Friday 18 November 2016

Indonesia – 6,000 Displaced by Floods in West Java: 20,000 people affected

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Flood that hit five sub-districts in Karawang Regency, Jawa Barat, Indonesia have widely spread since Sunday (13/11) at 15.00 PM.
There is no indication that the flood subsided.
Water level is various at 20 - 300 cm. Affected five sub-districts and 12 villages covers:
Karawang Barat sub-district (Nagasari, Tanjungmekar, Tunggakjati, Tanjungpura, and Karawang Kulon), Pakisjaya (Telukbuyung), Batujaya (Segaran), Telukjambe Barat (Karangligar and Parungsari), Telukjambe Timur (Purwadana, Wadas, and Sukaluyu)
The flood caused 6.373 evacuees (893 families), while around 19.669 people (9.314 families) suffered due to impact of the flood.
Floods inundated 5.776 houses, 4 units of school buildings, 12 mosques and 133 Ha rice field flooded.
The worst area is in Tanjongpura (1,553 houses) and Karawang Kulon (1,018 houses) in Karawang Barat district flooded.
As well in Wadas Village, Telukjambe Timur there are 1,083 houses were flooded.
Emergency response towards the flood has been conducted by BPBD, TNI, Polri, Basarnas, relevant agencies, and volunteers.
They have evacuated and distributed assistance. Local authority is still going to be conducted on grounds.

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Tropical end to summer this week in many parts of Europe as the mercury is expected to hit 40C (104F) 

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