Friday 28 July 2023

The devil is in the detail! Isaiah—Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight. Woe to those who acquit the guilty for a bribe, but deny justice to the innocent.

Imagination magazine cover, depicting an atomic explosion, dated March 1954, credit Wikipedia.

The Prince Of The Power Of The AIR

Charles Baudelaire once said: "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing our world he didn't exist."

I am much to my wife's annoyance a serial procrastinator, so it's no surprise she caught me staring at my computer screen again this morning when she brought me a 'cup of tea,' Yes, wives still do that kind of thing when they have been married as long as we have!

"Do something!" She said.
"I'm thinking!" "In a minute!" I answered. 

My head was fixed on several quotes from The Song Of The Vinyard from the Bible, Isaiah 5: 20, 23:
Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. 21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight. 22 Woe to those who are heroes at drinking wine and champions at mixing drinks, 23 who acquit the guilty for a bribe, but deny justice to the innocent.

This reminds me of our world today very much.

According to Forbes, there are more than 2,600 billionaires in the world. I believe they would all willingly give up their fortunes to 'genuinely' know and receive the gift from Jehovah which is His Holy Spirit.

The reason why our planet is in such a mess today is that this system we live in is run, not by people of knowledge, but, by people of wealth and power, which is a magnet for corruption. And these people, as told in Ephesians 6 are being influenced by Satan's dark and sinister powers who are truly against our world, and, these dark sinister spiritual forces of wickedness are, in the heavenly places. In other words, Satan and his army of fallen angels and demons, hate the human race and are trying to destroy us. Satan is actually called in the Bible—the 'prince of the power of the air,' We also know, Satan, the 'prince' holds the power of the underworld, and has a realm of powerful 'principalities.' The rulers of these principalities are also known as princes—The Prince of Persia (the region of Iran), and the Prince of Greece, for example. These princes are powerful demons. We are warned of these demons in Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against 'principalities,' against 'powers,' against the 'rulers' of the darkness of this world, against 'spiritual wickedness' in high places. Daniel 10:13  

Charles Baudelaire once said: "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing our world he didn't exist."

In September, I'll be 67. I was born in 1956 in a mucky old industrial town in the north of England called Leeds, an area where the 1st Industrial Revolution started. During my daydreams this morning I suddenly realised, I'm going to witness the 4th Industrial Revolution and, I'm part of the last generation of this rotten system of things. In other words, I'm like all of you out there. We are from the same most talked about generation in the great Bible prophecies, written thousands of years ago. I have, quite literally witnessed the 'end,' arrive, like a 'thief in the night' if you like. My 67 years have, without a doubt, witnessed incredible changes in the world. The unbelievable rise in technology and the onset of the disturbing prospect of AI, which is said to be the reason behind the 4th Industrial Revolution. I have also witnessed the steady destruction brought to us by climate change and the equally destructive collapse of our society. 

As I mentioned above, the Bible tells us quite clearly, that Satan is the 'prince of the power of the air,' and, his spirit is working on unsuspecting people, sneakily, and he is doing it literally from the air, invisibly. Please, bear with me and let me explain.

When I was born, mankind had never been to space, however, just 13 years later we landed on the Moon (supposedly*). 54 years later we have sent spaceships to every planet in our solar system, two more, Voyager 1 and 2 have left our solar system and are travelling in interstellar space, billions of miles from Earth. Telescopes have photographed light from the beginning of creation—The Big Bang!

In 1956 the Atom bomb was still relatively exclusive. However, Russia built their own Atom bomb in 1949 and during the fifties, the Cold War was escalating. But never the less, the 2nd World War ended in victory for the West, the Atomic age had arrived and Westerners believed, rather naively World War would be a thing of the past. People back then felt they were living in the future, mankind had entered the Atomic Age and looked to the future with great hope. But, incredibly, just 67 years later mankind is capable of destroying our planet many times over with a stockpile of thousands of nuclear weapons and the list of countries owning them constantly growing.

Technology, in 1956 was very basic. Our toilet for instance was outside the house at the back of the garden. Only rich families could afford a car and a telephone in the UK. High-tech was a tiny black and white tv, with 2 or 3 channels, BBC 1 and BBC 2, some people could get ITV, (Independent Television). We had an old gramophone which played records and it had a long-wave and medium-wave radio, built into it. 

But look what happened. Just 67 years later the very same airwaves using the old radio and black and white tv have been commandeered, sending billions of messages on what's known as 'social media' every second of every day! Tens of thousands of films and videos are being streamed into various gadgets every minute of every day and we are kept up-to-date with millions of 'NEWS' feeds at the speed of a heartbeat. I can talk to a person anywhere in the world, face to face and it's free! High-definition tv is incredible. Mail doesn't land on the door mat by the postman during breakfast, it's delivered to our mobile phone, or laptop, 24/7. These mobile phones, by the way, have much more power than a 'supercomputer which took the space of several floors of office space just a few years earlier. It is a super tool. Apart from being a telephone, it is a credit card, a torch, a calculator, a sophisticated camera and a movie maker, a mobile mailbox, a music player, a radio and television, a library with millions of books and a newspaper and much more, incredibly, it fits into the palm of our hands. 

But, how could all this happen so fast and what has its impact had on society?

Back in the ‘1980s, a very clever guy called Buckminster Fuller created something called the “Knowledge Doubling Curve.” He noticed that until 1900, human knowledge doubled approximately every century, but, by the end of World War II, knowledge was doubling every 25 years. We are now doubling our knowledge in less than a year, however, according to IBM, the giant tech company, we will soon be doubling our knowledge every 12 hours. (We are probably there now!)

Satan's grip on society and the crash that followed.

At the risk of sounding sanctimonious, our Western ideals and desires have increased to a point where our very lifestyle is causing us spiritual, mental and physical pain. The very idea of modern Western culture brings us hurt, punishes us and causes remorse. Our breakneck lifestyles inflict physical injury and disease and produce frustration and hopelessness. We find ourselves in a world connected by social media, we are linked to everyone and everything, through the 'power of the air'—YES, THE POWER OF THE AIR!' However, the world is somehow rife with loneliness and depression. Suicides are at record-breaking levels and rising uncontrollably. Just watch a video on YouTube to see the zombie-like creatures hooked on Fentanyl and other drugs on the streets of America, and it's not just America.

"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing our world he didn't exist."

We are fighting a spiritual war but the majority of people, billions of them are unaware of this. How can we fight back if we don't even realise we are actually in a spiritual fight? We can't! What we desire and crave is what's killing us! Billions of people around the world are being deceived, probably all of us at some point during every day. However, if we know we are in a fight we can try not to be tempted into making the same mistakes again.

A pre-tribulation period?

Since the Covid virus was announced on New Year's Eve, 2019, ironically, while the Western world was partying and drinking champagne, our world has quickly escalated into a Hollywood-B-type movie. Many millions of people, probably most of the world began living in the 2nd decade of the 21st century with suppressed immune systems, made worse, not just by the two-year lockdown or the results of Covid and subsequent vaccines but also by their own sickness and mental health problems. Obesity, diets rich in fat and sugar, ultra-processed foods, smoking, alcohol and drug consumption. Medications, pollution, exposure to pesticides or industrial chemicals and radio-frequency radiation. 

Exposure to distorted sex and violence is pushed into our faces everywhere, all day and every day. We are being consumed by modern life which consumes our cells and proteins and damages our DNA. Modern medicine is contributing to ageing and is also playing a role in the development of a range of health conditions. Sickness such as diabetes, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s are all on the rise and most importantly, our mental health is being compromised. In other words, we are killing ourselves and, these sicknesses are absolutely the 'foundations' of—“The Mark Of The Beast!”

Our unprecedented increase in knowledge has destroyed our planet not improving it! The harder scientists and people 'in the know' try to stop the decline of our world, the worse our situation becomes. Governments, leaders, scientists and so-called experts are clueless as to how to fix the problem. But how could this paradox happen? Well, one reason is because, as I mentioned above, this system we live in is run, not by people of knowledge, but, by people of wealth and power, which is a magnet for corruption. And these people are being influenced by Satan's dark and sinister powers.

Climate Changed!

Back in England in 1956, we had four seasons. Pretty wet and sometimes quite cold summers as I remember. Summers began at the beginning of June and ended somewhere during September, (if we were lucky), and snow was not uncommon in October. Now 67 years later, I now live in Holland (500 miles east of London) summers are starting in the middle of Feb and end somewhere in the middle of Nov. We can't compare winters at all to how winter was back then when it could get so cold even the ports could freeze in the UK, which happened in the winter of 62/63 and all the canals in Holland would freeze over—Not anymore!

July 2013—Satan's summer. Approaching Tribulation.

By the middle of July 2023 scientists were already claiming July 2023 would be the hottest ever, by a mile, they are saying. At the beginning of July 2023, three of the hottest daily global temperatures were recorded in a row, by the 20th of July, Southern Europe and much of North Africa had been literally 'SET A LIGHT!' I have never, in my sixty-seven years on this planet seen so many fires break out, simultaneously. This is the new normal they are saying. It happened in Australia, in 2019, in California the following year and in Canada last year, as well as this year too. What has happened in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Balkans, Greece, Turkey and many parts of North Africa more or less overnight is quite honestly frightening and disturbing. It is so bad one reporter claimed on the BBC, "July will be unlivable over here [Europe] very soon!" The talking heads, experts and climate buffs' are describing the fires as 'Biblical,' how right they are—' for once anyway.'

Quite clearly we are 'very' close to the end. We can't live in the temperatures which are defiantly going to hit our planet.

I started The Big Wobble back in 2008, ironically to cover climate change. Let me tell you, back then any temp over 35 deg C, (95 deg F) even in Southern Europe was considered shocking. Fast forward just 15 years later, and temperatures are regularly approaching 50 deg C, (124 deg F) in the hottest months. And of course, these temperatures are still rising steadily every year. To use the buzzword of the media and science community, this is clearly 'unsustainable! 

'Warning—The chapter below is not for the squeamish!

Let me put this into some kind of perspective, in just 15 years, since 2008, 1 deg C, or 1.8 deg F has been added to the average temp every year, it's clearly undeniable, if the warming continues as it has done in the last 15 years temperatures of 65 deg C (149 F) or even higher can be expected. These temperatures are quite frankly unlivable, not just for us, but, for all wildlife, including fish, plants, trees and more important, agriculture. Our whole ecosystem will have collapsed long before we reach those temperatures. What I'm saying, is, quite simply, we are very quickly arriving at the tribulation period prophesied so often in the Bible thousands of years ago. As I wrote above, we are that generation!

Now then, here is the caveat for anyone reading this post, you do not have to be 'religious' to understand my warning here! We are quite literally facing both barrels. We will be finished as a race in the next 10-to-15 years. 

Society's answer—Are you sitting comfortably?

While all the above has mankind grinding its teeth there is also the threat of a third World War hanging over everyone's heads like a dark cloud. People are understandably on edge. We all sense something is wrong with the world we live in, however, we can't quite point our finger as to what. Of course, something is wrong. And while all this is happening, a new dark and dystopian evil has been sneakily introduced to an unsuspecting world and almost everyone was looking elsewhere.

Satan and Modern Slavery

In 2019 the crowning glory of emancipation fell into the laps, of the leaders of the world. The Coronavirus enabled “The New World Order” (the future world government) to claim enthusiastically: "We now have a chance to press a 'reset' button." "This can be our '4th Industrial Revolution."

Let me refresh your memory, at the end of January 2019, (the dawn of the new 'era!') the world was taken by surprise by Covid-19, while the world was in a panic, billions of people were forced to be vaccinated, by what a colleague of mine calls—'Satan's Spit.' Of course, many people had to take the vaccine to keep their jobs. No vaccine no work, no money. The vile captains of industry had launched their test, and we passed, with flying colours! The world can be easily controlled—by just a simple vaccine. They now have their foundation for the beginning of 'the mark of the beast!' 

Everything is, going to plan, please bear with me . . . Many devoted researchers, whistle-blowers and bloggers dug deep and found the 'Covid—19 virus and the consequent vaccination drive had been planned years earlier by certain groups and companies—ie, the WHO, CDC, The UN, many of the major bankers and billionaires, including Bill Gates, King Charles and other royals and of course, Klaus Schwab, the leader of the Economic Forum. Stephane Bancel, CEO of Moderna, claimed work on Moderna's vaccine had started in '2017' more than '2 years before Covid-19 had apparently been discovered?—As the pandemic unfolded, the world's elite kept telling the unsuspecting public, that the Covid pandemic was a "WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY FOR A GREAT RESET!" An opportunity to—"Build Back Better!"

We were promised—The world after covid would be a better place for us all, regardless of the climate stuff and social collapse, mentioned above—The "4th Industrial Revolution." Klaus Schwab famously claimed: "The people, will own nothing, and be happy!" And would be a wonderful chance to introduce AI, which would make our life even more wonderful! That statement is a lie of course and incredibly creepy.

Bullied by World leaders, the media and scientists. 

A great number of people tried to resist the push for this brave new world, by refusing the vaccine or questioning the ethics of certain Big Pharma companies, or seeing through the lies of world leaders and the media. Or simply, because they held their democratic right to say no. Not surprisingly these people became 'pariahs' of our society. Doctors and nurses, other medical workers and even members of the military, the very people who had been lauded as heroes when the pandemic began. These people, many who had risked their lives soon found themselves sacked for not accepting vaccines. Other people who refused the vaccine were called terrible names and treated terribly by world leaders. Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, President Macron and Canada's President Trudeau famously called anti-vaxxers everything from murderers to criminals for refusing the vaccines.

2023 is the year, the 4th Industrial Revolution began.

This year, something called Chat GPT was launched in tandem with AI. While many people were looking at their phones, others trying to get a grip on the world situation and worried to death about an uncertain future for themselves and their loved ones—a beast was launched into the world. Yes, while many were 'sleeping in their shoes' our world as we knew it has changed forever! Already, in just a couple of months, hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost to this technology. 

The book A Revelation To John speaks of two wild beasts, one is the Anti-Christ, but, what is the other?

Chat GPT and AI combined, have caught the attention of everyone around the world and many are literally rushing to try them out, they will change the world, no doubt, indeed we are looking at a 4th Industrial Revolution—By the end of this year, millions of jobs will have been swallowed by this 'beast.' By the end of next year, 2024,' billions of jobs will have gone forever, swallowed up by this all-consuming technology. Already billions of unsuspecting people are 'worshipping' it, quite literally, and it is only several months into circulation—By the end of 2026, which is "3, 1/2" years from now, billions of people will have lost their jobs to this technology, and yes, we can imagine what will happen then! 

2030, is a very special year for Christians. Take note!

We are just "SEVEN YEARS" before the 2,000-year anniversary of the death of Jesus Christ, yes—precisely (7) years . . . 

Interestingly, many scholars and theologians are claiming 2030 as the time when Jesus Christ, the Messiah returns. No one knows, of course, but, I do know that this monster has arrived from goodness knows where. The elite who are running this system of things in the coming years will take away everything we own, and according to the elite, we will be happy! If this beast, ChatGPT combined with AI has swallowed up hundreds of thousands of jobs in just 3 months, and people are already worshipping it, well it is fitting several very scary Bible prophecies.

True believers in Jehovah and his Son Jesus Christ are the really smart ones, they know there is no point in being worldly and chasing wealth and power in this system of things because it is about to be destroyed, and (as you can read above)—And, is currently being run by the enemy of mankind. Any riches or power gained now are only temporary. Remember, Satan offered Jesus the whole world if He would just bow down to him. Satan could only offer the world if he 'owned' it! This is exactly why Jehovah's people have stayed away from this world and its temptations, with the help of Jehovah's Holy Spirit of course—it really is that simple.


To this day, NASA maintain man cannot travel further than low earth's orbit because of radiation surrounding earth from the Van Allen radiation belts, so, how did we get to the moon in 1969?—NASA's Van Allen Probes Spot an Impenetrable Barrier in Space


Gary Walton said...

If you managed to get down here, well, thank you!

I understand this is 'NOT' lite reading.

I am very interested in anyone's views about what I have written here . . .

Quartermaster said...

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil,...."

Several groups are doing this. The left (which includes the GOPe), and MAGA types supporting Putin.

Gary Walton said...

The world is bigger than America!

Hawkeye said...

Isn't it sad? The everything collapse unfolding at warp speed and still polly ticks have their supporters believing the only cause is the democrats, Maga, gop(e) groups, liberals....blah blah blah....wake the hell up people! Loved your reply Gary, yes indeed the world is bigger then America! Right on brother!!
Let's tell the truth please! Those who call evil good and good evil are more numerous then can be written in a small comment box. And to back up Gary's statement that the world is bigger then just America, LOOK UP! That is global, NON-political, and the biggest wake up call God is allowing IMHO! Spraying the skies globally in conjunction with hard core frequencies emissions is our biggest threat to date and all sides of the polly tick groups are well aware of it, lying their asses off to all who listen, and even participating in it the horror for money, power AND the greater good ... all while it has the entire earth environment in rapid collapse right now! Yet the complaint is those dam lefties.
Save the planet from GLOBAL WARMING,.....woops, we don't call it that anymore nobecause its too accurate and we dont go with accurate truth anymore, it's "climate change" now. "That" is the surname of their cure that science calls geoengineering and what they call good yet it is evil. Does anyone wonder why climates are changing? Why are birds falling dead out of trees? Why are trees falling over dead? How does a tropical "climate" go to below zero-F degrees and then within a week returns to 70F degrees in January or February? Does that ever enter these polly tick minds!!? Where do they live I wonder? You want to see hell on earth brother? Come visit SWFL especially since hurricane Ian barreled through 10 months ago! Or you can go to Texas, Arizona, Alaska, Canada, Europe, hey how about a visit to the Middle East or India where their earth surface temps have reached a heat index temp of 152F degrees! No typo, yes I said ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY TWO degrees. Oh yea, your polly ticks forgot to mention that didn't they?!
I'm not sure how much more I can take here down south where our temps have not gone below 100F for over 2 or three months now and without rain. If you don't see the wildlife, look in the shade because those poor creatures of God can not stand being in the extreme UV sun any more.
It's over for sure folks but good. This world needs to end because it is ALL bad, evil, and destructive, and that is an exact description of the polly ticks boss, the anti-christ. When you get to hell and realize what & why all because you idolized these fat liar talking heads, then it's too late mate. Wake up now and save your soul!
Time is very short, hurry!
Seems my speechless week has ended Gary!

Gary Walton said...

Wow! Welcome back my friend . . .