The Big Wobble Headlines

Major Quakes
USGS high strangeness part two: Another mag 6.8 this time in Guatemala after they posted earlier a mag 6.8 which will happen in 2025?
After earlier in the day posting a magnitude 6.8 in Santa Barbara California which they claim happened on June 29th 2025, which is 7 and a half years away, we have another magnitude 6.8 this a time in Puerto San Jose Guatemala, if this one proves to be real it will be the 6th major quake of June and the and only the 43rd of a record low year so far in 2017.

USGS high strangeness: A magnitude 6.8 Santa Barbara California reported by USGS for 29th of June which is NEXT WEEK? Deleted
At 2.00, pm UTC, this morning USGS delivered into my email box a full report of a major mag 6.8 quake in Santa Barbara California, I receive reports from USGS on all quakes of mag 6. or higher.

Extreme Weather
Temperatures deadly to humans: Arizona Burn Center busiest in 18 years from people with contact burns from record heatwave
The main burn center in Phoenix has seen its emergency department visits double during the heat wave that is scorching the Southwest U.S., including people burning their bare feet on the scalding pavement.

Recent Volcano Activity
Nishinoshima Island eruption after year and a half : 2014-2015 eruptions saw the island's surface area expand at a remarkable rate
Nishinoshima Island is erupting again after about a year and a half, and the level of volcanic activity is about the same as the 2014-2015 eruptions that saw the island's surface area expand at a remarkable rate, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA)'s Meteorological Research Institute announced on June 19.

War On Terror
Terrorist attack in London, a ‘white man’ who screamed, ‘I want to kill all Muslims’ ploughed his van into worshipers outside of mosque in a new twist!
Another terrorist attack in London, a ‘white man’ who screamed, ‘I want to kill all Muslims’ ploughed his van into a group of worshipers outside a mosque in London, killing one and injuring many more, which is the worst case of Islamophobia in Britain so far.

Typhoons And Hurricanes
Tropical Storm Cindy makes landfall as it lashes Gulf Coast with life threatening flash flooding and tornadoes
Tropical Storm Cindy continues to approach the Gulf Coast and is expected to make landfall early Thursday morning along the border of Texas and Louisiana.
The storm, which has been impacting Gulf Coast states with heavy rain since early in the week, will continue to be threatening with severe weather, life-threatening flooding and rip currents from Texas to Florida into Thursday.

Animal Die Offs
Another week in paradise: Week 3 of June witnesses thousands more dead fish and birds in diverse places around the world
  • The Big Wobble's weekly look back at mass animal die off's in diverse places around the world.

Strong winds are feeding a massive deadly fire causing the evacuation of 10,000 people from Knysna South Africa
Up to 10,000 people have been evacuated from Knysna as a result of runaway fires in the area. Evacuations have been carried out in several areas including Brenton, Belvedere and Knysna Heights. Three people have died as a result of the blaze.

The cholera outbreak in Yemen explodes to 200,000 suspected cases, increasing at an average of 5,000 a day.
The rapidly spreading cholera outbreak in Yemen has exceeded 200,000 suspected cases, increasing at an average of 5,000 a day.
We are now facing the worst cholera outbreak in the world.
In just two months, cholera has spread to almost every governorate of this war-torn country.

Massive Coronal Hole now facing Earth ejecting solar wind expected to reach 700 + km/s resembles serpent attacking a person
A massive Coronal hole has opened up on the Sun and is facing Earth, it is ejecting solar solar wind which NOAA forecasters expect to reach speeds of 700 + kilometers per second which is expected to reach our magnetosphere sometime later today.

Strange phenomena
The "Incompetence Syndrome"; Struck With Blindness! Our leaders are being manipulated by the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil
The "Incompetence Syndrome"; Struck With Blindness!
The only people in today's world who can comprehend matters clearly, are those that are not struck with the "blindness" that the Bible states will come upon people in the end times.

Climate Change
NOAA's monthly world climate report: Earth has 2nd warmest year to date and 3rd warmest May on record

After two weeks of brutal record breaking heatwaves simultaneously in parts of the US, Europe and the UK, NOAA have released their latest report of worldwide climate for May and the first 5 months of 2017 and it’s no surprise May was the third warmest on record and 2017 so far is the second warmest on record!

Man Made Disasters
123 killed with dozens more injured in Pakistan oil tanker fire
The BBC are reporting at least 123 people were killed when a lorry transporting oil burst into flames near the Pakistani city of Bahawalpur, local officials say.
A crowd had gathered reportedly to collect fuel leaking from the overturned vehicle when it caught fire.

Refugee Crisis
Around 250 feared dead in new Med migrant boat sinkings
Around 250 African migrants are feared to have drowned in the Mediterranean after a rescue boat found two partially submerged rubber dinghies off Libya, a spokeswoman for the NGO which operates the vessel said Thursday.