The Big Wobble Headlines


Major Quakes
A mag 6.0 Pangai in Tonga is only the 82nd major quake of 2017 that total is 100 less than the same period in 2011 the year of the Fukushima disaster
Here is one I almost missed, not hard to do this year, by the way, I have not seen any mention of this on the internet today!
Green alert for shaking-related fatalities and economic losses.
There is a low likelihood of casualties and damage.

Extreme Weather
Heatwave to close schools in San Diego Unified School District as temperatures hit an incredible 97 deg F (36 deg C)
With temperatures expected to soar into the 90s, the San Diego Unified School District announced that 85 of its schools would close early on Monday.
The list includes elementary, middle and high schools.

Recent Volcano Activity
The remote volcano, Tinakula in the Solomon Islands roared to life Saturday! Villages on nearby islands have reported heavy ashfall
Authorities in the Solomon Islands are trying to work out if there's been any damage after a remote volcano erupted early yesterday morning.
The volcano, Tinakula, which forms an uninhabited island in the northern Temotu province, roared to life at about 2 am yesterday. Villages on nearby islands have reported heavy ashfall.

War On Terror
The Bible's warning of Western multiculturalism and the cause of it's fall written 2,600 years ago and more proof we are in the last days
Does the Bible warn us of multiculturalism?
Around 600 years before Christ, Daniel a prophet was asked to translate a dream the Babylonian King, Nebuchadnezzar had received from God.
Nebuchadnezzar had dreamed of a frightening towering statue with a head of gold, a breast and arms of silver, belly and thighs of bronze, legs of iron, and feet of mixed iron and clay.

Typhoons And Hurricanes
The most powerful storm of the season so far Typhoon Lan is approaching Japan with tens of thousands of people ordered to evacuate
Just a week after Typhoon Khanun smashed into Hong Kong the Chinese mainland and Vietnam, Typhoon Lan is approaching Japan with tens of thousands of people ordered to evacuate as the typhoon is expected to wreak havoc as it sweeps along Japan’s south coast and over the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Animal Die-Offs
Marine mammal experts claim an unusually high number whales and dolphin strandings off Cape Cod in 2017
Two dolphins have died and a dozen more have been rescued after they became stranded on Cape Cod.
Marine mammal experts say there have been an unusually high number of such incidents this season. The animals were found washed ashore in Wellfleet on Wednesday.
The surviving dolphins were loaded into trailers and driven to Provincetown, where they were released.

The worst wildfire in California's history brings the death total to 40 with many more missing and thousands of homes destroyed
As the death toll rose to 40, firefighters struggled Saturday to get the upper hand against several massive wildfires that have ravaged Northern California for almost a week

Plague outbreak in Madagascar doubles in one week and for the first time is seen in non-endemic areas and crowded cities.
With dozens dead from a plague outbreak in Madagascar, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies said Friday it is deploying its first-ever plague treatment centre to the island nation.
The World Health Organization said 567 cases have been reported so far, with another in the Seychelles.

Space weather
Solar storms causing seizures and migraines in people and dogs, behaviour problems in children and enhanced medical problems for people in Alaska
I frequently receive emails from a wonderfully brave man from Alaska, his name is Bill Laughing-Bear who suffers from Traumatic brain injury (TBI).
Because of his injury, Bill can't use a computer because the screen causes him seizures or terrible migraines so his mother Tina types his work and thoughts for him.

Strange phenomena
Strange times: Two fully-grown, "aggressive" wild boars attack people in Heide Germany injuring four after entering shops in the city
Four people were injured after squealing boars descended on the small city of Heide in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein on Friday morning.
Two fully-grown, "aggressive" wild boars - a male and a female - stormed into the city center shortly after 9 a.m. according to local police statements.

Climate Change
Some species can be fatal tens of thousands of jellyfish turning up in locations they are not supposed to be in due to hurricanes and climate change
Tens of thousands of jellyfish-like creatures have washed up on Greymouth beaches, surprising even the Department of Conservation with the scale.
DoC says the rotting mass are by-the-wind-sailors, also called Velella.
A huge mass blankets an 18m by 8m area of the Blaketown aerodrome car park, with more scattered south along the high tide mark.

Man Made Disasters
TEPCO claim Contaminated water may have leaked from the disaster-struck Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant since April
Contaminated water may have leaked from the disaster-struck Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant since April, the owner said Thursday.
Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc (TEPCO) said it is still unknown, due to a problem with monitoring equipment, whether radiation-contaminated water actually leaked from damaged reactor buildings.

Breaking news! Death total soars to 27 as at least 145 wildfires in Portugal are now burning out of control after record warmth and winds from Ophelia
A series of at least 145 wildfires in Portugal are now burning out of control as the death toll soars to 27 with 50 more injured in what is being called the worst  Portugal's worst day of the year for forest fires caused by incredible 36 deg C,100 deg F temperatures from Hurricane Ophelia.