Mass animal-die-offs 2019

Florida's worst nightmare is back! It killed thousands of tons of marine life last year: Red tide has arrived on Manatee County shores early
It was the unprecedented horror of 2018 for Florida's beaches when toxic algae killed thousands of tons of marine life and have returned.
Red tide is back in Manatee County shores - news that will be unwelcome by everyone.
A sample taken at the Coquina Beach South Boat ramp on Monday found very low levels of Karenia brevis, the algae that cause red tide, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
It's not the first patch of red tide detected on Florida's west coast this month.
Very low levels of Karenia brevis were detected off of Nokomis Beach last week.

Another disaster unfolding for farmers! Hundreds of millions of pigs in danger as incurable swine fever sweeps through Eastern Asia
Vietnam has culled more than 1.2 million farmed pigs infected with African swine fever, the government said on Monday, as the virus continues to spread rapidly in the Southeast Asian country. Pork accounts for three-quarters of total meat consumption in Vietnam, a country of 95 million people where most of its 30 million farm-raised pigs are consumed domestically.
The virus was first detected in Vietnam in February and has spread to 29 provinces, including Dong Nai, which supplies around 40% of the pork consumed in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam's southern economic hub.
"The risk of the virus spreading further is very high and the evolution of the outbreak is complicated," the government said in a statement.

A "very unusual" spike in dolphin deaths after Turkey's largest-ever navy drills in the region (many more dolphins thought to be dead out at sea)
The Aegean Sea has seen a "very unusual" spike in dolphin deaths over the past few weeks, a Greek marine conservation group said Monday.
The Archipelagos Institute said while it's still unclear what caused the deaths, the spike followed Turkey's largest-ever navy drills in the region - the Feb.
27-March 8 "Blue Homeland" exercises that made constant use of sonar and practised with live ammunition.
Fifteen dead dolphins have washed up on the eastern island of Samos and other parts of Greece's Aegean coastline since late February, the group said.

A Virus and not a toxic algae is thought to be behind the deaths of hundreds of Florida fresh water turtles
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says an unknown virus may be to blame for hundreds of turtles dying in the St. Johns River.
According to a spokesperson for the commission, scientists at the University of Florida have identified a novel virus in 18 dead turtles discovered along the river.
They say the virus seems to be a common link in the samples.
Since last March, FWC says more about 300 fresh-water softshell and cooter turtles have been reported dead or sick in the massive river.

The true number whales dolphins porpoises and birds which have died in the Atlantic in the first quarter of 2019 is unprecedented
For more than two years, scientists have been working to figure out the underlying cause of a so-called “unusual mortality event.
From January 2016 to mid-February 2019, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recorded 88 humpback whale strandings with New York, Virginia, and Massachusetts at the top of the list.
Those numbers are more than double the number that of whales stranded between 2013 and 2016.
This increase prompted NOAA to declare an “unusual mortality event” in April 2017 for humpbacks from Maine to Florida. Nearly two years later, the declaration still stands.
NOAA is flirting with shipping channels as the reason for the huge spike in humpback whale strandings.

62 days into 2019 already 600 dolphins have washed up dead, with more dolphins dead at the bottom of the ocean or have washed out to sea along the French coast
62 days into 2019 and already 600 dolphins have washed up dead, with many more dolphins dead at the bottom of the ocean or have washed out to sea rather than ending up on the beaches.
While dead dolphins wash up on beaches in France each year scientists say the situation is alarming with the figure being much higher than any previous year at the same period.
According to The Local fr, the dolphins are washing up on the stretch of Atlantic coast running all the way from southern Brittany to the Spanish border with large numbers of carcasses found in the departments of Vendée and in the Charentes Maritimes.
 Most of the dead dolphins found bear injury marks which researchers say are caused by big fishing boats and the large fishing nets they use.

Thousands of cuttlefish wash up dead on a beach in Chile after heavy rains wreaked havoc at normally one of the driest places on Earth (Video)
Thousands of cuttlefish have mysteriously washed ashore in Chile's Bahia Inglesa, a coastal area that is one of the country's main tourist hotspots.
Locals say such an incident has not happened before, and environmental authorities are investigating and have warned locals not to eat the fish amidst pollution fears.
There are concerns that the dead fish could damage the region's fishing industry, a major driver of the local economy. Bahia Inglesa is a popular summer destination for Chile, with thousands attracted to the area's pristine beaches.
The deaths remain as ever, a mystery.

The thousands of dead cuttlefish washed up close to where heavy rains have wreaked havoc in northern Chile last week causing rivers to overflow and forcing residents from their flooded homes.

Record warm summers in the Pacific Northwest and Scotland has almost wiped out salmon which are being "cooked" in rivers and streams
Salmon-fishing. Scotland was the best place in the world for salmon fishing but some beats on famous rivers like the Spey and the Nith recorded not a single salmon caught during the entire season. Photo

Record warm summers in the Pacific Northwest are adding to the threats facing salmon.
According to the Weather Channel, the salmon was said not to have stood a chance and became "cooked" in rivers and streams.
The salmon population is already in drastic decline due to overfishing, habitat loss and pollution.
Now higher temperatures in rivers and streams are killing adult salmon before they can reproduce.
Dwindling winter snowpack is also shrinking rivers and streams.

More than 20,000 dead guillemots washed up dead on Dutch beaches blamed on severe starvation due to lack of fish
It was late on a stormy Saturday night when marine biologist Mardik Leopold's phone rang at his home on the remote northern Dutch island of Texel.
On the line was a coast-watch volunteer calling to tell him of reports of hundreds of dead guillemots washing up along the country's shores.
"The next morning, my phone rang red-hot from callers all over reporting dead birds," Leopold, based at Wageningen University's marine research department in the northern port city of Den Helder, told AFP. "
Alarm bells started ringing."
Since early January, more than 20,000 dead guillemots have washed up dead on Dutch beaches-from the northern Wadden Islands to southwestern Zeeland (probably thousands more died at sea).

A horror is unfolding in Australia as hundreds of thousands of livestock are dead after a year and a half's rain fell in just seven days
Torrential rains that lashed the coastal city of Townsville in Queensland state this week have swept inland and flooded grazing land gripped by severe drought for years.
Pictures posted on social media showed scores of cattle trapped on patches of high ground surrounded by water, or dead and dying in the mud.
“We’ve had a year and a half of rainfall in about seven days,” cattle grazier Michael Bulley told Reuters by phone from Bindooran Station west of Julia Creek in Queensland’s outback.
Bulley said he flew over his three properties by helicopter and saw water stretching for miles in each direction.

Mystery unfolding as 20,000 guillemots have died off the northern coast of Holland while thousands of headless fish wash up just a 100km away in Germany
Scientists are trying to find out why some 20,000 guillemots have died in recent weeks along the Dutch coast.
The birds were all emaciated and there are fears they may have been victims of a spill from the MSC Zoe container ship, from which some 345 containers fell in the sea during a storm, although experts stress its too early to blame the ship container spill.
Mardik Leopold, a seabird expert from Wageningen University, said the figure of 20,000 dead guillemots was based on educated guesswork.
"That's based on the average trending rate of one guillemot per kilometre of beach per day in the Netherlands with 300km [186 miles] available. That's 10,000 birds," he told the BBC.

Don't believe the phoney hype! Officials in Florida claim red tide killed 267 tons of marine life, when the actual total is thousands of tons, (links provided)
"This was Florida's Deep Water Horizon!" An incredible 408 marine life die-off's, almost one every day from July 2016 to November 2018 and is the biggest marine disaster in Florida's history and today the Coastal Conservation Association Florida and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have come up with an official number of deaths during that period, they are claiming the red tide killed 267 tons of marine life along the Southwest coast of Florida. Full story

On December the 6th 2018, Fox13 claimed red tide blamed for the massive fish kill at Robinson Preserve Full story here

" Without the bats dispersing the seeds we won't have trees!" Flying foxes in danger as record numbers now dying in the heatwave
Photo Wildlife aid
Record high temperatures have devastated bat colonies across South Australia's state capital, Adelaide, with up to 3,000 flying foxes dropping dead from trees by the end of the weekend, according to local media.
At least 1,500 grey-headed flying foxes collapsed at the city's botanic gardens, parklands and riverbanks, with wildlife conservationists calling the incident the largest of its kind, the ABC news channel reported on Sunday.

824 manatee 589 sea turtles 127 bottlenose dolphins and probably billions of fish and countless birdlife dead from red tide algae in Florida
It has been one of The Big Wobble's biggest and most tragic stories of the last one and a half years.
A Florida red tide outbreak close to 16 months old has killed more sea turtles than any previous single red tide event on record, and manatee deaths are not far behind.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission attributed 589 sea turtles and 213 manatee deaths to this episode of red tide, which began in late 2017.
It had also killed 127 bottlenose dolphins as of the beginning of 2019, leading the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to declare an unusual mortality event.

Thousands of birds found dead at one of Western Australia's most important inland wetlands: Heatwave and algae bloom responsible
Thousands of birds have been found dead at one of Western Australia's most important inland wetlands.
A Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development veterinarian arrived at Lake Gregory in the East Kimberley earlier this month to take a sample, and found a number of wild birds in "poor conditions with low body weights".
On a department inspection, it was found several thousand birds had died at the wetland, but the cause of death remains a mystery.
Lake Gregory is a permanent freshwater lake located between the Great Sandy Desert and the Tanami Desert and was previously described by the department as the most important inland wetland in Australia.

A wall of Jellyfish have stung more than 22,000 beachgoers on Australia's Gold and Sunshine coasts in 1 week more than double the yearly average
Jellyfish! The Next King of the Sea; as the world’s oceans are degraded they are being dominated by jellyfish

Jellyfish have stung more than 22,000 beachgoers on Australia's Gold and Sunshine coasts, prompting officials to issue warnings and close beaches.
Safety authority Surf Life Saving Queensland said the bluebottle jellyfish -- also known as Pacific man-of-war -- have been blown in by recent winds.
The surge in jellyfish numbers coincided with a busy period on Queensland beaches, with Christmas, the New Year and the school holidays bringing people to the coast.

Hundreds of thousands of fish have died due to drought temperature drop and algae bloom in NSW Australia
Hundreds of thousands of fish have died in far western NSW as drought conditions continue to grip the state.
The NSW Department of Primary Industries and WaterNSW are investigating a large fish kill in several rivers and dams at Menindee after a sharp cool change hit the region following a period of very hot weather.
"The ongoing drought conditions across western NSW have resulted in fish kills in a number of waterways recently," DPI senior fisheries manager Anthony Townsend said in a statement on Monday.

Thousands stung by a jellyfish invasion in Queensland Australia in yet another case of the 21st-century indicator to the demise of our oceans
It is one of the 21st-century indicators to the demise of the world's oceans and the problem is exploding around the world.
jellyfish invasions are washing ashore all over the globe because of a lack of predators in the ocean to eat them.
Vast numbers of bluebottle jellyfish have been pushed ashore in Queensland, Australia, stinging thousands of people and forcing the closure of swim spots.
Surf Life Saving Queensland said thousands of people received treatment at the weekend.
Bluebottle stings are painful but typically not life-threatening.


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  2. MAKING SENSE OF REVELATION, A VERSE BY VERSE LITHOPHANE by A.W. Simpson. For instance, after Habakkuk hears antichrist rising Habakkuk 3:16, the next verse describes the state of the earth. It does fail in its ability to produce and maintain. Geoengineering works.

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