Animal Die-offs

Thousands of bats drop dead from trees after temperatures topped 47 degrees C around Sydney where heat is so severe it has melted tarmac
Thousands of flying foxes, bats, died in an Australian heatwave so severe it has melted tarmac.
Animal welfare volunteers battled to save the lives of the hundreds of babies and some adults in distress but the death toll is believed to be in the thousands.
A spokesman from the charity Help Save the Wildlife and Bushlands in Campbelltown said: "The efforts of our volunteers yesterday was both heroic and heartbreaking.

Authorities at a loss as to to why 80 gray dolphins have died in less than a month on the coast of Rio de Janeiro state; 5 dead dolphins a day!
Environmentalists in Brazil say they are trying to figure out why more than 80 gray dolphins have died in less than a month on the coast of Rio de Janeiro state.
A statement from the Gray Dolphin Institute says the dolphins died over past 17 days in the Bay of Sepetiba, a coastal district about 70 kilometres west of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Dead seagulls thousands of fish and a dolphin wash up dead for the third time in just over a year along the same area of beach in Cornwall England
Dead seagulls, thousands of fish and a dolphin, have washed up on Marazion beach just one year after tens of thousands of fish washed up on the same Cornish beach and thousands of more of dead mackerel and herring on Pentwean Beach just a couple of miles away.
Thousands of dead sea creatures have washed up on the beach are believed to have been killed by a lightning strike.

Hundreds of sharks wash up dead on an Iranian island local fishermen thought to be responsible
Hundreds of dead sharks have washed up on the Iranian Shif island.
The sharks are thought to have been killed for their fins as fishermen catch the sharks for their fins before throwing the dead sharks back into the sea, leaving them to wash up on the shore.
The fins are believed to have medicinal properties, officials say, however catching the sharks is illegal.

Reindeer mystery in Norway: 65 animals were mown down on Saturday and more than 100 since Thursday by freight trains in sudden increase
A Norwegian reindeer herder says that freight trains have killed more than a 100 of the animals on the tracks in three days.
Torstein Appfjell, a distraught reindeer herder in Helgeland county, said Sunday that the worst incident happened Saturday when 65 animals were mown down.
Appfjell told The Associated Press by telephone it was "totally tragic" and "unprecedented" for so many reindeer to lose their lives in this way.

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