Monday 21 November 2022

Something's Not Right! The Alternative Truths Have Fogged Us Up! Why are so many westerners dying recently or contracting long term sickness from non-covid diseases? And why do our governments refuse to launch a public inquiry into vaccine safety?

Kellyanne Conway, the first person to use the phrase, "alternative truth." Credit Wikipedia

Last week was officially the week the world population hit the 8 billion mark! 8 billion people is a tiny amount of people living on planet earth. 8 billion people can live in Australia relatively easily for instance, with more than an acre of land each to grow food, it's not the size of the planet that's the problem, it's mankind's inability to feed everyone. There is enough food too, enough for everyone, but the west throws a mountain of food away every day while many other parts of the world are starving. Is there any way to stop poverty and famine? Well, here is one fact—If the mighty military-industrial complex cut their spending around the world by just 1%, famine, and poverty would be wiped out over-night. . . Just 1%!

Talking of military spending, do you know what's really strange? The day Ukraine was invaded by Russia. It just happened to be the same day our governments and leaders and the media stopped in perfect synch the hype surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. I mean the Covid panic just stopped, overnight! Let's put that in perspective.

Since late January 2020, when WHO officially announced the outbreak of Covid-19 as a public emergency of international concern we have been terrorized by so-called experts and data terrorists. Thrown into lockdown, denied our kids education. Banned from seeing our sick and the elderly. Bullied and threatened with various vaccine mandates, lost our jobs and businesses. All with terrible consequences for our mental and physical health—But suddenly!— The invasion of Ukraine started and the Covid panic disappeared, it lost its importance and incredibly the hype disappeared almost overnight.

But, what is even stranger is the fact that in the week before Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the Covid-19 virus was at its peak. However, for some strange reason which many of us didn't understand at the time, most European leaders, along with Boris Johnson—Suddenly and unexpectedly began lifting all sanctions and travel restrictions throughout Europe, even though 14 million new cases had been reported worldwide and more than 70,000 deaths had been recorded that same week.

Johns Hopkins chart showing Covid-19s' rapid decline in deaths after Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Full chart

Just a few days after travel restrictions in Europe were lifted succeeding months of disruption, more than 500,000 Ukrainian refugees began fleeing into Poland, Romania and Hungary and Moldova and were then filtered into western Europe. Another 3.5 million people followed.

Of course, the decision could be just yet another coincidence, it could be. Like the claim made by the CEO of Moderna, Stephane Bancel, who said work on Moderna's vaccine had started in 2017 more than 2 years before Covid-19 had apparently been discovered. Or that on the 18th of “October 2019,” just weeks before the “real” Covid-19 pandemic was "officially" announced, a "simulation event" was orchestrated covering "all" possible scenarios in the event of a "global pandemic." It was called Event 201, organised by the World Economic Forum. "Klaus Schwab was the head man," but, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Johns Hopkins Institute, and the World Health Organisation (WHO) were among the attendees.

But know there is another worry now emerging, and one which has been totally ignored by the same people who couldn't wait to throw the world into lockdown and deny our children's education and sack people for refusing the vaccine. Namely, our leaders. . .

That worry, which is beginning to show up on official data is a steady rise of excess deaths and morbidity cases which are not related to the Covid-19 virus in countries with a high rate of vaccinated citizens, yes that's correct, there is now undeniable proof of this. . .  And the vaccination bullies, the media and our leaders are staying remarkably quiet about it. The silence is deafening because what is unravelling is a tragedy which could far out-strip Covid-19. 

On the face it, our Covid-19 problems appear to be almost over, almost. Globally Covid deaths are down by more than 90%. At the peak of this virus (Feb 2021) more than 100,000 people were dying every week, however, the latest figures by Johns Hopkins show that week ending 13/11/2022 deaths were below 9,000 around the world. The World Health Organisation, (WHO) however, is still urging people to be fully vaccinated—Including getting their next dose if it's due, even though Pfizer's Janine Small, president of Pfizer's International Developed Markets, admitted its vaccine does "NOT" prevent Covid infection. Full story 

There is now growing evidence that countries with high vaccination results have shown a distinct and very disturbing increase in excess deaths and morbidity cases which are not related to the Covid-19 virus since May 2022.

There has been a significant increase in heart attacks and related health issues since the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines, especially in countries with a high number of recorded vaccines. . .

For instance, why are so many English people dying recently from non-covid diseases? And why does the UK government refuse to launch a public inquiry into vaccine safety; and why would an investigation be a waste of taxpayers money into the death of 24,440 people, which was the outcome of a government enquiery? Yes, 24,440, that's the number of people who died "above" the expected number (excess deaths) from May 2022 to October 2022 and, they are 'not' related to Covid-19.

An average of 1,564 extra deaths per week occurred in England during October 2022—Throughout 2020 it was 315.—Throughout 2021 it was 1,322. There have been 24,440 non-covid, 'excess mortality deaths' since May 2022. Deaths registered in the UK week ending 21 October 2022 was 13,463, which is up 15.7% above the five-year average = 1,822 excess deaths. Just 1,379 excess deaths, (outside Covid) were recorded in the week up to 23 March 2020. . .

But, it's not all about excess deaths, oh no. Another unusual and disturbing trend is beginning to show along side the excess deaths. The number of people in the UK who have missed work through unrelated Covid sickness has increased also dramatically since the pandemic began in early 2020, going up particularly in 2021 and 2022 in addition to the excess deaths which have been reported for the same time. ZOE Data

As Covid-19-related deaths and sicknesses reduce globally, chronic illnesses and excess mobility deaths are increasing and are not Covid-19 related. See graph below from  UK Office Of National Statistics

Long Covid is not the main factor in the longterm sickness increase!

Since the pandemic began the number of people out of work in the UK because of none-Covid longterm sickness has risen by around 363,000 between April and June 2022. This number is almost 100,000 higher than the same period in 2019. This is a 41% increase between 2019 and 2022 which is a "national tragedy" for the UK, the British media should be all over this like a rash but they remain silent!

If we put this data together with the excess mortality data we have an enormous problem evolving—An average of 1,564 extra deaths per week occurred in England during October 2022—Throughout 2020 it was 315.—Throughout 2021 it was 1,322. There have been 24,440 non-covid, 'excess mortality deaths' since May 2022. Deaths registered in the UK week ending 21 October 2022 was 13,463, which is up 15.7% above the five-year average = 1,822 excess deaths. Just 1,379 excess deaths, (outside Covid) were recorded in the week up to 23 March 2020. UK Office Of National Statistics

Big companies, health services, government work, the military etc are so desperately short of workers they are humbly asking for a "vaccine amnesty." They are asking for loyal workers who were hounded out of their jobs because they refused to be vaccinated. These companies are now going cap in hand asking these brave people to back to the bullies who sacked them. They are even offering to compensate the victims with a back-payment scheme. Maybe these companies should be asking themselves just what was in those vaccinations which is now causing such a shortage in the workforce!


Hawkeye said...

I think the covid "peak hype" went quiet after the invasion you point out because distraction is the main element used in all this global re-set insanity plan. .... because it didn't go away, it went to the next unlawful stage of the evil plan enforcing restrictions and mandatory vaccinations while everyone was looking at Ukraine and not what these globalists were doing. Canada and Australia have doubled down on vac force and the WHO ( or one of those global departments of injustice by unelected world leaders) just put out a mandatory vac law for all international traveling. And of course China is still at it with lockdowns etc.
I heard in BC all healthcare workers now are by law mandated to inject the shots to stay employed AND injections must be continuous every 3 months!
There was information out on "died suddenly" numbers since the shots and compared to before the shots, showing a huge increase in deaths of the New adult syndrome called "died suddenly disease" but now that info has been wiped off the internet if doing a google search of "died suddenly"... it is called adult sudden death I think. Just like infant sudden death....gee ya think it could be related...??!...because as soon as a precious innocent baby pops its head out in to this world it is injected with numerous vaccines!? Well gee, it's so similar now that adult sudden death increased since new technology covid vaccines began being injected in to people...?! If anyone wanted to seriously look for a cause, the very common thread IS vaccines.
Found this link if anyone hasn't seen it yet...


Hawkeye said...

Here is another great video to watch! AOC network put it out and it has lots of excellent interesting facts that connect the current times we are in to Biblical writings.
One connection it shows is the reason I wanted to share this with Gary and readers of TBW, because Gary had recently posted a couple of posts about CERN....remember that? I commented on it and regarding the statue of symbolism that the CERN facility has on its front lawn and if memory serves me right, Gary did a great follow up post on that statue and it's meaning.

So then I when I saw this newly released video from AOC and they too confirm what we were saying then about CERN, I had to post it here to refresh memories and learn truth! Watch it.


**when re-typing links I sometimes am unsure if "0" is the number zero or if it is the letter "O" capitalized...hard to tell on those, so if error try both or simply go to and you will find this new video on their website. Titled: " The portal to ancient evil is opening (unmasking the anti-christ movie)".

Just for the record, I think AOC nailed it!!!!

Gary Walton said...

Great film, I think they nailed it too!