Tuesday 10 January 2023

ChatGPT 'WORLD CHANGER!' The final piece of the jigsaw needed for 'The Mark Of The Beast' In its most pessimistic, dehumanized form, the Fourth Industrial Revolution may indeed have the potential to “robotize” humanity and thus deprive us of our hearts and soul. Klaus Schwab

The spring sun warms my face as it shines through an open office window. The sky is a special kind of blue, a blue which can only come from an ocean's nearby reflection. Small birds chirp with joyful tunes as they go about their business. Tiny buds are beginning to turn green on the trees in my garden and small flowers are in bloom. Spring is here in Northern Europe and I have a wave of excitement running through my bones—Except. . . It's the first week of January. It shouldn't be like this, but it's the third January in a row of record warmth here.

We are on the cusp of dark and frightening cataclysmic breakthroughs which will not only change our lives forever but also alter our perception of what is even possible!  

We are indeed living in strange times, fantastic times, wonderous times, dark times, dangerous times, as Bob Dylan wrote—The Times They Are A-Changin' and of course, they are changing —Faster than a speeding bullet.

On January 1st 2020 our world, once again changed forever when we learned of a dangerous new virus sweeping China. SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) The eventual pandemic of Covid-19 was seen by the elites as a remarkable chance to usher in a new era for mankind called 'The Great Reset.' Or—the Fourth Industrial Revolution. See the picture above.

'The Great Reset.' Or the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a dystopian idea by economic experts, bankers, powerful organisations and billionaire elites who wish to take manual and intellectual work away from human beings. Replacing them with more efficient artificial intelligence, (AI), or robots. According to these people, the Covid-19 pandemic gave the world a perfect opportunity for a 'Great Reset,' to usher in the technological revolution. The UN, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Economic Forum, the Johns Hopkins Institue, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, along with many other 'great and wonderful organisations' many of them linked to the World Health Organisation (WHO). As we now know, some of these organisations had staged a worldwide pandemic scenario months before Covid was 'released!'

As Klaus Schwab, the inventor of the Great Reset wrote:

In the end, it all comes down to people and values. We need to shape a future that works for all of us by putting people first and empowering them. In its most pessimistic, dehumanized form, the Fourth Industrial Revolution may indeed have the potential to “robotize” humanity and thus to deprive us of our heart and soul. But as a complement to the best parts of human nature—creativity, empathy, stewardship—it can also lift humanity into a new collective and moral consciousness based on a shared sense of destiny. It is incumbent on us all to make sure the latter prevails.

So, what does that even mean?

It means, manual and intellectual jobs are to be taken from all humans and given to artificial intelligence, (AI) or robots.

In the end, it all comes down to people and values. We need to shape a future that works for all of us by putting people first and empowering them.  (This actually means we the workers and the middle class and small to middle size business owners will all have to give up everything we own as a kind of tax to help the poorer people. We have been pre-warned—"We will own nothing and be happy") 

In its most pessimistic, dehumanized form, the Fourth Industrial Revolution may indeed have the potential to “robotize” humanity and thus deprive us of our hearts and soul. (Indeed during the pandemic years, we have seen the introduction of a neural link, the meteoric rise of graphene oxide, DNA-changing injections, integrated RFID Chips, the development of a super-speed 5G internet network and Elon Musk's satellite internet service, Starlink —If we put these ingredients together we have the ability to connect mankind to a worldwide surveillance network. Transhumanism, AI semi-robotic people, the fourth Industrial Revolution in its most pessimistic, dehumanized form depriving us of our hearts and soul.)

But as a complement to the best parts of human nature—creativity, empathy, stewardship—it can also lift humanity into a new collective and moral consciousness based on a shared sense of destiny. It is incumbent on us all to make sure the latter prevails. (Do I need to add to this, really?)

The final piece of the jigsaw needed for 'The Great Reset,' has dropped, and it was unleashed upon us, once again, while being hidden in 'plain sight. In late November 2022 a chatbot called 'ChatGPT,' was introduced to the world. Several weeks later the world's jaw dropped at the gravity and importance this technology will bring to mankind, oh yes, without a doubt ChatGPT will be a game changer for everyone—The future has arrived folks and more importantly 'The Great Reset,' The Fourth Industrial Revolution can now be truly understood and fully introduced. Our lives have changed forever, and we didn't even realise it.

Imagine if you could have a conversation with a computer about anything?

ChatGPT will change the world. Imagine, if you could ask a computer program anything. To understand 'ANY' question whatsoever, and then answer that question, perfectly, and present the answer with a perfectly written text, long-form or simple in just seconds. For example, explain Quantum physics in a way a young boy could understand, or answer the most complex medical problem in a way we could all understand. A translation of the entire Dead Sea Scrolls into an easy-understanding version or, an answer to the most difficult mathematical problem, all in just a few seconds of asking and you have an idea of the awesome power of ChatGPT. At the moment ChatGPT is only accurate up to 2021, but a new version is planned for this year and the experts say within a couple of years it will be 'perfected!'

Knowledge shall be increased, claimed Daniel! In Daniel 12:4:

But you, Daniel, roll up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.”

Back in the ‘1980s, a guy called Buckminster Fuller created something called the “Knowledge Doubling Curve.” He noticed that until 1900, human knowledge doubled approximately every century, but, by the end of World War II, knowledge was doubling every 25 years. We are now doubling our knowledge in less than a year, however, according to IBM, the giant tech company, we will soon be doubling our knowledge every 12 hours. That was a couple years ago—When ChatGPT is perfected, we will have the knowledge of everything with just a simple thought!

Yes, a simple thought! Let me explain—If this Fourth Industrial Revolution happens, which I believe it surely will, by the time ChatGPT is perfected mankind will already be connected to a 'super internet highway.' The normal person on the street will be connected to the web by something resembling Elon Musk's neural lace, made of graphene oxide which covers the brain. Our thoughts will have become commands. For instance, I want to know the answer to a question. I just think the question and ChatGPT will do the rest, within seconds I receive an answer, not just in my head but a print read-out too.

We would receive constant medical updates on our own bodies. Our own DNA would be constantly monitored and tweaked to free us all from disease. We would shop online, or in a store but every transaction would be cashless. We would receive monthly digital payments from the government, just enough to live on, remember, we will own nothing and be happy! Only people who have accepted this system could survive, the people who refused this system would eventually die, whether by starvation or being rounded up by the government and euthanized. As mentioned in Revelation 9:6, in them days people will seek death but will not find it, they will long to die but death will elude them, how? Because they would be constantly monitored, every thought, every action. Those days will be just how Klaus Schwab described imagined them when he wrote: In its most pessimistic, dehumanized form, the Fourth Industrial Revolution may indeed have the potential to “robotize” humanity and thus deprive us of our hearts and soul.

I have described above what is coming our way shortly. (I believe) I may of course be very wrong. What I have described above is without a doubt, the mark of the beast, mentioned in the final book of the Bible A Revelation To John.

Below is how we arrived where we are today, it is interesting to note. The more knowledge we acquired, the more damage we did to the planet and ourselves—The devil, of course, is in the detail!

Just over a hundred years ago, the world changed forever. As the world entered the 20th Century there was a sudden and incredible increase in knowledge and technology. Mankind learned to kill each other on an industrial scale as the entire world went to war for the first time ever. The war also introduced death by pestilence and famine on a global scale too.

As the 20th Century advanced so did mankind's incredible increase in knowledge. Mankind learned to kill their brothers and sisters more efficiently, not just with weapons but with pestilence and famine.

By the time mankind reached the 21st century, we could quite easily destroy the world with just a few weapons, but also by pestilence, Bio-engineering and of course poverty.

However, our governments recently realised they were destroying our world in another way. They had damaged the jet stream causing it to become extremely erratic which consequently changed weather patterns around the world. They decided to blame you and me for the damage and in doing so, created a whole new industry. Our government and scientists created climate change or global warming and blamed the warming on our use of CO2 and fossil fuels. 

But, there is plenty of evidence American and Russian governments were warned back in the 50s.' They were told, in no uncertain terms, if they continued with rocketry, nuclear weapon testing, and the all-encompassing space industry, rocket research and satellite missions, they would damage the atmosphere along with the jet stream causing the kind of weather events we are witnessing now! Harry Wexler warned the government that chlorine and bromine were destroying the ozone layer and would eventually disrupt the jet stream which in turn would cause worldwide weather chaos such as we are witnessing today. 

Magnetosphere modifications began almost immediately after Wexler's warning. (Spaceweather modification) They have been shooting up the atmosphere ever since.

Around the same time, in the late 50s, and early 60s' our governments were also warned about using weather manipulation, and gio-engineering, because of the devastation it was causing to our weather patterns. They were also warned of over-farming, over-fishing and poisoning our oceans and fresh waterways. Not to mention the fact they must stop the depletion of animal species, which, more than 50 years later is without doubt beyond repair.

But here is the caveat, the paradox—Our increase in knowledge is destroying our planet not improving it! The harder scientists try to stop the decline of our world, the worse our situation becomes. Governments, leaders, scientists and so-called experts are clueless as to how to fix the problem.

Imagine being able to have a language conversation about anything with a computer. This is now possible and available to many people for the first time with ChatGPT. In this episode, we take a look at the consequences and some interesting insights from Open AI’s CEO Sam Altman.

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Laughing-Bear said...

Dear Gary & Readers of the Big Wobble,
Last week in the parking lot of a Zoom meeting I attend, a close friend of mine said, check this out. I will have AI create me a sermon. He brought up ChatGPT and said, I need a 5 point sermon based on the 23rd Psalm and the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. In less than the time it would take to snort, his "Not-So-Smart" phone chimed. then he read us this sermon.
On Jan 8, 2023, I sent this one out to many, but I want give all the chance to watch it.


Another friend just sent me this from ChatGPT. By the way, if you use this Chat GPT generator (open ai), it will blow your mind. This is real. Below is the prompt that was given, and the AI response. Funny but scary!!!
Prompt: Write a biblical verse in the style of the King James Bible explaining how to remove a peanut butter sandwich from a VCR.
AI Response (3 seconds later): And it came to pass that a man was troubled by a peanut butter sandwich, for it had been placed within his VCR, and he knew not how to remove it.
And he cried out to the Lord, saying, "Oh, Lord, how can I remove this sandwich from my VCR, for it is stuck fast and will not budge?”
And the Lord spoke unto him, saying, "Fear not, my child, for I shall guide thy hand and show thee the way. Take thy butter knife, and carefully insert it between the sandwich and the VCR, and gently pry them apart. And with patience and perseverance, the sandwich shall be removed, and thy VCR shall be saved.”
And the man did as the Lord commanded, and lo and behold, the sandwich was removed from the VCR, and the man was saved.
And the Lord said, "Verily I say unto thee, seek not to put thy peanut butter sandwiches in thy VCR, for it is not a suitable place for such things. Rather, keep thy sandwiches in thy refrigerator or on thy plate, where they belong."
And the man heeded the Lord's words, and from that day forth, he kept his sandwiches in their proper place, and was saved from trouble and woe. Amen
Can you say 1984? Oh, this could be great! ChatGPT, Prompt: I have been lying to my wife about why I've been coming home so late. Cover my butt, lets make me look good, you know helping others, all this extra work I do in Congress, not taking bribes, always putting integrity into 100% of all I do. AI Response (3 seconds later): You keep this up and you are going to be "Man Of The Year", we need more men like you etc.... !

That this Alaskans thoughts on this Satanic Voice Tool!!!

Gary Walton said...

Well, thank you Sir.

Hawkeye said...

Thank you sir's, Gary & Laughing Bear, for this info. I had not known of it before reading this post and comments. It's all gone so far....too far...what is left to give more power to all this AI nonsense before it literally takes total control over everything? It seems to me we are about at the end of this techno advance era.
Did you guys notice at the very start of this video the symbol shown for chatgpt? It's the same as the symbol for c e r n! The 3 sixes in one. There is our answer! It's why AI is so interested to know about human behavior...because "it's" not human, it's a spirit of evil, not human.
Speaking of Psalm's, let's pray:
Psalms 9- Arise O Lord, let not man triumph, let the nations be judged in your presence. Strike them with terror, O Lord; Let the nations know they are but men. !

Gary Walton said...

Amen Hawkeye!