The Big Wobble Headlines: Quick Read

Extreme Weather
Winds casing waterfall's to reverse upwards and blow a caravan of a cliff with a woman inside kill two as storms Helene and Ali HIT the UK
Ireland and the UK are cleaning up after the biggest ever storm to hit the Northern Ireland in September.
Wind gusts of150 km/h caused chaos.
A woman from Switzerland died when her caravan was blown off a cliff in County Galway onto the rocks below.
A man in his 20s died when a tree fell on him as he worked in a country park near Newry in Northern Ireland and a pilot was filmed attempting to land during Storm Ali at Dublin Airport yesterday but as the plane got closer to the ground the jet started to lift and continued flying.

Hurricanes and cyclones
Wind gusts of 223 kph (138 mph) 2.5 million people evacuated in China's Guangdong province as Super Typhoon Mangkhut make landfall
More than 2.5 million people have been evacuated in China's Guangdong province as Mangkhut made landfall at 5 p.m. local time, according to Chinese state media.
Xinhua reported that 18,327 emergency shelters had been activated and that 632 tourism and 29,611 construction sites had been shut down.
As Mangkhut marched toward the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong was also buffeted by fierce winds that tore off roofs, downed trees and caused cranes perched atop half-built skyscrapers to swing ominously.

Sunspot Solar Observatory close down coincides when a "billion-ton "MEGA" CME slammed into Earth's magnetic field 159 years earlier
  • The Sunspot Solar Observatory close down happened almost to the day when a "billion-ton "MEGA" coronal mass ejection (CME) slammed into Earth's magnetic field 159 years earlier and if it happened now would send the West back to the middle ages.
Something is amiss in the state of New Mexico, and the chain of mysterious events has all the hallmarks of a sci-fi plot.
The state's Sunspot Solar Observatory, home to one of the largest active solar telescopes in the world, was shut down last Friday and all personnel evacuated.

Volcano Activity
France's Reunion island colossus The Piton de la Fournaise volcano erupted spectacularly in recent days and caught on camera
The Piton de la Fournaise volcano WIKIPEDIA.
The Piton de la Fournaise volcano on France's Reunion island has erupted spectacularly in recent days.
This stunning clip, captured close the crater on Saturday, shows lava spewing into the air. Piton de las Fournaise is currently one of the most active volcanoes in the world and is a major tourist attraction on the island.
Reunion is a region of France in the Indian Ocean.

A powerful magnitude 6.5 struck the Fiji Islands last night the 5th major quake to hit the area this month and the 85th major quake of 2018
Above 5 major quakes have hit the Fiji Island area this month including a massive magnitude 7.9.
A powerful magnitude 6.5 struck South of the Fiji Islands last night and is the 5th major quake to hit the area this month.
The quake comes as the powerful solar wind is expected to reach the Earth's magnetosphere from a massive coronal hole on our Sun later today, (many experts believe coronal hole activity on our Sun is a trigger for large quakes on Earth) see picture below.

Many people are thought dead and hundreds missing after a hydroelectric dam collapsed in southeastern Laos nearly 7,000 homeless
Many people are thought dead and hundreds missing Tuesday after a hydroelectric dam collapsed in southeastern Laos, state media reported.
The Xepian-Xe Nam Noy hydropower dam in Attapeu province collapsed, releasing five billion cubic meters of water in the San Sai district, according to Sky News.
The water swept away several hopes, the official news agency KPL reported.
More than 6,600 people were left homeless.
A video posted on the ABC Laos news Facebook page showed villages watching the water from the side of a river bank. It's unclear how many people died in the dam collapse.

Climate Change
August 2018 was 5th hottest on record for the globe and 403rd consecutive month with global temperatures above average
Photo NOAA
After flaming July 2018 was confirmed as the 403rd consecutive month with global temperatures above average and the 4th hottest on record August has weighed in as the 5th hottest August on record for the globe in NOAA recent monthly report.
As expected NOAA claimed Polar sea ice coverage remains at near-record lows.
August was another hot one for the record books.

The new Ebola outbreak could be the worst ever seen because area is surrounded by Ugandan Islamist militias and can't be reached
The new Ebola outbreak that has infected 111 people and killed 75 in the Democratic Republic of Congo since it began four weeks ago has the 'potential to be the worst ever seen'.
The agency that responds to humanitarian crises fears it will trump the pandemic of 2014, which killed 11,000 and decimated West Africa.
Virologists have repeatedly warned the situation is ‘hard to control’ because cases are in a conflict zone, roamed by armed Islamic militias.
And yesterday, Dr Tedros Adhanom, chief of the World Health Organization ramped up the warnings over its potential rapid spread.

Animal Die-offs
The true state of America's coastal and waterways: Thousands of tons of dead marine life is impacting the US every month and it's getting worse
Manatee, marine life fatalities add up
A dead manatee floated up in Anna Maria Sound Aug. 26 to the dock at the Sunrise Lane home of Holmes Beach Commissioner Judy Titsworth.
She said there were only a few dead fish on the waterway, but red tide is suspected in the manatee death.
She said a team from Mote Marine Laboratory was on its way to collect the manatee. Islander Courtesy Photo: Judy Titsworth

Below is just a handful of fish-die-offs in August which impacted the US, these catastrophes are mostly only covered by local news stations and never linked together nationally which keeps the "big picture" out of the eyes of the greater public who understandably have no idea of the carnage, our oceans and waterways are dying. 

Another update from Bill in Alaska: Pacific radiation rise in fish this year is terrifying! RF Radiation from cellphone towers killing spruce trees
Dear Gary and Readers of the Big Wobble,
Another couple of updates from Alaska:
We will start with the radiation salmon problem from the radioactive pollution from Fukushima. As I suspected, there was a large increase in radiation from last year to this year. As I have preciously written, there was an increase of 27% in radiation from 2012 to 2017. I found the random sampling I did this year to be terrifying! 

American inferno: 90 wildfires from Texas to Oregon as deadly Carr fire causes tens of thousands of people to be evacuated
Five people are now known to be dead, two of them children with 17 missing and tens of thousands evacuated as the "Carr Fire" destroys 84,000 acres (34,000 hectares) of land an area three times bigger than the city of San Francisco.
The fire is being fed by strong winds and only 5% of the blaze is contained.
The blaze was one of about a dozen major wildfires burning across California on Saturday and of nearly 90 overall from Texas to Oregon.
According to Reuters, the fires which started Thursday driven by gale-force winds exploded into a firestorm that leapt the Sacramento River and engulfed whole neighbourhoods in and around Redding, sending thousands of people fleeing for their lives in a chaotic evacuation.

Photo of the day
Picture of the day: Very tame Blackbird lays two beautiful blue eggs just 1 meter above our dining table
Photo Credit MarJan Walton

Earlier this month we noticed a female Blackbird hanging around under our conservatory in the back garden.
She was incredibly tame and totally unfazed by being around humans and we soon realised she was building a nest just 1 meter above our dining table, see picture below.
She soon delivered two beautiful blue eggs.
She stayed with us for a week or so sitting in her nest while we all went about our business and she was obviously very comfortable living among us.
Unfortunately one morning we came downstairs to see our lady friend in her nest with broken eggshells and behaving in a distressed manner, we think the nest was attacked by Magpies earlier that morning.
She is still to be found in our garden however and she is still very tame.