Sunday, 4 March 2018

A magnitude 7.5 plus quake prediction today from Patrick Geryl earthquake researcher due to planetary alignment! Large Coronal Hole facing Earth too

Today Earth is aligned Mercury and Venus Credit

This morning as a large coronal hole on the sun turns and faces Earth which is, I believe a trigger for major quakes, (23 major quakes have hit our planet this year and 22 of them have occurred during coronal activity on the Sun) I received an email from a researcher, scientist Patrick Geryl.
Patrick is claiming today has a high potential for a magnitude 7.5 plus earthquake due to planetary alignments.
In his paper which he wrote all the way back in January the 25th he claims: While analysing Mw 7.5 plus earthquakes, we found that they mostly happen on alignments with the
Several of them happened on heliocentric conjunctions, with planets or planetoids in crucial Line Ups.
On March 3-4, 2018 there will be 4 important alignments with the Earth.
We expect a 6.0M plus earthquake onMarch 3. (which didn't happen of course)
A 7.5Mw+is possible around noon on March 4. If the quake is delayed, the magnitude will increase till
Well, Patrick, we wait with bated breath and thanks for the tip


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  1. Check this out.List of Sequent Events Related to Full Solar Eclipse as Predicted by Mitch Battros
    Having received several emails requesting my stated predictions and the events which did in fact occur, I am producing a list of articles, in sequence, which will tell the story. You will notice I did place a heavier emphasis on earthquakes and volcanoes which did in fact occur, however, it was the shifting winds and ocean currents resulting in Cat. 4 and 5 hurricanes which caused the most fatalities and damage.
    My prediction told of significant earth changing events would occur as a result of the August 21 2017 Full Solar Eclipse. The prediction had a 21 day window; 14 days prior to the event, and 14 days after. The cause of events was the result of waves of charged particles, in this case sometimes called ‘gravitational waves’, smashing into Earth’s weakened magnetic field allowing them to penetrate the lower and upper atmosphere causing shifting winds.
    YThe punch continued down to Earth’s ocean’s causing a shift in currents producing tropical storms and hurricanes. The particles further made their way into Earth’s mantle having an effect on plate tectonics resulting in earthquake and volcanic activity.