Wednesday 21 June 2023

"Paradise Lost!" A letter from Hawkeye in South West Florida–A year ago this area was a most desirable holiday destination–But has now been turned into a chapter from Revelation! A rat infected, toxic mess, with chest infecting globs of clumpy ugly algae and a land and sea of dying creatures!

September 2022 Hurricane Ian lands in Hawkeye's backyard and went on to become the third costliest Hurricane in American history!

Yesterday I received another update from my dear friend Hawkeye. It is now nine months since Hurricane Ian devasted her home. Her story is so powerful yet excruciatingly desperate and sad . . . A year ago this area was one of the most desirable holiday destinations in the world. But has now been turned into a living vision of a chapter from a Revelation to John! A rat-infected, toxic mess, with chest-infecting globs of clumpy ugly algae and a land and sea of desperate, dying wildlife and agriculture, made worse by avarice and greed.  

Hi Gary, thanks for this email, it's so great to see you looking so happy and with your beloved family and friends...and to see the landscape in the background so green and lush [In North Holland]. 
It's nothing like that here since the storm blew through [Hurricane Ian, September 2022] that I've almost forgotten already how beautiful it can be. I look at dead trees all bare like toothpicks standing in the sandy dirt, sandy dirt because much of the green grass is also gone here. It fits the verse in Revelation that says, all the green grass burned up.

We have 3 or 4 different varieties of pine trees and most are gone now from burning up after the saltwater flooded the land. It's sad to see! The environment is terrible now, the water is full of toxic algae blooms that are so thick the top of the water is covered in gross globs of clumpy ugly algae that cause breathing problems to us humans, make me cough a lot burns my nose. 

Land and sea are just dead or dying. The poor birds of paradise lost are suffering too. Too many days I see one in distress unable to help it. Today I found a water bird that had its beak tangled with debris, it looked like some shredded cloth with a fishing line in it and a fishing hook stuck in its beak holding the shredded line cloth on him and he couldn't get it off. He was on the ground with his head in between the posts of a fence trying to rub off the hook from his beak. Of course, I stopped and approached it to try to grab the line and pull it off but he flew away before I got close enough. Now that bird can't eat or dive for food so it will die. This is what I mean when I say the environment is dead or dying. Many things like that are going on.

Then there is a terrible rat problem too, as I told you of my experience with one in my bathroom before I moved out of the other place I was in. Well, those critters are everywhere and at this new place too. That's what caused my car to break down, did I mention that before? The mechanic told me rats chewed my spark plugs, wiring, and coils and caused a sensor to go bad too. During the night they get under car hoods and chew up everything. 
I asked the mechanic what can I do to prevent it from happening again, as the rats will just go back under the hood again. He said I can put moth balls under the hood and on the ground under the car to keep them away or use peppermint extract, rats hate both and will not go where those things are. 

I had mothballs so used them and I told my landlord this, he came over with rat poison and a couple more boxes of mothballs to help and he put them all around the house and the poison under the house. That was Saturday and I'm choking from the strong smell! I had a bad meltdown yesterday from breathing the damn algae, the mothballs and then [added] bleach too that I had to use on a job Monday. I felt terrible from breathing all that for 2 days, and the news is showing us 2 systems are forming in the Atlantic, they are expected to form into hurricanes.

My back was killing me from work, and my head and chest hurt from breathing all this crap got home late and the dog needed his long walk and I just broke down in tears so tired and feeling bad, mad and scared. It was a bad day that continues and continues. I want to leave this island and area so bad but am stuck so I finally fell apart from the stress. Cried all night. I'm sorry to sound negative but I really need to get it out. All my friends are the same as me, depressed and tired and feeling sick or sick of it all. No one knows where to go or how to get there so we do nothing and here we go again with storms threatening.
These 2 new developments in the Atlantic are a week or more away but the news has the "hurricane cone" for possible impact zones heading due west and under Florida then it stops cause they need to keep watching it to know where the predicted cone will go. Well from seeing similar forecasts in the past, when those systems are lower or under us, then they usually go north into the Gulf of Mexico and can hit anywhere from there. It could be the west coast of FL again, or maybe up to Louisiana or maybe Texas, so it's just stress and way early this year, June! Typically this plot doesn't start happening until August/September. 

I'm mad at God. Why does He tell me the truth about man controlling weather and storms and then give me nothing to get out of harm's way?! I really can't take this kind of living anymore. I guess I will just drown here eventually, I don't know. I don't even have a car good enough to drive the heck away. Today at the grocery store, already all the bottled water is being bought up. This just sucks! Hate it here now and forever! Never thought I would say that, I was so in love with this area for 32 years, but now I absolutely hate it here.
Sitting at a customer's house today to look at a job, and she lives on a saltwater Canal like most do here, nothing going on with regards to rain or storms, just a regular high tide hour and all the boat docks were going underwater the tides are so high now "normal". That's why we flooded and will again and again. The tides are rising a lot! It's very troubling to me. One good thing is all the die-hard Republicans in this Red state are starting to wake up to the truth and realise their polly tick idols are liars, and are turning away from them, hooray!! I hope they read this so they know, we are not fooled anymore and know they are liars denying GW. It's opening a window for me to awaken them to geoengineering. I wonder how much angrier they would be if they knew all our hardships from Ian were on purpose! Hmmm, can't wait to tell them that. They won't believe me but I'm ready to blurt it out anyway.

So now rents and house sale prices have skyrocketed to unaffordable numbers for many of us locals and for what? For toxic water that hurts your breathing, for rat-infested homes, for 40-year-old appliances because people are too cheap to buy new ones and who's just a rental...charge them a top dollar! These people are evil. I'm not looking forward to moving next door. Blu Boy, my dog, showed me this morning that rats are going under that house I'm supposed to move into next. I don't want to go!! And I have to pay 1200 a month for rats, a crappy old stackable washer/dryer, and a non-permitted cheese rehab job, does that sound like it's worth raising the price 3x what rent was before the storm? What is wrong with everyone?!

You know most of what is prophesied we are doing to ourselves! People have gone mad. Poisoned perhaps or just under the influence of the a/c!

I agree with that 2030 [prophecy] timeline and you are right, 6 months to trib starting...I hope so because I can't imagine any longer coping with all this bad stuff, but not all is exciting as I'm telling you, not until Christ raptures us home at least. I'm not seeing the excitement yet...haha....sorry. I am however seeing prophecy unfold before my very eyes...well ok, that is exciting yes, but scary too.

As far as the heavy rains in north FL, haha, I have not seen or heard that believe it or not. We have been in a dust bowl, with no rain for several months. I don't know what that news is referring to. No kidding. Probably propaganda. It started raining the day after memorial day, for 3 days normal-ish, thunderstorms in the afternoons, then they push it away with the orange heating shit. I just told you we are being cooked, 3 days of rain is a joke. It's just too hot and burning us up. No rain. Sometimes, I mean one cloud "a" will rain on a couple streets for 5 or 10 minutes but that's about it for rain here. I don't know what North FL is getting but I look at the radar every day and have not seen what you describe??? 

I was supposed to start a painting job for this summer but just today the lady called me to say it's too hot she doesn't want me doing it in this heat so cancelled, and I still don't have even half the work I used to have from losses from the hurricane. I don't know what's going to happen anymore. I'm stressed out bad. Wears me out, the heat, the stress it's too much. Oh well got to keep going somehow. 

Hey, don't worry about writing to me often like in the old days. I know you are doing what's best for you and that's what I want to hear! I miss you a lot but I know we are in sync in our prayers and in our minds, so just once in a while let me know you're OK is all I would like. Of course, if ever you want to vent, like I'm doing to you now (haha) please do it! I will always be here for you no matter what's going on. I'm staying busy just with crazy life stuff so not bored! I'm not sitting around crying all the time but now and then I have to get the stress out, yesterday was that on steroids! I just don't want to live here anymore and especially in these horror rat houses, that's my main issue causing me to stress now aside from storms threatening again, oh and lack of work ($$$$) doesn't help either but God is feeding me and I have air conditioning now finally! Hopefully, that holds up. 

I'll keep writing to you for your reading info and pleasure! Ha! Pleasure...?? Well, I hope you enjoy some of my writing. You take care of yourself and I'm glad you're staying home with your wife, not going away for 12 weeks is a good decision I think. Glad to hear it, I was worrying about that for you. Love you bunches!! Hello to your wife too! Your family is beautiful, yes. I'm happy for you!
Talk again soon. Great photo! Thanks so much for sharing it with me, it made me smile, that's nice!



Anonymous said...

I am very proud of you Hakeye,try to keep strong and keep your faith,keep in touch hugs and strength hug from me Marjan i am thinking about you in my heart.

Gary Walton said...

Me too Hawkeye

May God Bless you xxx

Anonymous said...

In the Smokey mtns for vacation, overrun with people, totally commercialized and way to many small children