Monday 8 April 2024

Signs And Wonders—As North America deals with its own Three Body Problem of Sun, Moon and Earth—Europe's biggest volcano gets in on the act and blows smoke rings to the world

On the historic solar eclipse day in North America, when tens of millions watched the eclipse sweep across Mexico, America and Canada—Italy's Mount Etna has been putting on a show of its own for Europe by blowing near-perfect circles into the Sicilian sky. A new crater on the summit of Europe's largest active volcano led to an unusual display of the so-called 'smoke rings'. The rings are made of gases and propelled by a circular vent in the volcano, see the video below.

Below—Solar eclipse of April 8, 2024. (2024, April 8). In Wikipedia.,_2024

It was dubbed The Great American Eclipse by the US media with many people predicting DOOM and GLOOM. Still, instead, the world witnessed a great occasion which will be remembered forever by the lucky people who saw it! 

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