Saturday 7 January 2023

UNLIVABLE SERIES: We are only one week into 2023 and already 'Great Signs And Wonders' are taking place! Remember Daniel's prophetic message in Daniel 12: There will be a time of distress, the likes of which will not have occurred from the beginning of nations until that time. That time is fast approaching

The Last Judgment by John Martin 1854.

We are only one week into 2023 and already stories of incredible record-breaking weather events have been dominating the news. Now, before many of you shout me down screaming, " but it's winter, or, it's summer," let me remind you, I wrote "record-breaking," which means it has never happened before or hasn't happened in hundreds or thousands of years.

Just before Christmas, thousands of people became stranded after desperately trying to reach loved ones and families for the Christmas holidays in the US. Thousands of flights were cancelled due to the unprecedented conditions, and millions of people were without power.

It was so cold, farmers claimed winter wheat fields across southwest Kansas, northwest Texas, and Oklahoma were overexposed due to the lack of snow cover, increasing the incidence of winter crop kill, which would be devasting to an already compromised wheat shortage due to the war in Ukraine.

The incredibly powerful Arctic winter storm placed almost 200 million people under weekend weather alerts ahead of the busiest travel days of the year. The alerts stretched from coast to coast and reach as far south as the US-Mexico border and Florida, the Sunshine State. The National Weather Service (NWS) said temperatures of -50F (-45C) and feels-like -70F would hit huge parts of the country. The US was actually much colder than Mars and broke many cold and snow records.

Bill Laughing-Bear dropped a line from Alaska:

Dear Gary, and readers of the Big Wobble, 
As North America gets pounded, I have to think man played a part in of all of this. This week I had temperatures down to -35F which is just over -37C if I remember correctly. We have not had these temps in this part of Alaska for 11 years. And on those clear days I watched the chemtrails being added to this northern sky. 
Just my thoughts from Alaska.
Back in 1990, we had a winter like no other in Holland. Temps reached a frigid min 25C (min 13F). A constant 30 mph bitter north wind blew from the North Sea—I have never known cold like it, I could only stay outside for short spells wrapped up in many layers, folks, it was horrendous.

So how anyone can survive min 35F, (min 37C) I can't even imagine, and, the experts claimed Americans and Canadians endured "feel-like" temps of min 70F (min 55C). This, folks, is unlivable, no human should have to endure temperatures like these, however, 'unlivable' is now normal for many people and especially animals around the world due to extreme weather.

While the US suffered the unlivable cold, and the subsequent misery from flooding, across the pond, Europe resembled another planet entirely. On the first day of 2023, Poland celebrated temperatures more in tune with North Africa causing great concern. Poland can be a very cold country in the winter, however, it has been so mild this winter that the cherry blossom has already begun, a phenomenon which usually occurs in late April, or early May. 

Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece have so far enjoyed temperatures in the high 20s C, the low 80s F—Summer beach weather temperature, but it's the first week of January! Here in Holland, temps have been incredibly mild, so mild that trees are opening their buds and small flowers are beginning to bloom, it's great if you hate the winter but when small things stop hibernating this causes perplexity and concern. Something is very wrong. We have one side of the Atlantic smashing cold and wet records and the other side smashing warm and dry records. . .

Let me put this into some kind of perspective.

Let's consider, the fires, hurricanes, floods, cold waves, heatwaves, droughts and storms we are all having to endure recently. An incredible increase in major quakes (so much so that USGS keep cooking the books ), volcanic activity and natural disasters around the world. Add to that the death and massive decline of animal species, the demise of our oceans, crop and soil failure, food shortages and population increase, and throw into the pot a pandemic and the threat of WWIII, and there is no wonder, society is collapsing around us!

Add to all the above and then realise this. . .  Our Western ideals have increased to a point where our very own lifestyle is causing us spiritual, mental and physical pain. Yes, it's true, especially for the poor and less educated people.

The very idea of modern Western culture brings us hurt, punishes us and causes remorse. Our breakneck lifestyles inflict physical injury and disease and produce frustration and hopelessness. We find ourselves in a world connected by social media, we are linked to everyone—yet people are rife with loneliness and depression.

Suicides are at record-breaking levels and rising uncontrollably. We are indeed fighting a spiritual war but most of us are unaware we are actually in a fight. What we desire is exactly what is killing us!

Billions of people around the world have been deceived, well, let's be honest here, probably all of us have. And since the Covid virus was announced on New Year's Eve, 2019 our world has quickly escalated into a Hollywood-type B horror movie.

How did we get here?

Most Westerners, probably most of the world, are living in the 21st century with suppressed immune systems brought on not just by the consequences of the two-year lockdown but mostly by their own desires. Obesity, diets rich in fat and sugar, processed foods, smoking, alcohol and drug consumption, medications, pollution, exposure to pesticides or industrial chemicals and radio-frequency radiation.

Exposure to distorted sex and violence is pushed into our faces at every turn and has twisted the very meaning of love of man and woman.  We are being consumed by modern life.

Our cells, proteins, and DNA are being damaged by our Western lifestyle. Modern medicine is contributing to ageing and is also playing a role in the development of a range of health conditions. Sicknesses such as diabetes, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s are all on the rise and most importantly, our mental health is being compromised. In other words, we are killing ourselves.

D0 you remember Daniel's prophetic message in Daniel 12?:

1“At that time Michael, the great prince who stands watch over your people, will rise up. There will be a time of distress, the likes of which will not have occurred from the beginning of nations until that time.

That time is fast approaching, please, prepare yourself. 

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Hawkeye said...

I could not get past the last paragraph you wrote in this post without commenting....
"Our cells, DNA, proteins are being damaged by our western lifestyle. Modern medicine is contributing......" That was a mouthful! I say modern medicine is not contributing but IS the cause of not just premature aging but of all the diseases and sicknesses you described! How can I be so certain? Well just watch TV for one hour with commercials and it tells you what is causing diseases, medicine is the cause and you are absolutely correct to write it Gary!
Most commercials now are for medicines. There is pretty much a pill or injection for everything imaginable now and every single one has a list of disease causes called side effects. It's a very long list and tells you what you can expect as a near future side effect from taking that medicine....and it also tells you you're not being cured or healed but instead made sicker by taking that medicine! They tell you if you take the pills you will get cancer, or heart attack, stroke, pain, weakness, etc etc etc.

So then in 1, 2, 3 years when you get diagnosed with one of the said side effect diseases, why do people wonder "how did I get that (cancer)?" They told you you would get it if you took that drug! Hello!!
So there is your cause, easy to see except there is an abundance of mental health illness also so I guess thats why people do not see they willingly exposed themselves to a substance that gave them cancer or some other horrible disease. Just like the new technology vaccine for c19. Now since it's been out 2 or 3 years we have a new adult syndrome called adult sudden death, termed as "he died suddenly". It's one thing to just hear this has happened to someone in the news, but when it starts happening to your neighbors and or friends it's a signal the problem is way big, and very true.

I comment constantly about truths I see with my own eyes. I see planes spraying big long thick white lines in the sky almost daily and for over a decade now. I see the commercials from big pharma techno meds and I hear them say if you take our product you will not be cured and you will get another terrible illness. See and hear it, this is not to be called conspiracy, it is actual, touch it, hear it, see it, that is real. That is why I don't stop saying these things. When someone is brainwashed to begin healing them you have to constantly put reality in their face so they can see it, hear it, touch it. That is a known fact to fix their brain.

So my next door neighbor who was here just 3 months ago digging out with me from the flood and wind damage of hurricane Ian, is dead as of last weekend. Only in his 60's, was looking perfectly healthy as we cleaned up the storm debris in 95f degree temps with no air conditioning, no power and no tap water, he died suddenly last weekend said the text message received from his family. I knew as soon as I heard that what must have caused it, he got the c19 vaccine. I'm sorry to say it but it's happening, there is news of it and now my neighbor fell too.

How did we get here? Lol....We ignored God and trusted in evil men and they told us it would kill us but if you want to travel just take it you might be ok. We got here because we willingly ate poison. That's how! What's left is mentally ill people now buying flood/wind damaged real estate at hyper-inflated prices like fish in a frenzy while popping RX poisons and desiring a boat ride under chemically altered skies that gravity brings down to injest as they crack open that beer or vodka drink to cool off. Why is that so hard to understand?
God told us to walk away from wickedness, well....what are you waiting for? I'm waiting for the money to walk away, the only way is to pay for an escape which is the other road this evil world has up as a blockade. They've got all the exits blocked now, yes Daniel's prophecy is upon us, very clear to see that.

Gary Walton said...

Thanks Hawkeye

Wonderful to hear from you when you have so many of your own problems to worry about!

Laughing-Bear said...

Dear Gary and readers of the Big Wobble,
It is not uncommon to hear the roar of low flying U.S. fighter jets scrambling above my cabin as they head out to intercept Russian Military aircraft that are close to Kodiak Island area or off the coast of Alaska. Many of us figure that one day Russia will invade this part of the world, in fact Putin several years ago was given the thumbs up to do just that if need be.
I have wondered is part of the reason for such a plan due to the Weather Wars. Russia has stated more than once the U.S. is messing with their weather. If I remember correctly I think it was President Carter that signed a treaty with Russia to not mess with each others weather. But more and more I see the jets flying overhead leaving their chem-trails, how close do they get to Russia. Are they doing this so the winds take it over their to alter their weather? Will some day Putin decide to stop the poisoning of the sky and all hell will break loose. Does Russia do this to us? Just some thoughts I ponder when I see all those streaks in the sky?
Just Me with to much time to ponder!

Hawkeye said...

I was just going through some of these past posts and so saw this comment by you, Laughing Bear, that I had missed after you posted it. You bring up great questions!
There is another leader of another nation who also has accused the US of messing with their weather, I ran, and everyone rolls their eyes at him when he starts on his accusations.

When I look at radar it is clear to see the countries under the dome of the streaks in the sky and Russia is heavily sprayed, the entire EU, all of US, Canada, China, top tip of Africa, and some of the ME. All of the globe is not visible from the radar I am able to access, so that's all I can see clearly, but what's the point?
How can just one government control their country's weather and not effect any other land? Winds carry things in the air so it can't not effect others. Then there is the fact that not just one country has global warming, its "global" warming not US warming, right?
The only conclusion is all these governments are collaborating in agreement and using the treatment together. Interesting thought isn't it!!?
Not a thought but a fact! So why would at least 2 other countries accuse us when they too are doing what they accuse of? That's what bad guys do, they turn on each other occasionally and that is what you are seeing/hearing Laughing Bear. That treaty with Russia you mention ... well how about the global law(s) that are supposed to control atmospheric pollution? Clean air act for one? All that daily global spraying goes undetected with regards to the clean air act?! What!!? Then there is also china bragging on occasion too how they use geoengineering to create cold weather and snow. They openly admit it!
It's all a farce obviously since the things treaty laws outlaw are occurring regularly! We never got a copy of those laws to read did we?!

*(note to Gary, you can edit this part out, if I ever write anything you don't feel comfortable with please inform me and by all means do not post it! I will never get mad at that and only ask if you would somehow inform me so I can understand and or know why a comment failed to make it to a post. Because I know we are watched, and I wonder if anything I tell you is intercepted and maybe never reached your eyes? Horrors if so and then how would you know? Sometimes I can get a bit too loud, so please stick with me my friend, I never want to offend you or cause harm! Please know that, I truly care about you all here at TBW!!)

Gary Walton said...

That's so nice Hawkeye

But to be honest, the way I have been treated by Google over the years, I've long stopped caring. . . Offend away, fill ya' boots.

I told you and Bill that since 2016 my traffic here has dwindled appallingly. That is all to do with Google and their biased algorithms. TBW doesn't fit into their idea of a fine upstanding blog, so they are taking me down systematically.

However, thanks to people like you, Bill and his wonderful mother, I keep on, keeping on, thanks a million!