The Big Wobble Headlines

Major Quakes
Magnitude 6.2 is the 8th major quake of May and the 34th of 2017 an incredible 95 less than in the same time period as 2011
Yesterdays magnitude 6.2 - 39km S of Namatanai, Papua New Guinea is the 8th major quake of May and the 34th of a record breaking low count so far in 2017, see maps below.

Extreme Weather
Deadly heatwave in India claims 161 lives as temperatures approach 50 Celsius (122 Fahrenheit ) with no end in sight
Telangana had been burning over 40 degree Celsius for some days.
According to MeT department the situation will prevail for at least one more week.
At least 161 people in Telangana have died due to heat stroke during this summer.

Recent Volcano Activity
Sakura-Jima Volcano, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan exploding ash and steam 2 to 3 times a day approx. 2,500 km high
Since its re-awakening in late March, the Sakura-Jima Volcano, Kagoshima Prefecture, shows the Volcano is erupting once again frequently.
More details volcano seems to be back in its typical activity of intermittent small to moderate vulcanian explosions at rates of typically 2-3 per day.

War On Terror
Diplomatic incident in the Black Sea: Turkish freighter sinks Russian warship with 15 Russians missing: Event was "out of the ordinary"Russian commander!
A Russian warship has sunk after colliding with a freighter off the coast of Istanbul in the Black Sea, Turkey's coastal safety authority said.
Turkish media reports say 15 Russian soldiers are missing after their warship collided with a freighter off Istanbul, in the Black Sea.

Typhoons And Hurricanes
Severe and dangerous Tropical Cyclone Donna to threaten life and property in New Caledonia into midweek
NASA Sees Tropical Cyclone Donna and Ella "Bookend" Fiji The island of Fiji appears to be "bookended" by tropical cyclones in imagery from the NASA-NOAA Suomi NPP satellite.
Tropical Cyclone Donna is west of Fiji and newly developed Tropical Cyclone Ella has developed east of the island.

Animal Die Offs
Pelicans and other species of aquatic birds dying in Florida after being disoriented and bleeding from the mouth: Reason unknown
Pelicans and other species of aquatic birds are reportedly dying off from the coast near Amelia Island all the way south to Ponte Vedra Beach, sea life researchers say.
Researchers with the Florida Sea Grant Extension of Northeast Florida, a part of the Unversity of Florida/IFAS Extension Program based in Flagler County, say ospreys, pelicans, gulls, and anhingas are a part of this die-off.

State of emergency is declared on Greek island battling a plague of locusts on a Biblical scale!
A tiny Greek island has declared a state of emergency after being plagued by a swarm of locusts. Villagers and volunteers have been trying to spray pesticides all over the sleepy port island of Agios Efstratios in an attempt to fix the problem.

The new Ebola outbreak kills another person as suspected cases double to 400 in just one week in Democratic Republic of the Congo
A fourth person is believed to have died of Ebola in an outbreak of the disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the World Health Organization said on Sunday.

Massive Coronal Hole now facing Earth ejecting solar wind expected to reach 700 + km/s resembles serpent attacking a person
A massive Coronal hole has opened up on the Sun and is facing Earth, it is ejecting solar solar wind which NOAA forecasters expect to reach speeds of 700 + kilometers per second which is expected to reach our magnetosphere sometime later today.

Strange phenomena
The "Strange noises" are back! Strange 'alien' noises heard over the skies of Nottingham: People left baffled by the noises for years (Video)
Strange 'alien' noises heard over the skies of Nottingham Strange noises that can be described as trumpets or grinding metals has been heard over the streets of Nottingham.

Climate Change
Another 10,000 homes evacuated from Florida as fires caused by crippling drought conditions has destroyed nearly 100,000 acres this year
Nine homes were destroyed and mandatory evacuations of approximately 7,000 homes were in place Friday afternoon due to an ongoing brush fire.
Nearly 5,000 acres were scorched near Everglades Boulevard and 30th Avenue SE.

Man Made Disasters
West Lake Landfill : An underground fire, radioactive waste, and governmental failure "highly elevated levels" of Thorium found in St. Louis County homes
There are growing concerns about radioactive contamination in some north St. Louis County homes. And some say it came from the nuclear waste at the West Lake Landfill.
It's the latest development in a story 5 On Your Side has been following for months.
A law firm representing homeowners said experts have now tested five homes in the Spanish Village subdivision and all five have had elevated levels of some radioactive materials.

Refugee Crisis
Around 250 feared dead in new Med migrant boat sinkings
Around 250 African migrants are feared to have drowned in the Mediterranean after a rescue boat found two partially submerged rubber dinghies off Libya, a spokeswoman for the NGO which operates the vessel said Thursday.