Monday 8 April 2024

Signs And Wonders—As North America deals with its own Three Body Problem of Sun, Moon and Earth—Europe's biggest volcano gets in on the act and blows smoke rings to the world

On the historic solar eclipse day in North America, when tens of millions watched the eclipse sweep across Mexico, America and Canada—Italy's Mount Etna has been putting on a show of its own for Europe by blowing near-perfect circles into the Sicilian sky. A new crater on the summit of Europe's largest active volcano led to an unusual display of the so-called 'smoke rings'. The rings are made of gases and propelled by a circular vent in the volcano, see the video below.

Below—Solar eclipse of April 8, 2024. (2024, April 8). In Wikipedia.,_2024

It was dubbed The Great American Eclipse by the US media with many people predicting DOOM and GLOOM. Still, instead, the world witnessed a great occasion which will be remembered forever by the lucky people who saw it! 

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Hawkeye said...

That is interesting Gary! Wondering the date this volcano started blowing these smoke rings in relation to the eclipse. Was it the same day, 4/8/24?
Here are some more interesting signs surrounding this recent eclipse...
There are so many undeniable warning signs!
Solar eclipse 4/8/24:
*It passed over EVERY city in America named 'Ninevah'. As we all know Ninevah in the old Testament was where Jonah was sent by God to warn that city to repent or be destroyed by God in 40 days.
(The 7 U.S. cities named Ninevah....
Ninevah - TX, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, NY.)
*A Biblical scholar named Donald Wiseman has speculated that the time Jonah was in Ninevah telling them to repent there was a solar eclipse. Named the Bur- Sagale eclipse and it happened at or just prior to Jonah's arrival in Ninevah and at a time that city was in chaos struggling with revolts, famine and 2 separate outbreaks of plague.
*Genesis tells us Ninevah was built by Nimrod.
*Ancient cultures viewed eclipse as omens of imminent destruction which would explain why Jonah's message to repent was listened to and obeyed.
*40 days forward from 4/8/24 is pentacost.
*2 days before the eclipse NY had a 4.8 mag earthquake. NY doesn't have earthquakes and NY was in the path of eclipse totality.
*At the end of this eclipse month of April, billions of Cicadas insects will start to emerge from the ground simultaneously for the first time since Thomas Jefferson was president. Billions of winged insects will make an appearance in the U.S. Midwest and the southeast for a raucous mating ritual.
*The eclipse was the follow up to 2017 solar eclipse and crossed over that path to form the infamous "X" over the continent of America.
*The 2017 eclipse was known as '7 Salem Eclipse' because that path crossed over 7 U.S. cities named Salem.
Salem - Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Kentucky, S.Carolina. Salem, short for Jerusalem, thought to be the ancient name for Jerusalem. Also means peace.
*Salem Massachusetts is a seaport and is also the infamous place of persons accused of being witches in 1692.
(Possibly a bit out of context on my part but it made me think of the Baltimore Bridge collapse (major cargo ship seaport for goods now severly disrupted) that just happened here on 3/26/24 just shy of 2 weeks before 4/8/24.) Hmmm.
These warning signs are impossible to deny!
*2017 to 2024 equals 7 years. Seven is all over this, it's God's number. First He said PEACE! Seven years later He is saying REPENT! You can't make this stuff up folks. Wow!

The Bible tells us (Genesis 1:14) God uses the sun, moon and the stars for signs and seasons.

Gary Walton said...

Yes, thanks, Hawkeye, I'm aware of all the signs and wonders you have reported, there is surely a message in there somewhere. The smoke rings is a great question, yes indeed it happened on the same day as the eclipse, as for the time, I don't know. Thanks again buddy, xx

Anonymous said...

FOR SURE! That eclipse was a sign from our King, the 'Alpha & Omega', or in Hebrew, the Alef and the Tav. The three eclipses form the two letters perfectly. That word, AT, is in the Bible about 11,000 times. Yet it is untranslated. Taken out. Just like the YHVH name and title of Father God, which was replaced with LORD. This word IDs the King and his Spirit. Involved in everything.

In the beginning, God created AT heavens and AT earth. Gen. 1:1
They will mourn for the one they pierced AT firstborn. Zech. 12.9
Our King said "I am the Alef and the Tav, the First and the last, the beginning and the end. Rev. 1 & 22:13
For a great 3-minute video presentation: