Thursday 1 September 2022

Share Me! I Own Nothing, I Have No Privacy, And Life Has Never Been Better!” A new form of transport in Holland: They can be found on almost every street corner for rent!

Green transport for rent in Holland

What They Said.

“The ‘pandemic’ represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world”—Who says so?—Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder, and Executive Chairman, of the World Economic Forum. 

“DNA, ‘COVID-19’ Vaccines Should Give Us Extreme Control Over Populations World Wide.”—Who says so?—Bill Gates. Contributing Partner, World Economic Forum.“Welcome to 2030.

I Own Nothing, I Have No Privacy, And Life Has Never Been Better!”—Who says so?—Ida Auken, parliament member of Denmark.

"We will own nothing and be happy!" "Everything we need we will rent!" World Economic Forum. 

Little did we know—back  in January 2020, that already, something called the Great Reset had been hatched and had begun.’ We were being set up! And, it had not only been planned, “years earlier” but had also been hidden, in “plain sight,” as they say, right under our noses and often discussed openly.

What is happening all around us—Massive price hacks, energy prices 125% higher than a person's state pension, unpayable petrol and diesel prices, food shortages and double-digit inflation can't all be blamed on Russia! This is an incredibly sneaky plan unleashed by the UN, corrupt governments and the elite. 

During the last couple of months here in Holland, I have noticed a new phenomenon. Green electric scooters with the word "GO" on the side, see the video above. 

They can be found on almost every street corner, and one appeared outside my drive just last week, apparently, someone just left it there after he /she finished their ride. These scooters can be hired by anyone who downloads an app onto their phone and pay the rent fee, simple right?

This week I began to see electric bicycles also on street corners alongside the scooters, also available for everyone to rent! So I visited the GO Sharing sight only to find out it is also possible to rent electric cars too! It's all green though, 100% electric.

And another new phenomenon—Since time and memorial petrol prices have been considerably higher than diesel here in Holland. In July diesel prices suddenly raced past petrol prices, which is an incredible feat when you consider petrol prices are also rising insanely fast. Diesel cars are over-and-out because it will be impossible to run one—All diesel delivery vans and trucks and trains will be gone within 5 years—Followed by petrol cars by 2030. I am not being a conspiracy theorist, that is a fact.

Owning a car will soon be a thing of the past, for the working and middle class that is! What is happening here in Holland is clear to see, the 4th industrial revolution, which is what they call it is being calmly introduced. 

It is kind of ironic that today and Californians are being told not to charge electric cars because of overuse of the electric grid during the most recent heatwave. Heatwaves are here to stay and increasing at an alarming rate.

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Hawkeye said...

Good post! Here in USA/FL I have not seen anything like that "GO" transportation... yet. Good to know, thanks! Ironic it is as you noted. The whole green movement is showing that! Yes, the grid is actively being promoted as going down in many places...price hikes, heatwaves, storms, emf attacks etc., (or so they say anyway) and in the same breath green energy that relies completely on that electric grid is being rolled out as the replacement for petro to save the planet. It's just crazy.

Makes no sense because it's just distraction. Of course they know the biosphere collapse is in play and nearing a catastrophic end because they are causing it. So then how can there be this reset as described? They have to make people think there is a future to keep the distraction operating so no one sees the cliff edge we are about to fall off. The reset is that. None of it will be due to climate collapse.

It is very possible that what is described and prophecised in the Book of Revelation, the part about the stars rolling up like a scroll and the great earthquake et al, very possibly a pole shift caused by climate/biosphere collapse.
Which means, no survivors, so no future for this 4th industrial great reset or anything else.
Included in it is vaccines, the entire evil healthcare system as is also duly noted in this post.
So, on that note I want to share something I just witnessed.
While working in an elderly homeowners house last week their home care nurse came for her biweekly visit. The husband (Joe) is 98 years old, an amazingly sharp thinker he still is. He doesn't like the questions, usually by answering a question with a question for the nurse.
Nurse: Have you had your covid boosters blah blah.
Joe: have you had your covid vacs?
Nurse: of course I have. I'm in ICU all the time, I have to be vaccinated, especially with the covid vaccineS. (She said) I've had the 2 c19 shots and the 2 boosters, the pneumonia vac, I get the annual flu vac, I have had the shingles shot...all of them. I'm protected.

After she left Joe said to me, she has cancer you know. I said no, I didn't know. Joe said, yea the breast one, it went to other places in her too and she goes for these chemo infusions.

So, there it is folks! The nurse admits she has constant vaccine injections and she has cancer.

Chemo infusions on top of all those vaccines. You almost can't feel sorry for them anymore because how can anyone justify any of that as valid healing or protection? The ingredients say the exact opposite! That's how bad the brain damage is.
Sharing these experiences to prove the causes of all illnesses in this world and how terribly clueless people and especially professional people are to it. And why is that?! How can they not see why? They are medical people, don't they study also effects of toxins during their educational time?

I told you once about a friend of mine who is a nurse and a heated talk we once had over this c19 vac that is similar in nature to this homecare nurses warped thinking. My friend all boosted up telling my other friend to go get her boosters before she traveled and I intervened in opposition which started to cause tones to rise against me and the big point in fact she was telling me in an attempt to discredit me was (yelling it at me), "there is no proof, none, that vaccines cause disease or illness, no proof whatsoever kids get autism from vaccines, none!"
My responce to that was: vaccines are all laced with heavy metals. Aluminum, mercury, etc. etc., they are KNOWN NUERO TOXINS. That is your proof!

Pretty sad they don't see this. The blessing is realizing you must find alternatives to heal yourself because most medical stuff is not a cure, causes more illness, risks your life via side effects, and poisons us more and more.
God said, I gave you every plant and tree you will ever need.

Listen to Him!

Hawkeye said...

"Interview with Dane Wigington" on:

This link talks about the controlling hurricanes that I have countless times said IS happening all the time and of course has additional information readers need to hear.
It is the reason for everything else that is distraction, excuses given as reasons for hardships, and the one big truth that no one wants to admit to.
The other good reason I post this (other then storm control talk) is it posts the question many people ask and or use as their reason not to consider and or believe this geoengineering/climate engineering is actually occurring....some will reply: why would 'they' do it to themselves?
I have heard that plenty when trying to tell of this situation. It really is a multi faceted long answer but a good bullet point answer to that is 'they' do it to themselves with everything.
Example: 2400 nuclear detonations in multiple layers of our atmosphere just to, see what happens!
They too reaped the poisonous effects and health damage effect that it caused to our life support system that is the biosphere of earth, so just like any addict on earth do they think the next fix might kill them? Answer is NO! It's that point blank to be blunt.
Our leaders are psychopathic greedy spoiled rich kid liars that are addicts, so rich they got bored with all things in this world to the point that the ultimate toy in their play pen became the planet. So wealthy their toys are now planets.

"They" think chemicals and poisons are good, and they have all the money and power from that dependence the world has for it.

It's important to understand this to protect yourself as best as possible.