Tuesday 22 March 2022

A Letter From Alaska—Only the ones they deem of worth will live, and those modified will live to be their sheep. They, through eugenics, will have changed these sheeple physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. What does this do to the children of those modified through eugenics.? Will 5-G turn them on and off?



Lebensborn was one of the cruelest experiments Nazi Germany ever tried to carry off in their conquest of building a “Master Race” through eugenics. Eugenics is the study of how to arrange reproduction within a human population to increase the occurrence of heritable characteristics regarded as desirable. Developed largely by Sir Francis Galton as a method of improving the human race, eugenics was increasingly discredited as unscientific and racially biased during the 20th century, especially after the adoption of its doctrines by the Nazis in order to justify their treatment of Jews, disabled people, and other minority groups.

While much of the horrific and sick thinking that Hitler perpetrated during World War II has faded away in this modern world we live in, the Lebensborn children still suffer. Looking at the world, I have come to the conclusion that with the "POKE" of “Satan's Spit,” the elite now pushing to take complete charge of all humanity are trying to accomplish the same thing. Only the ones they deem of worth will live, if they have their way, and those modified will live to be their sheep. They, through eugenics, will have changed these sheeple physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. What does this do to the children of those modified through eugenics.? Will 5-G turn them on and off? Hummmmm.....

Dear Gary and Readers of The Big Wobble,

After reading William L. Shirer’s book titled “The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich,” I had always pondered why the S.S. would raid a village and, after taking all members to the village square, separate out all the blond, fair skinned young children and young women from the other villagers. These would then be shipped to a separate camp and given German names. The rest would be shot, or sent to the worst concentration camps known to mankind during this time in history.

I found the answer when I stumbled upon a quote by Heinrich Himmler in which he stated in 1938, “I intend to take German blood from wherever it is to be found in the world, to rob and steal it wherever I can!” (Clay & Leapman, 1995, back cover of book). Here I found a statement that explained why these were separated out, but I still did not know why or where they were shipped. Thus, I began my research and discovered the Lebensborn Experiment. I did this because it reminded me so much of what I seem to be observing in the world around me as those who are working on building the New World Order appear to be doing just this. One of the biggest tools they are using to decimate society is trying to enforce repeated pokes of “Satan’s Spit.”

In the years leading up to World War II, Heinrich Himmler created a program that would supply the needed perfect, pureblooded Aryan men and women to populate Adolf Hitler’s “Thousand Year German Reich.” This was needed since there was going to be a population void after the killing of homosexuals, Jews, and any other sub-humans enumerated by Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Mein Kampf was Hitler’s seven-hundred-and-twenty page autobiography and political theory book that was first printed on 18 July 1925.

The first stage of this plan was to raise Aryan children by using young women who displayed Aryan features. After they proved their descent as untainted over several generations, they were encouraged to conceive children with S.S. officers. It did not matter whether they were married or not since this was for the mother country. Yes, an evil program that was even uglier since it encouraged adultery, all under the umbrella of being for the mother country. This was also done in complete secrecy because the majority of the German people did not know.

These children were born in secret in Lebensborn homes that were scattered throughout Europe. It appears that about twenty of these homes were built between 1935 and 1945 with an estimated birth of 11,000 children. Since this did not produce enough children, Himmler’s S.S. stole an estimated 200,000 children who fit the image of an ideal Aryan. After they were stolen, they were transported to special camps that tested them so their racial quality could be gauged. Those children who passed the test were then ‘Germanised,’ given German names and then sent to the Lebensborn homes where they were adopted by Nazi German families. Those who did not make the cut were sent to the death camps. The older girls were sent to brothels where they were forced to service the German soldiers. [Known as the Joy Division—Added by Gary Walton] Their pure looking children were sent to the Lebensborn homes where the children were raised until they were adopted out.

Now this is, of course, a sad event in human history as Lebensborn children had no choice in their birth by Nazi parents or of being kidnapped and brought up as Nazi children. But now untold millions who live all over the globe are suffering a similar plight. They are being genetically modified to be the people who will think, act, and live out lives as directed by an evil so black it will take God coming back to Earth to defeat them and restore us.

I fear we are beyond the tipping point to turn this around. But I would encourage you before taking “Satan’s Spit” to consider this. Are you a sheeple, or are you one of us who have no sheep in our circles? It is imperative that you start a program of detoxing your mind and your body but you must act soon, for our freedom of thought and speech is swiftly being ripped away! 

Once again, I quote Aldous Huxley: “Facts don’t cease to exist just because they are ignored."

That’s it from Alaska for now.

Bill Laughing-Bear 



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Hawkeye said...

It should be obvious by now that the cancer that was the third Reich of ww2 days was not completely eradicated or destroyed. US took in and employed several members of it, "scientists", for technological secrets reasons.
Question: why would the globalist want to create gmo (genetically modified organism(s)) humans?
Why? Control, power, yeah that fits but still doesn't answer the " why" part. Because "why" do they want control so badly? Why is a big word! To control every living natural thing from humans,plants, insects, weather/climates etc., is quite the commitment to employ on one's self. I mean really, these are things that are enormously intricate still with many scientific unknowns regarding our creators blueprints of them, alive and working completely on their own and in a manner that still has so many unknowns as to how and why they are what they are.

So why would another human want that job? For example, why would a control freak want to try to control you or the weather? Why would someone want to make it a job to round the clock get up every morning to sit in front of computers and control earth systems that are so complex and overwhelming?
Yea yea money and power....but really?
There has to be another reason, a motive, money and power are not the motives but a needed objective to get to the motive.

Imagine if the planet is imploding and no one knew, the biosphere is collapsing, the environment that provides everything humans use, eat, buy and sell is in death mode. Without it there is nothing. Seriously think about that because it is #1 to all things. Everything else comes second to this main factor of life. Everything! Earth gives us all resources for free, to survive and have an economy. Man is who puts a price tag on them but nature (God) " gives" it to us for free. God doesn't charge a monetary fee for that oil ExxonMobil pulls out of the living earth, ExxonMobil does that!

There would be no Wall St. trading without an environment. Nothing could be without earth's living environment!
Let the reader understand!
Gather some understanding here:

Scroll to near the last few. "Franken Skies" and "The Dimming". Please watch them! Learn and take note of time periods.
If one thought they could survive a climate collapse that is inevitable, but was hiding this fact from people to avoid societal breakdown chaos and to gather assets & resources prior to the inevitable event, might and or does answer the "why" need to gmo human bodies in advance of it. Imagine if you could not go out doors any more because it is uninhabitable. No crops, no food, no water, no breathable air. You would need to change life forms up to adapt to that. GMO plants, and people? Hey, it fits better then all else if you think!
Zuckerberg's meta verse internet on the horizon. A virtual environment.....because the real one won't be there anymore? The new environment? Food for thought.
The motive that was the 3rd Reich was to create super humans basically (but why was never answered then either), eradicate all other life forms that did not measure up. Those same scientists directed US technologies advancement including "medicines/healthcare. Now look.
Are you getting my points?

LT said...

It's been the plan for a century or more:
I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix the 19th of January 2020. And it’s snowing like crazy outside, and getting pretty, pretty deep, because, after all, it is winter. And that’s normal climate, in a sense. But I don’t even go into the climate stuff anymore, because what’s the point of it? You’ve got a massive, massive worldwide, well-funded agenda to push through a whole new way of living, that’s the whole point of it all. It’s nothing to do with climate. It’s to do with a new controlled way of livening, because there’s too many people, they claim. And they also claim we’re not dying fast enough, in some countries anyway. And they also believe with it, it’s time, it’s literally time, according to the big, big plan, to start bringing down the population quickly, very quickly, rather than just advising you to come down and don’t have children and so on. They want to make it mandatory, all that kind of thing, right down to what you’ll eat too, and how much energy you’ll consume.

Anonymous said...

The four wise monkeys (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, do no evil)!
Depicted in Image source: Four wise monkeys
It seems these days its meaning translates to: Don't look, don't listen, don't speak out, and, most importantly, do nothing about evil as you won't be alone and all will be well in your (others not so much) life (at least for now)!

Anonymous said...

Ask yourself: is the potential of the human race worthy of a future with no expiration date?
Many, I hope, would say 'yes'. So why do so many behave as if the answer is 'no' or at the least don't care? Is it because:
• 'their' religion/sect/cult has given humanity an expiration date in the future or yet to be revealed (likely sooner than later)?
• because collectively, humanity is not capable of being anything but destructive/uncaring/cruel?
• because I/we are persecuted/hurting/powerless so to hell with so called humanity as its conspicuous in its absence?

There is:
me/you (the individual)
us (couple, males/females/LGBTs, family, occupation/department/company/industry, collective, clan, gang, cult, sect, club, society, political party, order, church, religion, neighborhood/town/city/territory/state/country/nation, coalition/league, ethnic group, like colored skin, lower/middle/upper class, uneducated/educated, dumb/smart, followers/leaders, poor/rich, young/old, sick/feeble/infirm/disabled/healthy, … ad nausea …, human race)
them (not one of us/me)
IMHO much of the world's problem seems to stem from 'them' being consider as lesser/inferior/unworthy beings in some way, typically in need of change (willing or not, if deemed suitable to become one of 'us') and 'they' often covet/take what is ours so don't trust 'them'. In general, 'their' value system needs alignment (forcibly if need be) with 'ours/mine' for them to be worthy of consideration/respect/support/freedom/existence.

Worse than this continual preoccupation with the difference/separation is that we do not hold those and their accomplices [who many of 'us' gave (actively or via apathy) or who took through fear/intimidation/considerations, responsibility for protecting/usurping what we value (whether that be assets, freedom, security/well-being or general way of life)], accountable for their actions/inactions as well as our part in those actions/inactions.

Gary Walton said...

Another sunny, warm day in Holland, 20 deg C. The whole month of March has been sunny, most of February too... There is no rain forecasted for the coming 14 days "at least" and I ask myself—What is going on with the weather?

LT— "But I don’t even go into the climate stuff anymore, because what’s the point of it?"

Well, LT, maybe that is "their" plan after all? A whole new way of living—Because they know, they can't fix the climate! Maybe they know what's coming?

Thanks for the input.

Anonymous said...

Now, if we could somehow stop young

people from searching for the best -

the most attractive, most suitable, most

compatible - mate for marriage and

family . . . then, NATURAL EUGENICS

might end.


Christopher said...

Gentlemen Thank You All for your intelligent insights, wisdom and inputs. You honor God, Humanity and Nature. All are worth fighting for especially our little brothers and sisters of Humanity and Nature.

Long story short I have still been nursing for my little 6yo profoundly disabled Vaccine Injured male patient. Not one of the half dozen Home Nursing Agencies in the Puget Sound Area has been able to find a replacement nurse for me. Sadly.

I am am leaving the Nazi Allopathic Medical System I have worked for and opposed for 2.5 decades. 3/29/2022 is my last day. This broken, greed driven Medical System has murdered and maimed countless innocent citizens by placing people on Remdesiver and Ventilators while withholding safe effective Hydrochloroquine and Ivermectin. Then the system promoted and pushed an unsafe, ineffective biological weapon clot shot on the world populous. Wow This is AFU!

Now they are coming after our kids 5-12yo and 6 months-4yo. I am a peaceful man, Veteran, Patriot, Registered Nurse, but this all encompassing scale of Evil infuriates me to my core.
I am so ready to kick these Satanic, Globalist, Paedophiles Asses into the next life. Starting with Washington States most special Vaccine Pimp, Bill Gates. Somebody please kill Bill.

I have that last sentence printed on a T shirt as well as "Vaccines The True Weapons Of Mass Destruction" on another shirt. Thank You All for standing and being counted on the wall of Courage and Fame while these Evil dewers will be found on the wall of Cowardice and Shame. God Bless You All in your workings and doings in light and love.

Hawkeye said...

LT- " But I don't even go into the climate stuff anymore, because what's the point of it? .... massive agenda to push through a whole new way of living....that's the point of it, nothing to do with the climate."

Nothing LT? So the new way of living has nothing to do with the climate as millions of people are constantly year after year displaced, left homeless, forced to relocate, injured and or killed from weather that is engineered and intensely strong and abnormal....but nothing to do with climate? Sub zero Temps in the southern U.S. has nothing to do with climate? Toxic chemicals and heavy metals sprayed in our breathable air to control climates weather has nothing to do with climate? Extreme methane gas emissions, explosions and depleted dying ozone is nothing to do with climate? Lol....no, it's only your life support system, no biggie right?

That's our biggest problem, people like you brother! What's the point of it? Cancer, diseases, poison food and water, no breathable air. That's the point of it! Can't have a new way of living if you're dead! Or is the new way of living famine and pestilence and choking to death from lack of oxygen, said to be normal? Has everyone forgotten "cause and effect" laws of science? Cause! There is always a cause, it's not normal for everyone to be sick!
Although I suspect you are just a paid troll, you are still breathing the poison air too mister. Well you have been warned and informed. Do with it what you will. "Facts don't cease to exist just because they are ignored!" Those who like that choose that and shall reap that.

We have 2 choices, we can take the LT attitude and let it all ride and finish killing our environment and us, or we can start uniting and let our leaders know we are aware of the lies and the poisons being sprayed and we do not give our permission or consent and demand it stops immediately. Free will. What will you do? God is watching and weeding His harvest. No weeds in His garden.

Gary Walton said...

Good luck and God speed with your future Christopher—Stay safe brother!