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A 10 year anniversary for the wonderful NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory — SDO: Our Sun is very quiet at the moment as it slowly comes out of Solar Minimum, what will SDO unravel in the next decade? (Video)
In February 2020, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory — SDO — is celebrating its 10th year in space. Over the past decade, the spacecraft has kept a constant eye on the Sun, studying how the Sun creates solar activity and drives space weather — the dynamic conditions in space that impact the entire solar system, including Earth. Since its launch on Feb. 11, 2010, SDO has collected millions of scientific images of our nearest star, giving scientists new insights into its workings. SDO’s measurements of the Sun — from the interior to the atmosphere, magnetic field, and energy output — have greatly contributed to our understanding of our closest star. SDO’s images have also become iconic — if you’ve ever seen a close-up of activity on the Sun, it was likely from an SDO image.

Fireball meteor lights up the night sky over Malaysia (Video)
Photo Reuters
Fireball meteor lights up the night sky over Malaysia A dashboard camera has captured the moment a meteor illuminated the night sky in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. 

The International Meteor Organisation received reports of a fireball, which is a meteor that appears brighter than normal.

Connecting the dots: Christmas 1957 our sun goes ballistic worries experts: Two prominent scientists suddenly die: NASA launched: The Space Race Begins: Climate Change arrives
Every time a space shuttle was launched, the solid rocket boosters released 240 tons of HCl gas, 26 tons of chlorine gas, 7 tons of nitrogen dioxide gas, and 304 tons of aluminium oxide into the atmosphere. The resulting hydrochloric acid dissolved eight inches of concrete on the launch pad during a Space Shuttle launch, raising the concentration of hydrochloric acid in nearby lakes to 3 M, producing massive fish kills in the ocean, and destroying the paint on cars. Leading chemists to believe that HCl is a major contributor to the holes in the ozone layer. 
The Space Shuttle made 135 space flights during its 30-year career, which is more than 41,000 tons of aluminian oxide 3, 510 tons of chlorine gas, 945 tons of nitrogen dioxide gas and 32,400 tons of HCI gas thrown into our atmosphere and that is just the Space Shuttle,

Sea and Surface Temperatures, Major Earthquakes, Volcano Eruptions, Droughts, Extreme Temperatures, Famine, Flooding, Wildfires and Cyclones caused by the Sun and will continue increasing
What is really causing climate change? Our climate is changing, no two ways about it, it's getting hotter but the paradox is, it's getting colder too and wetter, and dryer, however, the constant is, it's become more extreme. We are warned our use of CO2 is causing Global Warming, our use of Greenhouse gases is not sustainable and carbon dioxide is killing the planet but is that the case?
Something happened on the 24th and 25th of December 1957 which defies logic, defies physics. The story begins with a report from SAO/NASA data system (ADS). Thomas Cragg wrote: 
During 1957, observations of the Sun were made at Mount Wilson Observatory in Washington on 310 days of that year. Not since 1941 have solar observations been possible on as few days in one year as in 1957.

God Clock? Sea and surface Temperatures, Major earthquakes, Volcano eruptions, Droughts, Extreme temperatures, Famine, Flooding, Wildfires and Cyclones suddenly intensified in the late 50s!

Weather changes constantly, scientists tell us our climate changes in repeated cycles and these changes can provide big changes for people living on earth. There is no doubt, our climate is changing, it's getting warmer, it's also getting colder and wetter in many places and dryer in others but is it man causing climate change or is it something else?
According to, around 200 BC and 600 AD, there was Roman warming. Around AD 440 and 900, Dark Ages cooling. Around 900 to 1300, we had Medieval warming. Followed by "The Little Ice-Age," 1300 to 1850, phases 1 and 2. Around 1850 to present is the modern warming, which by the way, many scientists claim the 1930s were hotter than now. (This period is what many people are calling global warming).

The incredible coincidence of the Taal Volcano eruptions of 1911 and 2020: Solar cycle 24, (2011-2019) is almost a perfect copy Solar cycle 15, (1905-1916) with the most sun spotless days this century
The 1911 eruption, 1500 died and injured 199, although it is known that more perished than the official records show. The seven barangays that existed on the island previous to the eruption were completely wiped out. Post mortem examination of the victims seemed to show that practically all had died of scalding by hot steam or hot mud, or both. The devastating effects of the blast reached the west shore of the lake, where a number of villages were also destroyed. Cattle to the number of 702 were killed and 543 nipa houses destroyed. all other life agriculture included was destroyed, apart from one rooster, credit Wikipedia
On January the 30th, 1911 the Taal Volcano erupted killing 1,500 people, everything on the island was destroyed except for a rooster. Now, 109 years later almost exactly to the date, the Taal Volcano is erupting again. 

The mysterious tiny moon Phobos: A potato-shaped moon orbiting Mars in a way scientists insist is not possible: A Soviet "Close Encounter" and a mysterious Monolith (extraordinary videos)
The mysterious monolith on Phobos

It's Greek name Phobos is a personification of a fear held to possess armies and cause their defeat.
It is a potato-shaped moon orbiting Mars in a way scientists insist is not possible and is also the smallest moon in our Solar System. Scientists claim the moon's orbit is so close to Mars it should have succumbed to the planet's gravity long ago. It has a beaten-up appearance and looks like it has been involved in a battle and has tiny crater chains on its surface which resemble stress lines but the most astonishing fact about Phobos is, it has a monolith. 
Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin thinks the public would be interested in the monolith on Phobos, and leading Russian scientists believe Phobos is man-made. 

The great Earthquake mentioned in A Revelation to John and mentioned many other times in the Bible is a solar micronova, a blast of solar wind so strong as to make the earth's magnetic north "flip."
I have often wondered when reading the Bible about a great earthquake which is prophesied to come before the Great Day Of The Lord. The earthquake is so great it will move every mountain and every island from its place. Our sun will become as black as sackcloth, the moon will turn blood red and the stars of the heavens will fall to earth and the heaven will depart as a scroll being rolled up. The Kings of the earth, high officials, military commanders and everyone else to hide in caves, saying to the mountains and to the rocks.

This earthquake is mentioned many times in the Bible and I always pondered on the size of such an earthquake, what force could produce something like this? What force could move every mountain and every island on our planet?

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