Hurricanes and cyclones

Hurricanes and cyclones
Paradise islands Mauritius and Reunion battered by category three tropical Cyclone Berguitta thousands of islanders in shelters
Thousands of islanders have scrambled to shelters as authorities declared a class III alert for the category three storm which is due to "pass very close to" the Indian Ocean nation last night.
A tropical cyclone is bearing down on Mauritius and Reunion bringing 75mph winds forcing authorities to close its port and airport.

It promised to be big and it didn't disappoint: 2017 Atlantic hurricane season was a hyperactive deadly destructive record-breaking year.
This map shows the tracks of all tropical cyclones in the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season. Credit NASA 2017 Atlantic hurricane season
It promised to be a big season and it didn't disappoint, the 2017 Atlantic hurricane was a hyperactive deadly and destructive season.
2017 produced 17 named storms equaling 1936 as the 5th most active season ever.
According to Wikipedia, 2017 produced the highest number of major hurricanes since the crazy year of 2005.

More than 1 million evacuated from southern Vietnam as Typhoon Tembin has strengthened and is expected to make landfall today
Typhoon Tembin has strengthened and is expected to make landfall today along the coast of Southern Vietnam after killing 200 people with as many missing and leaving 70,000 homeless.
The storm which is now packing winds gusts of up to 115 km/h is travelling west at a speed of 22 km/h.

200 dead around 200 missing 70,000 homeless in the Philippines from tropical storm Tembin 37 more dead in a separate fire incident
Rescuers in the Philippines are searching for around 200 people after another 200 have died with thousand 70,000 homeless due to floods and landslides wreaked by tropical storm Tembin on the southern island of Mindanao from late on Friday.
The disaster comes just days after tropical storm Kai-Tak killed a further 54.

Just 7 days after tropical storm Kai-Tak killed 54 Tropical Storm Tembin kills another 90 with many missing in the storm battered Philippines
It's just a week since tropical storm Kai-Tak caused devastation in the Philippines killing 54 people, a further 90 have died with many more missing from another severe, "Tropical Storm Tembin."
The latest tropical storm has triggered mudslides and flooding according to officials.
Reports claiming a whole village has been buried by a mudslide cannot be confirmed because power and communication lines to the area had been cut, complicating rescue efforts.

Tropical storm Tembin to batter Philippines days after tropical storm Kai-Tek affected 200,000 people: Active Kanlaon Volcano and quake watch!
A passenger ferry with 251 people on board has sunk in choppy waters off the Philippines' eastern coast, causing an undetermined number of casualties.
At least 100 people have been rescued after the accident near the village of Dinahican in Quezon province, 74 kilometres east of Manila.
Many are thought to be missing.

U.S. territory Puerto Rico official death toll of 64 after Hurricane Maria is probably more than a 1,000 media claim
Photo Wikipedia
As Puerto Rico struggles to rebuild after being battered by Hurricane Maria, the strongest to hit the island in almost a hundred years. Puerto Rico's governor has ordered a review of deaths after the massive hurricane struck in September following media reports that the death toll was far higher than the official count.

The hurricane season that wouldn’t quit: 2017 the fifth most active season ever and one of the longest beginning in April! The shape of things to come?
It's just over a week since the end of a remarkable 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, which officially ended on November the 30th.
It was the hurricane season that wouldn’t quit, it was in the top ten's most active season in the historical record dating to 1851 and was the most active season since the crazy year of 2005.

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