Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Mystery unfolding as 20,000 guillemots have died off the northern coast of Holland while thousands of headless fish wash up just a 100km away in Germany

Thousands of headless fish have washed ashore (Pic: ONLINE FOCUS)

  • 20,000 guillemots have died in recent weeks along the Dutch coast.
  • Thousands of headless fish with their bladders torn out have mysteriously washed ashore in Germany.

Scientists are trying to find out why some 20,000 guillemots have died in recent weeks along the Dutch coast.
The birds were all emaciated and there are fears they may have been victims of a spill from the MSC Zoe container ship, from which some 345 containers fell in the sea during a storm, although experts stress its too early to blame the ship container spill.
Mardik Leopold, a seabird expert from Wageningen University, said the figure of 20,000 dead guillemots was based on educated guesswork.
"That's based on the average trending rate of one guillemot per kilometre of beach per day in the Netherlands with 300km [186 miles] available. That's 10,000 birds," he told the BBC.
A similar number would have been left in the sea, he added.
Although he is keeping an open mind, he points out that the birds began washing up at the time of the container spill.
Bad weather can also affect a guillemot's access to food, but Mr Leopold believes the problem would then not have been confined to the Dutch coast.
On Wednesday, Dutch authorities said that at least 345 containers had fallen off the ship, 54 more than first thought.

Meanwhile, just a 100 km east another mystery is unfolding as thousands of headless fish with their bladders torn out have mysteriously washed ashore in Germany.
The deaths have left the authorities puzzled after first washing ashore last Thursday.
In bizarre footage posted by German publication Focus, a blanket of dead fish is seen covering 150 square meters of the harbour in the small town of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
Birds appear to pick at the growing pile of the decapitated fish, while specialists appear to scoop some out of the water.
Many of the different sized fish are missing their heads while nearly all appear to have had their bladders torn out.


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  1. What did those containers contain deeming them a possible culprit in killing marine life? No news of this here in USA. Thanks for posting it Gary!

    1. Kids toys lots of plastic, tv's, that kind of stuff, but I have since read that they were very thin, like they hadn't eaten for a while

    2. Thanks for the reply and linked report! That is weird, how does that kind of stuff kill marine life like this news states? Your input seems more likely not involved with these containers. I had a feeling it was another source that caused this, and now I see I am probably correct. They sure come up with some stupid excuses to explain these environmental deaths! Same here in U.S.
      I think you are right. We had this happen a few times in SWFL, one most recent about two months ago. Hundreds or thousands of cattle egrets fell dead from the sky on to I-75 highway in Lee County and just as you described, thin emaciated carcass's is what those birds were too. They blamed a controlled burn in the area saying the birds are drawn to the smoke and died from that! Lol.....
      If you recall, one comment I ended with saying feed the wildlife if you can they are starving! Remember? Now I have one more piece of proof that I was not exaggerating that statement.
      After our summer of massive algae and red tide blooms here we lost most of our marine life and officials put a fishing ban on snook and red fish only! There are no fish anymore and these irritating tourists still go out fishing up the one or two they find. The birds here are starving from lack of fish, porpoises too, and insects they normally made meals of are also in serious decline. I am a resident here for 30 years and all year long I reside. In summer it is me and maybe two other homes that remain while the tourism empties out and every other dwelling is empty. The birds are smart and they see my place is occupied so they come to my yard looking for help. The great white and blue herons are like my pets now because when they began showing up, within a week of that water crisis, they were looking pretty thin to me which told me their food has been lost in the crisis. I am poor but find a way to salvage some of my meat to feed those herons almost every day. This is what I meant, save whatever life you can it all matters much! Besides, they are so sweet and really smart! I so enjoy their visits and watching them interact with me and other birds that follow them here. I have become known to them as mama I think, lol, I am the bird feeder now!
      You probably are aware that most areas on the globe are losing insect populations and of course as we see marine life and ground wildlife as well. Its very sad and really pisses me off what man is doing to kill so much precious life out there. Stupid! Without these life forms we threaten our own lives with extinction and one more reason I feel the dire warnings from the science research papers are on the mark with their predictions.
      No bugs, we die. No environment no economy we die!
      Thanks again for your info Gary! Keep up the good work!

  2. Here it is: