Thursday 11 October 2018

Solar storm hitting Earth from massive Coronal Hole almost 1 million km long on our Sun coincides with 4 major quakes last night

On October the 6th The Big Wobble posted a major quake warning from an enormous Coronal Hole on our Sun, it stretched more than 900,000 km from the sun's north polar crown across the equator into the sun's southern hemisphere, it was a giant and the solar wind being ejected from this monster was heading toward Earth at one million mph and was expected to hit the Earth's magnetosphere head on yesterday, see the graph below. Full story here
Credit NOAA
Last night the solar wind arrived causing a geomatic storm which coincided with 4 major quakes, including a  mag 6.0 earthquake in the Bali Sea just 600 hundred km from the mag 7.5 quake which devastated Palu in Indonesia.
The three over major quakes was a powerful mag 7.0 earthquake which struck the New Britain region, Papua New Guinea and a powerful magnitude 6.3 rocked the same area.
A magnitude 6.3 Earthquake - Kuril Islands, Russia, two days after a magnitude 6.4 quake rocked the same area.
Last nights 4 major quakes brought the total to 6 in October the total to 94 in 2018.



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