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Geomagnetic storms from sunspot AR2699 CME and a stream of solar wind from massive coronal hole to hit Earth's magnetic field today
Solar wind flowing from this wide coronal hole is expected to reach Earth on Feb. 15th-16th, adding its effect to that of an incoming CME due to arrive around the same time. Credit: SDO/AIA 

Three days ago sunspot AR2699 exploded, the explosion lasted for more than six hours and produced a C1-class solar flare and hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) almost directly toward Earth, see the film below.
According to, the CME is expected to reach Earth today.
NOAA forecasters say there is a 60% chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms with isolated periods of stronger G2 storming.

Another massive coronal hole emerging over the sun's eastern limb could be a significant threat to a very active Pacific Ring Of Fire
Another massive coronal hole is emerging over the sun's eastern limb.
Solar wind flowing from the gap is expected to reach Earth on Feb. 15-16, according to
With 15 major quakes from 16 occurring this year during coronal hole activity on our Sun and 13 of them along The Pacific Ring Of Fire and a similar amount of rumbling volcanoes, the coming days will most probably bring some fireworks, I would wager a major quake or two is a certainty.
Threatening sunspot AR2699 which doubled its size to more than 100,000 km across yesterday and is directly facing Earth this weekend has stalled during the past 24 hours, prompting NOAA forecasters to downgrade the chance of a strong M-class solar flare to only 15%

Our Sun awakes: Another monster brewing on our Sun! Sunspot AR2699 doubles its size to more than 100,000 km across: X-Class flare potential?
GROWING SUNSPOT: Sunspot AR2699 continues to grow, more than doubling in size since it appeared on Feb. 4th and is now stretching more than 100,000 km across the surface of the sun.
According to, the sunspot has developed an unstable "beta-gamma" magnetic field that harbours energy for an M-class solar flares NOAA forecasters estimate a 15% chance of such explosions on Feb. 9th.
With two primary dark cores larger than Earth and a scattering of moon-sized magnetic condensations stretching more than 100,000 km across the surface of the sun, AR2699 is an easy target for backyard solar telescopes.

Slumbering Sun awakes? Sunspot (AR2699) moves into view crackling B and C-class flares: 50% of 2018 sunspot free as our Sun enters Solar Minimum
Our Sun maybe waking from a deep slumber, for a while at least, so far in 2018, our Sun has recorded 18 days (50%) which have been sunspot free and the ones that made a show were small and posed no threat for strong solar flare.
A new sunspot (AR2699) is rotating into view over the sun's eastern limb and it has announced itself with a flurry of B- and C-class solar flares.
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory caught one of the explosions coinciding with the liftoff of a giant magnetic filament at 19:58 UT on Feb. 4th.
According to, these flares are relatively weak and would probably escape notice during a more active phase of the solar cycle.

Peruvians left terrified after three mysterious objects engulfed in flames fall from the sky: Meteor cancelled out
Peruvians were left terrified after villagers found three mysterious objects that fell from the sky engulfed in flames.
Residents in the Larancahuani community, in the Andean region of Puno, Peru, feared a meteorite impact after the spheres crashed to the ground on January 27, however, no meteors had been predicted to fall in that area.

A mag 6.0 - 40km S of Binuangeun, Indonesia is the sixth major quake of 2018 and each one has occurred as a coronal hole faced Earth
A mag 6.0 - 40km S of Binuangeun, Indonesia, not too far from Indonesia's active and erratic Mount Agung volcano on the island of Bali is the sixth major quake of January and 2018 of course.
The epicentre of the quake was less than 100km's from Indonesia's capital Jakarta, there is no tsunami warning for the shallow quake.
Today's major quake comes at the back end of a coronal hole on our Sun

It's the second meteor to be filmed above North America in 24 hours! Fire ball lights up Alberta sky after magnitude 2.0 earthquake caused by a meteor in Michigan on Tuesday
It's the second one to be filmed above North America in 24 hours...
Dozens of Albertans took to social media Wednesday evening to report seeing a large fireball in the sky over northern parts of the province.
Corbet Kratko was driving near the intersection of Highway 21 and Westpark Boulevard in Fort Saskatchewan when he said he saw the bright light descending through the sky.

Another coronal hole on the Sun ejecting solar wind at 1.3 million mph could cause an active volcano to blow causing a year without summer
With the onset of thousands of people evacuated from volcanoes rumbling back to life recently, we should be looking towards our Sun as to why volcanic activity has been so prevalent in the last six months.
Although NASA has announced our Sun has reached it's Solar Minimum, the lowest sunspot activity in the Sun's 11-year cycle our Star is far from quiet and is producing massive coronal holes more than ever before.

The USGS claim explosion caused by a meteorite exploded with enough force to register as a magnitude-2.0 earthquake over New Haven Michigan last night!
The US Geological Survey confirmed that a meteorite had exploded in the sky near New Haven, Michigan, about 40 miles northeast of Detroit, on Tuesday night.
The USGS said the explosion caused enough force to register as a magnitude-2.0 earthquake.
Video posted on social media Tuesday night shows drivers witnessing a flying rock that emitted a bright light in the night sky before disintegrating.

A new Coronal Hole opens up on the sun's atmosphere gaseous material is emerging from this hole faster than 500 km/s (1.1 million mph)
As the first major quake of 2018 struck this morning it should come as no surprise a new coronal hole faces Earth, see above.
After a quiet period, this morning's event was the first major quake in almost a month.
Solar wind flowing from this coronal hole will reach Earth and cause polar geomagnetic activity on Jan. 13th.
Until then we could be in for more major quakes.
The coronal hole, shown in the picture above is a region in the sun's atmosphere where the magnetic field peels back and allows solar wind to escape.

NOAA predicting possible chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms on the first day of 2018 from coronal hole on our Sun
NOAA forecasters say there is a 50% chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms on Jan. 1, 2018, when a stream of solar wind expelled from a coronal hole on the Sun's atmosphere engulfs Earth's magnetic field.
The solar-wind can reach speeds of 800 kilometres per second as they smash into the Earth's magnetosphere.
G1-class geomagnetic storms can cause power-grid fluctuations here on Earth and can damage satellite operations in Space.

A stream of solar wind from a sprawling coronal hole on the Sun arrives promising auroras throughout the holiday with brain disorders for others
Earth is inside a stream of solar wind flowing from the indicated coronal hole, see above. A sprawling coronal hole on the face of our Sun is ejecting a high-speed stream of solar wind which is battering our magnetosphere which should reach speeds of 600km per second later in the day and this is causing magnetic unrest and auroras around the Arctic Circle.

As our planet enters a geomagnetic storm more evidence they are linked to seizures migraines and confusion for animals who rely upon magnetic field to navigate

According to Earth has entered a fast-moving stream of solar wind, and this is causing minor G1-class geomagnetic storms around the poles.
The solar wind is flowing from a coronal hole in the sun's atmosphere.
Earth should be inside the stream for 24 to 36 hours.

Solar storms causing seizures and migraines in people and dogs, behaviour problems in children and enhanced medical problems for people in Alaska
I frequently receive emails from a wonderfully brave man from Alaska, his name is Bill Laughing-Bear who suffers from Traumatic brain injury (TBI).
Because of his injury, Bill can't use a computer because the screen causes him seizures or terrible migraines so his mother Tina types his work and thoughts for him.

New report! Space Weather linked to North Sea whale strandings: Old news of course on The Big Wobble
It is a theory The Big Wobble has been banding around for almost a year now, Solar storms may trigger whale strandings as well as dolphins, birds and bees and other animals who rely upon our magnetic field to navigate.

Tropical storm Adrian and tropical cyclone Donna along with a massive Coronal hole on the Sun influence two major quakes within days of each other
A shallow magnitude 6.2 - 79km SSW of Acajutla, El Salvador is the 7th major quake of May and the 31st of a record breaking low count so far in 2017.
Interesting to note the quake occured almost exactly in the same area where tropical storm Adrian formed 24 hours earlier.

Massive quake: Volcano activity increasing around the world and massive black-outs in the US: Coincidence or influenced by enormous Coronal Hole facing Earth?
In the past couple of days, since the solar wind escaping from the Coronal hole began battering the Earths magnetosphere, 100,000 people suffered blackouts in San Francisco, a massive 7.1 quake reduced to a mag 6.9 by USGS  and increased volcano activity around the world with the volcano above in Papua New Guinea and Costa Rica's Turrialba volcano and Poas volcano and Nishinoshima island in Japan just a few examples did

Solar flare spewing from mega hole in the Sun cause blackout mayhem in San Francisco as almost 100,000 people suffer
  • Solar flare spewing from mega hole in the Sun could cause blackout mayhem
  • Almost 100,000 people suffer black out in San Francisco today

Coronal hole = Major Quakes! Only 3 major quakes all month: Now 2 in 1 hour as 2 large holes on the Sun faces Earth!

We have had only three major quakes all month up till this evening, then as two massive Coronal holes line up to face Earth spewing a solar wind stream which was expected to reach Earth today we have had two major quakes in one hour not to mention the three active volcanoes yesterday.

Another large dolphin pod beached themselves last week while a massive coronal hole on the Sun faced the Earth
  • Another large dolphin pod beached themselves last week while a massive coronal hole on the Sun faced the Earth, on an ongoing investigation The Big Wobble has found a link between the coronal holes causing mass stranding's around our planet
38 carcasses wash up on Sundays River, in sixth stranding in same area over last 20 years

Big Wobble Exclusive: Coronal holes and magnetic storms responsible for mass whale and dolphin strandings? Animals subjected to magnetic field

This idea of Coronal holes and magnetic storms affecting people and pets then led me to an idea, maybe the magnetic storms are behind mass beaching’s of whales and dolphins
So I did some digging, imagine my surprise when every mass beaching I checked coincided with a Coronal Hole facing the Earth!
Here are just a few examples:

If proof was needed coronal holes on our Sun is the main quake and volcanic activity factor on Earth it's here! 2 major quakes and 3 volcano eruptions around Alaska's Aleutian Islands
  • Tues Mag 6.6 Kamchatska Russia
  • Mon Mag 6.1 Attu Island Alaska
  • Sun Tha Kambalny Volcano Eruption Kamchatska
  • Sat Cleveland and Bogoslof Volcanoes on Alaskan Aleutian Islands