Monday 21 November 2016

Weather wars! Commander of the Armed Forces thinks the military should tackle climate change

Dutch military chief claims we must fight climate change…
At the Canadian Halifax International Forumthis weekend Dutch Commander in Chief Tom Middendorp warned climate change is real and is a source of social unrest and conflict.
The Dutch General went on to claim. “We must stop the Earth warming up further and it should be a priority for everyone, including the military.”

 Left: Commander of the Armed Forces Tom Middendorp  Photo De Telegraaf
Climate change is primarily a direct threat, especially for Holland which lies in some places 5 meters under sea level. Middendorp recalled the flood of 1953 in which Dutch troops rescued civilians, strengthened the dykes and cleared carcasses of dead animals. The land was unusable for years after because it was contaminated with sea salt.
He goes on to say, “It’s the third year in a row a warmest year has been recorded and 16 of the 17 warmest years have been recorded this century and this week the North Pole is currently 20 degrees warmer than normal. This has undeniably consequences and may affect our security. "

Middendorp said that climate change in the European population entails already enormous risks. "The UK suffered in 2014 with a 20 billion euro bill for economic damage from floods and storms."
“Climate change comes from other social and indirect threats, said Dutch top general. He pointed to drought, crop failure and rising food prices. They formed a raw material for the Arab Spring. The war in Syria proceeded years of drought, making many residents move from the countryside to the cities.”
“A lack of food, energy and clean water in the West would lead to instability that could degenerate into chaos, conflict and migration.” He said.

Do we really want the military messing with our weather, I personally can’t think of anything scarier!

It's no secret any more the US military have weaponized "the weather" and are using it around the globe to unstable certain countries, HAARP for instance is a weapon thought to be capable of shooting microwaves into the sky causing hurricanes, typhoons even earthquakes. The Chinese military have seeded clouds in certain parts of drought affected areas to make it rain, The US Army seeded clouds in the Vietnam war with their now infamous “Operation Popeye” and of course governments worldwide have been spraying the sky with aluminum to help cool the planet, you could even say, climate change is in part caused by the military! 


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VanDLaan said...

The weather and climate are not the same thing. His call to fight climate change comes naturally from his position, as he understands that global (security) issues are very connected to climate change. Read his statements again and try not to read 'weather' for every word 'climate'. Trying to link this statement with some experimental weapon systems may make it more interesting for some readers, but you are acting dangerously in line with the agenda of the oil companies and climate change deniers (no scientists in that category BTW).

Kind regards from a sustainability expert whom also works as a National Guard in the Netherlands.

Gary Walton said...

Thank you

Unknown said...

I really don't understand why people including scientist don't understand the reasons for climate change, so Please allow me to describe Global-Warming in a different way. As is, our planet earth has a yearly weather pattern, divided into four seasons winter, summer, spring, and fall. well, our planet earth also has a weather pattern that is a little longer, seasons, known as climate change with a 26 thousand year cycle, caused by a wobble on our planet's rotation, so you can count on this wobble to turn slowly in increments of 6.5 thousand years for each season. Consider climate change as a clock, a 26k year clock, and so you can view our Global Warming situation to be at it's 6 o'clock and that the Ice Age will peak again at it's 12 o'clock mark. Remember the great Biblical flood? Said to have happened 7500 years ago, putting that date at just before the 3 o'clock mark. when everything was starting to thaw, melt and flood the world as it was biblically noted.
So In other words, just as in the yearly cycles, we cannot stop the snow from melting in summer, nor the glaciers from melting in the global warming, would that makes more historical sense? Do you want more historical notations known as facts? Try the Native Americans entering the American continent, some 19k years ago, or about 3k years before the Ice Age peak, by then, at the Bearing Straight, the land-bridge would have been frozen already, the proof is all in the cycles and the understanding of them. In about 6.5k years from now, the global weather will turn very cold again, that will continue for the next 13k years, the Ice Age will peak again and the glaciers will return, so stop crying already, and enjoy the warm weather that will end in about 6.5k years from now.