The Big Wobble Headlines: Quick Read

Extreme Weather
While parts of North America had its coldest April for 20 years April 2018 was 3rd warmest on record for the globe...NOAA
Click on image to enlarge and read credit NOAA.
The crazy weather of 2018 in the US took a turn away from the global warming trend when NOAA claimed last month the U.S. had its coldest April in more than 20 years
Below-average temperatures spanned the Rockies to the East Coast.
Many citizens were left asking the question, when will winter end after a powerful spring storm is pummeled the U.S. Midwest and Plains as summer was put on hold with a late-season storm causing chaos in mid-April.
Record cold and even snow in some areas delayed the onset of warm spring-like conditions.

Hurricanes and cyclones
The first named storm of the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season arrives early as subtropical Storm Alberto set hit Florida, Alabama and Mississippi
Credit NOAA.

The first named storm of the yet to start 2018 Atlantic hurricane season has Florida, Alabama and Mississippi declaring a state of emergency as Subtropical Storm Alberto drove north toward the U.S. Gulf Coast, threatening to bring heavy rainfall and flooding to the coastal states by Monday.
According to Reuters, the first named Atlantic storm of 2018 is expected to intensify and bring wind speeds of up to 65 miles per hour (40 km/h) to the northern Gulf Coast when it approaches on the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, the National Weather Service (NWS) said in its latest advisory.

Massive Coronal Hole stretching almost across the face of the Sun delivers a G2 magnetic storm and wakes up The Pacific Ring Of Fire
24 days ago another major quake hit Papua New Guinea incredibly it was the 13th of this year to hit the volatile country in the South Pacific.
That major quake was the 25th major quake of a very busy year along the Pacific Ring Of Fire, however, since then the major quake count has dropped off the cliff, not just around the Pacific Ring Of Fire but the whole planet, volcano activity also stopped around the same time.
Since then a mag 6.2 - 54km SW of Ovalle, Chile was the 35th and last major quake of 2018 to hit our planet almost a month ago, until yesterday.
A mag 6.1 at Luzon the Philippines and of course the mag 6.9 on the South Island Hawaii woke up the Pacific Ring Of Fire with a bang.

Volcano Activity
"To our knowledge no one has faced this before." Puna Geothermal Venture Plant compromised Monday exposing toxic and flammable gas Hawaii
Authorities were scrambling to firm up contingency plans Tuesday as lava pouring from Hawaii's erupting Kilauea volcano slowly encroached on a power plant on the Big Island.
The lava flow entered the 800-acre property of the Puna Geothermal Venture Plant on Monday and had stalled at a swale about 300 yards from the nearest underground well.
On Tuesday, the lava was advancing.
"Fissure 6 reactivated last night and has been erupting since around midnight," Hawaii County civil defence officials said in a statement.
"The flows from Fissure 6 are slowly flowing closer to PGV property."
If lava breaches wells, authorities fear it could release hydrogen sulfide, a toxic and flammable gas. Most of the wells have been capped with thick steel plates.

Mag 6.2 - Kermadec Islands New Zealand is the 42nd of 43 major quakes to strike this year during coronal hole activity on the sun
A mag 6.2 - South of the Kermadec Islands is the 6th major quake of May with all but one of them around the Pacific Ring Of Fire and with volcanic activity in Hawaii, Japan and Indonesia the vast area is literally on fire!
A stream of solar wind was expected to rattle Earth's magnetic field yesterday.
The gaseous material is flowing from a southern hole in the sun's atmosphere and should come as no surprise 42 of the 43 major quakes this year have occurred during coronal activity on the sun.
Bill Laughing Bear (our friend in Alaska) sent me an email this week regarding the large coronal to hit our magnetosphere on May 7-9, below is a snippet from the email...

An unconfirmed report claims Belgium nuclear power plant was dramatically shut down "last week" preventing near global catastrophe
An unconfirmed report has been sent to The Big Wobble concerning a possible global catastrophe was kept quiet for almost a week as a Belgium as a nuclear power plant was dramatically shut down after damage to a cooling system.
Despite the fact that the incident occurred almost a week ago information of the near global catastrophe is only now being released by the Belgium government.
In Belgium, the main reactor of  'Doel Nuclear Power Station' was urgently stopped after a water leak from the cooling system.
Despite the fact that the incident occurred not less than five days ago, information about the threat of the accident was announced only on Saturday, April 28.

Climate Change
Almost 100% of Arizona is in severe drought after a rainfall deficit dating back to October which is up 10% in the last week
The new drought stats are in and they don't look good for the Grand Canyon State.
As of May 24th, 97% of Arizona is in severe drought.
Extreme drought now covers 73% of the state, which is up 10% in the last week.
16% of Arizona is classified under exceptional drought, which is the worst drought category.
The exceptional drought has increased 6% in the last week, covering an area stretching from far northeast Maricopa County to the Four Corners.
The increase comes as no surprise, considering how dry the state was this Winter and Spring. According to 4WARN Meteorologist Jeff Beamish, Tucson's rainfall deficit dating back to October 1st has increased to 2.83".

Congo's health ministry announced six new confirmed Ebola cases and two new suspected cases as authorities struggle to confine the disease
Congo's health ministry announced six new confirmed Ebola cases and two new suspected cases Tuesday as vaccinations entered the second day in an effort to contain the deadly virus in a city of more than 1 million.
Dozens of health workers in the northwestern provincial capital, Mbandaka, have received vaccinations amid expectations that some will be deployed to the rural epicentre of the epidemic. Front-line workers are especially at risk of contracting the virus, which spreads in contact with the bodily fluids of infected people, including the dead.
"In the next five days, 100 people must be vaccinated, including 70 health professionals," Health Minister Oly Ilunga said.

Animal Die-offs
Ras Al Khaimah residents United Arab Emirates woke on Monday to their beach littered with tens of thousands of dead fish reason unknown
Reports of animal and fish die off's are mostly reported in local newspapers or websites so the problem is often missed by the greater public, however, since around 2011 the problem has become global thanks to certain websites dedicated to reporting the phenomenon, literally millions of species are dying every day and the cause of many of the deaths are unknown.
Residents of Al Rams area in Ras Al Khaimah woke up on Monday morning to an astonishing sight: a large stretch of the beach was littered with thousands of dead fish.
The small Sardines lined a large part of the 1.6km shoreline.
The cause of the mass death was unknown, and the Ras Al Khaimah Environment agency said they are investigating possible causes.

"The dark arts of diplomacy?" American diplomat at the US consulate in Guangzhou China diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury
Last year, US and Canadian diplomats in Cuba were hit by a strange sickness and many suspected a malevolent sonic weapon attack.
Now, it appears to be happening again.
Only this time, it's in China. US officials released a statement on Wednesday warning federal employees based in China to beware of any unusual sounds.
This follows an incident involving one American diplomat working at the US consulate in Guangzhou, who was diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury after experiencing "subtle and vague, but abnormal, sensations of sound and pressure".

Dante's Inferno! Severe drought billions of dead trees and terrorism promise the worst year ever for wildfires in North America
Last year was the worst ever for wildfires in the US and this year appears to be starting early.
Oklahoma is currently struggling with several wildfires this month resulting in Oklahoma's governor, Mary Fallin calling a state of emergency in 52 counties due to wildfires which are thought to have killed thousands of cattle and wild animals.
According to Rod Hall, Oklahoma state veterinarian put preliminary cattle deaths at roughly 1,100 head and expects that number could eventually climb to around 2,000.
“We’ll never know the exact number and people are also still finding dead animals,” Hall said in an interview, adding that recent rains helped contain most of the blazes.

Photo of the day
Photo of the day: Incredible pictures of the sky over Norway Holland and the UK
Living in Europe has its benefits, we are only a short plane journey to another country and culture, recently my brother-in-law Christiaan flew back from Oslo in Norway to his native Holland, above and below are some of his incredible photos of his flight.