Year Three-Boogaloo 2022

The world could well be entering about to make an incredibly foolish fault, a  Deja Vu scenario we did not learn from almost 3 years to the date!

According to a report by the BBC Chinese people are rushing to book oversea flights across the world after Beijing announced it would be opening its borders next month on January 8th, two weeks before the global celebration of the Chinese new year on January 22nd 2023!

The New Pandemic Tsunami In China Has Everyone Worried:

A new war in Europe? Credit RSOE

Tensions in the area go back to the start of WWI and could well be the flash-point to trigger  WWIII.

Serbia has placed its security troops on the border with Kosovo in “the full state of combat readiness”, ignoring Nato’s calls for calm between the two wartime Balkan foes.

Serbia’s interior minister Bratislav Gasic said he “ordered the full combat readiness” of police and other security units, and that they are placed under the command of the army chief of staff according to “their operational plan”.

He said in a statement on Monday that he acted on the orders of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic so that “all measures be taken to protect the Serbian people in Kosovo”.

Monday, 21 November 2022 Something's Not Right! The Alternative Truths Have Fogged Us Up! Why are so many westerners dying recently or contracting long-term sickness from non-covid diseases? And why do our governments refuse to launch a public inquiry into vaccine safety?

Kellyanne Conway was the first person to use the phrase, "alternative truth." Credit Wikipedia

Last week was officially the week the world population hit the 8 billion mark! 8 billion people is a tiny amount of people living on planet earth. 8 billion people can live in Australia relatively easily for instance, with more than an acre of land each to grow food, it's not the size of the planet that's the problem, it's mankind's inability to feed everyone. There is enough food too, enough for everyone, but the west throws a mountain of food away every day while many other parts of the world are starving. Is there any way to stop poverty and famine? Well, here is one fact—If the mighty military-industrial complex cut their spending around the world by just 1%, famine, and poverty would be wiped out over-night. . . Just 1%!

Talking of military spending, do you know what's really strange? The day Ukraine was invaded by Russia. It just happened to be the same day our governments and leaders and the media stopped in perfect synch the hype surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Friday, 11 November 2022 Almost 60% of the 13 billion Covid-19 vaccines administered to people around the world since 2020 were injected with the Pfizer vaccine. It hadn't even been tested to see if it could stop Covid: Yet hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs for refusing the vaccine!

Above is the opening page of the "Clinical Trial Protocol of Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccination tests—PDF File. The title clearly states the trial protocol was to evaluate the safety, tolerability, immunogenicity, and efficacy of the SARS-COV-2 RNA vaccine against Covid-19 in healthy individuals.

Almost 60% of the 13 billion Covid-19 vaccines administered to people around the world since 2020 were injected with the Pfizer vaccine. Please excuse my maths but I think that is somewhere in the region of 9 billion.

As early as December 2020, these Western governments or friends of the West were using the Pfizer injection to vaccinate their citizens—Australia,  Canada,  France,  Germany,  Hungary, Indonesia, Israel,  Japan,  New Zealand, Saudi Arabia,  South Korea, United Kingdom and of course the United States of America.

This was an incredible feat when you consider Pfizer began clinical trials on their vaccination just 3 days after China officials released part of the Covid DNA segment on January 11 2020? Some experts say almost impossible.

Thursday, 10 November 2022 There have been 24,440 non-covid, excess mortality deaths since May 2022: Deaths registered, UK, week ending 21 October 2022 13,463 up 15.7% above the five-year average: So why won't the government launch an inquiry?

Excess Mortality in England Since March 2022, Link 

There has been a significant increase in heart attacks and related health issues since the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines. . .

Why are so many English people dying recently from non-covid diseases? And why do the UK government refuse to launch a public inquiry into vaccine safety; and why would an inquiry be a waste of taxpayers’ money into the death of 24,440 people?

An average of 1,564 extra deaths per week occurred in England during October 2022—Throughout 2020 it was 315.—Throughout 2021 it was 1,322.

There have been 24,440 non-covid, excess mortality deaths since May 2022.

Deaths registered, UK, week ending 21 October 2022 13,463 up 15.7% above the five-year average = 1,822 excess deaths.
1,379 in the week up to 23 March 2020. . . 

Saturday, 5 November 2022 Fact—2003, CDC filed a patent, on the coronavirus: Fact—Big Pharma was testing a COVID-19 vaccine in 2017, Moderna CEO: Fact—Pfizer never checked Covid-19 vaccines would prevent virus: Fact—EU countries with the highest vaccination count have the highest excess deaths.

For almost three years, The Big Wobble, along with thousands of other so-called "conspiracy sites," (truthers) have stood together, demanding, screaming even, for transparency over Covid-19, how it arrived, the very dodgy vaccinations, the vaccination mandate, cover-ups and government-controlled mainstream media lies. Well, folks, it's all changing—In just three weeks most of your answers regarding Covid-19, which have been hidden from us since, June 2019, have started the drip-drip-drip from the mouths of whistleblowers.

Pfizer and Moderna

Let's go down the murky rabbit hole— On 14 October 2022, The European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) announced that it has an ongoing investigation into the acquisition of COVID-19 vaccines in the European Union. This exceptional confirmation comes after the extremely high public interest. (distrust) Document here

Monday, 31 October 2022 Round Two Has Begun Of The New World Order's Attempt To Vaccinate The World! More than 200 million Chinese people are in lockdown as the Communist Party rolls out draconian new restrictions despite just a handful of cases.

Just last week, a new report concluded the virus that causes COVID-19 has a unique "fingerprint" indicating it originated in a laboratory rather than in nature, and that laboratory was the one in Wuhan and that unique fingerprint belongs to a Dr Anthony Fauci. Full story 

So it may not come as a shock to learn Wuhan lockdown, version 2.0 has arrived, even though China has not recorded a single Covid death since May and is probably coming to a city near you in the not-too-distant future. Be prepared for the "BOOSTER!"

In a move mirroring what happened almost 3 years ago, China has plunged 210 million people into lockdown as two “highly contagious” strains of Covid-19 threaten to cause an outbreak in the nation. 

Utopien 04, credit Wikipedia

Millions of us may be worried about paying the energy bills and staying warm this winter, but, there is a contingency plan, by our mad scientists and government leaders who want to help us, who needs Russian gas anymore, anyway?

Personal thermal management. Yes, it's already out there! Can you imagine, sitting in an igloo at subzero temperatures, sipping cocktails, in your shorts and teeshirt, listening to Pink Floyd, and basking in your own tropical micro-climate—All you need is your own thermostat and off you jolly well go! 

We are talking about—Wearables and bioelectronics, which apparently rely on breathable interface devices with bioaffinity, biocompatibility, and smart functionality for interactions between "beings" (that's us) and things and the surrounding environment. Imagine that. . .

Friday, 21 October 2022 Poking The Russian Bear! Did WWIII Begin In Early November 2019 Just After The Release Of Covid? The US Took Out The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Carrying Gas From Russia To Europe: They Had Biological Research Facilities In Ukraine And Have 226 More Around The World!

There is much talk by our "sincere" leaders and their international news corporations that the world is on the verge of WWIII. This 'new' world war we are told is being masterminded by the evil Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Evil he may be, but as the war in Ukraine intensifies, more and more evidence appears to point to the fact, America, the West and Nato may have been, poking the Russian bear, with a very big stick and the American provocation at least, has been going on for some time.

As news broke of a new Sars-type virus breaking out in the Chinese city of Wuhan in late 2019, a new threat to our way of life was quickly established, eventually leading the entire planet into lockdown. However, almost immediately, before the virus had even reached the West, the White House was asking scientists whether the new Coronavirus outbreak, was actually, bio-engineered, was this new Covid-19, as it had been christened a weapon leashed onto the unsuspecting world. Almost immediately, claims and counter-claims began. America was blaming China and China blamed the US, for leaking this new menace.

Left, a page from the Comptroller General of The United States Washington DC. May 31 1972 sending information to Senator Schweiker in response to information over cloud seeding and other weather modification programs including "hurricane modification." PDF file.

This morning Bill Laughing-Bear sent me a video from a lady (can I say "lady" these days?) YouTuber, Peggy Hall. Peggy Hall has dug up some rather incriminating evidence which points to the US government and US federal agencies being involved in weather manipulation and especially, cloud seeding and hurricane and wildfire manipulation. I will post Peggy's video below this post.

I wanted to bring these incriminating documents to our reader because, one of TBW's most prolific commentators on geoengineering and weather modification, our very own, sui generis, Hawkeye, has not contacted TBW for 17 days, since Hurricane Ian made landfall in her area of southwest Florida. 

Bill, testing a whale for radiation in Alaska.

While 2022 has been a terrible few months for the planet, and of course many individuals, it is becoming harder to hold a real perspective on many of the smaller problems affecting our lives. The environment and other geological catastrophes have been almost forgotten, quite understandably. Major events, many happening thousands of miles away from where we live are now affecting our lives, and not just the war in Ukraine, or the sky-high energy prices, inflation and food shortages. For instance, I personally haven't heard from Hawkey, a dear friend from Florida. She has been silent since Hurricane Ian devasted southwest Florida two weeks ago. Another dear friend, well, he is more of a brother than a friend, Bill Laughing-Bear, who is holed up in his cabin thousands of miles away in Alaska with a bad dose of Covid-19, get well soon Bill. Our world is shrinking but our problems are increasing.

Former President Lyndon B. Johnson (centre left) and Vice President Spiro Agnew (centre right) witness the liftoff of Apollo 11. Is he the real reason behind climate change and the collapse of the environment?

"Our very future depended on being the ones who first seized ownership of space."Control of space means control of the world,” Johnson declared. “From space, the masters of infinity would have the power to control the earth’s weather, to cause drought and flood, to change the tides and raise the levels of the sea, to divert the gulf stream and change temperate climates to frigid.” Vice President Johnson at Southwest Texas State University (1962).

There has been a rush of worldwide speculation about the Jewish Shemitah year ending and the 50-year Jubilee beginning this weekend for some time, especially on the internet. In fact, the internet has exploded with a multitude of posts and videos claiming the "rapture" will take place or the 7-year tribulation period shall begin, as mentioned in "A Revelation to John," in our Bible. Still, others are warning of a massive solar storm from our star will knock us all back into the stone age. Other people are claiming a monster-sized earthquake will rock the planet, WWIII is about to begin, with Russia releasing nuclear weapons, a stock market crash or that an asteroid or meteor will hit the Earth causing untold damage—What a weekend we have in store!

What They Said.

“The ‘pandemic’ represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world”—Who says so?—Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder, and Executive Chairman, of the World Economic Forum. 

“DNA, ‘COVID-19’ Vaccines Should Give Us Extreme Control Over Populations World Wide.”—Who says so?—Bill Gates. Contributing Partner, World Economic Forum.“Welcome to 2030.

I Own Nothing, I Have No Privacy, And Life Has Never Been Better!”—Who says so?—Ida Auken, parliament member of Denmark.

"We will own nothing and be happy!" "Everything we need we will rent!" World Economic Forum. 

Little did we know—back  in January 2020, that already, something called the Great Reset had been hatched and had begun.’ We were being set up! And, it had not only been planned, “years earlier” but had also been hidden, in “plain sight,” as they say, right under our noses and often discussed openly.

Did you ever hear these phrases:
Fact or truth is stranger than fiction—Hidden in plane sight, or even—No smoke without fire—I know a shrill when I see one?—Oh, and by the way, there is no fool like an old fool #me. . . 

The name Bill Gates has been synonymous recently with a host of conspiracy theories. Whether being linked to Coronavirus vaccines laced with doses of all kinds of nasty ingredients—Buying up farmland on a mega-industrial scale smack-bang in the middle of global food shortages—Designing a neural network for humans to connect them to artificial intelligence AI (that is a fact)—And being involved in a video which has surfaced during the last two years showing him presenting something called 'FunVax,' to a group of CIA agents in a Pentagon classroom. Apparently, FunVax is a respiratory virus designed to turn religious fanatics into so-called 'normal people' by reducing a person's capacity to produce a protein called the VMAT-2 gene, otherwise known as the 'God gene.'    

This image was generated entirely by DALL-E 2, an AI image generator, based on the text prompt "Smiling young white man with rainbow hair, viscous rainbow paint, rainbow bg, portrait"

"Othering!" Will you be 'in' or 'out?'

According to, othering is a phenomenon in which some individuals or groups are defined and labelled as not fitting in within the norms of a social group. It is an effect that influences how people perceive and treat those who are viewed as being part of the in-group versus those who are seen as being part of the out-group.

Othering also involves attributing negative characteristics to people or groups that differentiate them from the perceived normative social group.

In 1958, during the Explorer 1 launch, NASA first observed changes in the solar orbit of the earth, along with alterations to the earth’s axial tilt, suggesting solar activity was responsible for fluctuations in our planet's weather. A scientist at the time, Milutin Milankovitch came up with a startling theory, revealing that Earth's weather is, in fact, changing due to extraneous factors that have absolutely nothing to do with human activity. 

An event had happened a year earlier which had shaken the very foundation of scientists' and astronomers' belief in the causes of climate change here on Earth and it had nothing to do with greenhouse gases. Sixty years ago, on April 1, 1960, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) launched TIROS-1, the world’s first successful meteorological satellite. It was a great success for the fledgeling NASA which had been formed on July the 29th after the former Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite to be successfully placed in orbit around Earth on October 4, 1957. The space race between the USA and the Soviet Union had begun.

The last time Britain had a winter of discontent—1978-79 saw general strikes and riots which brought the government to its knees.

It will be a  winter of discontent—Thousands of militant strike actions are on the cards in Europe as the governments and company bosses are expecting workers to pay for the staggering energy price hacks and inflation coming our way.

That extremely loud warning, deafening, and unbelievably close by, I mentioned here just got even louder and even closer. . .

Europe has now been warned, that not only are its energy prices, gas, and electricity expected to more than triple by next January but, what little gas there is will probably have to be rationed as well, according to energy giant Shell.

Enough is enough protests in Yakooza Hollywood after the George Floyd murder—Scenes like this are coming again soon. What our governments are asking from us is in my opinion, grotesque and inhuman they are on course to crash Western Democracy. Credit Wikipedia

The recent escalation of riots and protests against corrupt and weak governments around the world here in the West since 2020, is I believe a precursor to a Western-type version of the Arab Spring. That uprising caused governments to fall, causing millions of deaths from three deadly civil wars and sending even more millions of refugees into Europe. What our greedy, corrupt, and very much out-of-touch leaders are about to force on us is the same kind of financial pressure and poverty pushed onto the Arab working class and will end in tears here too for our so-called Democratic leaders. 

An extremely loud warning, deafening and unbelievably, right under our noses, which of course are stuck, and glued to our handheld devices has arrived. A warning of a catastrophic, cataclysmic event that is starting to scream at the world with a bullhorn, and millions of people I fear, are not listening!

Left Cern and the destructor of the world, Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva at the Cern sight is said to be the third god in the Hindu triumvirate. The triumvirate consists of three gods who are responsible for the creation, upkeep, and destruction of the world.

Signs and wonders, or so it would appear, once again!

WWIII—Iran raises the bar but. . .

Today it was revealed Iran is supplying fighter drones to Russia, which of course might be expected. Last week, while the world watched the war in Ukraine, an assault on Iran's nuclear capabilities came under fire and was completely unreported by the media. Iran recorded 3 major quakes, (mag 6) less than 50 km from the country's Uranium mine at Bandar Abbes, 17 large aftershocks were also recorded.

U.S. Army propaganda poster depicting Uncle Sam preparing the public for the invasion of Japan after ending war on Germany and Italy

A Conspiracy? Or just plain-fact?

Back in 1945, just as WWII was coming to a close, nations around the world were ravaged, left in ruins and craved piece. Millions of people were tired of fighting, tired of constant hunger and depravity. So it was seen as a remarkable tool for peace when representatives of 50 countries gathered together at the "United Nations Conference on International Organization" in San Francisco, California from 25 April to 26 June 1945.
For the next two months, they proceeded to draft and then sign the UN Charter, which created a new international organisation—‘The United Nations.’ It was hoped The United Nations would prevent further “terrifying” events such as the two successive world wars. Wars which brought mass genocide, worldwide economic depression, crippling hunger and cruelty, sickness and poverty across a war-torn, ravaged world.

Little did we know—back then in January 2020, that already, something called the Great Reset had been hatched and begun.’ And, it had not only been planned, “years earlier” but had also been hidden, in “plain sight,” as they say, right under our noses and often discussed openly.

We, the unsuspecting public had once again been caught napping! The scenario which the world now finds itself in was pre-planned, of that, there can be no doubt. . . And not by one organisation. No, by a whole group of them. We didn’t quite know it back then in early 2020 but we were gradually been pushed into a state of anxiety!
What has happened since 2020, is no accident, the pandemic, the vaccine push, deliberate destruction of personal wealth, food and energy shortages, soaring inflation and war have made sure we have been groomed for The Great Reset.

According to Black’s Law Dictionary, Reset means: The receiving or harboring an outlawed person.

Friday, 20 May 2022 Whatever autumn 2022 has in store for us—Massive food shortages, incredible inflation, un-payable energy bills, poverty, evictions, civil unrest, another Covid variant and maybe even WWIII—Remember the biggest underlying threat to our survival as a species is climate change!

Hurricane Isabel in 2003 as seen from the International Space Station. Credit NASA

I do know there are many global warming/climate change sceptics out there, however, instead of me bombarding you with loads of science and graphs, here is my pragmatic take, dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations. Over the years, I have noted Holland is getting hotter, below are my honest views on a tricky subject.In early August 2020 temperatures in many parts of Europe for the coming week at the very least, was set to exceed 40 deg C, (104F). Now, for people living in Arizona or North Africa, 40 deg C may seem like a walk in the park but in other countries, such as Belgium, Holland, Germany etc, 40 deg C is extremely uncomfortable, even dangerous. You see, our infrastructure is not built for these types of temperatures, most of us don't have airco for instance. Our homes are built to trap heat, not to reflect it.

The French Revolution, credit Wikipedia.

There is one thing we all have which no government, no dictator, mad-man or killer can take away from us—Our relationship and conversations with God—And with a healthy dose of the Holy Spirit we can even be happy during these terrible times!

On the very day Ukrainian President Zelensky advised the world to stock up on anti-radiation pils and to quickly construct air raid shelters against Putin's increasing nuclear threat, our sun shoots off yet another X-class flare—And, is another, very good reason to maybe stock up those anti-radiation pils and build a sturdy air raid shelter, but, just a little bit deeper, because if Putin doesn't get you there are other ways. By the way, the X-class flare is not a danger to us—This time!

You may well have noticed, depending where you come from I guess, but our world is on the verge of civil disorder. People in the West, at least, are stressed-out with the pandemic, sanctions, rising food shortages, record-breaking inflation and—Energy companies who have suddenly found an insatiable appetite for jacking-up fuel prices. Throw into the equation a war which is expected to intensify and we have all the ingredients for "massive" civil disorder. . .

I am not fear-mongering, oh no, look around, the ass-holes are crawling out of the woodwork—And yesterday's "friendly neighbour" is suddenly acting weird as hell! Tension is on the streets and we could have a front row seat to "Armageddon!" That maybe sounds, super dramatic—Just look around you, all the signs are there.

Thursday, 7 April 2022 A WWIII scenario would be a perfect strategy to drastically reduce the world's population which would make the coming, "Great Reset" easier to control—Who knows, maybe Putin is just a Pawn in all this? He does appear to be stupid enough. . .

A WWIII scenario would be a perfect strategy to drastically reduce the population which would make the coming, "Great Reset" easier to control—Who knows, maybe Putin is just a Pawn in all this? He does appear to be stupid enough. 

According to the prominent cardiac physician, scholar, and professor of medicine Dr Peter McCullough, MD, who has recently been somewhat “none-personed” by the health industry, claimed the recent CoronaVirus Pandemic and subsequent vaccination drive is nothing more than an elitist plan to spread fear into the world's population which our governments have seized upon with lockdowns, forced mask-wearing and the denial of free choice. That seems fair enough to me?

"Big Brother is watching you" painted onto the wall of an industrial building in Donetsk, Ukraine, credit Wikipedia


Dear Gary and Readers of the Big Wobble,

I just finished your post that is under the topic "Boogaloo 2022" that you posted for Tuesday, 5 April 2022. As usual a powerful post containing facts that some who read books remember from past years when we thought for ourselves. It saddens me that history is not taught with truth, at least here in the U.S.

I, this week, posted my thoughts in your write titled, “Signs and Wonders,” which was presented to us on 30 March this year. I mentioned my old high school teacher, Mr. Springer. Because he was in his sixties back then, I am positive he is now gone since he would be well over a hundred-years-old by now.

A warning, this report contains images that viewers may find disturbing. Ukraine and its allies have accused Russia of committing war crimes, after the discovery of mass graves and dead civilians in Bucha near Kyiv. Once again, NATO haven't done anything.

Back in 1945, just as WWII was coming to a close, nations around the world had been left in ruins and craved peace. Representatives of 50 countries gathered at the "United Nations Conference on International Organization" in San Francisco, California from 25 April to 26 June 1945. For the next two months, they proceeded to draft and then sign the UN Charter, which created a new international organisation, "The United Nations," which, it was hoped, would prevent further cataclysmic events such as the two successive world wars, genocide, a devastating influenza pandemic, a worldwide economic depression, and crippling hunger and poverty across the war-torn world.

Isaiah 5:20 ESV:
Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

We do live in very strange times these days, we live in a time when good is more often than not seen as bad—Bad, is often seen as good! So much so, that  because what you thought was correct can quite easily be seen as wrong! People these days walk on egg-shells for that reason. 

Lebensborn was one of the cruelest experiments Nazi Germany ever tried to carry off in their conquest of building a “Master Race” through eugenics. Eugenics is the study of how to arrange reproduction within a human population to increase the occurrence of heritable characteristics regarded as desirable. Developed largely by Sir Francis Galton as a method of improving the human race, eugenics was increasingly discredited as unscientific and racially biased during the 20th century, especially after the adoption of its doctrines by the Nazis in order to justify their treatment of Jews, disabled people, and other minority groups.

While much of the horrific and sick thinking that Hitler perpetrated during World War II has faded away in this modern world we live in, the Lebensborn children still suffer. Looking at the world, I have come to the conclusion that with the "POKE" of “Satan's Spit,” the elite now pushing to take complete charge of all humanity are trying to accomplish the same thing.

Sunday, 20 March 2022 A Letter From Holland! War In Europe Yet Again! Putin is called a world leader by some, rather inappropriately I may add. And an animal by others—Which is extremely unkind to animals: But—What does Bible Prophesy Say About Russia—Britain And—The US In These Terrible Times?

Time and tide wait for no man, in fact, if mankind is still prevalent and living on this planet in 130 years time, which I seriously doubt—All 7.9 billion of us living here at this “moment in time” will all have gone. (Look around. . . Your wife, kids, puppy-dog! They will all be gone) Think about that. So it's kind of ironic I guess, that Europe could be, once again the theatre for another World War! A stroke of incredible arrogance and lunacy has been committed by one single narcissistic psychopath. (Where have we heard that before?) President Putin is the grand master this time around—Who, is called a world leader by some, rather inappropriately I may add. (An oxymoron of staggering hypocrisy! Leading us all backwards. . . ) And an animal by others—Which is extremely unkind to animals, wouldn't you agree? 

Above, death registrations for 2020 and 2021 for deaths (UK) where COVID-19 was listed as the underlying cause, but had no other pre-existing conditions recorded on the death certificate, England and Wales. This publication will be updated quarterly.

17,371 deaths at the cost of 400 billion Pounds Sterling!

A Freedom of Information document has surfaced in the UK, submitted by a Dr John Campbell. The document shows the true number of Covid-19 deaths in the UK from March 2020 to January 2022. These are only Covid-19 deaths with no other underlying disease. At this point, I would just like to inform you, the UK government spent almost 400 billion Pounds Sterling dealing just with Covid-19. . . 

Sunday, 6 March 2022 "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing our world he didn't exist." Something for our corrupt leaders to ponder! (A Resurrection is promised for everyone, good and bad, and—No one has been judged yet.) Putin is having his party now, enjoy it while you can!

If death through war, pestilence and famine saw a meteoric rise begin in 1914, the rise was also accompanied by an incredible increase in knowledge and technology. Remember Daniel's prophetic message in Daniel 12?:

1“At that time Michael, the great prince who stands watch over your people, will rise up. There will be a time of distress, the likes of which will not have occurred from the beginning of nations until that time. But at that time your people—everyone whose name is found written in the book—will be delivered.

2 And many who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake, some to everlasting life, but others to shame and everlasting contempt.

"They wouldn't do that to us, would they?" 

If you had any remaining doubt as to just where we, the "ordinary Joe" fits into the grand scheme of world politics, well you just have to look at how President Putin and NATO's total disregard for human lives came to the fore yesterday. Throughout all history, criminals like Putin have been allowed to kill innocent people while other criminals like NATO stand by and let them.

What Putin has done is demonic, quite clearly but—The real crime is, he was allowed to do it by the very people who are supposed to be protecting us. "NATO," the UN, The European Union, Biden, Johnson, Macron. Yes! They all stood up yesterday to tell the world the biggest lie—"We all stand with the Ukrainian people!" They are lying, they don't give a fiddlers f#uck, the Ukrainian people are nothing more than collateral damage.

Tuesday, 22 February 2022 The Mighty Military-Industrial Complex—1957, the year the space race started, the year our Sun recorded a record number of Sunspots, our planet recorded a record number of major quakes and the year global warming started and natural disasters began increasing—Its all here!

It is perhaps the perfect day to reflect just how f#cked up our planet has declined finds itself in once again just as President Putin orders his troops into the Ukraine. He is the latest megalomaniac in a long list of narcissistic maggots who believe it is their destiny to have people killed in the glory of his name! I ask myself, once again, why-oh-why do we keep on voting for these cruel selfish despots? Below is the reason our planet is on the verge of absolute destruction and—It has nothing to do with factories, airplanes and cars!

"Our very future depended on being the ones who first seized ownership of space." “Control of space means control of the world,” Johnson declared. “From space, the masters of infinity would have the power to control the earth’s weather, to cause drought and flood, to change the tides and raise the levels of the sea, to divert the gulf stream and change temperate climates to frigid.” Vice President Lindon Johnson at Southwest Texas State University, May 27 (1962).

Tuesday, 22 February 2022 Signs and Wonders! '2s'day, 2/22/22— Here we go again—Nearly 80 years since war in Europe, do we really need another 70-85 million deaths, the estimated count of WWII? The West has responded by promising to bomb the crap out of Moscow... with economic sanctions!

Time and tide wait for no man, in fact, if mankind is still here in 130 years—All 7.9 billion of us living on the planet at this moment will all be gone. So it's kind of ironic I guess, on this "day of all days,—2/22/22, a stroke of incredible arrogance and lunacy has been committed by a narcissistic psychopath. President Putin who is inappropriately called a world leader, (that is one hell of an oxymoron) has invaded his neighbour—The Ukraine. I can think of 20 million reasons why this is a dumb move, that's the number of Russian civilians and military personnel killed in WWII, do these people ever learn? I guess not. The West has responded by promising to bomb the crap out of Moscow... with economic sanctions!

Saturday, 1 January 2022 YEAR THREE-The Meteoric Rise Of Graphene Oxide: Is "not" added into Covid-19 vaccines and boosters, so they say... But it is being coated onto protected face masks and is being developed for the next-generation 5G and future communication technologies and is added to the flu vaccine and more!

The first edition of Frankenstein... Image public domain

A Happy New Year To All! YEAR THREE-The Meteoric Rise Of Graphene Oxide

Now, for those of you who do not know what graphene oxide is let me give you a brief explanation. Graphene oxide first and foremost is poisonous to humans. Graphene is the best known natural heat and electrical conductor there is and can store electric energy, and is practically indestructible. Graphene oxide can host its own magnetic field and it is also the main ingredient in a hydrogel which is the AI template used in Elon Musk and Bill Gates's research into creating an interface, (neural network) between humans and the internet, (5G) or AI (artificial intelligence). Graphene Oxide is considered nanotechnology.

Graphene Oxide is "not" added into Covid-19 vaccines and boosters "according to health experts, scientists and government leaders... but"-Graphene Oxide is being coated onto protected face masks, millions of 'em: ZEN Graphene Solutions and Trebor Rx have just produced 800 million masks coated with the stuff!

It is, however, being added to the flu vaccine!

Boogaloo 2020

Boogaloo 2021

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