Thursday 7 December 2023

Summer (barely) delivers—Wildfires, Heatwaves and a Rare Monster Cyclone (cat 5) for Eastern Australia this weekend! Almost 200 km winds expected!

Credit RSOE

A La Nina triple-dip event and now an El Nino event are set to carry on destroying Australia's summer crop production. . .

It's just 3 years after an unprecedented wildfire destroyed 25% of Australia's temperate forest, (a normal season would see a loss of 2%) killed more than 2 billion wild animals destroyed 60% of Australia's Eastern summer crop production and destroyed thousands of buildings. Temperatures of 50 deg C, (122 deg F), crippling drought and tinder-dry winds exasperated the problem. This was due to a weak El Nino. The following two years brought Australia staggering, record-breaking amounts of rainfall due to a La Nina triple-dip event. Earlier this year a new El Nino event was announced and experts as long ago as August have been predicting another summer of destruction which could rival 2019/20 in Australia.

Wildfires, heatwaves and a monster cyclone are predicted for Eastern Australia this weekend!

Wildfires were reported as far back as July which is still winter in Australia. According to the Australian Met Office, heatwave conditions continue across much of inland New South Wales, which will extend into coastal areas in the coming days. Maximum temperatures are forecast to reach the mid-40s C, (113 deg F) through large parts of NSW. Sydney and Canberra are both expected to see temperatures reaching the low to mid-40s on Saturday. High Fire Dangers are forecast to return across broad parts of inland NSW this week due to the building heat.

Super Cyclone Jasper is set to intensify off the Queensland coast today as we move into the weekend. The tropical cyclone is expected to intensify into a category 4 system tonight with wind speeds reaching an incredible 195 km per hour—But, it could peak into a monster category 5 system by Friday as she makes landfall.

A cyclone this size in this area is rare during December, however, the season does run from November to April.

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