Thursday 18 August 2022

For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible even the elect! How could the elect ever be deceived? Surely that's not possible? By removing their belief and faith, with an anti-fundamentalist virus or vaccination of course!

Atheism was promoted on an electronic billboard in Times Square.

Did you ever hear these phrases:
Fact or truth is stranger than fiction—Hidden in plane sight, or even—No smoke without fire—I know a shrill when I see one?—Oh, and by the way, there is no fool like an old fool—#me. . . 

The name Bill Gates has been synonymous recently with a host of conspiracy theories. Whether being linked to Coronavirus vaccines laced with doses of all kinds of nasty ingredients—Buying up farmland on a mega-industrial scale smack-bang in the middle of global food shortages—Designing a neural network for humans to connect them to artificial intelligence AI (that is a fact)—And being involved in a video which has surfaced during the last two years showing him presenting something called 'FunVax,' to a group of CIA agents in a Pentagon classroom. Apparently, FunVax is a respiratory virus designed to turn religious fanatics into so-called 'normal people' by reducing a person's capacity to produce a protein called the VMAT-2 gene, otherwise known as the 'God gene.'    

Could there be such a thing as a God gene? I don't know, the truth is it's just a theory at this stage. According to Wikipedia, the God gene 'hypothesis' proposes that human spirituality is influenced by heredity and that a specific gene, called vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2), predisposes humans towards spiritual or mystic experiences. The idea has been proposed by geneticist Dean Hamer in the 2004 book called The God Gene: How Faith is Hardwired into our Genes.

I don't know if the God gene is real but I do know He is pouring out His Holy Spirit to faithful followers as I type this post! Maybe the God gene is the vessel which absorbs His Holy Spirit, who knows?? Something in us has to receive His Holy Spirit—Believe me, it is more than just an endorphin rush.

Anyway back to Bill Gates and FunVax. The video mentioned above was recorded in 2005 and is not Bill Gates at all, he looks and sounds like Bill Gates and apparently is a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur—But is clearly not Bill—But this story began to squeeze my curiosity juices so I went a little deeper. I managed to stumble upon a high-definition video of Bill's supposed presentation to the CIA and it clearly is 'not' Bill Gates. I will embed it at the end of this article for your own curiosity. 

What is FunVax exactly? Short for a vaccine against religious fundamentalism.

The YouTube video mentioned is a lecture by an unidentified scientist (a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur) given to 'supposed' DoD officials/agents inside a lecture room in the supposed 'Pentagon.'  It is dated 4-13-05 - about a year after the "God Gene" was first discovered. The scientist describes a plan to alter the "God Gene" in the Middle Eastern Population in order to end the turmoil in that region.

FunVax was to be released in the 'hinterlands' of Afghanistan as a respiratory virus, similar to the Coronavirus, or the flu in order to reach the highest per cent of the population—Hmmm, this sounds rather familiar! The virus would 'immunise' the VMAT-2 gene in so-called religious fanatics which is apparently very high, turning them into so-called 'normal' people. The presenter finishes his presentation by saying that FunVax was showing great promise.

In the presentation, there is a reference to a DoD Project ID-149AZ2, however, despite much digging, I couldn't find any official proof of such a project, not surprisingly I guess. I did find a PDF FILE, but it is not officially from the DoD.

What I did find was a very dubious article in the San Fransico Chronicle claiming Ryan Harper created the FunVax 'conspiracy' himself for a film he wanted to release but now he was trying to kill it [the conspiracy]! 

Ryan Harper claims he created the story, FunVax in 2011: 
I created a story called FunVax. To be more accurate, it was a collaboration between me and a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur. And rather than a simple story, it was an idea for a mockumentary. In 2004, a scientist named Dean Hamer discovered a gene that predisposes people to become more religious. Hamer called his discovery the “God Gene.” The scientific name for the God Gene is VMAT-2. You know those little molecules in your brain that make you happy? Dopamine and serotonin? Well, VMAT-2 is responsible for packaging those little molecules and delivering them to synapses in your brain. This real-life discovery was the basis for my film. The premise of my story was that if a gene can control one’s religiosity, then that gene can be manipulated and turned on and off at will. In the film, the government uses this idea to create a vaccine to “cure” religious fundamentalism, which would help gain an edge in Iraq and Afghanistan. No Islamic extremists, no jihad, no war.

Now, that all makes perfect sense I thought, so at this point, I decided to climb out of my most recent visit to the 'rabbit hole and leave well alone.' But something told me to dig a little deeper. So I did.

Ryan Harper appears to be a very vague character for someone whose best friend is successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur. The article itself becomes vaguer! The article also has a false link to the author, his name is attributed to the post in a bold green colour however, it is not a link to him or his website. Surely a writer/filmmaker has a website? 

I couldn't find the original video on YouTube, or Ryan Harper's video channel. (There are lots of Ryan Harper's on YouTube but none seem to fit this character) What character? We only have a name! In Ryan Harper's article in the San Fransico Chronicle, he claims his associate, a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur was the presenter in the YouTube video, however, he doesn't mention the successful entrepreneur by name, so we can't follow that lead either. (Bill Gates maybe?) Then there is no picture of Ryan Harper himself in the article so he can't be verified on the net either. He claimed after seven test screenings and ambivalent responses from dozens of film festivals in 2013 and 2014, he came to the conclusion that the film was nonviable. Once again, he doesn't provide a link or name to any of the test screenings or a link to any one of the dozens of film festivals' so-called ambivalent responses. (He seems a rather humble chap too!) For instance, when my work is rarely featured on tv or the radio I can't stop myself from writing about it and I'm throwing hyperlinks around like confetti for weeks afterwards, even if it's an 'ambivalent response!' This guy presents a real clean professional article but provides nothing. Nothing that I can follow up on anyway.

However Mr Harper does make some obvious mistakes, I was beginning to believe this guy may be what's called a shrill, a troll, someone employed to say what he was saying. It soon becomes apparent he has a deeply hidden agenda. Mr Ryan is clearly anti-religion and is unashamedly pro-vax. Deeper into his article Mr Harper appears to move off tangent, a little toward the Left may I venture, using words and phrases like 'full-blown conspiracy," quoting a text which claims: “Why are Christians so Susceptible to Conspiracy?” And linking these same Christians to believing the QAnon conspiracy. Which kind of gives away his own thoughts, people shouldn't be allowed to believe in conspiracies or Christianity or QAnon—Free speech should also mean free thought, right? It was becoming obvious Mr Harper had a hidden agenda, he goes on: 

FunVax, however, lived on after I stopped the project. Releasing the FunVax YouTube video laid the seeds to what would become a full-blown conspiracy theory—One that continues to spread across the internet. Just as the FunVax conspiracy began to wane, it reemerged last year as COVID-19 spread across the globe. Millions of people shared my original FunVax YouTube video, with added commentary implying that COVID was actually FunVax.

At this point in the article, Mr Harper claims he should have done the right thing—Yes you should've Ryan! 

I should have come out then and stated the obvious: FunVax is fake. But so many websites and news agencies nailed the truth about FunVax, even mentioning me by name and describing the film project, that I didn’t feel the need to say anything. I somewhat naively assumed that the worst that could come from COVID being confused with FunVax was that it would encourage religious people wear to masks and use more caution when interacting with other people. I was wrong.

Religious people? Is that a Freudian slip? More below: 

Early in the pandemic, someone created a new conspiracy from my YouTube video and spread the false narrative that it was Bill Gates (theres that name again!) who gave the FunVax lecture to the Pentagon. In reality, the person in that video was my Silicon Valley entrepreneur friend. (who shall remain nameless) Although there are similarities in the way they look, it seemed pretty obvious to me that they are different people. So, again, I didn’t say anything.

Mr Harper let's slip he is a pro-vaxer. 

But now that COVID vaccines are widely available, anti-vaxxers and other conspiracy theorists are using FunVax as propaganda against vaccination. Social media is ablaze with FunVax misinformation, and this time it is having deadly consequences.

Deadly consequences? Really! You see, this man has an agenda! 

I can’t be quiet any longer. So I’m saying it: FunVax is fake. Here’s the thing: I don’t think the people who believe in FunVax will care what I have to say. They’ll come up with thousands of reasons to discount my confession.

Hmmm, desperation in his plea too? He now claims he could be a Bill Gates shrill! Don't forget, The Bill Gates Foundation pays out millions to the media and other organisations and little helpers to deflect, defend and push his ideas.

Maybe I am paid by Bill Gates. Maybe I’m a government plant. Maybe I am part of big media, manipulating them. It’s like arguing over the validity of Christianity, Islam or Mormonism. People who believe will continue believing. Conspiracy theories are a matter of faith. We can talk about cognitive dissonance until we want to shove pencils in each other’s eyes, but I would like to suggest that there is something deeper at play.

Aah. . .  cog·ni·tive dis·son·ance [cognitive dissonance] NOUN psychology is the state of having 'inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes,' especially as relating to behavioural decisions and attitude change. But wait, what a strange phrase to use? Why would a so-called 'filmmaker' suddenly use the medical term, 'cognitive dissonance, especially while discussing Bill Gates, religion and conspiracy theories' A disturbing coincidence? Recently an analysis, conducted by researchers at the University of Oxford drawing on health records data from more than 1 million people around the world, found that people remained at increased risk for dementia, epilepsy, psychosis and 'cognitive deficit', (or brain fog) two years after contracting covid. Adults appeared to be at particular risk of lasting brain fog, a common complaint among coronavirus survivors. Brain fog is exactly what the FunVax virus claims to do, taking away working memory, and causing neurological dysfunction. The brain fog is not permanent and only lasts for a number of months, hence the need for 'booster' vaccines! Hmmm! Mr Harper continues:

As I watched the spread of FunVax over the years, I noticed an interesting phenomena unfold; religious people tend to promote FunVax more than others. This makes sense considering that the idea of FunVax represents an attack on their core beliefs. But many of these same people also believe in the wholly secular QAnon conspiracy. Religious organizations themselves have identified associations between their own practitioners and a belief in conspiracy theories.

The second coming of Christ actually resembles a conspiracy theory? Seriously? Wow, he goes on:

The author of a 2020 Baptist News Global article titled, “Why are Christians so Susceptible to Conspiracy?” cites a American Journal of Political Science study to argue that a belief in the supernatural — and in a worldview that forces reality into black-and-white distinctions of good versus evil — predisposes people to believing in conspiracy theories. The author argues that Christianity encourages this type of thinking, and then goes on to say that the second coming of Christ actually resembles a conspiracy theory. A recent study published in the Journal of Personality and summarized by the New York Times explains that specific personality types are more predisposed to believing in conspiracy theories than others. Personality types are, of course, influenced by our genetic makeup.

Of course, they are but conspiracy theorists are not born conspiracy theorists Mr Harper! He goes on: 

My experiences with FunVax lead me to take things one step further. Most scientists believe genetic makeup and environmental factors combine to influence human behavior. If religiosity is somehow programmed into our genetic code, through the God Gene or other personality-related genes, then after centuries of self-selection — of religious people marrying other religious people — have we bred a group of people predisposed to believe in fiction?

Faith is a gift from God, He tells us that—For instance, take a set of identical triplets born from God-fearing parents, maybe only one of them will 'truly' believe in God. I believe in God but my sister doesn't and my parents were not religious in any way. So your argument is widely distorted: 

Could this be the root cause of our inability in America to agree on basic facts? These questions are obviously impossible to answer. But for the sake of a thought experiment, where would answers in the affirmative leave us? It would leave us with two groups of people who will never understand the other.

Yep, that describes America pretty well at the moment. 

One group bases decisions on evidence and logic and the other group follows faith and belief. With each passing generation, those differences would widen.

They have because faith is a given gift—If you don't have that gift you cannot have belief and that is why with each passing generation those differences are widening! 

In 100 years, would these groups even be capable of living in the same country together? The purpose of the FunVax project was to change people’s understanding of religion. Even though the film was never released, I think that goal was achieved. Although certainly not in the way I intended. Unfortunately, like most conspiracy theories, FunVax offers no answers. Just more questions.

Oh, I disagree, Mr Harper, these two groups will not be capable of living together. You claim the purpose of the FunVax project was to change people’s understanding of religion. Why would you want to change people's understanding of religion when religion is something you clearly don't understand?—Your right though, FunVax offers no answers. You can read Mr Ryan Harpers's article in the San Francisco Chronicle here 

The very idea of FunVax or an anti-fundamentalist virus is the missing link in this whole Coronavirus vaccine mandate—'Grand Reset' lead up to the Mark Of The Beast or whatever you want to call it! A new world order, a brave new world. . .

There is a text in the Bible which I believe actually describes perfectly how a FunVax or an anti-fundamentalist virus would work and of course, that is where you would expect it to be, toward the end of Matthew 24:

24 For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible even the elect.

I often pondered this text—How could the elect possibly be deceived? True Christians are not stupid people, we know what is just around the corner, a true Christian is absolutely aching for the end of this miserable world to come to an end, so how on earth can they be deceived? I didn't have an answer until I read Mr Ryan Harper's article. 

The only way the elect could be deceived is by removing their belief, and their faith and that is exactly what an anti-fundamentalist virus/FunVax would do. As I said, true Christians are not stupid people, they would never agree to a vaccine which removes their faith, Jesus is their rock—However, the elect could well be deceived into having their faith removed by accepting a vaccine that governments, scientists, the media and even church leaders tell them to take, in order to prevent them from catching Covid-19! It's a perfect scenario!

We know well that during the tribulation period most people will wear the mark of the beast. True Christians have had that fact stamped onto their brains for many years from constant Bible readings and studies. I'm sure true Christians would all gladly die rather than wear the mark of the devil. We know it's coming. So, true Christians, the elect, will have to be deceived to receive the mark of the beast. I ask the question, will true Christians be deceived by having their faith and belief unwittingly removed by a virus or a vaccine which they think will protect them from Covid?

Below is the video that Mr Ryan Harper claims is a hoax, I will add, that the video may well be a hoax, however, the context is not. . . I'm convinced after studying Mr Harper's article that he is trying very hard to deflect people from believing FunVax—Just my humble opinion of course.

Please stay safe.

By the way, if you would like to contact 'Mr Ryan Harper' he left his email address at the end of his article—Don't get excited though, it's just a Gmail address. . .  Ryan Harper created the FunVax conspiracy.


I would like to dedicate this post to My Mom up there in the NorthWest. Thank you, Mom!

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Hawkeye said...

Is this video a hoax? I don't think it is. It is some presentation recorded and what is said is clearly audible. If a hoax, then what....these 5 or 6 guys in it got together and said, hey let's go make a hoax video about messing with people's brains through vaccination so we can make them think we are attempting to remove God from their minds thinking to scare them? Kind of a weak motive, don't you think?

I have heard and read about some people who after the jab said they felt like their souls were taken from them. Let's not forget that the goal of the a/c and his minions in this fallen world have one purpose in destroy God's people. To "set himself up in the temple of God", our bodies.
IMHO, it's not a hoax. The c19 vac is gene therapy, right?

Also IMHO, believers, they are numerous. The elect, not as numerous. Two different people. A believer is most times not one of the elect unfortunately. So yes, believers are targeted and they will/are falling for all the deceitful props the evil ones are using. We are in a spiritual war don't forget! Wrestling not with flesh & blood but evil in too many places!!
No worries if you truly are an "elect", it is impossible for the dark side to convince you to take their bait! That's why Jesus said "IF", "if" it were possible, "if" means it's not possible, but of course they will try anyway.
So, oh yes, many if not all said believers will and are believing the devils tricks. I'm seeing that personally every day with too many of my friends and associates. And it's sad and scarey!

Those believers don't see the sky spraying. They don't think GW/CC is real. They are all on numerous RX prescriptions and have many illnesses. They don't know or care that GMO fake food is the dominant grocery store choice and they keep swallowing it with their meds. Many of them are big alcohol drinkers too. You can not be an elect (an ambassador of Christ) if you get drunk every day. These are clues to discern.
Well thanks Gary for this info. I had not heard of this particular funvax shit yet! is shit isn't it! They are full of it (shit that is!).

Anonymous said...

That video watches like you’re watching bad actors.

I mean the comment at 3 mins about a bullet to the head. Seriously?

Gary Walton said...

Could be, I know what you mean but. . . It could also be just another bad-ass cop! America's love of cussin' and brashness!

I guess we will never know unless we can find the original YouTube film and connect it to this very vague, Ryan Harper guy who would appear to be the worst actor in all of this and his entirely unconvincing admission of guilt.

It's just another carrot on a stick in a cesspool of sleaze and corruption in the crazy world we live in. You see Anonymous, people are suspicious and unbelieving because we are constantly being lied to by the establishment. Truth and lies have become mixed together to create a sickly grey vagueness of truth and alternative truths.

Hawkeye said...

*Note: this video may be of poor quality and seemingly erroneous, but as I said above I don't believe it is a hoax for many reasons. One reason not mentioned above is, the technology to do such a thing as suggested in this video does exist. We know that for many years now psychiatric RX drugs that are currently prescribed to about 40 million people in USA alone, and a good percentage of that number is college students, are for the purpose of controlling your brain due to the label of psychiatry deciding you have emotional brain related abnormalities ... which BTW have not one test to back up those diagnoses of mental instability. There is no blood test, no stupid pcr test, no xray machine, no urine test, not one damn lab test whatsoever exists to back up a mental disorder diagnosis. It purely quack pseudo science 100%!

The drugs and devises are related in means of mind control.

Adverse side effects reported for those on Ritalin and the many like other choices are, hearing voices in your head, paranoia, becoming violent, and many other bad things.
Now, Daily Mail Online (among a few other outlets) have reported recently of a new techno gadget that is out in a test stage already in Dubai & Africa called "The Themis". Themis is a trigger warning devise being used to zap you with an irritating alarm like sound when it detects offensive speech!
The test grounds are guess where? Universities aka, college students!
The best part is the name Themis was used because it is from Greek mythology, the goddess of justice and SOCIAL ORDER, says the news definition search says it is, goddess of wisdom and good counsel and the interpreter of God's will! Social order? No!
So this is a devise that is programmed to emit sound vibrations that irritate your brain if you dare speak any words "they" decided are offensive. And in a classroom!
How can a free country with a constitution of law containing "freedom of speech" justify using a devise as this is? And who decided what is offensive and what is not?
So, if this small gadget is on its way to the markets then it's not hard to see that frequencies of sound and vibrations are definitely being developed and or in use already targeted to control brains for whatever the controllers decide you should think and speak.
There are also many more examples of this nature in history. Nazi Germany for one big reminder used fluoride to make its concentration camp victims brains docile. Fact. Gee, don't governments insist on adding fluoridation to public water systems for your oral health!? Hmmmm.
This video, not a hoax is a sure bet! Maybe the details are a bit exaggerated for the fear effect involved, but absolutely no hoax our global leaders are after your open healthy mind and zap you if you love God. No doubt in my mind this is no hoax but rather a subliminal introduction to our future IF we even have a future of any significance.

Gary Walton said...


Anonymous said...

I completely agree.

Those who rush to ignore information are just as bad as those who blindly believe anything.

And in this case I agree with your interpretation of the nature of some characters from the US of A.

Just to me it feels a bit too wooden.
Having being involved in video production and using relatively cheap or hobbyist talent, this has that ‘feel’

But yes, could be real.
If it is, and it’s been used, we’ve probably all been exposed by now.

But it does say it limits/reduces/inhibits.
It doesn’t turn off entirely and stop for good.

And the human mind and body are adaptable.

So I’d not be fearful.
Be positive that your faith can overcome such a thing, and then the thing has no power over you.

Gary Walton said...

Something to ponder! Great comment, thanks.

Anonymous said...

It 'limits/reduces/inhibits.'
It doesn’t turn off entirely and stops for good.
Maybe that is the reason for repetitive boosters.

Laughing-Bear said...

Greetings from Alaska Gary,
This article I found rather interesting as I have been hearing about this Vax for some time and I think likely if it is out there, or will be soon, the sheeple will take it. Yes there would be a stampede just like they have been doing as they rejoicing over “Satans Spit” that so many have received, or maybe it is all one in the same.
I know many who have faith in the Highest power, like myself, have refused to allow themselves to be polluted with something that alters our DNA that the Great Mystery spoke into existence when he created us in the garden as He formed us from the dust of the Earth. In fact most I know have become so untrusting of the medical world we are refusing to take any medication they want us to take including any shot. What is really in that medication? In short there is little trust and most I know, as there are no sheep in my circle, have now taken my stand. If I knew I was having a heart attack I will just stay home and what will be will be!
I no longer will drink water in a town or bottled water from the store. That includes other things people drink like soda, juice, power drinks, etc…, and I use great caution when it even comes to food, yep I have little faith in food produced for the masses. I have found interesting things take place when I put a powerful magnet next to some of it or run electric current through it.
And I am very aware that if it has to do with God, the B.B.B.C., “Build Back Better Club”, wants to shut it down. I send out a weekly e-mail for a Bible study I lead. I give the topic, and the Bible verse’s we will be reading along with a verse just for encouragement in these hard days. Those who have gmail or iCloud get a warning that I am sending out spam and they might want to report me. Yep I am being watched! Also often when sharing my faith in God with another over Zoom my connection just drops. On the 9th of August after talking to three different people in a row about God and how they could get closer to Him using my Zoom account, all of a sudden the router just shut off, yep it was dead, was it just by chance that happened or did A.I. do that to me? It took 33 days for them to make it out here to get it fixed. At the church I attend by live stream last week those we found out who were listening to the worship music over Facebook all of a sudden lost signal. A friend of mine found the same problem listening over Facebook to his church. In short they are trying to but a curbosh on believers speaking the about the Truth, I believe if they can they will put a stop on us thinking about the Truth if possible and they will demand it.
Then one day the B.B.B.C. will reveal to the world the false truth and will declare you need a mark of 666 to exist. And a deceiver will saturate their soul’s with power, his dearest little lambs will come running to his steeple, he will demand they give their all at his altar, and he will promise wisdom, hope, and power to his sheeple. And then they will hear the gates of Hell clang close behind them for eternity!
Come quickly Lord Jesus please come quickly!!!

Gary Walton said...

Amen Bill—Take care brother!

Laughing-Bear said...

Greetings from Alaska, Gary,

After I posted my thoughts last night on your 18 August, 2022, article, I shut my computer down. After firing it up again this morning, and going to my Zoom account because I was supposed to have Bible Study, my Zoom account did not want to open. It told me that my password was wrong. Huh? I hadn't changed it. I attempted to reset my password using numbers and Biblical names but it kept rejecting it. The individual I was supposed to meet on Zoom could not connect with me and after trying for an hour and a half, my original code to get into my private Zoom room started working - the Zoom account that I PAY MONEY FOR! It kind of goes along with some of the stuff I've been battling with my internet. Coincidental??? Hummmmmmm.........

The noose around spiritual freedom seems to be tightening all the more. Just some of my thoughts.

Bill Laughing-Bear

Hawkeye said...

I have re-watched this 4 minute video several times and listened very carefully, trying to discern and receive revelation from God regarding the questions this video has put in my brain. It was nagging at me to seek out more info.
In follow up...
In that video at the 3:05 minute mark is said, "the virus would immunize against this VMAT2 gene..." The vmat2 gene is said to be the God gene. So that much is true in what is being hoax there, and, that is a very telling sentence to catch. The "virus" would immunize against that gene. So then yes, the jabs are indeed injecting a synthetic virus not a good thing for staying healthy. Plenty of info on these vacs etc. crossing the blood brain barrier causing brain damage....that barrier is where the pineal gland lies in the brain....hmmmm!
The God gene is depicted in ancient history as in the pineal gland in our brains, located in the middle of where all our 5 senses come together (upon thought related stuff observed by our eyes, ears, nose, smell, and feelings). So that is interesting and again says no hoax to this video discussion.

Info search on this brain gland turned up consistently that it is believed to be the seat of the soul. The point of access to communicating with God, the source in the brain and electromagnetic body system that allows for people to have visions and communicate with God and His angels, and that is referred to in this world as "intuition" or guidance.

So, the video in what is being discussed is again....NO hoax. It's real info and it's real long history of that info.
*Add to that: Medicine toxicity beit RX drugs or treatments or vaccines, they are ALL chemicals and ALL very toxic to......the brain and the body. This is no coincidence anymore due to its very long history and censoring if spoken out on. No cures, another clue.
**Add to that....brain and body health depend completely on good eating habits to nourish them. That fact today is lost. Poisoning of food & water does not nourish it hurts and causes sickness.

Put all this together now and what do you see? The video is not a hoax by any means. Too many facets of the subject matter are true. The lawless one is attacking God's people from every possible direction all in an attempt to kill your brain and disconnect you from receiving the Kingdom of God! Yes, this is what is really happening!!! Knowing this is your protection from it. That's why I share. God still wants more souls saved, this is my assignment.
Big thank you Gary for telling of this. Huge dot connector for me!

Gary Walton said...

Brilliant Hawkeye thanks.

It's this bit for me which gives Harper away, read this part of his 'confession' slowly.


Maybe I am paid by Bill Gates. Maybe I’m a government plant. Maybe I am part of big media, manipulating them. It’s like arguing over the validity of Christianity, Islam or Mormonism. People who believe will continue believing. Conspiracy theories are a matter of faith. We can talk about cognitive dissonance until we want to shove pencils in each other’s eyes, but I would like to suggest that there is something deeper at play.

My reaction:

Aah. . . cog·ni·tive dis·son·ance [cognitive dissonance] NOUN psychology is the state of having 'inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes,' especially as relating to behavioural decisions and attitude change. But wait, what a strange phrase to use? Why would a so-called 'filmmaker' suddenly use the medical term, 'cognitive dissonance, especially while discussing Bill Gates, religion and conspiracy theories' A disturbing coincidence? Recently an analysis, conducted by researchers at the University of Oxford drawing on health records data from more than 1 million people around the world, found that people remained at increased risk for dementia, epilepsy, psychosis and 'cognitive deficit', (or brain fog) two years after contracting covid. Adults appeared to be at particular risk of lasting brain fog, a common complaint among coronavirus survivors. Brain fog is exactly what the FunVax virus claims to do, taking away working memory, and causing neurological dysfunction. The brain fog is not permanent and only lasts for a number of months, hence the need for 'booster' vaccines!

Hawkeye said...

Excellent Gary! You got it!
Isn't it also interesting that these recent analysis conducted do not include vaccine history from the 1 million people's health records they used to come up with these said results on diseases et al two years after covid "infections"? I realize you didn't specifically write the methods and or details of those health analysis results used but every other analysis in the aftermath of c19 infection damage never included vaccine patient history either, so it's a sure bet neither did this particular one you show in example of one more dot connector to the bull shit they push on the public.
I thank you so much for pointing that out!!
AND, to strengthen that point even further is what a coincidence....those health issues noted (dementia, epilepsy, psychosis, and "brain fog") ... hmmmm, they are all the exact results/symptoms of nuero toxin poisons damage!! Gee wiz! Lol....sorry, it's not funny but I'm a bit over it, so mocking!

Over it....pissed....all that stuff is how I feel because I have and am seeing so many people I work for falling ill suddenly with all these reported issues and ALL of them had these issues arise AFTER their idiocy jabs of c19 vax poisons. It's incredible. The most prevalent health issue after the jab I am seeing is strokes. Unbelievable numbers of strokes in the past 2 years since these shots went public. Maybe, if not for personally witnessing that, maybe (doubtful but maybe) I would not be so convinced it is indeed true that the covered up adverse effects etc. etc. that alt news has reported from c19 vacs is actual, but not the case so it is true!

In fact just over the last year three people had a stroke right in front of me while I was working in their home! No kidding I sware to you and your readers that is the truth. Three men age group approximately 80 years old. One never came home, dead. The other 2 are messed up bad and it brings tears to my eyes to see what has happened to these guys, good strong men now reduced to a damaged brain body. It's really sad, so I get pissed because I care about my clients and they have no clue whatsoever why any of it happened to them!
You know my Bible study pastor always says there is one sure way to prove believing in God's word is truth, prophecy. To get believers truly believing in what is written in scriptures, nothing else is more effective then Bible prophecy coming true. Same is true for what I tell! MSM says alt news adverse effects from c19 jabs is conspiracy, not true blah blah....then I see it happen in real life. Proof they are the liars I knew they were!
Best to you my friend! Thank you!

Gary Walton said...

And here's another top athlete suddenly dead!

‘Humble and cheerful’ ex-Commonwealth Games mountain biker dies in his sleep aged just 37 – two days after becoming Scottish champion

There has recently been an incredible spike in mental, and physical attacks on once-healthy people and also a very disturbing sudden surge in adult death syndrome. Adult death syndrome is a very real mystery, normal healthy people, often top sportsmen and women suddenly die for no apparent reason. Since Covid-19 lockdowns and vaccination mandates, adult death syndrome appears to have snowballed worldwide. Other health problems have been linked to the vaccinations, such as sticky blood, which can cause various health issues including strokes. Pericarditis and other heart issues are rising, and many women are complaining of horrible, extra-heavy period problems. If these health issues are showing up now, what does the future hold for many people, we can't imagine because we just don't know, and the experts don't know either because the vaccinations were rushed through!

Hawkeye said...

I know Gary, you are right!
There is another side to all of this too though, that is kind of good. In the midst of all this sudden abundant vaccine carnage are what I see as answers to why there has been so many infant "sudden deaths" for so long. Do you see it? If adults are now dropping dead in an all of a sudden huge amount of "adult sudden death syndrom" (as you duly noted), and we know it is related to the toxins in these vaccines, then hello!'s probably why infants have been dying unexpectedly too in their sleep and NOT because they were laid on their backs!
I'm sure many of us now are realizing these connections and receiving these answers to why and that is also why has God allowed this c19 massacre now. He is shaking us to show us what the real reasons have been and are! At least that is what is happening to me. Now I understand so much that in the past I was blinded to. That is a blessing from something bad. A blessing of truth to help/prevent another victim from a terrible disorder/disease by the "Healthcare system".

If one good soul is saved where as without this awakening it would have been damaged, then it is comparable to one more soul being saved causing a celebration in Heaven! It's something positive in a tidal wave of evil.

I agree with ya, if these health issues are showing up now then what does the future hold for many people...? That answer we kinda know though, a lifetime of pain, suffering, medication poisoning or death. The vaccines were rushed through absolutely yes, but not really, you know! Watch out for Trump, he is with Satan not from God's people and he seems to be coming back to polly ticks, possibly prez again!??
Peace and and effective.....what he really means is the opposite!
Have a good day as best you can!
Thank you again!