Social breakdown on paradise! Holidaymakers in Jamaica warned not to leave their resorts as state of emergency declared after murders
A state of emergency has been declared in Jamaica following a rise in murder and violent crime. Holidaymakers in the north-west of the island have been warned not to leave their resorts and are urged to exercise caution.
Authorities declared a state of emergency in St James, which includes the popular tourist town of Montego Bay, prompted by an increase in killings that officials blame on gangs and lottery scams. There were six killings a week on average in St James last year while Jamaica has double the number of murders as Britain each year.

The legacy of the Thomas Fire: California mudslides kill at least 13 people in area already ravaged by the biggest wildfire in the States history
California mudslides have killed at least 13 people in the area already ravaged by the biggest wildfire in the States history.
Mudslides, boulders and tons of debris killed at least 13 people on Tuesday in communities along California’s scenic coastline ravaged by a series of intense wildfires that burned off protective vegetation last month.
Rescue workers in southern California are searching for survivors.

It's known as paradise on earth Bali's palm-fringed Kuta is disappearing under a mountain of garbage as officials remove 100 tons of garbage a day
Bali's palm-fringed Kuta beach has long been a favourite with tourists seeking sun and surf, but nowadays its golden shoreline is disappearing under a mountain of garbage.
Plastic straws and food packaging are strewn between sunbathers, while surfers bobbing behind the waves dodge waste flushed out from rivers or brought in by swirling currents.
"When I want to swim, it is not really nice.

"Christmas miracle" 100 thousand tons of rocks 50 meters deep buries an Austrian Tyrolian village's only road without a single injury
100 thousand tons of rocks have buried a Tyrolian village's only road.
Luckily, no one was injured and everybody is already stocked up for Christmas.
About 130 residents of an Austrian village remained trapped on Wednesday after several massive landslides severed their only link to the outside world.

Leaked plutonium and other radioactive particles found on workers' cars and pickups stop's demolition for the second time at Plutonium Finishing Plant
Photo Wikipedia
Demolition is stopped at the Hanford nuclear reservation's Plutonium Finishing Plant after another spread of radioactive contamination.
Some workers in portable offices at the plant, which are well away from the plant's demolition zone, were told to remain in their office trailers until areas nearby were surveyed for radioactive contamination Monday afternoon.

25 million southern Californian's breathing in dangerous levels of PM particles 30 times finer than a human hair which cause heart attacks strokes cancer and respiratory diseases.
Earthwindmap showing an incredible 1,764 PM 2.5 particles an invisible killer coming from the Thomas fire.

With almost 100,000 people displaced untold devastation to wildlife, almost 1,000 structures destroyed and nearly 200,000 acres burnt to a cinder Governer Jerry Brown has claimed that the wildfires are the new norm.
Brown claimed climate change may exacerbate the weather conditions that caused the wildfires to explode.

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