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Friday, 31 January 2020

Coronavirus censorship: Will they shut down the web? What happens when the virus hits third world countries? Leaders and the media are lying (Projected 500,000 contaminated and 114,000 deaths by mid Feb

Photo, people wearing masks queuing to buy more masks, credit AP
  • The rise in new coronavirus cases outside China now constitutes a global health emergency, the World Health Organization’s Emergency Committee declared on Thursday, calling on all countries to take urgent measures to contain the respiratory disease.
  • Deaths outnumbering the recovered
  • When will they shut down the internet? Since The Big Wobble started daily reports of the Coronavirus, it has lost 50% of traffic and people coming to the site are warned of a "WEB-ATTACK!" by their Firewall software.
  • When will they shut down the internet altogether?
  • “We think we have it very well under control.” (We think they don't have it under control!)
  • The virus has now spread to the UK, no shock but, get this, the BBC announced, the last passenger jet arrived in the UK from Wohan 10 days ago, the UK government do not know where the passengers are, in the UK, they have NOT been quarantined!
On Jan 30th, The National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China released its latest "official" figures: 10,000 confirmed cases in the Republic of China, which is probably a very conservative number. Another 15,000 are suspected. At this rate by the 1st of February, 25,000 people will be contaminated with 500 deaths and by the middle of February more than 500,000 will be contaminated and 114,000 deaths. As Stephen King once wrote: Done bun, can't be undone!

Deaths outnumbering the recovered

We are being constantly told the death rate is relatively low, however, The National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China's own stats show Deaths are easily outnumbering the recovered, see chart below...

When will they turn off the Internet?

Governments and the Media are constantly warning us of social media spreading fake news. (The internet is bringing the truth to the people, the real truth our governments neglect us, so people like me are being targeted.) The Big Wobble is a very small fish in a mega-sized pond! I started covering the Coronavirus with a daily timeline 3 days ago. Since then I have received hundreds of emails and comments from loyal readers claiming they are warned by their firewall software of a "WEB-ATTACK," if they click on my site, ladies and gentlemen that is absurd. In just three days I have lost more than 50% of my traffic, Full Story If this pandemic continues at its current pace, how long will it be before sites like mine are censored and will our governments actually shut down the internet?

For instance, YouTuber, NewsMonger was releasing at least 2 videos a day out of Wuhan, documenting the virus and the city, he has suddenly stopped uploading videos in the last 24 hours, ok I know, he may be sick, or something but, he could also have been arrested, we just don't know. You see, the problem is people like me and many of my readers have to look for "alternative sources," because of the official people more often than not are feeding us nonsense, dumbing us down if you like, for instance, a headline from the BBC yesterday claimed, "the reason the contaminated figures are so high is because the "experts," have become more skilled at detecting the virus!" I mean, come on, do they think we are idiots? 

Quotes like this one below don't help either!

“Hopefully, it won’t be as bad as some people think it could be, but we’re working very closely with them (Chinese) and with a lot of other people and a lot of other countries,” he said. “We think we have it very well under control.” Donald Trump on the Coronavirus yesterday. AP  The virus has now spread to the UK, no shock but, get this, the BBC announced, the last passenger jet arrived in the UK from Wohan 10 days ago, the UK government do not know where the passengers are, in the UK, they have NOT been quarantined!

What are we NOT being told?

The real problem here is, when-not-if this virus begins spreading in third world countries whos governments just cannot cope, then the shit will really hit the fan, imagine if this virus can bring a country to its knees with the facilities China has, then how will countries like Kenya, Somalia, Iraq, Yemeni, for example, cope? The virus will cut through these unfortunate countries like a hot knife through butter!


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Hawkeye said...

Bravo Gary!! Thanks for sharing your story and I agree 1000%!! Same here, social media sites I tell the real news on have so many propaganda trolls with fake credentials and they stalk me, they call it following me, they bash me in comments, call me names, mock me, and even threaten me and the site does nothing amid my complaints with their moderation dept fully behind the trolls of disinformation allowing everything I post, of news like this and the like that does not get reported by msm, to be deleted and collapsed for breaking site policy but no specifics are ever given on what policy I broke.
Its all so tainted now. Like this corno crony virus, lies and malice are spreading to infect major populations logical thinking abilities.
Jesus told us this would happen! Just keep on doing what you do and telling the truth because we know it is truth and love that lives and is all that will save us! I have not had any issues getting to your site so far, just so you know. But geoengineering watch site had a similar issue inabling visitors to get in and or post and that site is not friendly to my smart device. So I believe you completely because these things are and have been happening to me too! They hate the truth. Too bad, keep on trucking my friend!

Gary Walton said...

Thanks for that Hawkeye, by the way, what is your site?

Bob said...

The global e-lite don't want the truth to interfere with their lies and fake new's.

Larry said...

Not necessarily nefarious. This happened on two of my sites, one of which was a simple business site. If Blogger handles all this for you, then you may not be aware that attacks are always happening from all over the world for no darn reason because they handle it. Just hackers and whatever that try to invade anything they can. I tried to add plugins and such to stop it, but the only answer was that it was on the servers at my web host. They tried to tell me it was on my site, but when I complained loudly that it was on their servers and probably affecting their other customers they actually went in and solved it. Good Luck Gary!

Gary Walton said...

Thanks, Larry, I will check it out

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, it's just like the usual flu virus. But maybe this is also a real live test of a recent theoretical simulation and or way to see how best to control people (they sure do). "'They' sure hate us for (the rest of) our freedom."

Unknown said...

No doubt it wont be shut down before the Super Bowl tomorrow...keep the masses distracted. My goodness, what a perfect giant petrie dish that will be...couldn't be paid enough money to go.

Larry said...

I just checked your site again now. No more Malewarebytes alerts anymore. Your site appears clean now. Any ideas why?

Gary Walton said...

The emails have stopped coming in as well Larry, I have no idea why it has stopped mate, no idea what so ever, maybe blowing off on the web helped?

Larry said...

Best Guess: Blogger automatically caught it and cleaned it, (unless they were responding to a complaint of yours.)
Second Best Guess: It was nefarious, the perpetrators knew they were busted, and they removed it.

Gary Walton said...

I have been having a few problems with a certain site recently, to be honest, I guess we will never know, Cheers Larry!

Peter said...

Well done Gary, keep up the great work as long as you can as I can't help but get the feeling that government will be doing their best to shut anyone down who has the ccourage to tell the truth about

Gary Walton said...

Thank you, Peter

Unknown said...

Sadly,Our Government/Country gave up its control over the internet years back to a 3rd party company named ICANN. Who is ICANN? I believe this 3rd party is a front man for the habitual master of lies called the deep state. The USA invented the internet, but now tech companies do the dirty work of wicked and Godless people. All they care about is power, money, and the old dream of total control by any means necessary. God will judge them harshly.

Hawkeye said...

Hi Gary. That site I was complaining about is "Quora". It is a Q&A site of mostly youngins like college students that ask all kinds of questions and then others give answers of which I was one. Using my real name! The answer people have profiles of supposed credentials but there lies the trolls. Fake names, fake credentials. They are oil an gas trolls spewing GW denial, nuclear energy trolls telling these kids that now nuclear radioactive waste is safe and they push propaganda like Fukushima isn't leaking and all is well there. Its bad! Complete state run communism is all I see there and all I tried to do was tell people the truth.
Delete delete delete is all my truth got, but first I would get many upvotes and thousands of views, fast like in days, then the trolls got wind and began following me so in the same day my posts get scrubbed after some nasty comment replies. Its funny because in the same list of emails in my inbox would be two or three answer collapses, then under that the next email was Quota inviting me to earn money if I work for them writing questions because, they said, I get so many views from my lists! So go figure! Maybe trying to trick me or turn me to the side of evil, who knows what that was about, I also declined. Not doing what I do for money! I do it for hope, for God!. I am done with that site now!

Gary Walton said...

I have been there myself on occasion looking for answers, I didn't realise.

Anonymous said...

America did NOT invent the internet.
Comments like that highlight the low ebb of intelligence that humanity has reached.
It is that same low ebb of intelligence that has led to the spread of this virus!
You get what you pay for.
Use it or lose it !