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Poking The Russian Bear! Did WWIII Begin In Early November 2019 Just After The Release Of Covid? The US Took Out The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Carrying Gas From Russia To Europe: They Had Biological Research Facilities In Ukraine And Have 226 More Around The World!

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There is much talk by our "sincere" leaders and their international news corporations that the world is on the verge of WWIII. This 'new' world war we are told is being masterminded by the evil Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Evil he may be, but as the war in Ukraine intensifies, more and more evidence appears to point to the fact, America, the West and Nato may have been, poking the Russian bear, with a very big stick and the American provocation at least, has been going on for some time.

As news broke of a new Sars-type virus breaking out in the Chinese city of Wuhan in late 2019, a new threat to our way of life was quickly established, eventually leading the entire planet into lockdown. However, almost immediately, before the virus had even reached the West, the White House was asking scientists whether the new Coronavirus outbreak, was actually, bio-engineered, was this new Covid-19, as it had been christened a weapon leashed onto the unsuspecting world. Almost immediately, claims and counter-claims began. America was blaming China and China blamed the US, for leaking this new menace.

It turns out though, the unsuspecting world may have been taken by surprise but governments and the military had known about the virus months before it reached the news headlines. The US government reportedly gave Israel an advanced warning over the emerging threat the coronavirus posed in China around mid-November 2019, more than a month and a half before the official warning came from China.  According to Israeli broadcaster Channel 12, US intelligence agencies became aware of the danger posed by COVID-19, the information was then handed over to the White House, “which did not deem it of interest”.

Despite the Trump administration's dismissal of the information, US intelligence decided to warn its close allies of the contagious disease, specifically NATO (30 member states) Nothing was done.

By early March 2020, a prominent Chinese official had promoted a theory that the United States military could have brought the novel coronavirus to China and it did not originate in the city of Wuhan, as claimed by the Americans. Posting to his more than 300,000 followers on Twitter, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian republished a video of Robert Redfield, the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, addressing a US Congressional committee on March 11. In the clip, Redfield said some influenza deaths in the US were later identified as cases of Covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. "CDC was caught on the spot. When did patient zero begin in the US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be the US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! The US owes us an explanation!" the Foreign Ministry official said. Hundreds of athletes from the US military were in Wuhan for the Military World Games in October 2019.

Now, on the 26 of September 2022, the world once again held its breath when the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline carrying gas from Russia to Europe was sabotaged. The western press blamed Russia of course, however, just days before Russia's initial invasion of Ukraine back in February 2022, Joe Biden claimed: "If Russia invades [Ukraine], that means tanks or troops crossing the border, then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it." When asked how, the president says, "I promise you, we will be able to do that."
Full video here: Biden said they were going to do it—It happened “overnight” on the 26th of September.

But can we be sure Biden had the pipeline blown up? According to a special operations military flight tracker who provides insight into military special operations, tracking flights to Guantanamo Bay Cuba, the War in Ukraine as well as several other locations. He claimed the only aircraft in the area of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline during the time of the sabotage was actually an American Navy, Poseidon 8 Bomber. The Bomber had to refuel over Poland. Later, a Poland Ministry Official posts a tweet thanking the United States for taking out the Pipeline On September 29th in front of the UN Security Council a Russian Federation spokesperson presents the known facts and asks the United States representative directly in a yes or no requested response, “did the United States take out the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline” which the US representative did not confirm nor deny it and didn’t answer the question, but instead took an offensive posture. Full story

Back in March 2022 a few days after President Biden told the world he would take out the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline, Israel 365 issued a press release claiming the Pentagon had admitted running bio-weapon labs in Ukraine and were worried they would fall into the hands of the Russians.

"Does Ukraine have chemical or biological weapons," US Senator for Florida Marco Rubia asked. In response, the US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said, "Ukraine has biological research facilities, which, in fact, we are quite concerned Russian troops, Russian forces, may be seeking to gain control of, so we are working with the Ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces should they approach. Video here

The theory that US-run bio labs in Ukraine were developing COVID-related diseases as part of a plan by Dr Anthony Fauci, (more on him later) to release a new pandemic on the world was debunked by the mainstream media as “QAnon conspiracy theories” and “Russian disinformation.” But testimony by a US government official in front of Congress revealed that at least part of this “conspiracy theory” is, in fact, true. The prestigious Foreign Policy site described it as a “discredited QAnon conspiracy theory.” The article called for the claim of US bio labs in Ukraine to be removed from the internet by “regulated social media networks” as it appeared on “unregulated platforms such as Telegram and 8Chan.” Full story

According to China, the US has 336 labs in 30 countries under its control, including 26 in Ukraine alone. It should give a full account of its biological military activities at home and abroad and subject itself to multilateral verification. They claim that U.S. bio-military activities in Ukraine are only “the tip of the iceberg,”. “Under various names, the U.S. Department of Defense controls 336 biological laboratories in 30 countries.” (NATO member states?)  At the same time, Xinhua News Agency, the official state press agency of the People’s Republic of China, reported in March 2022, that it had been “confirmed,” that pathogens from deadly diseases stored in US-funded laboratories in Ukraine had been destroyed. But that would still leave 210 biological laboratories dangerously placed around the world.

It is so very obvious we have been fed disinformation from the western media and our own governments, (the very people we elected) regarding the Covid pandemic, the consequent lockdown and the vaccine mandate. Lies, 'alternative truths and double-speak,' regarding China and Russia, especially after the invasion of Ukraine have also brainwashed us into believing Ukraine and the West are the innocent parties here. But is there a deeper, hidden agenda? Does a part of the American elite have eyes on another conquest? It sure looks like it.

A report by WND's Shari Goodman back in March 2022 wrote:
Ukraine was also was hardly a democracy prior to the invasion. Opposition journalists are routinely jailed there. There is no freedom of the press in Ukraine. It is not by coincidence (and contrary to the paid for hire fact checkers) that the sons of Democrats in leadership positions (Biden, Pelosi, Kerry) either sat on the boards of energy companies in Ukraine or were doing business in Ukraine. When a new Ukrainian prosecutor, Kostiantyn Kulyk, opened an investigation into the business dealings of Burisma where Hunter Biden (with no energy experience) sat on the board, Joe Biden, as vice president, threatened to withhold financial aid to Ukraine and triumphantly bragged about it on camera. YouTube video here
Interestingly, throughout this conflict our media has not mentioned the existence of a New World Order as envisioned by Klaus Schwab and the role they may be playing behind the scenes. It is unsettling that our entire source of information is dependent on six corporations engaged in censorship largely due to their participation in the NWO. The six corporations are News Corp, Time Warner, Comcast, Sony, Viacom and Disney. All are funded by two major hedge funds, BlackRock and Vanguard. 
While our media has kept Americans  and Westerners in the dark when it comes to the New World Order and the power behind the movement, it is vitally important for Americans to learn about this new ruling class, the billionaire oligarchy behind it, its ties to the World Economic Forum, The World Economic Global Institute, it's mission and the pivotal role it has played here at home and throughout the globe. Klaus Schwab, a German economist, formed the WEF in 1971. Its mission is to erase national sovereignty as well as capitalism and replace it with a one-world centralized authoritarian communist government under the auspices of the billionaire oligarchy that meets in Davos yearly. 
Nearly every major political figure throughout the Western world in over 100 countries has graduated from the World Economic Forum's Global Institute (the likes of Justin Trudeau, Macron of France, Angela Merkel of Germany, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Gavin Newsom, Pete Buttigieg, George Soros, Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand, among many others). In addition to the many global leaders, there have been nearly 20,000 Global Shapers placed throughout the world in positions of leadership in government, banking, education, corporations, the media and nearly all of our institutions. 
As Schwab has openly stated, in his version of the future, "you will own nothing and be happy." The notion that our private property rights are in jeopardy is a frightening vision and at odds with the right to pursue a life of liberty as enshrined in our Constitution. There is no freedom without private property. A few months prior the release of COVID-19 from the Wuhan lab in China, Karl Schwab and Bill Gates held a simulation of a worldwide pandemic at a symposium they termed Event 201, envisioning millions of lost lives and the opportunity for a Great Reset to follow. 
They proclaimed a pandemic would present for the New World Order the perfect set of circumstances to reset the globe's political and economic future by the year 2030. Unfortunately for them, the virus proved to have a survivability of 99.8%, and now that the fear of COVID is no longer viable, masks are scientifically unworthy, and the need for lockdowns has been eliminated, the NWO has moved on to what they call Phase II of the Great Reset. By deliberately poking the Russian bear, the United States under the direction of the NWO has lit a match that has cost the lives of innocent Ukrainians and with it the possibility of igniting a worldwide nuclear World War III. When a chorus of uni-party legislators (Lindsey Graham, Maria Elvira Salazar and many others) deliberately and callously call for the assassination of Putin and for a no-fly zone over Ukraine, they are not taking their talking points from a feeble Joe Biden. Instead, they are taking their marching orders from George Soros who has called for America's involvement in Ukraine as a call to war. 
It should be a warning to the rest of us. They are willing to sacrifice America in Phase II of the Great Reset in their quest for global dominance. Standing in opposition to them is another alliance consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS). This is not the first totalitarian movement seeking global domination, but unlike other evil movements in past years, today's evil power grab carries the risk of global annihilation. Full story here
Many organisations, foundations, elitists and influential names have emerged since the dark days of December 2019, just as Covid came onto the scene. All have suddenly become household names.

Klaus Scwaube's famous speech reliably informed during the pandemic:
We now face the "Fourth Industrial Revolution," I am convinced of the stakeholder concept’s relevance. The World Economic Forum – and its work with "leaders" from all “areas of global society” – has never been more vital. I also believe the Covid Pandemic represents, a rare but "narrow window of opportunity" to reflect, reimagine and reset our world. "Build Back Better!” "The Grand Reset!"
Build Back Better has become the new "buzz" phrase on the tongues of future kings, Presidents, government leaders, the UN, NATO, the International Monetary fund, the World Bank, and WHO, to name just a few, alongside billionaires such as Bill Gates and George Soros, the world's leading foundations such as the Clintons. Elitists, influencers, health and climate experts. According to the organisations above, “our” old society should be changed to a new one because they think the old one doesn’t work.

Klaus believes, we, as citizens should be expected to give up our sovereignty and become subjects of a new world government (we will all have to "chip in," pardon the pun and do the right thing to save all humanity). People, like you and me, will be expected to own “nothing.” We will be expected to work for the State in exchange for housing, healthcare, and "basic needs (food and clothes).”
In his book, The Great Reset, Schwab claims by 2030 we, you and me, will own nothing but—We will be all the happier for it!—Whatever we need we will rent.
Politically, a small group of countries will dominate—Which is a different way of saying we will become citizens of a “New World Order."

Dr Anthony S. Fauci 

In 1999 patents on a coronavirus started showing up. In March 2003 panic gripped Hong Kong with the Sars outbreak and the CDC realised they had found a virus which could be easily manipulated into something very valuable and in the very same year decided to patent it. 

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr Anthony S. Fauci attends a coronavirus update briefing Tuesday, April 7, 2020, in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)

Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) and Chief Medical Advisor to the President and Ralph Baric, Distinguished Professor at the UNC-Chapel Hill University along with other distinguished people at the CDC were at the hub of this story from 2003 to 2006. They controlled 100% of the cash flow which built the empire around the mighty industrial complex of the coronavirus.

On April 25th 2003, the US CDC filed the patent, number US7776521B1 on the “coronavirus transmitted to humans.” Under 35 U.S.C. law, nature is prohibited from being patented. Either the Sars, Coronavirus is manufactured, or it is natural, therefore making a patent on it illegal but they went ahead anyway. In the Spring of 2007, the CDC filed a petition with the patent office to keep their application confidential and private.

Dr David Martin is the CEO and inventor of Linguistic Genomics. In the early 2,000’s his company was responsible for bringing down the largest tax frauds in the history of the US. His company maintained a series of inquiries into every individual, every organisation and company that was involved in anything that blurred the line between biological and chemical weapons or crossed that line in more than 165 countries.

In 1999 there were a million patents digitalised by IBM and these million patents were the first time human innovation had been put into an electronic digital searchable format. Dr David Martin took that information and devised a very simple exercise using his own Linguistic Genomics technology. He stumbled on the horrific assessment that approximately one-third of all patents filed in the United States were “functional forgeries,” meaning while they had linguistic variations they actually covered the same subject matter. In 1999 patents on a coronavirus started showing up and thus began Dr Martin’s rabbit trail.

In March 2003 panic gripped Hong Kong.

A deadly virus swept through the city and according to Dr Martin the CDC saw the possibility of a gold strike and that was the Sars, Coronavirus outbreak which had manifested itself in Asia. The CDC realised they had found a virus which could be easily manipulated into something very valuable and in the very same year decided to patent it. They made sure they controlled the preparatory rights to the virus and to its detection and all measurements of it. Dr Martin goes on to claim Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) and Chief Medical Advisor to the President and Ralph Baric, Distinguished Professor at the UNC-Chapel Hill University along with other distinguished people at the CDC were at the hub of this story from 2003 to 2006. They controlled 100% of the cash flow which built the empire around the mighty industrial complex of the coronavirus.

Dr Martin claims the coronavirus manipulation started with Ralph Baric, PHD, back in 1999, Baric is now the chief researcher at North Carolina Chapel Hill University and is world-famous for his chimeric coronavirus research. In 2002 the virus was seen as an exploitable mechanism for both good and ill.

On April 25th 2003, the US CDC filed the patent, number US7776521B1 on the “coronavirus transmitted to humans.” Under 35 U.S.C. law, nature is prohibited from being patented. Either the Sars, Coronavirus is manufactured, or it is nature, therefore making a patent on it illegal, if it was manufactured it is a violation of the biological and chemical weapons treaty and if it is nature filing a patent on something of nature is illegal, so either outcome is illegal.

In the Spring of 2007, the CDC filed a petition with the patent office to keep their application confidential and private. They actually not only filed patents on the virus but also filed patents on its detection and a kit to measure it. Because of that CDC patent,, the CDC had gained the ability to control who was authorised and who was not to make independent inquiries into the Coronavirus. You can not look at the virus, not measure it and can’t develop a kit for it by ultimately receiving the patents that constrained anyone from using it, they had the means, they had the motive and most of all they had the monetary gain from turning the Coronavirus from a pathogen to a profit.

According to Dr Martin, somewhere between 2012 and 2013 something happened, the federal funding for research into the virus which was feeding into places such as Harvard, Emery and UNC-Chapel Hill suddenly became impaired by something that happened at the National Institute of Health, (NIH). The NIH got this “little moment of clarity,” and said, “We think something you are doing is wrong.” In 2013, the NIH said research on the Coronavirus should be suspended. The NIH had a moral, social and potentially legal reason to object to Coronavirus research but the letter which was sent to the researchers essentially said you’re receiving notice that we are telling you to “STOP, ” and now on the bottom of the page we are going to qualify what stop means, which is “KEEP GOING” but when the heat gets hot in 2014-15, offshore the research, you fund the Wuhan Institute of Virology to do the stuff which is getting a little edgy with respect to its morality and illegality.

Run the money through a string of cover organisations to make it look like you are funding a US operation which subcontracts to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, then if the “SHTF” the US can say the Chinese did it and the Chinese can say the US did it and the fact is both of them are almost telling the truth.

This is of course exactly what did happen and of course, since then the Americans have blamed China and China has blamed the Americans.

In 2017, US biosafety experts warned that the "virus" could 'escape' the facility in WUHAN. It could be the scenario of a Hollywood Blockbuster but, could the mysterious Coronavirus which exploded in China and other parts of the world in just the first 25 days of 2020 have accidentally leaked from China's only lab in China, designated for studying dangerous pathogens like SARS and Ebola? It has happened before, in 2004, a SARS virus 'leaked' from a lab in Beijing. It seems highly coincidental that The Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory is the only lab in China designated for studying dangerous pathogens and is the city where the mysterious coronavirus began!

The Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory is the only lab in China designated for studying dangerous pathogens like SARS and Ebola. On December the 24th 2019, laboratory bosses accepted an annual management review with the object to ensure the implementation of the management principles and quality objectives of the laboratory safety system and maintaining the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the system. A week later on the day the US Embassy was attacked in Iraq, The World Health Organization (WHO) was alerted by Chinese authorities, of a string of pneumonia-like cases in Wuhan, a city of 11 million people. Patients were quarantined and work began on identifying the origin of pneumonia. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified a seafood market suspected to be at the centre of the outbreak. The market was closed on Jan 1, 2020.

More on Dr Fauci

Remember, this is all part of the same story!

This is from a dear friend Carol Rosin- a great summary of Robert Kennedy's book: Sharing this Summary of RFK's book along with my cover email to my persuadable friends and family!! I have spent the past month mesmerized and shocked by reading Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s “The Real Anthony Fauci”. I can say without reservation that it is a meticulous accounting of the past 30 years of Big Pharma’s manipulation of our healthcare and the drug industry. We’re all familiar with the Military-Industrial Complex and the phoney (“Weapons of Mass Destruction” etc.) justifications for the various wars and the War on Terror and the carnage it has wrought for millions of innocent people around the globe. I feel it important for people to be aware of the long history of events that led up to the 2019 Corona Virus Pandemic and the response of our Government, Institutions, and Pharma Companies. This is why I decided to put together a Summary because the book is a long hard slog of 450 pages and is crammed with thousands of references, which I dutifully checked! I have compressed just 3 Chapters into 24 pages: 1) The coordinated global response to the Corona Virus. 2) Fauci’s 30-year-long history of vaccine developments, scares, and failures. 3) The convergence and influence of Big Pharma, Foundations, and the Military in their pandemic exercises, especially since the Anthrax(bio-weapon) scare just after 9/11 and leading up to the disastrous wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Before you begin reading the summary, I suggest that you take some quiet time to be “open” to receiving the presented materials. Open discussion is very important when issues are complex and one needs to check all sources and do your own research to be confident in the conclusions one reaches. I look forward to your careful consideration and your feedback. 

See highlights of the Defeat the Mandates Sunday, January 23, 2022, Rally in DC. Plus some of the testimony from the 2nd Opinion on the Response to the Corona Virus Hearing in the Senate, Monday, January 24, 2022. 

ADDENDUM: Re: Pfizer’s Efficacy Claims of 95% for the vaccine based on the Clinical Trials – RFJ explains the difference between Relative Risk Reduction(RRR) and Absolute Risk Reduction(ARE) claiming that scientists rely on ARE as the true measure. So, from RFK’s book page 77/78 he says that Pfizer claimed 100%(RRR) whereas the ARR was only 0.01% or less than 1%. He claims that Pfizer touted the higher #, misleading people into feeling they were almost 100% protected against infection from the virus with vaccination! In my efforts to understand this discrepancy between 100% and what we remember from the media etc. as 95%, I found the Canadian Pfizer trials had similar results, but their # was close to 95% for RRR and 0.1% for ARE. With RRR you compare the # of infections in the Vax group compared with the Placebo, whereas for the ARR you compare the difference between the Total # in each group. (If you are a mathematician I can explain the two different calculations).

Summary of “The Real Anthony Fauci” Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

  1. Ch. 1. Mis-Managing a Pandemic

Dr. Fauci’s strategy for managing Covid19 pandemic was to suppress viral spread by: 

mandatory masking, social distancing, quarantining the healthy(lockdowns) while instructing Covid patients to return home, do nothing, receive no treatment, until difficulties breathing sent them back to hospital to submit to intravenous Remdesivir and ventilation.  And wait for the Vaccine!

No mention of any instructions on how to fortify your immune system by:

  • Avoiding tobacco, vaping, e-cigarettes – smokers have 2X death rates from Covid.
  • Increasing sunlight and Vitamin D levels – 60% of Covid patients were Vitamin D deficient.
  • Diet and exercise – 78% of people hospitalized were overweight or obese.
  • Avoid sugar, soft-drinks, processed foods and chemical residues – all of which increase inflammation and compromise immune response, disrupt the gut biome which governs the immune system.
  • Zinc #1 - efficacy in studies that impedes viral replication, helps against colds and lessens the duration of any virus.

Fauci Suppressed Early Treatment Options:

Per Yale Epidemiologist Harvey Risch the most important strategies for dealing with a pandemic:

  • Quarantine and treat the sick
  • Protect the most vulnerable – ie Seniors, Nursing Home Residents and those with compromised immune systems.
  • Aggressively develop repurposed therapeutic drugs
  • Use Early Treatment Protocols to avoid hospitalizations

Thousands of doctors had worked feverishly January 2020 – March 2020 to try many treatments to discover which drugs and combinations worked.  Dr. Peter McCullough – author of 600 peer reviewed articles in the National Library of Medicine and successfully treated over 2,000 patients: “We could have prevented 80% of the deaths with early treatments including Hydroxycholoquine(HDC), Ivermectin(IVM) and many other safe, cheap and available medicines by May 2020”


  • Fauci’s strategy relied on Remdesivir in hospitals (too late) and “Vaccines” rushed in December 2020.
  • $660 million spent on Field Hospitals – empty never used.
  • Gov. Andrew Cuomo sent infected elderly patients (not quarantined) back to Nursing Homes to spread the virus.
  • Refused to send Monoclonal Antibodies to Nursing Homes and Fauci obstructed quarantine hospitals from using Monoclonal Antibodies.
  • Fauci’s dictates – “there is no early treatment for Covid19”.

½ deaths in New York and 1/3 nationally were among Elder Care Residents.

Independent Real Doctors to the Rescue:

Dr. Paul MarikProf. of Medicine and Chief of Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Med. Of Eastern Virginia School of Medicine founded in May 2020 - Critical Care Covid  The group currently has 1,693 physicians globally who belong to the Alliance. Dr. Marik was fired from his position in Eastern Va. School of Medicine in January 2022.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Monroe New York,  author of the Zenenko Protocol treated 800 patients with 85% reduction in hospitalizations and deaths.

By July 2020, Dr. Peter McCullough had submitted a Protocol article to the American Medical Journal(AMA). Listed as the most downloaded article in 2020.The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) downloaded and turned his protocol into its Official Treatment Guide with over 112,000 downloads.

Another FLCCC founder, Dr. Joe Varon, Houston Memorial Medical Center’s Chief Medical Officer, worked 400 days seeing 20/30 patients a day during Spring and Summer of 2020. Using a cocktail of drugs like Ivermectin, anti-inflammatory, steroids and anti-coagulants, lowered hospital mortality to 4.1% compared to well over 23% nationally.

Dr. David Brownstein in Detroit reports using different treatments, treated 715 patients with 10 hospitalizations and no deaths with Early Treatment.  When he posted a video from recovered patients with over a million views, FTC forced him to take it down.  He is fighting for his medical license with the Michigan Medical Board. Meanwhile he reports: “We’ve seen lots of really bad vaccine side effects in our patients. We’ve had 7 strokes, some ending in severe paralysis. We had 3 cases of pulmonary embolism, 2 blood clots, 2 cases of Graves’ disease and 1 death”.

March/April 2020 2 Spanish Nursing Homes simultaneously experimented with Early Treatment with cheap available repurposed drugs in Yepes, Toledo. Mean age of residents was 85. Within 3 months 100% of residents and ½ workers were Covid positive. All recovered and none died.  Similar Nursing Home in the same area with no Early Treatment reported 28% deaths. 

By treating patients at home, doctors can extinguish the pandemic.  “Hospital trips are tinder for pandemics” Dr. Peter McCullough.” The patient is at the height of infectivity and superspreading occurs”.

Fauci Lies about Hydroxychloroquine:

January 2021 decline in cases, hospitalizations and deaths – attributed to the Vaccine!  Roll-out only began in Mid-December. By February 1 only 25.2 million or 7.6% of people had received 1 dose!!!!

HCQ was an existential threat to Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates’ $48 billion Vaccine Project!

Federal Law only allows Emergency Use Authorization(EUA) if no other existing FDA approved drug proves effective against the same disease. Dr. Fauci’s NIAID had invested $66 million in Moderna alone. NIAID co-owns the patent and stands to collect $millions in royalties. 4 of Fauci’s hand-picked deputies can collect royalties of $150,000/year per patent, based on Moderna’s success, on top of their American Taxpayer salaries.

Hydroxychloroquin(HCQ) is a 65-year old formula, safe and effective.  Used daily in Africa and India. FDA approved without limitation, safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.  June 15, 2020 FDA sent out warning declaring HCQ “dangerous”!!  Considering that it was recommended by FDA and Dr. Fauci in the SARS outbreak and in MERS in 2013, despite the fact that it didn’t have randomized control trials, but he changes his tune when it comes to 2020 Covid-19. 

January 2020 French Health Authorities changed the status of HCQ to a List II Poisonous Substance and banned its use over-the-counter. 

March 2020 Nature published paper demonstrating mechanism that HCQ stops viral replication in Covid19 patients

April 2020 Chinese Scientists published 62 patient placebo-controlled trial.

May 2020 Chinese group recommended using HCQ routinely for mild, moderate or severe disease.

May 2020 Finland study showed 5X efficacy.

Canada and Saudi Arabia study showed 3X efficacy.

Physician from Zambia reported in late 2020, organized groups of buyers emptied drugstores of HCQ due to violations of import regulations!

US Gov. ordered destruction of 1,000 lbs of HCQ because it was improperly imported!  March 2020 at HHS request several Pharma companies – Novartis, Bayer, Sanofi donated their inventory of 63 million doses of HCQ and 2 million doses of Chloroquin to the Strategic National Stock Pile managed by BARDA.  Dr. Rick Bright claimed the HCQ drugs were deadly and he needed to protect the American public from them!!

Early in  2020 Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and WHO funded 20 Trials designed to show HCQ was ‘unsafe’ using lethal doses!

Instead of using standard dose of 400 mgs/day, WHO designed 17 trials using 2,400 mg. on day 1 and 800 mg. on subsequent daysBMGF operatives in UK sponsored “Recovery Trials” in 1,000 elderly patients in 12 hospitals in Britain, Wales, Ireland and Scotland.  Similarly, UN “Solidarity” study of 3,500 patients in 400 hospitals in 35 counties. In both trials the deaths had predictably 10-20% more deaths than the “control” group who was lucky enough to receive standard ‘supportive’ care. “The purpose seemed very clearly to poison the patients and blame it on HCQ” says Dr. Meryl Nass, a physician, medical historian and biowarfare expert, June 20,2020 https// The minutes of the March 13 meeting of WHO’s committee to review the dosage amounts suggest that they knew the proper dosage levels and the need for early administration.  Many of the records of the trials were either unavailable, no consent forms from patients etc.

Similarly in April 2020, JAMA published a study from Brazil researchers where they used another toxic dose of 1,200 mg/day for 10 days of Chloroquin with 39% deaths, so high that they had to stop the study. 

All through 2020 Fauci and Bill Gates lashed out at HCQ any chance they could, and in July 2020, Gates endorsed Utube and Fb censorship of a video touting the efficacy of HCQ after it went viral with 10s of millions of views.

War and Lies about Ivermectin(IVM):

Frontline Physicians discovered another powerful effective drug Ivermectin in the fight against Covid19.  2015 2 scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine, developed by Merck scientists Dr. William Campbell and Japanese Scientist Dr. Satoshi Omura. Found to be very safe to take for numerous parasitic viruses, but also effective against dengue, Zika, yellow fever and West Nile. Dozens of clinical trials from around the world, including Brazil, Argentina, Bangladesh.  Demonstrated to work on 20 different mechanisms in fighting the virus including inhibiting viral replication, antiviral properties, reduces inflammation via multiple pathways thus protecting against organ damage, impairs the spike protein’s ability to attach to the ACE2 receptor on human cell membranes, preventing viral entry, prevents blood clots thru binding to the spike protein. December 2020, Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Paul Marik of testified before Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs about the efficacy of IVM. 2 weeks later January 6, 2021 Kory spoke before the National Institutes of Health Covid19 Treatment Guidelines Panel, along with other FLCCC doctors and WHO’s meta-analysis author Dr. Andrew Hill from Univ. of Liverpool indicating his analysis of 6 studies on IVM showing 75% reduction in risk of death in moderate to severe patients.  January 14, 2021 NIH’s Panel changed its recommendation on IVM from negative to “neither for or against” claiming there was “insufficient evidence to recommend for”. Later FOIA requests showed that 3 of the 9 Panel members disclosed financial relationships with Merck and a 4th received a $155m grant from NIH for a further study of IVM.

  • February 2021, the head of Tokyo’s Metropolitan Medical Association held a Press Conference calling for adding IVM to its Outpatient Treatment Protocol.
  • Several Indian States added IVM to its list of essential medicines to fight Covid19.  
  • Indonesia’s Gov. authorized its use and created a website to indicate its availability. 
  • Israel in September 2021 began approving IVM for distribution to its high-risk patients, despite its high Pfizer vaccination rate,
  • El Salvador distributes IVM for free to its citizens. 
  • April 2021 India’s Medical Societies added IVM to its protocol after the Delta surge. New Delhi obliterated 97% of cases by distributing IVM.  
  • Uttar Pradesh State was another stunning example of success.  241 million population compared with US 331 million, its Delta surge began in May 2021 and by September it reported almost no active cases despite having only 5.8% vaccination rate. August 10, 2021 US had a vaccination rate of 54% with 161,990 new cases with 1,049 new deaths, while Uttar Pradesh had only 19 new cases and one death, more than 1,000 times lower than US for the exact same day!

March 2021 Dr. Peter McCullough published a study along with 57 other front-line physicians from multiple countries showing an estimated 87% reduction in hospitalization and 75% reduction in deaths! When people take IVM before infection it protects against infection, and onward transmission and thus reduces the spread of infection to the community!

UK Battle against WHO Corruption:

Dr. Tess Laurie, world renowned data researcher and scientific consultant eminent among global public health scientists, called the “Conscience of Medicine”. Her consultancy group “Evidence Based Medicine Consultancy, Ltd. performs scientific reviews that support guidelines for WHO and other European Govs.  She reviewed Dr. Kory’s 27 studies mentioned in his December testimony before US Senate and concluded “I was startled by the magnitude of its benefits and felt there was a moral obligation to roll it out quickly”. She dispatched an urgent letter to British Health MinisterMatt Handcock, with her Rapid Review attached, January 4,2021.   No response. Meanwhile, someone leaked a meta-review by WHO researcher, Andrew Hill to the Daily Mail, completely contradicting what he had testified to 1 month earlier with Dr. Korey, with the same evidence as before, but a different conclusion of “low certainty” so WHO could not recommend

IVM based on Dr. Hill’s changed conclusion and on the other “Together Trial”(lethal doses)  by McMaster University, for which they had received over $1 million in NIH funding in 2020/21. In subsequent recorded video conversations between Dr. Laurie and Dr. Andrew Hill, it was obvious that someone had got to him to change his conclusion!

More Tainted Evidence from Merck – the original inventor of IVM.

Feb.4 2021 – Merck discovered “a concerning lack of safety data in the majority of studies”.  Since 1987, Merck has given billions of $ worth of IVM drugs to the developing world has never spoken of safety concerns.  In 2016 Merck distributed 900 million doses in Africa alone.  Of course, IVM is competition for Merk’s new patented anti-viral drug Molnupavir, marketed at $700 per course.  Biden agreed to purchase $1.2 billion worth of pills, June 9, 2021. 

August 2021 NIH, FDA and CDC launched an innovative way to slander IVM as a “horse dewormer” posted on FDA website and on twitter ”You are not a horse” etc.  Elsewhere on CDC website for instructions for “All Middle Eastern, Asian, North African and Caribbean refugees should receive presumptive therapy with: Ivermectin, two doses 200mcg/Kg orally once a day for two days before departure to the United States”.  

Fauci Rides his Horse Remdesivir to the Rescue!

  NIAID and CDC spent $79 million developing Remdesivir for Gilead, where BMGF has a $6.5million investment! In 2018

Gilead entered Remdesivir in a NIAID funded trial against Ebola in Africa. Fauci had another NIAID funded drug ZMap in the same trial.  However, 6 months into the trials the Safety Review Board suddenly withdrew both drugs from the trial, Remdesivir was very dangerous – within 28 days of taking the drug people had lethal side effects including multiple organ failure, acute kidney failure, septic shock and hypotension and 54% of the Remdesivir participants died. Researchers published the bad new in the New England Journal of Medicine in December 20192 months later February 25th 2020 Fauci announced he was enrolling hospitalized Covid19 patients in a clinical trial to study Remdesivir’s effectiveness! NIAID recruited 400 volunteers for Fauci’s deadly trial. Meanwhile Chinese researchers published their results of a Clinical trial and showing Remdesivir caused 12% deaths compared with 5% in the placebo group. Fauci would not be deterred! He brazenly worked to change the parameters of the trial(not allowed per protocol) showing that Remdesivir reduced the length of hospital stay – 11 days compared to 14 days for placebo.  He would then immediately unblind the study and give all participants Remdesivir.  So voila, Remdesivir received EUA and became the “Standard of Care” for all hospitalized patients at $3,000 per infusion.  This ploy was also used by Pfizer in their Vaccine Clinical trials.  It enables big Pharma to hide the adverse side effects, since there is no placebo group any more.  Interestingly, October 19, 2020 3 days before FDA approval, WHO issued report of a study involving over 11,000 patients in 405 hospitals and 30 countries showing Remdesivir failed to reduce mortality, length of stay, or need for ventilation. WHO recommended against its use for Covid19 patients!  

New York Doctors expressed alarm at the number of patients who were dying of kidney failure, which most viruses do not do. Many doctors attributed the kidney failure to Remdesivir

Next Fauci Miracle – The Vaccines

Even the most ardent supporters of vaccines considered the likelihood of producing an effective vaccine against coronaviruses were very skeptical because of 2 impediments in the history of developing vaccines against coronaviruses.
1) “Leaky” viruses tend to mutate rapidly and create new variants that are resistant to the vaccines. The challenge was to create a vaccine that would provide “sterilizing immunity” by killing viral colonies in the vaccinated and preventing transmission and mutation.  In August 2020 Fauci admitted that none of the candidates were likely to prevent transmission!  Leading virologists, including Nobel Prize winning, Luc Montagnier  pointed out that a not only would the vaccine fail to stop the pandemic, but worse that vaccinated individuals would become asymptomatic  carriers and “mutant factories” blasting out vaccine resistant versions of the disease that were likely to lengthen and intensify rather than alleviate the pandemic!   So in fact this is a pandemic of the vaccinated, not a pandemic of the unvaccinated after all!

2) Pathogenic Priming  was considered an even more daunting challenge to an effective vaccine, in that the vaccine induces “pathogenic priming” also known as “antibody-dependent enhancement”(ADE) – an overstimulation of immune system response that can cause severe injuries and deaths when vaccinated people subsequently encounter the wild viruses. Dr. Peter Hotez even  cautioned about this effect at his March 5, 2020 testimony before the House Science, Space & Technology Committee on Coronavirus. April 26 interview, Merck’s top vaccine promoter, Dr. Paul Offit, also warned of similar effects from his work with Dengue vaccine.  Even Fauci acknowledged this was a possibility and could result in deaths.

But he had a plan for that!  6 tactics to hide Pathogenic Priming:

  1. Abort the 3-year clinical trials at 6 months, and vaccinate the control group – this would prevent linking the vaccination to long-term injuries and death. Done!
  2. As Covid czar, Fauci refused to fix the HHS designed-to-fail injury surveillance system Vaccine Adverse Events System(VAERS) which systematically makes it difficult to report an injury. 2010 Study by HHS concluded that VAERS detects fewer than 1% of vaccine injuries.
  3. Enlist the mainstream and social media companies to make reporting of injuries disappear from the airwaves, newspapers and social media.  Fb and Google and the TV networks purged doctors and scientists who reported pathogenic priming and injuries.
  4. Fauci allowed CDC to discourage autopsies in deaths following vaccination. CDC claimed in October 2021 that !6,000 deaths reported on VAERS were “unrelated to the vaccines”.
  5. Fauci populated the key FDA and CDC committees with NIAID, NIH and BMGF grantees and loyalists to ensure rubberstamp approvals of his mRNA vaccines, without any long-term injury studies.
  6. By vaccinating the entire population, Dr. Fauci is striving to eliminated the control group to hide vaccine injuries.

Pfizer’s Smoke and Mirrors Clinical Trial Data:

Mathematical Chicanery:  Relative Risk Reduction (RRR) vs. Absolute Risk Reduction(ARR)

Pfizer’s 6-month clinical trial had 22,000 in vaccinated and 22,000 in placebo group. 1 person died in the vaccinated group and 2 people died in the placebo group.  So Pfizer claims that since 2 is 100% greater than 1, so Pfizer is 100% effective!!! So Pfizer vaccine provides 100% Relative Risk Reduction? And so most Americans are led to believe that taking the vaccine they are 100% protected against the virus.  A more honest way of calculating the risk is Absolute Risk Reduction – you need to vaccinate 22,000 people to save 1 life. Every vaccinologist knows that to calculate true risk is 1/22,000 = 0.01%.  So the math doesn’t lie!  Vaccination was not going to end the pandemic.

The 6 month clinical trials revealed a startling “All Cause Mortality” of 20 people in the 22,000 Vaccine group compared with 14 in the placebo group, with 4x the rate of heart attacks.  So based on this figure Pfizer’s vaccine showed increased risk of death from the vaccine, and should have never been approved! 5 of the heart attack cases were not disclosed in the tables, but buried in the body of its report. Fraud and Deception!

Adverse Events and Deaths Following Vaccination Hidden Again:

Pfizer also manipulated the data in the 12-17 year old clinical trials. Maddie De Garay suffered severe neurological injuries including seizures and permanent paralysis.  However, Pfizer’s clinical trial reported her injuries as a “stomach ache”. Assuming that Maddie was only one such case of 2,300 teenagers in Pfizer’s trial, by extrapolating that number to the 86 million teenagers expected to be vaxed, this would result in 36,000 potentially debilitating injuries nationwide.

Equally concerning, reporting from Israeli and US data presented to CDC Advisory Committee on June 23,2021 found the rate of reported cases of myocarditis in vaccinated teenage boys aged 12-17 is at least 25x greater than expected and 50x greater than the reported rate in vaccinated males over 65. These cases indicate that myocarditis if far from a “rare’ side effect. Another study showed that myocarditis is associated with a 50% mortality rate within 5 years!

86% of kids in Pfizer trial suffered an adverse reaction and 1 in 9 suffered a serious reaction leaving them unable to perform daily activities.  How is this ethical to vaccinate healthy kids when they show no benefit and may cause serious harm? Teen deaths in 15-19 years olds have increased by 47% in the UK since the roll-out of the vaccines according to official ONS(Office of National Statistics UK)

In July 2021 CDC found that the viral load in the nasal passages of vaccinated people was just as high as in the unvaccinated who get Covid.  This means the vaccinated as just as infectious as the unvaccinated.  As Dr. Peter McCullough observed: ”Each vaccinated person is like a Typhoid Mary for Covid19, spreading concentrated viral loads to vaccinated and unvaccinated alike”.

  1. Ch.11 Hyping Phony Epidemics: “Crying Wolf”

1976 Swine Flu – H1N1

A soldier at Fort Dix died of a lung ailment following a forced march. Samples sent to CDC which identified the cause as “Swine Flu”. CDC boss David Sencer labored with NAID to spread terror of a catastrophic pandemic and initiate demand for a vaccine.  NAID chief, Richard Krause(who Anthony Fauci succeeded in 1984) convened strategy sessions with Merk’s vaccine developer Dr. Hilleman, which Congressional investigations revealed that the resulting vaccine ”had nothing to do with science and everything to do with politics”. Purpose was to guarantee Big Pharma profits while shielding Pharma from liability. Rationale to justify vaccine was that the Swine Flu as related to the 1918 Spanish Flu which had killed 50 million people worldwide. In actuality H1N1 was a harmless pig virus.  Plan to vaccinate 140 million Americans. 49 million vaccinated with disastrous results and then discontinued!:

1,604 Lawsuits

500 Cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome

32 Deaths

400 Cases of Paralysis

4,000 Other Injuries

$83 million paid out by FDA in settlements. Cost of the program was $134 million. CDC’d David Sencer fired!

Playbook – harass, shame anyone who challenged Health & Human Services Bosses. NIH Senior Virologist Dr. John Anthony Morris informed his HHS bosses that the flu scare was a farce. He had worked for 36 years at Federal Public Health agencies.  When he spoke out, he was threatened with loss of employment and professional ruin, HHS confiscated his research materials. In April 1985 he testified before Congress “there is a great deal of evidence to prove that the vaccination of children does more harm than good” Up until his death in 2014 he remained outspoken critic of the CDC’s annual flu shot program – “It’s a medical rip rip-off!”

Same Playbook used to discredit 1950’s DrBerenice Eddy – Polio virus campaign – found cancer causing virus in the Salk and Sabin Polio vaccines –  but NIH gave the contaminated vaccine to 99 million children! Other muzzled scientists included Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Barr Classen, and CDC’s varicella(chicken pox vaccine researcher, Dr. Gary Goldman were also dismissed.

National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in 1986 shielded all “Mandated Vaccines” from liability!  You’re on your own – no relief from Big Pharma or US Gov.

2005 Bird Flu H5N1.

Anthony Fauci learned the lessons of 1976. Spread the scare of bird to human transmission, that 150 million would die. In 2004 a Vietnam-based Oxford University Clinical Director, Jeremy Farrar identified the reemergence of the deadly bird flu in humans  - “It was a little girl. She caught it from a pet duck that had died and she’d dug up and reburied. The UK’s Welcome Trust funded Oxford’s Vietnam project in Burroughs Welcome which later bought GlaxoSmithKline to merge. The Welcome Trust’s $30 billion endowment targets donations to promote the interests of Big Pharma. In actuality 282 people died from H5N1 between 2005-2009.

2020 Farrar would partner with Bill Gates to fund modeler Neil Ferguson, Imperial College London who predicted 2.2 million Covid-19 deaths in 2020 in the US alone (vs. 375,000 actually). Dr. Fauci used Ferguson’s predictions to force lockdowns and other restrictions. Other Ferguson over-hyped predictions – 

2001 Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreak – predicted 135,000 deaths, actually 177 died.

2009 Swine Flu predicted 65,000 deaths in UK – actually 457 died.

2009 Hong Kong Swine Flu H1N1

In May WHO has observed some excess cases of seasonal flu – symptoms mild and only a few deaths, - 145 people had died in 11 weeks. But Fauci and The Wellcome Trust persuaded the WHO to declare a swine flu pandemic! Bill Gates was already funding WHO, and was the largest supporter of Imperial College London’s modeling center with Neil Ferguson. WHO’s declaration activated $18 billion of “sleeper contracts” that Gates has pressured various African and European countries to sign with GlaxoSmithKline and other pharma companies. Germany, UK, Italy and France purchased $18b of various experimental, untested fast-tracked zero-liability H1N1 flu vaccines, most notably Glaxo’s “Pandemrix”. WHO changed the definition of Class 6 “pandemic” deleting the requirement for “mass deaths around the world” – now “you could have a pandemic with zero deaths” as Forbes’s Michael Fumento exposed in October 2009.

BMJ declared the swine flu pandemic was “deeply marred by secrecy and conflict of interest with drug companies”. Dr. Fauci falsely claimed that pregnant women were at a special risk from the swine flu compared to the seasonal flu. Pregnant women rushed to get the swine flu vaccine. G.S. Goldman “Comparison of VAERS fetal-loss reports during 3 consecutive flu seasons, was there a fetal toxicity associated with the two-vaccine 2009/10 season?” James G. Donohue found the odds of having a miscarriage was 7.7 times greater than those who did not receive swine flu shot during pregnancy. Pandemrix caused 980 cases of neurological injuries, and Guillain-Barre syndrome in 500 children. Glaxo withdrew the vaccine! Conflicts of interests and no double-blind placebo controls were considered the main causes of the fraud by Health Committee of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe(PACE).

 2016 Zika

March of 2016 Fauci again misled the public by claiming that Zika was causing microcephaly among newborn babies in Brazil. Zika was endemic to Central America and South Asia for many generations, with no reported microcephaly.  Others pointed the finger at an experimental DPT vaccine administered to pregnant women in 2015-16 in the slums of Northeast Brazil, was the likely cause of microcephaly. The media hyped the frenzy and fear by focusing on the tiny heads of babies and great big ratings for their networks. Fauci to the rescue declared he was pulling funds from malaria, influenza and tuberculosis research to fund a “series of four or five vaccines” to save America from Zika. Fauci’s budget swelled to $2 billion. Fauci funneled $125 million to a new Cambridge, Ma. Startup called Moderna Therapeutics to develop a mRNA vaccine for Zika. Gates to the rescue donated $18 million with The Wellcome Trust to fund a US-owned company Oxitec, near Oxford U. to release millions of genetically modified mosquitoes in Brazil to exterminate the mosquito species blamed for spreading Zika. Finally, WHO spokesman, Christopher Dye told NPR later in 2016 while “we apparently saw a lot of cases of Zika virus in 2016, there was no microcephaly”. From a high of 5,200 cases in 2016, to only 15 in 2019, however, Dr. Fauci’s $2 billion expenditure never produced a vaccine for Zika.

2016 Dengue

From 2003 to 2010 NIAID conducted Vaccine Trials for Dengue. Gates funded with Johns Hopkins, U of Vermont. Dr. Ralph Baric(Gain of Function guru of Corona Virus) received $726,000 Feb.2015-18 3 year Vax trial. Sanofi/BMGF Sanofi’s spent $2 billion on Dengvaxia – Lance Gordon conducted clinical trials in Brazil which Gordon reported showed signals of “pathogenic priming” ie vax can trigger systemwide inflammation and death when vaxed person is re-exposed to the wild virus! Dr. Scott Halstead who had 50 years studying Dengue with the US Military tried to sound the alarm!  However, April 2016 WHO recommended Dengvaxia for all children 9-16. Philippines and Mexico signed on. 1/12 years later 800,000 Philippino Children vaxed and 600 had died. AG indicted 14 Filipino Health Officials and 6 Sanofi executives for criminal homicide.  Meanwhile, 2018 BMGF reported $25m to Insitituto of Butantan  in Brazil– meeting objectives!

May 2019 FDA approved Dengvaxia for use in US, Puerto Rico, Guam and British Virgin Islands with proof of prior dengue infection so jab wouldn’t be a risk to a child!

Anthony Fauci’s 2020 March Madness Bracketology Picks drawing shows his cynical triumph that after 20 years of hyped virus scares and vaccine failures, he finally hit the Jackpot with Corona Virus. He actually declared Corona the winner! See his gruesome drawings dated March 11,2020 on page 371 of RFK’s book.

  1. CH.12 Germ Games – War Games: Genesis of the Biosecurity State

Us began its first large scale offensive bioweapons research during World War 11 in the spring of 1943 under President Franklin Roosevelt, as a collaboration between the US military and its pharmaceutical industry partners. Pharma titan George W. Merck ran the Pentagon’s offensive weapons program at the same time as he was leading his pharma company.  He remarked that the advantage of bioweapons that their research could proceed under the guise of legitimate medical research. Frank Olson was an American bacteriologist and CIA officer worked with Merck on Project Artichoke using drugs like LSD in pursuit of “enhanced” interrogation methods. Olson was morally repulsed by the program and informed his superiors that he wanted to quit the program.  His colleague covertly dosed him with LSD and one week later, November 28,1953 he plunged to his death of a New York hotel. US Gov. first described his death as a suicide. In 1975 the government admitted its guilt in his murder and offered the Olson family an out-of-court settlement, with an official apology from President Gerald Ford and CIA Director William Colby.  Late 1969 President Nixon announced the closure of America’s bioweapons program. US signed Biological Weapons Convention of 1972, forbidding development, use and stockpiling of biological weapons and mothballed most of its labs. However, allowed a gaping loophole: it allowed production of anthrax and other biological warfare agents for vaccine production.

The Birth of the Biosecurity Agenda:  Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1988-91, the military-industrial complex began rummaging about for a more reliable enemy to permanently justify its huge share of GDP. The Peace Dividend never arrived. Beginning with 1993 First World Trade Center bombing and culminating in 9/11, Islamic terrorism replaced the Soviet Union as the enemy.

In 1983-88 Searle Pharma CEO, Donald Rumsfeld and Ronald Reagan’s Envoy to Iraq arranged a top secret shipment of tons of chemical and biological weapons including anthrax and bubonic plague to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to help in his fight against Iran.  Later the October 2001 Anthrax Attacks on members of Congress designed to drum up fear and support for war on Afghanistan and later on Iraq. Robert Kadlec, American Physician, Retired Colonel in US Air Force, Ass. Sec. of Health and Human Services for Preparedness & Response August 2017-January 2021. Kadlec played a leadership role in fomenting the logic that infectious diseases posed a national security threat. In a 1998 presentation he explained how “Biological weapons coupled with plausible deniability, exceeds the possibilities of any other human weapon”. Other roles he played prior to 2020 included the hunt after the Persian Gulf War(1990s) for Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction that Donald Rumsfeld had supplied years earlier! He also warned about how anthrax attacks could come to America. In 2001, he was appointed to head the Nations National Stockpile currently worth $7 billion. In 1999 Bill Gates/Anthony Fauci funded Biosecurity –“Let the War Games Begin”. Robert Kadlec organized simulation of a smallpox terrorist on US soil by newly formed John Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies and HHS. Founder of the center was D.A. Henderson, succeeded by CIA and pharma lobbyist Tara O’Toole, and now Tom Inglesby. Simultaneously, BMGF founded Hopkins Institute for Population & Reproductive Health with $10 million. Also NIH, NIAID funded John Hopkins $13 billion since 2001, not known how much of that went to Inglesby’s program. Kadlec organized over 12 simulations –None emphasized protecting Public Health by showing people how to boost their immune system, eat well, lose weight, exercise, maintain Vitamin D levels, or avoid chemical exposure. Non focused on facilitating communications to link frontline doctors during a pandemic, or facilitate the development of optimal treatment protocols, or how to isolate the sick and protect the most vulnerable, or shield people in nursing homes and other institutions from infections. None identified the need to use “off-the-shelf(repurposed drugs) to help mitigate fatalities and to shorten the pandemic’s duration. No questioning the efficacy of masks, lockdowns and social distancing in reducing casualties. No discussion of on how to preserve constitutional rights during a pandemic.  

Instead, the simulations war-gamed how to use police powers to detail and quarantine citizens, impose martial law, how to control messaging by deploying propaganda, and coercive vaccinations and conduct track-and-trace surveillance among potentially reluctant populations.

El-Hibri Family – Lebanese Weapons Dealers

1998 Ibrahim and his son Fuad, with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral William Crowe, Jr established BioPort and paid the State of Michigan $25 million for its aging vaccine manufacturing factory, with the plan to manufacture Anthrax Vaccine for the US Military. Made their money by purchasing anthrax vaccines made by UK Gov. and  re-selling them to Saudi Arabian 100 times profit over what they paid. One month after Michigan purchase, BioPort was granted a $29 million contract with the Pentagon to “manufacture, test, bottle and store the vaccine for US troops abroad”, with indemnity for any injuries. Thus began the long march by Military planners at the Pentagon, BARDA, DARPA and the CIA(through USAID) to pour money into”gain-of-function” experiments. “Dual use” research became the trend.

  1. June 22/23 2001 War Game Coded “Operation Dark Winter” featured a deadly SMALLPOX attack on US soil, at Andrews Airforce organized by Robert KadlecCIA former Director, James Woolsey, Pharma Lobbyist and Biological Weapons expert, and a Director of CIA hedge fund “In-Q-Tel”, Tara O’TooleJohns Hopkins Bioterrorism expert, Tom Inglesby and NYT journalist Judith Miller all participated. In 2009, Obama had nominated O’Toole for Under Sec. Science & Tech. at DHS, John McCain criticized her for concealing her role as Director of Alliance Biosciences a Lobbying Group, and a front group for El Hibri’s Anthrax Vaccine project. Other funders of Alliance Biosciences, – Pfizer, and Sig Technologies – a biodefense Military Contractor. (D) Senator Carl Levin also criticized O’Toole for her “hyperbolic biosecurity agenda, and that many top scientists have said that the Dark Winter exercise was based on faulty and exaggerated assumptions about the transmission rate of smallpox”. Another key Dark Winter planner was Ruth David, former Deputy Dir. CIA. In 1998 David became President of ANSER, non-profit corporation with deep ties to CIA, a key player in pushing the Government towards biometric and facial recognition software for US Law Enforcement Agencies. ANSER funds a mysterious defense contractor from S. Carolina called Advanced Technology International(ATI)ATI became the vector through which US Gov. in 2020 arranged at least $6 billion secretive Vaccine Contracts of Operation Warp Speed, with Pfizer, Bill Gates Novavax vaccine and J&J and Sanofi. 9/11-10/4 – Judith Miller banged the gong about imminent anthrax attacks on Sunday Morning TV shows!  Project for a New American Century (PNAC) also sounded the same alarms. NYT Miller, also hyped the Weapons of Mass Destruction myth of Saddam Hussein. Miller illegally leaked the name of CIA agent, Valerie Plame to punish her State Dept. husband Joseph Wilson who challenged the GW Bush WH & CIA narrative about Iraq obtaining Yellow Cake Uranium from Niger!  Judith Miller’s book published around the 9/11 attacks, mentions that the Pentagon had “greenlighted a project to make a potentially more potent form of anthrax bacteria”! Miller even spent 3 months in jail before releasing the name of her source of Valerie Plame, was Scooter Libby, who was convicted in 2007 for lying to the FBI in the Valerie Plame outing investigation, but he only served 2 ½ years Probation.   Trump pardoned Libby in 2018. Libby joined Robert Kadlec’s Blue Ribbon Panel for Biodefense(BRPB). Another Director of BRPB is William Karesh is Exec. VP of Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance, the organization through which Dr. Fauci, Kadlec and the Pentagon through DARPA laundered Gain-of-Function payments to Chinese Scientists in Wuhan Lab.

Remember CIA doesn’t do Public Health or Democracy – only Coups, with 72 attempted or successful Coup D’Etats between 1947 and 1988. 

4 months after Dark Winter simulation and 3 weeks after 9/11 Anthrax spores arrived by mail news media outlets and the Capitol Hill offices of 2 Senators – Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy, vocal opponents of the Iraq War and blaming Saddam Hussein – passed The Patriot Act and created an entire Terror Industry – beneficiaries were Silicon Valley Tech companies, Amazon, Microsoft and Google, to become the brokers of our personal data, selling it to Gov. Agencies, and private companies.  Finally the FBI concluded that the Anthrax in the letters had come from a US military lab. FBI investigation deemed shoddy, after a Ft. Detrick vaccinologist Dr. Bruce Ivins committed suicide. Others close to the investigation claimed that El Hibris were on the FBI list of suspects in the Anthrax plot and that Ivins should have been exonerated.

In 2004 Kadlec working for Sec. of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, Congress passed the Public Health and Bioterrorism Preparedness Act, directing Sec. of HHS to maintain a Strategic National Stockpile(SNS) managed jointly by DHS and HHS. Same week, Congress passed Project BioShield Act, and created the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority(BARDA) a gov.operated Investment Bank that would generate new technologies for Kadlec’s stockpile. BARDA would become a Federal ATM for Big Pharma, Bio-defense contractors, and gain-of-function researchers and authorized the purchase of $5 billion of materiel including vaccines, for the stockpile, including from Kadlec’s friends the El-Hibris. US DOD budget for Biological Defense went from $137m in 1997 to $14.5 billion in 2001-2004. Between 2001-2014 US spent $80 billion on Biodefense – most of it on vaccines since germ warfare bioweapons were technically illegal per the Biological Weapons Convention.  Dick Cheney devised a plan to transfer the biodefense research from the Dept. of Defense to the National Institutes of Health, specifically the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases(NIAID) and thus  Dr. Fauci became a major player in biodefense and germ warfare.

2012-2014 CIA Officer Dr. Michael Callahan, Bioweapons Researcher at DARPA, laundered the money to fund Peter Daszak’s Eco Health Alliance – including the Wuhan Lab.

January 4, 2020 Callaghan called Dr. Robert Malone from outside the Wuhan Lab, just as the Corona Virus began taking its first casualties. He said he was treating thousands of Covid-19 patients. Callaghan claimed that he lacked CIA authority to be in China.

When he returned, he went to work for Robert Kadlec,(BARDA)  managing the Gov. response to the coronavirus.

Bioport changed its name in 2004 to Emergent Bio Solutions and founded lobby group Alliance for Bio Security to fight the competition VaxGen for Anthrax Vaccine contracts. Tara O’Toole was hired by lobby group.  After 9/11 BioPort received a $60million contract for Anthrax Vaccines for 2.4 million members of the Armed Forces. Anthrax does not spread through human-to-human transmission, and even Anthony Fauci admitted that the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin is a better and cheaper treatment. Fauci admitted in 2007 that he prescribed Ciprofloxacin to White House staff on the night of 9/11. Meanwhile Bioport/Emergent Bio Solutions never received FDA approval for their vaccine Biothrax.

2017 Trump appointed Kadlec to be Ass.Sec.for Preparedness and Response, with Health and Human Services(HHS) Kadlec’s financial ties to El Hibri’s Emergent Bio Solutions not disclosed in Senate Hearings Confirmation. Kadlec moved Strategic National Stockpile from CDC to his office with control over $7 billion of contracts and awarded El Hibri’s a 10 year $2.8b in no-bid contract for useless small pox vaccines(2019). And In 2020, El Hibris received $370 million contract for Anthrax Vaccine.

March 2020 Trump’s HHS Sec. Alex Azar, former Eli Lilly President and Pharma Lobbyists, designated Kadlec to lead HHS’s response to the Covid19 Pandemic. February 2021 when J&J received Emergency Use Authorization(EUA) for Covid Vaccine, Kadlec pressured J&J to sign a$480m  contract with Emergent Bio Solutions to manufacture the vaccine in Gaithersberg Md. Also, millions in contracts for Bill Gates Novavax, and Astra-Zenica vaccines. Meanwhile it emerged that the Stockpile had only 12 million N95 respirators. Kadlec had scuttled an Obama era plan to invest $35m in a machine that could produce 1.5 million N95 masks per day!

Emergent also received funding for clinical trials for Dr. Fauci’s favorite therapeutic drug Remdesivir, owned by Gilead and invested in by Bill Gates. Even WHO issued statements that Remdesivir was “useless against Covid”  and even caused toxicity.  Nevertheless, Fauci rigged the results of a trial to show that Remdesivir reduced hospitalization by a few daysAnd so, FDA approved Remdesivir and added it to its “Standard of Care” for treatment in hospitals which still stands today! Amazing!

April 2021, Emergent ruined 15 million J&J vaccines due to poor quality control at its Baltimore Plant.  FDA stepped in to inspect and ordered Emergent to halt production immediately and quarantine all existing materials pending review.  Instead, they shipped the tainted vaccines to Canada, Europe, S. Africa and Mexico!

Atlantic Storm 2003 and 2005

Global Mercury 2003

SCL Simulation 2005 Strategic Communication Laboratories Robert Mercer and his Daughter Rebeckah (before they became big funders of Donald Trumps Campaign and later of data manipulating firm Cambridge Analytica), launched the first private sector provider of psychological warfare services, psy-ops and “threatening a pandemic of massive proportions” when a “shadowy media campaign steps in to help orchestrate a sophisticated campaign of mass deception”. SCL takes on the task of convincing the entire country’s population to comply with lockdown rules by inventing a lie about an unleashed cloud of toxic chemicals. 

Each of a dozen simulations conducted all ended with the same punchline: The global pandemic is an excuse to justify the imposition of tyranny and coerced vaccination. All the strategies are based on longtime CIA experiments from the Cold War Era, and post  9/11 as Univ. of Wisconsin professor of history, Alfred McCoy describes in his book “A Question of Torture: CIA Interrogation, from the Cold War to the War on Terror”(2006).  He describes funding CIA funneled into universities to fund 185 independent researchers to perform sinister behavioral manipulation. Conclusions include how social isolation affects organic brain development, and the human body, length of life, cardiovascular health etc. NIH collaborated with CIA in these experiments. By 2010 US spy agencies were demonstrating a growing interest in vaccines as a foreign policy instrument, just as vaccination programs could justify interventions in the developing world with high disease burdens as a tool for social and political control. March 2010 WHO pronounced biosecurity as the centerpiece of its approach for managing global risks.  The same month Bill Gates delivered his Decade of Vaccines Speech at the UN. A few days later Peter Schwartz funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, authored a scenario report, predicting that civilians terrified by germs and orchestrated propaganda willingly relinquish their civil and constitutional rights. More recently Schwartz is Chief Futures Officer for Salesforce and currently(2021) markets a “vaccine management” software platform that allows governments to track, trace, monetize and enforce compliance among global populations. CIA’s funded Hedge Fund In-Q-Tel markets a competitive technology, B.Next.

Schwartz had previously worked for Shell Oil in the Ogoni region of Nigeria. In 1995, the Nigerian government executed Ogoni environmental leader, writer and television producer Ken Saro-Wiwa and 8 other environmental activists on charges of “inciting violence”. UN and EU condemned Saro-Wiwa’s execution and US recalled its ambassador to Nigeria.

MARS 2017 Simulation

In May in Berlin the G20 Health Ministries met to participate in a Joint Exercise Scenario with an imagined China responding to a contagion dubbed MARA(Mountain Associated Respiratory Virus). German Gov. institutions collaborated with Gates, Rockefeller, Work Bank, The WHO along with Ministries from US, Russia, India, China, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Korea, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey and European Union. Only draconian clampdowns by neighboring governments and heroic WHO technocrats orchestrating a tightly choreographed centralized global response can save humanity from a chaotic dystopian apocalypse!!! Commented a German journalist Paul Shreyer – they were given the same general recipes and procedural instructions that are now(2020+) being realized in a synchronized way”.


Another Gates funded tabletop pandemic with John’s Hopkins Center for Health Security and participants included characters with deep connections to the Intelligence Agencies, and NIH. The scenario war-gamed a bioterrorist attack that precipitated a global coronavirus epidemic lasting from 2025 to 2028, culminating in a coercive mass vaccination of the global population. As Gates promised, the preparations were analogous to “preparing for war”. One session practiced techniques for ruthlessly controlling dissent, expression and movement, and degrading civil rights, autonomy and sovereignty. Included discussions how concerns for safety and vaccine adverse reactions could be “drowned out by flooding the airwaves with stories of vaccine successes. The role of Mainstream Media is to broadcast propaganda, impose censorship and manufacture consent for oppressive policies. Nothing about how to ensure the vaccines were in fact safe and effective! 

Gates continued on his “preparing for war” warpath in April 2018 at a London Malaria Summit he talked about a deadly new disease could arise within a decade, hinting at the need for increased coordination between health officials and militaries.  He even sought the cooperation of Big Tech with Jeff Bezos, Amazon in tow to ban in March 2020 an entire category of books and videos that questioned official orthodoxies!  Bezos’ Washington Post, April 2018 – added to the propaganda “Bill Gates calls on US to lead fight against a pandemic that could kill 33 million!!!

Connections between Big Pharma, Wuhan Lab construction investments and patents – 2018 French Gov. warned the US gov. officials that the Wuhan Institute of Virology Biosafety Lab built by French bioMerieux company had neglected to properly complete the negative airflow system, a critical piece of infrastructure to prevent the escape of viruses deliberately enhanced to create pandemics, Dr. Fauci ignored the warning!!! Prior, CEO of bioMerieux Stephane Bancel, was now CEO of Moderna, and in March 2019, eight months before Covid19 began circulating, Bancel had reapplied for a patent for an mRNA technology for Moderna’s new vaccine, which had previously been rejected. This time he approached with special urgency expressing “a concern for reemergence or a deliberate release of the SARS coronavirus”.  April 27, 2018 Bill Gates “Biological Weapons of mass destruction” had become easier to create in a lab”.  He added “we are supporting efforts by others including NIAID, with a vaccine candidate(presumably Moderna) is expected to advance to human safety trials in about a year”.

Clade X 2018, May 15

Another “pandemic/biowarfare preparation exercise hosted by Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security(formerly Hopkins Population Center with funding from Gates and NIH). The premise for the exercise was:  Hoping to reduce world population, an elite cult released their genetically engineered bug from a Zurich lab. The disease spreads first to Germany and Venezuela and then to the US killing 100 million people globally as “health systems collapsed, panic spread, the US Stock Market crashed”. The message of the exercises and later that month with a PBS Newshour tour of Fauci’s Research Center with Dr. Barney Graham, Co-inventor of Moderna’s mRNA vaccine.  Dr. Fauci remarked “now with these structure-based vaccine design, we have got to be able to have something like that, when another pandemic emerges, we have something on the shelf to do something about it. Infomercial for Moderna and mRNA vaccines that Fauci had pumped millions into, NIAID had claimed patent rights to and stood to profit and the million $ Gates had given to PBS,- no conflicts of interests mentioned here!

Crimson Contagion August 2019 – just 10 weeks before Covid19 was released!

Robert Kadlec, Trump’s Disaster Response Leader, Fauci, NIH, Robert Redfield CDC, and HHS Sec. Alex Azar was mobilized to evangelize state-level health bureaucracies, municipal officials, hospital and law enforcement agencies.  Participating 19 Federal Departments and Agencies, 12 key states, 15 tribal nations and pueblos, 74 local health department and coalition regions, 87 hospitals and over 100 healthcare and public health private sector partners. Focused on critical infrastructure protection, economic impact, social distancing, scarce resource allocation, prioritization of vaccines and other countermeasures.

Not including therapeutic medicines!

TOPOFF 2000-2007 – Security, military, police and intelligence agencies secretly staged other mass simulations. Said Kevin Shipp, former CIA officer and whistleblower “getting all these thousands of public health and law enforcement officials to participate in blowing up the US Bill of Rights in these exercises, you basically have obtained their prior sign-off on torpedoing the Constitution to overthrow it democracy”.

Event 201: October 2019 – World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab “Now is the Time for the Great Reset”Agenda.

The planning and response to the Covid19 makes plain that this coordination was facilitated by the Military Intelligence Agencies in in the US and also across the world, in the front role. Some Health Officials complained about being sidelined,  that major aspects of Operation Warp Speed devolved into a partnership between the Military and the Pharmaceutical industry, presided over by Robert Kadlec, DARPA head.

As Holocaust survivor and medical ethics advocate Vera Sharav explained “It’s a public health problem. Why are the military and the CIA so heavily involved? Why is everything a secret? Why can’t we know the ingredients of these products, which the taxpayer financed? Why are we mandating a treatment with an experimental technology with minimal testing?  Since Covid19 harms fewer than 1%, what is the justification for putting 100% of the population at risk? We need to recognize that this is a vast human experiment on all of mankind, with an unproven technology, conducted by spies and generals, primarily trained to kill and not to save lives”  


Corona Virus 2022 

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