The Big Wobble Headlines: Quick Read

Part 4 conclusion: 1914 the beginning of pangs of distress with dates derived from Bible prophecy will end sometime between 2040-2064
Part 4 Conclusion.

1914 the beginning of pangs of distress.
Quite a few influential people claimed the world changed forever in the year 1914.
One of my favourite writers, George Orwell wrote in his book Coming Up For Air: "People living up to 1914 had something never prevalent again, ever, after 1914."
He also wrote, "before 1914 people didn't think of the future as something to be terrified of like we do now, and life was not softer then, on the contrary, life was much harsher."

The Ubinas Volcano, the most active in Peru: Mount Bromo in East Java Indonesia and Italy's Mount Etna, Europe's biggest all erupt over the weekend
Hundreds of people living near a volcano in southern Peru have been evacuated after it erupted and spread ash on Friday.
The Ubinas Volcano, the most active in Peru, recorded two explosions since dawn, which spewed ash and affected more than eight surrounding areas.
Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra called for the evacuation, describing it as "a major event unlike any we have had in recent years."
The Geophysical Institute of Peru forecast that the volcano's activity will escalate in the following days with stronger eruptions and more ash emissions coming.
The volcano, which is 5,672 meters high and located in the Moquegua region, saw its more active period from 2013 to 2016.

Major quakes
Another powerful quake rattles the Pacific Ring Of Fire bringing the total to 39 in a row: A mag 6.9 (reduced to a mag 6.6) strikes Western Australia
An earthquake of magnitude 6.9 struck west of the beach resort of Broome, Australia, the United States Geological Survey said on Sunday.
According to Reuters, there were no immediate reports of damages or casualties in the quake, which the agency said hit at a depth of 33 km (21 miles), about 203 km (126 miles) offshore from the town in the state of Western Australia.
Last nights quake brings the total of major quakes (mag 6+) to 85, incredibly all but 7 of them striking the Pacific Ring Of Fire.
Incredibly, the last 39 major quakes this year, going back to the 3rd of May have occurred along the Pacific Ring Of Fire.
Last nights quake was the 8th major quake of July.

Extreme Weather
A gargantuan heatwave hunkered down over the central and eastern United States on Saturday: Gripping more than half of the U.S.
A dangerous and deadly heatwave is gripping nearly more than half of the U.S.
Tens of millions are set to broil in record-setting high temperatures this weekend, with heat advisories or warnings in effect from the Midwest to much of the East Coast.
The heatwave is already blamed for at six least deaths.
Temperatures are expected to range from the mid-'90s to the triple digits, with the heat index making it feel as hot as 100 to 115 degrees (46 deg C).

Hurricanes and cyclones
Tropical Cyclone Fani is forecast to become a formidable cyclone in the Bay of Bengal as death toll rises to 38 in Mozambique from Cyclone Kenneth
Tropical Cyclone Fani is forecast to become a formidable cyclone in the Bay of Bengal and is likely to pose a danger to parts of eastern India and Bangladesh late this week.
Cyclone Fani is expected to intensify into an “extremely severe” storm as it heads toward the coast of the eastern Indian state of Odisha, the India Meteorological Office said on Tuesday.
According to Reuters, the storm is currently in the Bay of Bengal about 690 km (414 miles) east-southeast of Chennai and moved north-northwest at a speed of 16 km per hour (10 miles per hour) over the past six hours, the office said.

NASA dumped trimethyl aluminium (TMA) and a barium/strontium mixture into the magnetosphere Friday (don't worry it's perfectly safe!)
According to NASA, which funded the mission, on Friday night two rockets dumped trimethyl aluminium (TMA) and a barium/strontium mixture into the magnetosphere above Norway.
NASA claimed, "the chemicals pose no hazard to residents in the region."
But what was the purpose of the experiment? 
According to NASA, the experiment was to measure winds and currents in the ionosphere, an electrically charged layer of the Earth's atmosphere where auroras appear. Specifically, the researchers are interested in discovering how auroral energy might percolate down toward Earth to influence the lower atmosphere.

Manmade disasters
The Marshall Islands in the Pacific have radiation levels up to 1,000 times higher than Chernobyl and Fukushima: With Plutonium-239, a radioactive half-life of 24,100 years.
This week the world has been bombarded with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with billions of dollars being promised to go back in the near future.
Meanwhile, a group of islands in the Pacific, hundreds of thousands of miles closer to the US than the moon is now considered to be the most toxic area in the world with radiation much higher in some areas than  Chernobyl and Fukushima decades after nuclear testing.
According to the Weather Channel, more than 60 years after the last blast in the Marshall Islands, scientists say radiation levels are still dangerously high.
67 nuclear tests were conducted in the area from 1946 to 1958.
Researchers claim that radiation in the area is up to 1,000 times higher than Chernobyl and Fukushima.

Climate Change
Here we go again! Heatwave alert plan for parts of Europe as another week of scorching temperatures is coming just a month after a similar heatwave in June.
As a mighty heatwave is boiling more than half of the US at this moment, Europe is bracing itself for a new heatwave every bit as hot as last months record-breaker.
Paris authorities on Monday activated a heatwave alert plan for the capital as France prepared for another week of scorching temperatures just a month after a similar heatwave in June.
According to Reuters, the “level three” alert includes measures to ensure that elderly and vulnerable people are checked up on regularly and that rooms are set aside for shelter.
Meteo France forecast temperatures in Paris reaching as high as 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 Fahrenheit) on Tuesday.

20 Congolese boys were tested for Ebola in Texas back in April as ISIS armed militias are killing health care workers in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Photo World Bank/Vincent Tremeau Health Workers treat a 15-year-old who is suspected of being infected by Ebola, Beni, Democratic Republic of Congo. (2019) 

The UN health agency yesterday identified a 5-year-old Congolese boy as the first confirmed case of Ebola in Uganda.
Despite numerous previous alerts in Uganda, this is the first instance in which the virus has been identified outside DRC during what has become the worst-ever outbreak in its history.

Animal Die-Offs
Oyster fishermen claim 100 per cent of what they dredge up is dead around Biloxi, Louisiana due to yet another deadly algae bloom
Oyster fishermen are saying 100 per cent of what they dredge up is coming up dead, which is not only a serious hit to their livelihoods but could have lasting impacts for years to come.
Fishermen will tell you part of the draw of the job is just being out on the water, but the waters near the Biloxi marsh are a little too quiet.
"North, east, west, there's usually someone harvesting someone trawling you don't see nothing, there's not one person out here," said oyster fisherman, Gregory Perez.
Gregory Perez says he's worked for years building and tending to these acres of water, or his private oyster leases.

The locust invasion is the worst in the area in 60 years: Sardinia Italy becomes the latest area to become devastated by locusts
Millions of locusts have devastated at least 2,000 hectares of crops in Sardinia, Italian farmers union Coldiretti said on Monday, with experts calling the invasion the worst in six decades.
The most affected areas are Nuoro, Ottana and Orani in the middle of the Mediterranean island, with many areas blanketed by the insects, Coldiretti said in a statement.
The locust invasion is the worst in the area in 60 years, local entomologist Ignazio Floris told La Stampa daily.
The insect explosion is linked to a sharp rise in temperatures after a relatively cold May, with many of the young insects emerging from uncultivated land.

The massive wildfires in Portugal over the weekend were started deliberately in what some governments are calling the new weapon of terror
More than 1,000 firefighters are tackling wildfires spreading in east Portugal, which have injured 30 people.
Homeowners tried to protect their properties from the huge fires with buckets of water and hosepipes as strong winds fanned the winds on Sunday.
Portugal's Civil Protection Authority said more than 1,150 firefighters were working to contain the blazes, which broke out on Saturday across three fronts in the district of Castelo Branco, 124 miles (200km) northeast of the capital Lisbon.
Authorities said one injured civilian was taken to hospital and is in a serious condition after suffering first and second-degree burns.

Photo of the day
Picture of the day: Very tame Blackbird lays two beautiful blue eggs just 1 meter above our dining table
Photo Credit MarJan Walton

Earlier this month we noticed a female Blackbird hanging around under our conservatory in the back garden.
She was incredibly tame and totally unfazed by being around humans and we soon realised she was building a nest just 1 meter above our dining table, see picture below.
She soon delivered two beautiful blue eggs.
She stayed with us for a week or so sitting in her nest while we all went about our business and she was obviously very comfortable living among us.
Unfortunately one morning we came downstairs to see our lady friend in her nest with broken eggshells and behaving in a distressed manner, we think the nest was attacked by Magpies earlier that morning.
She is still to be found in our garden however and she is still very tame.