Monday 21 November 2016

Magnitude 6.9 - 37km ESE of Namie, Japan, close to Fukushima: Second major quake in 24 hours as massive coronal hole faces Earth

A magnitude 6.9 - 37km ESE of Namie, Japan, close to Fukushima has struck the east coast tonight'.  
Its the second major quake to hit the Earth in 24 hours...
The quake was originally recorded as a mag 7.4, with a tsunami warning.
This evenings major quake was the 9th of this November and the 121st of 2016.
Earlier today The Big Wobble reported a magnitude 6.4 hitting Argentina, with more major quakes likely.

A magnitude 6.4 quake rocks Argentina as massive coronal hole returns to face Earth

A magnitude 6.4 - 10km SSW of Zonda, hit Argentina last night, it came as a massive coronal hole on the Sun returned to face Earth raising concerns of further major quakes to hit in the coming days.

At the end of October, a hole in the sun's atmosphere lashed Earth's magnetic field with solar wind, sparking strong geomagnetic storms and almost a full week of Arctic auroras. It's back. The same "coronal hole" is turning toward Earth again, it has shrunk a little but it still covers a third of our Sun. 

The West coast of the US is looking more and more vulnerable as its the only area of the "ring of fire" not to witness a major quake this year and the law of averages would suggest "the big one" has to come sooner or later.

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