Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Florida's worst nightmare is back! It killed thousands of tons of marine life last year: Red tide has arrived on Manatee County shores early


It was the unprecedented horror of 2018 for Florida's beaches when toxic algae killed thousands of tons of marine life and have returned.
Red tide is back in Manatee County shores - news that will be unwelcome by everyone.
A sample taken at the Coquina Beach South Boat ramp on Monday found very low levels of Karenia brevis, the algae that cause red tide, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
It's not the first patch of red tide detected on Florida's west coast this month.
Very low levels of Karenia brevis were detected off of Nokomis Beach last week.
It's also been recently detected in very low concentrations in Charlotte County and background concentrations in Lee County.
There have been no reports of fish kills or respiratory irritation, however.
Manatee County waters have been free from red tide for several months, but potentially toxic blue-green algae have been detected in waters near Anna Maria and in Palma Sola and Sarasota bays in the past week, according to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.
None of the toxins the algae is capable of producing has been detected, however, but some testing is still pending.
Red tide hit Manatee County hard last year.
Starting in early August, it dumped hundreds of tons of dead fish and other marine animals on local beaches and in canals and other waterways.
It clouded the Gulf of Mexico and polluted the air, and hurt hotels and other tourist-related businesses.

"This was Florida's Deep Water Horizon!"
An incredible 408 marine life die-off's, almost one every day from July 2016 to November 2018 and is the biggest marine disaster in Florida's history.
Below are just some of the reports on the carnage the red tide algae caused...

On December the 6th 2018, Fox13 claimed red tide blamed for the massive fish kill at Robinson Preserve Full story here

On 30th of October, 2018 AJC reported 10 tons of dead fish removed from Brevard County beaches Florida. Full story

On the same day in Pinellas County, tons of dead fish, killed by red tide, continue to wash inshore in Pinellas County. Full story

USA Today reported on 16th of Oct, 2018 of the red tide fish kill littering Indian River Shores beaches with 60,000 dead fish, police say. Full story

15th of October 2018, CBS Miami reported 14 tons of dead fish removed from Naples Bay Full story

Sept 2018, WJHG reported red tide causes thousands of fish to wash up in Panama City Beach. Full story

Bradenton Herald, 27th of August reported the county had already collected about 241 tons of red tide-related debris left on Manatee County beaches, parks and waterways, cleaning up the majority of fish kills, officials announced during a news conference. Full story

On the 16th of August 2018, reported 309 tons of dead fish were cleared from Sanibel beaches. Full story here

On the same day, Fox4 reported Over 3 million pounds (1360 tons) of dead fish cleaned up from Lee County waters, Full story here

On the 6th of August Fox13 reported, tons of dead fish cleared from beaches on Anne Marie Island. Full story here

The end of July, Miami Herald reported dead fish, birds, manatees, even a whale shark. As the toll from worst red tide in decade grows. Report here 

in April 2018, Spectrum News 13show a video of thousands of fish coming up dead in the Indian River Lagoon again. Brevard County officials think the warmer weather and algae blooms are to blame Full story

Nov 2017, Fox news, reports, red tide causing thousands of dead fish to wash up on Sanibel Full story

Sept 2017, CBS reports,  South Florida Water Management District crew arrived early Wednesday to start cleaning up thousands of dead fish, full story

Aug 2017, News Channel 8 reported, thousands of dead fish causing foul smell near Safety Harbor, Clearwater. Full story 

This is only part of the story, there have been many many more fish die off's around the shores of Florida which I have not added because they are smaller and I would be here forever if I did.


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  1. I found a BBC news report yesterday titled, 'climate change: scientists TEST radical ways to fix earths climate'. Dated May 10, 2019.
    Climate Repair = geoengineering. There are many facets to geoengineering and repair is what the arrogant lunatics think/say they are doing. With regards to the dying over heated oceans listen to this "fix". Ocean greening- greening oceans so they can take up more CO2. Such " schemes" involve fertilizing the sea with iron salts which promote the growth of ALGAE.
    1). Ships drop particles into the sea.
    2). Iron stimulates algae.
    3). This produces massive algae blooms on the surface.
    4). The algae absorbs CO2 from the air via photosynthesis.

    For me, this explains much and it explains why this toxic algae is global for at least 2-3 summers now. Probably shows up first and is worse here in FL because we stay warm most of the year compared to colder climates that get this algae later in their summers.

    So, it seems pretty sure to conclude that the algae is on purpose to fix climate change. Isn't that great!? Lunatics working!
    But wait, there's more....!
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    1. Yep, I read the BBC news report, what could possibly go wrong? (sarcasm). The so called "experts" have killed our planet with their mad unhinged experiments and quick-fixes, God promises to destroy the people who destroy the planet!

    2. Climate engineering was the first thought coming into my mind as well when reading Gary's new saddening report.

      Thanks, Hawkeye for alerting me to the GMO corals, I can't believe I missed this disaster (but the fact doesn't surprise me, unfortunately).

      My heart is heavy when I look around and see evidence of modern civilization's insanity. This article, but just looking out the window where the obvious decline of the natural world becomes ever more obvious.

      Now, aside from global climate interventions (which officially don't even exist, except for those with eyes and a brain behind them), they want to add yet another assault: 5G. Climate 'interventions' as done today in combination with 5G will destroy this World (and all life on it) faster than we can imagine. Although telecom industries are strong, many politicians are naive and or sold their souls to industry, I hope people who are aware of these problems will spread the word and encourage others to also contact their representatives. We at least have to try to stop 5G rollout and expose and halt failing climate engineering programs.

      Although I have no human kids of my own, we're all one, you, me, all plants, animals, down to the scale of the fungi and microbes. Just alone on the basis of our relationship, we have to try to preserve life even if it seems a daunting adventure.

      Thank you, Gary for keeping the problems in front of our eyes.


    3. Your welcome Heidi, thanks for the input x