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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

"This is our Deep Water Horizon!" An incredible 408 marine life die-offs almost one every day since July 2016 is the biggest marine disaster in Florida's history

Photo Fox13Now
"This is our Deep Water Horizon!" This was claimed by Florida Fish and Wildlife way back in July 2016. Full story here
Algae bloom is not expected to last more than a few months at worst, the deadly algae bloom which is killing billions of marine life around the coastal waters of Florida has now lasted more than one and a half years and shows no sign of going away anytime soon and is without a doubt the biggest marine disaster in Florida's history.
The die-offs are still causing chaos, this month massive cleanup was underway in Manatee County at the Robinson Preserve.
Crews consider the effort an all-hands-on-deck emergency as they worked non-stop to clean up the preserve, a popular spot in Manatee County, thousands of dead mullet have washed into the area because of red tide. Full story
Two more dead dolphins were found were found in Collier County earlier this month, bringing the total to 41 found in Lee and Collier counties since Nov. 21. Full story
On Marco Island earlier this month, almost 100 dead or sick birds were brought into the von Arx wildlife hospital at the Conservancy.
Results of necropsies done on the birds are still pending, but red tide isn't being ruled out as a possibility. Full story
According to a report on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website this week
Karenia brevis (Red Tide) still persists in Southwest Florida

Below is a table of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission showing fish kills around Florida's coastal waters since July 2016 due to red tide - an incredible 408 marine life die-offs have occurred which constitutes almost one every day for a year and a half.

Scroll down on the table provided by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

2344507/01/2016LantanaPalm BeachDiscolored WaterLake Worth - Ocean Ave to Lake AveDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2345207/04/2016Jensen BeachMartinFish KillSLR - Alice StreetSpecies Unidentified, Catfish
2346407/05/2016Jensen BeachMartinMortality - Sea TurtleSLR - Central MarineSea Turtle
2349207/07/2016StuartMartinFish KillHobe Sound BeachSand Fleas
2349707/07/2016Port St. LucieSt. LucieMortality - Fish KillSLR - North Fork - SW Blvd BridgeSpecies Unidentified
2350107/07/2016Palm CityMartinMortality - Fish Kill - PriorSLR - South Fork - Leighton ParkTrout, Mullet, Pinfish
2350907/08/2016StuartMartinFish KillSLR - Manatee PocketSpecies Unidentified
2351007/08/2016StuartMartinFish KillSLR - Manatee PocketSnook
2351207/08/2016JupiterPalm BeachFish KillHobe Sound BeachSandflea (Mole Crab)
2352407/11/2016Clearwater BeachPinellasFish KillOld Tampa BaySpecies Unidentified
2352507/11/2016StuartMartinMortality - Marine MammalSLR - S Fork - Sailors Return RestaurantDolphin
2353007/11/2016Indian Harbour BeachBrevardDiscolored WaterIRL - Oars & Paddles ParkDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2353407/12/2016ClearwaterPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Bayside BridgeSpecies Unidentified
2353507/12/2016PahokeePalm BeachDiscolored WaterLake Okeechobee - Pahokee PierDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2354407/13/2016SarasotaSarasotaFish KillThe Paddock PondTilapia, Bass, Bluegill, FW Turtle-1
2355007/13/2016Land O' LakesPascoDiscolored WaterBlack LakeDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2354807/14/2016DaniaBrowardFish KillSheridan Ocean Club PondSpecies Unidentified
2356207/15/2016St PetersburgPinellasFish KillRiviera Bay Boat RampJack Crevalle, Sheepshead
2356507/15/2016ParrishManateeFish KillForest Creek LakeSpecies Unidentified
2358807/20/2016St PetersburgPinellasFish KillBoga Ciega Bay - Pasadena Golf ClubBaitfish, Snook, Mangrove Snapper, Red Drum
2360807/26/2016Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillCape View CanalSpecies Unidentified
2361007/26/2016MelbourneBrevardDiscolored WaterIRL - Eau Gallie CausewayDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2361407/27/2016HolidayPascoFish KillKey Vista LakeSpecies Unidentified
2361707/27/2016StuartMartinFish KillSLR - Sand Sprit ParkStingray
2362007/27/2016Marco IslandCollierFish KillBahama Waterway CanalCatfish
2362507/30/2016Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Banana River - 1000 IslandsSpecies Unidentified
2362808/02/2016Palm CityMartinDiscolored WaterSLR - S Fork - Leighton Park Boat RampDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2363108/02/2016Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Banana RiverSpecies Unidentified
2363308/03/2016CocoaBrevardFish KillIRL - Silver Hills LaneSheepshead, Mullet
2363808/03/2016SarasotaSarasotaDiscolored WaterShadow LakeDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2364408/04/2016Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillBanana RiverSpecies Unidentified
2364808/05/2016Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Banana River - Indian Creek EstatesSheepshead, Catfish, Red Drum
2364908/05/2016Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Banana River - Indian Creek EstatesBaitfish, Catfish, Sheepshead, Red Drum
2365408/07/2016Melbourne BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Ballard CovePorcupine Fish
2366408/09/2016JupiterMartinFish KillDye's Preserve Golf CourseSpecies Unidentified
2367508/11/2016Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Nora AvenueSpecies Unidentified, Mullet
2367608/11/2016RockledgeBrevardFish KillIRL - Oakledge DriveSpecies Unidentified
2368008/12/2016Melbourne BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Ballard CoveBurrfish, Sea Turtle
2368908/15/2016Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRLSpecies Unidentified
2369308/15/2016RockledgeBrevardFish KillIRL - Indian River ClubPuffer, Sheepshead
2369408/16/2016Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - 2 Miles North Mathers BridgeStingray, Mullet
2369808/16/2016Merritt IslandBrevardMortality - CartilaginousIRL - Indianola DriveStingray
2370108/16/2016Daytona BeachVolusiaFish KillLamer Beach to Silver BeachCowfish
2370208/16/2016RockledgeBrevardFish KillIRL - Rockledge DrivePuffer
2370408/17/2016MelbourneBrevardFish KillIRL - Tropical Trails SouthBaitfish, Skate
2370508/17/2016Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Mather's BridgeBaitfish, Horseshoe Crab
2370608/17/2016Ormond BeachVolusiaFish KillOrmond Beach to Granada BeachCowfish
2370708/17/2016Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Mather's BridgeBaitfish, Horseshoe Crab
2370808/17/2016New Smyrna BeachVolusiaFish KillIRL - North CausewaySpecies Unidentified, Shrimp
2370908/17/2016Willbur-By-The-SeaVolusiaFish KillWillbur-By-The-Sea BeachPuffer, Bluefish
2371008/17/2016Port OrangeVolusiaFish KillPonce InletPorcupine Puffer
2371108/17/2016New Smyrna BeachVolusiaFish KillNew Smyrna BeachSpecies Unidentified
2371208/17/2016Port St. JohnBrevardFish KillIRL - Florida Power PlantPuffer, Catfish, Bird
2371408/17/2016Boynton BeachPalm BeachDiscolored WaterLWDD L-24 CanalDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2371608/17/2016Daytona BeachVolusiaFish KillDaytona BeachCowfish
2372008/18/2016TitusvilleBrevardFish KillIRL - Cocoa to TutusvilleDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2372108/19/2016CocoaBrevardFish KillIRL - Riverwalk ParkSpecies Unidentified,Trout, Sheepshead
2372308/19/2016RockledgeBrevardFish KillIRL - Robles LaneMullet, Puffer, Stongray, Catfish
2372508/19/2016CocoaBrevardFish KillIRL - Riverwalk ParkSpecies Unidentified, Stingray, Puffer
2372608/19/2016RockledgeBrevardFish KillIRL - Riverwalk ParkStingray, Catfish
2372708/19/2016RockledgeBrevardFish KillIRL - North of Riverwalk ParkSpecies Unidentified
2372908/19/2016CocoaBrevardFish KillIRL - Riverwalk ParkJack Crevalle, Horseshoe Crab
2373208/19/2016RockledgeBrevardFish KillIRL - Fernwood DrivePigfish, Whiting
2373708/20/2016CocoaBrevardFish KillIRL - Riverwalk ParkRed Drum, Sheepshead, Stingray, Mullet, Blue Crab, Catfish, Grunt
2373808/20/2016RockledgeBrevardFish KillIRL - River Road CircleSpecies Unidentified, Stingray, Catfish
2374008/22/2016Satellite BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Nautilus Drive CanalSpecies Unidentified
2374308/22/2016Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Kelly ParkMullet
2374608/22/2016Ponce InletVolusiaFish KillAtlantic - Ponce Inlet BeachCowfish, Blowfish, Filefish
2375308/23/2016TitusvilleBrevardFish KillIRL - Black Point / ShilohSpecies Unidentified
2375508/24/2016CocoaBrevardFish KillIRL - Just South of Florida Power and LightSheepshead
2375708/25/2016MelbourneBrevardFish KillIRL - Pineda CausewayBlack Drum, Sheepshead, Puffer, Stingray
2375908/25/2016Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Yawl driveMinnow
2376008/25/2016Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Grand Canal / Minutemen CswySpecies Unidentified
2377108/29/2016ParrishManateeFish KillJones Blato Farm PondBluegill
2377808/30/2016Satellite BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Banana RiverSpecies Unidentified
2379308/31/2016Key WestMonroeFish KillKey West Shipping ChannelGrunt
2378409/04/2016TitusvilleBrevardFish KillIRL - By BAB BuildingSpecies Unidentified
2383209/19/2016RockledgeBrevardFish KillIRL - Oakledge DriveCrab, Mullet, Sheepshead, Puffer
2397709/30/2016LutzPascoFish KillCarpenters Run LakeSpecies Unidentified
2411311/02/2016TallahasseeLeonFish KillLake LayfayetteSpecies Unidentified, Shad, Catfish, Cormorants
2411511/03/2016Fleming IslandClayFish KillSJRSpecies Unidentified
2411511/03/2016Fleming IslandClayFish KillSJRSpecies Unidentified
2411611/03/2016Fleming IslandClayFish KillSJR - Drs Lake BridgeSpecies Unidentified
2411611/03/2016Fleming IslandClayFish KillSJR - Drs Lake BridgeSpecies Unidentified
2411911/04/2016Fleming IslandClayFish KillSJR - Southerly LaneSpecies Unidentified, Catfish
2412111/04/2016Orange ParkClayFish KillSt Johns River - Holly LaneSpecies Unidentified
2414111/14/2016Bonita SpringsLeeFish KillPollynesian Village PondSpecies Unidentified
2425312/13/2016St PetersburgPinellasFish KillThe Reserve LakeSpecies Unidentified
2425312/13/2016St PetersburgPinellasFish KillThe Reserve LakeSpecies Unidentified
2426512/20/2016OldsmarPinellasFish KillEastate Oaks LakeSpecies Unidentified, Bird, Seagull, Vulture
2428012/26/2016MadisonMadisonDiscolored WaterElbow LakeDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2428312/29/2016DestinOkaloosaDiscolored WaterGOM - DestinDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2430601/10/2017MiltonSanta RosaDiscolored WaterTrout BayouAlgae Bloom
2431301/12/2017Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Newfound HarborSpecies Unidentified
2431401/12/2017Merritt IslandBrevardDiscolored WaterIRL - Newfound HarborDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2444102/13/2017MiddleburgClayFish KillFork Black CreekSpecies Unidentified, Black Bass
2444302/13/2017BonifayHolmesFish KillExact Location Unknown - Caller's HouseCatfish
2448903/06/2017Panama CitySanta RosaMortality - Land MammalExact Location Unknown - Eglin AFB LakeDog
2451403/14/2017DunedinPinellasDiscolored WaterLazy LakeDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2451903/17/2017Fort PierceSt. LucieFish KillHarbour Isle PondSpecies Unidentified
2451903/17/2017Fort PierceSt. LucieFish KillHarbour Isle PondSpecies Unidentified
2452003/21/2017PanokeePalm BeachDiscolored WaterLake OkeechobeeDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2452603/22/2017St PetersburgPinellasFish KillSnowy Egret PondSpecies Unidentified
2452703/22/2017FellsmereIndian RiverDiscolored WaterStick MarshDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2453103/23/2017SeminolePinellasDiscolored WaterCross BayouDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2453803/28/2017SeminolePinellasFish KillSnowy Egret LakeTilapia, Plecostomus, River Otter
2453903/28/2017SeminolePinellasFish KillSnowy Egret LakeRiver Otter
2459504/13/2017St PetersburgPinellasFish KillLassing Park - Tampa BayDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2459604/14/2017St PetersburgPinellasAbnormal AppearanceLassing Park - Tampa BayAlgae Mat
2460004/17/2017Indian Harbour BeachBrevardDiscolored WaterIRL - Bahama Drive CanalDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2460304/17/2017JupiterPalm BeachFish KillJupiter FarmsBass, Bream, Panfish
2469105/16/2017WewahitchkaGulfDiscolored WaterLake AliceDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2469505/17/2017Cape CoralLeeAbnormal AppearanceMaluka CanalMullet, Catfish
2471305/23/2017St CloudOsceolaDiscolored WaterLake RunnymedeDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2473205/30/2017Fort Mc CoyMarionFish KillLake GeorgeChannel Catfish, White Catfish, Yellow Catfish, Florida Gar
2473605/31/2017OcalaMarionDiscolored WaterHideaway Salon PondDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2475906/05/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillCurrituck Canal - Davis IslandCatfish
2477206/06/2017GreenvilleMadisonFish KillHaffye Hays ParkSpecies Unidentified
2478606/12/2017Patrick Air Force BaseBrevardDiscolored WaterIRL - Banana RiverDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2479706/14/2017Crescent CityPutnamFish KillCrescent Lake - Central Avenue Boat RampCatfish
2480006/15/2017Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Banana River CanalSpecies Unidentified, Pinfish
2480106/15/2017Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Banana River CanalSpecies Unidentified, Pinfish
2480206/15/2017Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Banana River CanalSheepshead, Pinfish
2483406/21/2017Satellite BeachBrevardFish KillBanana River CanalSpecies Unidentified
2483506/22/2017Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Banana RiverPuffer
2488007/03/2017SebringHighlandsDiscolored WaterLake SebringDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2490007/05/2017LoridaHighlandsFish KillKissimmee River - US 98Species Unidentified
2491007/07/2017JacksonvilleDuvalFish KillCypress Point LakeLargemouth Bass, FW Turtle ?
2491007/07/2017JacksonvilleDuvalFish KillCypress Point LakeLargemouth Bass, FW Turtle ?
2491207/07/2017LoridaHighlandsFish KillKissimme River - US 98 BridgeSpecies Unidentified
2491207/07/2017LoridaHighlandsFish KillKissimme River - US 98 BridgeSpecies Unidentified
2491907/10/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillHillsborough RiverSheepshead, Nile Perch, Mullet
2492007/10/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillHillsborough RiverSheepshead, Snook, Tilapia, Mullet
2492207/10/2017WestvilleHolmesMollusk KillLake VictorFW Mussel
2492307/10/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillHillsborough RiverSheepshead, Mullet, Catfish, Bream
2492607/10/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillHillsborough RiverSpecies Unidentified
2493107/10/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillHillsborough RiverSand Perch, Sheepshead, Mullet
2493207/10/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillHillsborough River - Marina ClubSheepshead, Catfish, Mullet
2493307/10/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillHillsborough River - DowntownSpecies Unidentified
2493407/10/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillHillsborough River - River Garden AptsSpecies Unidentified, Catfish, Snapper
2493607/10/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillHillsborough RiverSpecies Unidentified, Sheepshead, Grunt
2493707/10/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillHillsborough RiverSpecies Unidentified
2493807/10/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillHillsborough RiverMullet, Catfish, Red Drum, Baitfish, Sheepshead, Tilapia
2493907/10/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillHillsborough River - Waterworks ParkSpecies Unidentified
2494007/10/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillHillsborough RiverMullet, Catfish, Sheepshead, Shad
2494107/10/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillHillsborough RiverSpecies Unidentified
2494207/11/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillHillsborough RiverCatfish, Red Drum, Pinfish, Snapper
2494607/11/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillHillsborough RiverCatfish, Sheepshead, Baitfish, Mullet
2494807/11/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillHillsborough Bay - Channel SideSpecies Unidentified
2495307/11/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillHillsborough Bay - Davis IslandSpecies Unidentified
2495707/12/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillWaterworks Park to Rick's on the RiverSpecies Unidentified
2495807/12/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillMarjory Park Yacht BasinSheepshead, Pinfish
2496107/12/2017JacksonvilleDuvalFish KillCypress Point LakeSpecies Unidentified, Bass
2496707/13/2017Kennedy Space CenterBrevardFish KillEast Banana CreekHardhead Catfish
2505108/02/2017Port MayacaMartinDiscolored WaterPort Mayaca - Lake OkeechobeeDiscolored / Odiferous Water - Algae Bloom
2506708/07/2017MariannaJacksonFish KillMerritts Mill PondSpecies Unidentified
2508408/10/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillAllen's CreekEducation / Information Request
2508608/11/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillAllen's CreekSpecies Unidentified
2508708/11/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillAllen's CreekSpecies Unidentified, Sheepshead
2508808/11/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillAllen's CreekSpecies Unidentified
2508908/12/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillHillsborough BaySpecies Unidentified
2509008/12/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillLargo InletSpecies Unidentified
2509108/12/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillAllen's CreekMullet-10, Sheepshead, Blue Crab
2509208/12/2017Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillBanana River - Antiqua DriveCatfish, Flounder, Turtle
2509308/12/2017Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillBanana River - Antiqua WaySpecies Unidentified
2509408/12/2017Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillBanana RiverSpecies Unidentified
2509508/12/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Largo InletSpecies Unidentified
2509708/12/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillTampa Bay - Bayshore BlvdSpecies Unidentified, Crab
2509808/12/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillAllen's CreekSpecies Unidentified, Catfish
2511708/12/2017TampaHillsboroughFish KillHillsborough Bay - Bayshore BlvdSpecies Unidentified
2511908/15/2017Safety HarborPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - 580 BridgeStingray, Baitfish, Bream
2512008/15/2017Safety HarborPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Safety Harbor PierSpecies Unidentified
2512108/15/2017Safety HarborPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Bently BeachSpecies Unidentified
2512208/15/2017Lake PlacidHighlandsDiscolored WaterLake June In WinterDiscolored / Odiferous Water - No Dead Fish
2512308/15/2017OrlandoOrangeFish KillDynamic LakeShad
2512408/15/2017Safety HarborPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Philippe ParkEel, Shrimp, Flounder, Stingray, Baitfish
2512508/15/2017Safety HarborPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Philippe ParkSpecies Unidentified
2512608/15/2017Safety HarborPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Causeway BeachSpecies Unidentified
2512708/15/2017Safety HarborPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Philippe ParkSpecies Unidentified
2512808/15/2017Safety HarborPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay- Philippe ParkSpecies Unidentified, Eel, Crab, Shrimp
2512908/15/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Bayside BridgeSand Perch, Catfish, Snook, Red Drum
2513108/15/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillCoopers BayouLizardfish, Puffer, Flounder, Catfish, Trout
2514508/15/2017Safety HarborPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Lake Tarpon CanalSpecies Unidentified, Mullet
2513308/16/2017Punta GordaCharlotteDiscolored WaterAinger Creek Boat RampDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2513408/16/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bya - Allen's CreekSheepshead, Mullet, Catfish, Baitfish
2513508/16/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - SW Bayside BridgeSpecies Unidentified
2513708/16/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillOld Tampa BaySpecies Unidentified
2513808/16/2017Safety HarborPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay at Philippi ParkSpecies Unidentified, Stingray
2513908/16/2017LargoPinellasFish KillAllen's CreekRed Drum Tarpon, Snook, Trout, Mojarra
2514008/16/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillAllen's CreekSpecies Unidentified
2514108/16/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Safety Harbor MarinaBlue Crab, Catfish, Pinfish, Sheepshead, Blowfish, Greenback
2514208/16/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Philippi ParkSpecies Unidentified
2514308/16/2017Safety HarborPinellasMortality - CrustaceaOld Tampa Bay Safety Harbor BridgeBlue Crab
2517008/16/2017OldsmarPinellasFish KillOld Tampa BaySpecies Unidentified
2514408/17/2017OldsmarPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - 580 BridgeSpecies Unidentified
2514608/17/2017Safety HarborPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Lake Tarpon CanalSpecies Unidentified, Mullet, Blue Crab, Tilapia
2514708/17/2017OldsmarPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - 580 BridgeSpecies Unidentified
2514808/17/2017OldsmarPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - 580 BridgeMullet, Pinfish, Red Drum, Blue Crab
2514908/17/2017OldsmarPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - 580 BridgeSpecies Unidentified
2515008/17/2017OldsmarPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - 580 BridgeSpecies Unidentified
2515108/17/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillAllen's CreekSheepshead, Catfish
2515208/17/2017OldsmarPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Safety HarborEel, Blue Crab, Flounder, Snook, Mullet
2515308/17/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Bayside BridgeTarpon, Stingray, eel, Trout, Red Drum
2515508/17/2017OldsmarPinellasFish KillOld Tampa BaySpecies Unidentified
2515608/17/2017BelleairPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Causeway BeachSpecies Unidentified
2515708/17/2017OldsmarPinellasFish KillOld Tampa BaySnook
2515808/17/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillLargo Inlet - Gran BellagioSpecies Unidentified
2516108/17/2017Safety HarborPinellasFish KillOld Tampa BaySpecies Unidentified
2516208/17/2017OldsmarPinellasFish KillOld Tampa BaySpecies Unidentified, Mullet
2516308/17/2017Safety HarborPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - 580 BridgeSpecies Unidentified
2516408/17/2017DoverHillsboroughMortality - Fish Kill - PriorDover ParkSpecies Unidentified
2516508/17/2017Safety HarborPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Lotus Dr & N BayshoreSpecies Unidentified
2516608/17/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Bayside BridgeSpecies Unidentified
2516708/17/2017Safety HarborPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Lake Tarpon CanalSpecies Unidentified
2516808/17/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Philippe ParkSpecies Unidentified, Blue Crab-10
2516908/17/2017OldsmarPinellasFish KillSafety HarborRed Drum, Sheepshead, Snook, Jack Crevalle
2517108/17/2017Safety HarborPinellasFish KillOld Tampa BayStripe Mojarra, Mullet, Blue Crab, Snook, Catfish
2517308/18/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillAllen's CreekSpecies Unidentified
2517408/18/2017OldsmarPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Shore BlvdSpecies Unidentified
2517508/18/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Causeway BeachSpecies Unidentified
2517708/18/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillAllen's CreekSpecies Unidentified
2517908/18/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillAllen's Creek - Cove LaneMullet
2518908/18/2017Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Banana RiverSheepshead
2518108/19/2017OldsmarPinellasFish KillMoccasin Creek - Old Tampa BayRed Drum, Snook, Mullet, Blue Crab, Catfish, Grunt
2518208/19/2017Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - N Side Island PointCatfish
2518408/20/2017LargoPinellasFish KillAllen's CreekSpecies Unidentified
2518508/20/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillAllen's Creek - Belleiar CovePinfish, Red Drum, Sheepshead, Tilapia, Mullet, Catfish
2518708/20/2017TampaPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Causeway BeachBlue Crab, Stingray, Catfish
2519308/20/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillAllen's CreekSpecies Unidentified
2519808/21/2017Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Banana RiverSpecies Unidentified
2520008/21/2017Safety HarborPinellasFish KillOld Tampa Bay - Cooper's BayouSpecies Unidentified
2520108/21/2017Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Dundee DriveMullet
2520208/21/2017Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Manatee Cove ParkSnook, Seatrout
2520708/22/2017SharpesBrevardFish KillIRL - North of Bennett CausewayMullet, Catfish, Sheepshead
2520908/22/2017Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Manatee ParkCroaker, Whiting, Red Drum, Sheepshead, Stingray, Trout, Mullet, Blue Crab, Catfish
2521008/22/2017CocoaBrevardFish KillIRL - HWY 528Catfish, Puffer, Red Drum
2521208/22/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillAllen's CreekSpecies Unidentified
2521508/23/2017Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillIRL- Pinkerton PierMullet
2521608/23/2017Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Cocoa Power PlantSpecies Unidentified
2522108/24/2017Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - 520 & 528 Causeway BridgesPuffer
2523508/30/2017Fort LauderdaleBrowardFish KillCrevaille CanalSpecies Unidentified
2524308/31/2017Patrick Air Force BaseBrevardFish KillIRL - Banana RiverSpecies Unidentified, Grunt, Sheepshead
2524308/31/2017Patrick Air Force BaseBrevardFish KillIRL - Banana RiverSpecies Unidentified, Grunt, Sheepshead
2524708/31/2017Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Banana RiverSheepshead, Ble Crab
2524509/01/2017BradentonManateeFish KillTidewater Preserve PondSpecies Unidentified
2524809/01/2017BradentonManateeFish KillTidewater Preserve PondSpecies Unidentified, Needlenose
2525009/04/2017Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Angelo Lane Barge CanalGrunt
2525109/04/2017Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillBarello CanalBream
2525209/04/2017Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillBarrello CanalSpecies Unidentified
2525309/04/2017ClearwaterPinellasFish KillAlligator LakeMullet, Red Drum, Pinfish
2525409/04/2017Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Angelo/Barrillo CanalSpecies Unidentified
2526009/05/2017Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Angelo CanalSpecies Unidentified
2526109/05/2017Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Angelo CanalSpecies Unidentified
2526209/05/2017LakelandPolkFish KillClark LakeSpecies Unidentified
2526609/06/2017LakelandPolkMortality - Fish Kill - PriorClark LakeSpecies Unidentified
2542409/22/2017St AugustineSt. JohnsFish KillPrairie LakeSpecies Unidentified
2554110/04/2017St Augustine BeachSt. JohnsDiscolored WaterSt Augustine BeachDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2556610/06/2017Fort LauderdaleBrowardFish KillScheid Waterway Off C13 CanalSpecies Unidentified, Iguana
2557010/10/2017LongwoodSeminoleFish KillButtonwood PondLargemouth Bass, Bream
2559210/19/2017CallahanNassauFish KillPrivate Pond - Thomas CreekCarp, Catfish, Bream
2560410/23/2017Key LargoMonroeDiscolored WaterLong Ben Canal - Sunset CoveDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2575012/18/2017Charlotte HarborCharlotteFish KillWest Wall Myakka RiverSpecies Unidentified
2575612/19/2017Big Pine KeyMonroeFish KillLobstertail CanalTarpon
2576212/21/2017Lake PanasoffkeeSumterDiscolored WaterLake PanasoffkeeDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2589501/10/2018Boynton BeachPalm BeachFish KillWaterchase PondBass, Bream, Sunfish, Tilapia
2613901/31/2018LakelandPolkFish KillExact Location UnknownCatfish, Tilapia, Minnow
2629502/28/2018UmatillaLakeDiscolored WaterHolly LakeDiscolored / Odiferous Water - No Dead Fish
2634903/09/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Sykes CreekSpecies Unidentified
2635103/10/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillRidge Manor Estates CanalSpecies Unidentified
2636403/15/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Sykes CreekSpecies Unidentified
2637203/19/2018Jensen BeachMartinFish KillIRL - Jensen Beach Causeway BridgePompano/Permit
2639703/26/2018Cape CanaveralBrevardDiscolored WaterBanana River - Canaveral LocksDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2641303/30/2018NaplesCollierMortality - ReptileVineyards Community Park PondFW Turtle, Muscovy Duck
2643104/05/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Sykes CreekSpecies Unidentified
2643804/06/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillSykes CreekSpecies Unidentified, Puffer
2644004/06/2018Merritt IslandBrevardDiscolored WaterIRL - Sykes CreekDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2644304/07/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Sykes CreekPuffer
2644804/07/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Sykes CreekPuffer, Catfish
2645004/07/2018Cocoa BeachBrevardMortality - CrustaceaIRL - Bicentennial ParkHorseshoe Crab
2645104/07/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Sykes CreekSheepshead
2645304/07/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Sykes CreekSpecies Unidentified, Sheepshead
2645504/09/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Sykes Creek - Kiwanis ParkCatfish, Baitfish
2645604/09/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Sykes Creek - Ulumay SanctuarySpecies Unidentified
2646104/09/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Sykes CreekPuffer, Red Drum, Sheepshead, Mullet, Catfish
2646204/09/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Sykes Creek - Dianah ShoresSheepshead, Catfish, Puffer
2646304/09/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Sykes CreekSpecies Unidentified
2646404/09/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Banana River CanalFlounder, Sheepshead, Catfish
2647904/09/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Sykes Creek/Banana RiverSpecies Unidentified
2646604/10/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Sykes CreekRed Drum, Sheepshead, Puffer
2646704/10/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Sykes Creek CanalSpecies Unidentified
2647104/10/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Sykes CreekSpecies Unidentified
2647404/10/2018Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillBanana River CanalSpecies Unidentified
2647504/10/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Sykes CreekSpecies Unidentified
2647604/10/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Sykes CreekBaitfish, Sheepshead, Flounder, Spotted Seatrout, Pinfish
2649804/12/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Sykes Creek Parkway BridgeStingray, Puffer
2649904/12/2018Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillBanana River CanalSpecies Unidentified, Striped Bass
2650004/12/2018New Port RicheyPascoDiscolored WaterGOM - Gulf Harbors CanalDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2650104/13/2018Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillBanana River CanalSheepshead, Red Drum, Catfish
2652304/16/2018Cocoa BeachBrevardMortality - BirdIRL - Banana RiverBrown Pelican
2652404/16/2018Cocoa BeachBrevardMortality - CrustaceaIRL - 520 BridgeHorseshoe Crab
2653904/18/2018Pompano BeachBrowardDiscolored WaterPompano Business Center LakeDiscolored / Odiferous Water
2654404/20/2018Merritt IslandBrevardMortality - CrustaceaIRL - Newfound HarborHorseshoe Crab
2655504/23/2018NaplesCollierFish KillPelican LakesSpecies Unidentified
2656904/26/2018Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Banana River CanalSpecies Unidentified
2656904/26/2018Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Banana River CanalSpecies Unidentified
2657604/30/2018OrlandoOrangeFish KillBass LakeTilapia
2664105/13/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Kiwanis ClubCatfish, Flounder, Mullet
2664705/14/2018Fort PierceSt. LucieMortality - CartilaginousIRL - 2 Miles S of BridgeStingray
2665205/15/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillSurfsides Estates CanalSpecies Unidentified
2666105/17/2018Punta GordaCharlotteFish KillDeep Creek Golf Course PondSpecies Unidentified
2666205/17/2018Boca RatonPalm BeachFish KillLake EdenSpecies Unidentified
2667105/22/2018ClearwaterPinellasDiscolored WaterOld Tampa BayNo Species
2681206/14/2018Fort PierceSt. LucieFish KillHarbortown Marina - Taylor CreekSpecies Unidentified
2692106/25/2018Fort Walton BeachOkaloosaFish KillGOM - Ft Walton Beach Near PierSpecies Unidentified
2695106/27/2018OcklawahaMarionDiscolored WaterLake PendalvisNo Species
2695306/27/2018ParrishManateeFish KillRiver Woods PondSpecies Unidentified
2699107/02/2018St PetersburgPinellasFish KillShores of Long Bayou LakeSpecies Unidentified
2699207/02/2018St PetersburgPinellasFish KillShores of Long Bayou LakeTilapia, Snook, Mullet
2699907/02/2018St PetersburgPinellasFish KillLong Bayou Bay LakeSpecies Unidentified
2700707/03/2018OcklawahaMarionDiscolored WaterLake WeirBass
2701207/03/2018North Fort MyersLeeFish KillInlet Canal - Caloosahatchee RiverSpecies Unidentified
2701507/03/2018OcklawahaMarionDiscolored WaterLake WeirNo Species
2701907/05/2018BradentonManateeMortality - ReptileTidewater Preseve LakeFW Turtle
2702107/05/2018AlvaLeeFish KillCaloosahatchee River - Franklin LockSpecies Unidentified
2704007/09/2018JacksonvilleDuvalFish KillNew Rose Creek CanalSpecies Unidentified
2704207/10/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillCatalina Isle CanalSpecies Unidentified
2704807/10/2018OcklawahaMarionDiscolored WaterLake WeirNo Species
2705407/11/2018MelbourneBrevardDiscolored WaterIRL - Pineda Cswy - Banana RiverNo Species
2706307/12/2018Cape CoralLeeMortality - BirdBimini CanalDuck
2706607/12/2018MelbourneBrevardDiscolored WaterIRL - Eau Gallie Causway AreaNo Species
2707507/13/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillBanana River - Sykes CreekCatfish
2707807/15/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Banana River - S Tropical TarilSpecies Unidentified
2708807/16/2018Crescent CityPutnamDiscolored WaterCrescent LakeNo Species
2708907/16/2018Crescent CityPutnamDiscolored WaterCrescent LakeNo Species
2709407/17/2018ClearwaterPinellasFish KillAllens CreekPinfish, Catfish, Mullet
2710007/17/2018LargoPinellasFish KillAllens CreekSpecies Unidentified
2710807/18/2018ClermontLakeFish KillSawgrass LakeCatfish, Shiner, Minnow
2711007/19/2018JacksonvilleDuvalFish KillSJR - San MarcosSpecies Unidentified
2711707/20/2018BradentonManateeFish KillTidewater Preserve PondTilapia
2711807/20/2018BradentonManateeMortality - MolluscaTidewater PondSpecies Unidentified, Crab, Barnacle
2711907/20/2018BradentonManateeFish KillTidewater PreserveSpecies Unidentified
2714007/22/2018OkeechobeeOkeechobeeFish KillRim Canal - Lake OkeechobeeBream, Catfish, Crappie
2714907/24/2018MelbourneBrevardFish KillGrand Isle PondSpecies Unidentified
2715007/24/2018MelbourneBrevardFish KillGrand Isle PondSpecies Unidentified
2715907/24/2018VieraBrevardFish KillGrand Isle PondSpecies Unidentified
2718807/27/2018Ormond BeachVolusiaMortality - Marine MammalOld Smith CreekSpecies Unidentified
2718807/27/2018Ormond BeachVolusiaMortality - Marine MammalOld Smith CreekSpecies Unidentified
2718807/27/2018Ormond BeachVolusiaMortality - Marine MammalOld Smith CreekSpecies Unidentified
2720507/28/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Kelly ParkCatfish
2727208/01/2018Cape CoralLeeFish KillVendome CanalSpecies Unidentified
2730408/03/2018OkeechobeeOkeechobeeDiscolored WaterPrivate Pond - SE 8th StreetNo Species
2734108/06/2018Fort MyersLeeFish KillCaloosahatchee River - Shell PointSpecies Unidentified
2738908/07/2018Cape CoralLeeFish KillCentaur Canal - CornwallisMullet, Catfish
2740808/08/2018Cape CoralLeeFish KillCaloosahatchee - Cape Coral Yacht ClubSpecies Unidentified
2741408/08/2018Fort MyersLeeDiscolored WaterCaloosahatchee River CanalNo Species
2783408/31/2018DeLandVolusiaFish KillSaddlebrook PondSpecies Unidentified
2809809/14/2018Cape Canaveral AFSBrevardFish KillIRL - Banana River - Canavera AF StationPuffer
2815209/15/2018Satellite BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Banana River - Patrick AFBPuffer
2816009/15/2018Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Banana River - Patrick AFBPuffer
2836109/20/2018Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Coco Beach Water Treatment FacilitySpecies Unidentified, Blowfish, Catfish, Sheepshead
2836409/20/2018Cocoa BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Coco Beach Water Treatment FacilitySpecies Unidentified
2837109/20/2018Satellite BeachBrevardFish KillLighthouse Landing CanalSpecies Unidentified
2851410/02/2018Avon ParkHighlandsFish KillLake BonnetSpecies Unidentified
2853710/02/2018Avon ParkHighlandsFish KillBonnet LakeSpecies Unidentified
2854110/03/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL Sykes CreekSpecies Unidentified
2854610/03/2018OrlandoOrangeFish KillWindser LakeSpecies Unidentified
2857510/03/2018SebastianIndian RiverFish KillTulip Drive Retention PondSpecies Unidentified
2859410/04/2018Palm Beach GardensPalm BeachFish KillSabal Ridge CanalSpecies Unidentified
2860110/04/2018Satellite BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Lake ShephardNo Species
2862210/04/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillSykes CreekSpecies Unidentified, Catfish
2869610/08/2018TitusvilleBrevardFish KillIRL - Westland/Titusville MarinaSailors Choice, Catfish
2873910/09/2018TitusvilleBrevardFish KillIRL - Westland/Titusville MarineaSailors Choice, Catfish, Sheepshead
2887810/16/2018Palm BayBrevardFish KillIRL - Rhum Cove MarinaCatfish, Sheepshead, Minnow
2888210/16/2018Palm BayBrevardFish KillIRL - Rhum Cove MarinaSpecies Unidentified, Sheepshead, Catfish
2898610/19/2018MiamiMiami-DadeFish KillRed-Shouldered Hawk LakeSpecies Unidentified
2901610/22/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Banana RiverMullet, Tarpon, Chiclid
2902610/22/2018TitusvilleBrevardFish KillIRL - Exact Location UnknownSpecies Unidentified
2903610/23/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillSykes Creek - Newfound Harbor CanalSpecies Unidentified
2903810/23/2018CelebrationOsceolaFish KillSpring Lake PondSpecies Unidentified
2910610/23/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillSykes CreekCatfish
2911910/24/2018KissimmeeOsceolaFish KillSecret LakeSpecies Unidentified
2911910/24/2018KissimmeeOsceolaFish KillSecret LakeSpecies Unidentified
2915110/29/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillSykes Creek CanalSpecies Unidentified
2918810/31/2018HeathrowSeminoleFish KillBanana LakeSpecies Unidentified
2919410/31/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Sykes Creek - Catalina IslesSpecies Unidentified, Mullet, Catfish
2919610/31/2018Boca RatonPalm BeachFish KillPheasant Walk Lake / Bocaire LakeThreadfin Shad, Gizzard Shad, Bass
2919910/31/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillSykes CreekSpecies Unidentified
2918810/31/2018HeathrowSeminoleFish KillBanana LakeSpecies Unidentified
2919410/31/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Sykes Creek - Catalina IslesSpecies Unidentified, Mullet, Catfish
2919610/31/2018Boca RatonPalm BeachFish KillPheasant Walk Lake / Bocaire LakeThreadfin Shad, Gizzard Shad, Bass
2919910/31/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillSykes CreekSpecies Unidentified
2923411/02/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillSykes Creek - Catalina IslesCatfish
2933211/19/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillSykes CreekSpecies Unidentified
2933611/19/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillBanana RiverSpecies Unidentified, Catfish
2933711/19/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillSykes CreekCatfish
2935211/20/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillSykes Creek - Catalina Isle CanalSheepshead, Stingray, Catfish, Grunt
2939311/29/2018Satellite BeachBrevardFish KillTortoise Island Canal - Banana RiverSpecies Unidentified
2940511/30/2018Satellite BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Sleepy Lagoon CanalSheepshead, Trout, Catfish
2940611/30/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillIRL - Sykes CreekSpecies Unidentified
2940911/30/2018Punta GordaCharlotteFish KillAlligator Creek CanalSpecies Unidentified
2941612/01/2018Satellite BeachBrevardFish KillIRL - Toiroise Island Gran CanalSpecies Unidentified
2941712/02/2018Merritt IslandBrevardFish KillCanal West Side Sykes CreekCatfish
2942712/03/2018AlvaLeeFish KillHickery CreekSpecies Unidentified

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