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Imagination magazine cover, depicting an atomic explosion, dated March 1954, credit Wikipedia.

The Prince Of The Power Of The AIR

Charles Baudelaire once said: "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing our world he didn't exist."

I am, much to my wife's annoyance a serial procrastinator, so it's no surprise she caught me staring at my computer screen once again this morning when she brought me a 'cup of tea,' Yes, wives still do that kind of thing when they have been married as long as we have!

"Do something!" She said.
"I'm thinking!" "In a minute!" I answered. 

My head was fixed on several quotes from The Song Of The Vinyard, Isaiah 5: 20, 23:
Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. 21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight. 22 Woe to those who are heroes at drinking wine and champions at mixing drinks, 23 who acquit the guilty for a bribe, but deny justice to the innocent.

Imagine, your bank can block 'YOUR MONEY,' cancel your account or refuse to allow you to open an account because of your political views, or your stand on 'gender' issues or they think you are spending too much money at your local supermarket. They may also block your savings withdrawal to pay for an overseas operation of a loved one in a foreign hospital. Perhaps you want to pay for a new car with cash but the bank will not release your money (which happened to me by the way)—Well, it's happening in the UK and Holland right now. Worse still, all banks can collectively ban you from having an account at all, even if you have never done anything wrong!

As with most business operations, the first rule is client confidentiality, not with banks apparently, or at least with NatWest!

This morning the financial world in the UK has been rocked after NatWest boss Dame Alison Rose had to resign hours after admitting being the source of an inaccurate BBC report about Mr Farage's financial details, a leading figure in British politics.

Well, I don't know if this news has crossed the pond yet, or indeed other parts of the world, but, Southern Europe and much of North Africa have been literally 'SET A LIGHT!' I have never, in my fifteen years reporting climate change seen so many fires breaking out, simultaneously, in my life, what I'm seeing since yesterday makes the fires in Australia, in 2019, California the following year and the ones in Canada last year look like a walk in the park! Ok, that quote is maybe a tad exaggerated, however, what is happening in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Balkans, Greece, Turkey and many parts of North Africa at the moment is quite honestly frightening and disturbing.

It is so bad one reporter claimed on the BBC this morning, "July will be unlivable over here [Southern Europe] very soon!" The talking heads, experts and climate buffs' are describing the fires as 'Biblical,' how right they are—' for once anyway.' 

Wednesday, 21 June 2023 "Paradise Lost!" A letter from Hawkeye in South West Florida–A year ago this area was a most desirable holiday destination–But has now been turned into a chapter from Revelation! A rat-infected, toxic mess, with chest-infecting globs of clumpy ugly algae and a land and sea of dying creatures!

September 2022 Hurricane Ian lands in Hawkeye's backyard and went on to become the third costliest Hurricane in American history!

Yesterday I received another update from my dear friend Hawkeye. It is now nine months since Hurricane Ian devasted her home. Her story is so powerful yet excruciatingly desperate and sad . . . A year ago this area was one of the most desirable holiday destinations in the world. But has now been turned into a living vision of a chapter from a Revelation to John! A rat-infected, toxic mess, with chest-infecting globs of clumpy ugly algae and a land and sea of desperate, dying wildlife and agriculture, made worse by avarice and greed.  

Hi Gary, thanks for this email, it's so great to see you looking so happy and with your beloved family and friends...and to see the landscape in the background so green and lush [In North Holland]. 
It's nothing like that here since the storm blew through [Hurricane Ian, September 2022] that I've almost forgotten already how beautiful it can be. I look at dead trees all bare like toothpicks standing in the sandy dirt, sandy dirt because much of the green grass is also gone here. It fits the verse in Revelation that says, all the green grass burned up.

Imagine, your bank can block 'YOUR MONEY' because they think you are spending too much money at your local supermarket, or they block your savings withdrawal to pay for an overseas operation in a foreign hospital, or you want to pay for a new car with cash—Well, it's happening in Holland right now. Worse still, all Dutch banks can collectively ban you from having an account at all, even if you have never done anything wrong!

Translated from Dutch

Banks [in Holland] may jointly examine the transactions of all their customers if it is up to the cabinet [government]. A new bill would give banks the option to exchange transactions and customer data en masse to detect money laundering. Each bank already monitors its customers individually. But that sometimes goes wrong, with dire consequences. That is why critics fear that the bill will lead to a "banking dragnet" that makes it more difficult to become a customer of a bank.

It is hard to imagine that Ruud Zonneveld launders criminal money. He is a 'neat saver', he says himself, who does not invest his salary in crypto or in cash but keeps it in the bank - ING [Bank], in his case. He, therefore, does not understand why he and his wife have received successive messages from ING [Bank]. [The Bank is asking] why did Ruud pay thousands of euros to Albert Heijn [a local supermarket] in his area last year? (The answer: groceries.)

The spring sun warms my face as it shines through an open office window. The sky is a special kind of blue, a blue which can only come from an ocean's nearby reflection. Small birds chirp with joyful tunes as they go about their business. Tiny buds are beginning to turn green on the trees in my garden and small flowers are in bloom. Spring is here in Northern Europe and I have a wave of excitement running through my bones—Except. . . It's the first week of January. It shouldn't be like this, but it's the third January in a row of record warmth here.

We are indeed living in strange times, fantastic times, wonderous times, dark times, dangerous times, as Bob Dylan wrote—The Times They Are A-Changin' and of course, they are changing —Faster than a speeding bullet.

On January 1st 2020 our world, once again changed forever when we learned of a dangerous new virus sweeping China. SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) The eventual pandemic of Covid-19 was seen by the elites as a remarkable chance to usher in a new era for mankind called 'The Great Reset.' Or—the Fourth Industrial Revolution. See the picture left.

We are only one week into 2023 and already stories of incredible record-breaking weather events have been dominating the news. Now, before many of you shout me down screaming, " but it's winter, or, it's summer," let me remind you, I wrote "record-breaking," which means it has never happened before or hasn't happened in hundreds or thousands of years.

Just before Christmas, thousands of people became stranded after desperately trying to reach loved ones and families for the Christmas holidays in the US. Thousands of flights were cancelled due to the unprecedented conditions, and millions of people were without power.

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