products are 2 of the best antioxidants on our planet.

An uncommon fact about the Spanish Flue of 1917-1919. It started on an Army base in the USA as John D. Rockefeller was rolling out his new experimental Vaccine. The 50 million plus people who died of the Spanish Flue had all been vaccinated with this experimental vaccine. None of the unvaccinated people died. Forward a 100 years or so and we are in a re run with an experimental vaccine murdering the masses. Wow!or was that Ow! Apology for my sick humor.
Take care out there. God Bless You All

Gary Walton said...

Thanks Christopher, always nice to hear from you—No apologies needed!

Anonymous said...

Gary Walton said...

Thanks Anonymous. The last few days I have been watching the Andy Warhol diaries on Netflix: What has he got to do with any of the above, I hear you thinking?

Well, quite a lot actually. A lot of his private film was made along the coastlines of the US: Maine, New York, Washington area and California, all around the '70s and 80's. What astonished me about the films was the striped skies around that that time. They were just as bad, if not worse as they are now—A dirty, streaky yellowish brown colour mixed with the pale blue of the sky, this spraying has been going on much longer than we know and there is proof, we just have to look!

Gary Walton said...

Poem: Chemtrails-Weather Modification-Albedo-SynBio-Mind Control
Again I see those expanding stripes,
and heave a deep sigh.
Who does Heaven belong to, anyway?
Why are you allowed to spray in the sky without our consent?
Who has been taken in by this madness anyway?
The sky used to be deep blue, now a whitish chemical, electromagnetic puddle
blankets and swirls.

Why does the Sun have to be stripped away all the time?
Whereby, for example, algae growth is inhibited,
people lack Vitamin D and are influenced and tamed via harmful waves &
Whales disoriented beaches and forests burning intensely?
Nano particles are found in soil, roots, flowers, lungs and brains?
Why is this, despite many scientific sources, laughed off and dismissed as a

Why do you allow the control of the weather and use it as a weapon?
This seems to be the real explanation for climate change!
In Geopolitics by using weather extremes to impoverish, blackmail and hijack
From HAARP and fanning stripes to the hole in the Ozone layer and Global

New diseases have unfortunately been created,
new types of clouds invented.
But no chemtrails can’t exist can they?
Weather modification already going on for decades, has already raped the
natural weather.

We want the “bio-terrorism” to stop and peel off the onion,
since weather modification is made up of many rings and layers.
The weather now seems out of whack to be able to predict it correctly.
That is why 44,000 residents are now coming to ask for a Parliamentary

This citizens’ initiative is deadly serious!
Go hear the many scientific and citizen researchers.
Stop the depressing puddle mongering, there is no choice.
Don’t let the secret services and defense ring you.

Investigate all available evidence, all sources.
Geo,- Bio,- & space weapons do not belong in the defense arsenal.
Through the UN Convention 1976* it is already forbidden, so do not act so
Heaven and Earth do not belong to the Military-Industrial Complex, but to all
of us!

Elbert Westerbeek, 22-02-2022.
Citizens Initiative Stop Chemtrails and Weather Manipulation Now!
Written on behalf of the presentation to the Dutch Parliament on 22-03-2022.

Gary Walton said...

In the early "60s," JFK and Lindon Johnson realised the US had to find a way to control the sun's power because they knew our Sun was affecting the weather here on planet Earth. Lindon Johnson apparently had sinister ideas and wanted to use the weather as a weapon. In his subcommittee’s detailed summary statement, Johnson proclaimed that;
"Our very future (US) depended on being the ones who first seized ownership of space." “Control of space means control of the world,” Johnson declared. “From space, the masters of infinity would have the power to control the earth’s weather, to cause drought and flood, to change the tides and raise the levels of the sea, to divert the gulf stream and change temperate climates to frigid.” (which is exactly what is happening now, 60 years later!)
Johnson continued:

“In essence, the Soviet Union has appraised control of space as a goal of such consequence that achievement of such control has been made the first aim of national policy.” “our decisions, more often than not, have been made within the framework of the Government’s annual budget. Against this view, we now have on record the appraisal of leaders in the field of science, respected men of unquestioned competence, whose valuation of what control of outer space means renders irrelevant the bookkeeping concerns of fiscal officers.” - Vice President Johnson. “It lays the predicate and foundation for the development of a weather satellite that will permit man to determine the world's cloud layer and ultimately to control the weather, and he who controls the weather will control the world” - Vice President Johnson at Southwest Texas State University. May 27 (1962).

One or two of you may have been following my research into what has happened to our planet since the Space Race began in 1957. The statement above from Vice President Johnson, confirms just how long this Geo,- Bio,- & space weapon, technology has been going on: Thanks once again for the input, I an truly grateful.

Anonymous said...

long time I just could not believe this sh*t was/is really happening.
Thanks to your blog and other infochannels I am catching up.
So thank you as well!