Saturday, 27 August 2016

2 months rain in one day makes Iowa the latest state in America to declare an emergency as our planet is showing signs of birth pangs

Photo Iowa floods
  • Disorder and distress incident's are leading us to a major social change
  • Difficult to deny our planet is creaking under the strain as extreme weather has become the new norm
  • This summer has shown a big increase in heat waves, fires, floods, storms, drought and it is getting worse by the month

On 25 August Iowa Governor Terry E. Branstad issued a proclamation of disaster emergency for Allamakee, Clayton, Fayette, Howard and Winneshiek counties in response to recent severe storms and flash flooding.
Original report:
Over 8 inches (200 mm) which is double the average amount for August, of rain fell in parts of northern Iowa between 23 and 24 August, causing flooding and increasing rivers to record levels. Local officials report that one man died in Chickasaw County after his car was swept off the road by waters from the swollen Little Turkey River.
Parts of Winneshiek County have also been affected, including Spillville, Decorah, Fort Atkinson and Freeport. Some evacuations were carried out in Decorah and Fort Atkinson Trailer Park was also evacuated. Schools and roads have been closed in the area.
The news comes as America’s attention has been alerted to what is being described as rain bombs and thousand year floods after it was revealed 110,000 homes were damaged by floods in Louisiana earlier this month.
Our planet is creaking under the strain
Earlier this month July was declared the hottest month on record for the globe for the 15th consecutive month as records continue to tumble
If June was unprecedented and undeniable with it becoming the 14 consecutive month of record heat for the globe, July chips in with the 15th consecutive month of record heat as the planet buckles from planet change...
As heat waves, fires, floods, storms, drought continued to hit the headlines in July, Kuwait tied the world’s highest known temperature at 129.2 degrees (54 Celsius) at the end of July, while one month's rain fell in two hours and destroyed Ellicott City maine street in Maryland killing two, along with 40 dead from lightning strikes in Odisha, India, 50 people dead or missing from landslides in Nepal.
More than one years rain fell in less than a day in China, killing 225 with a further 225,000 trapped. A deadly Texas heat wave killed four, while heat waves in Europe climbed above 40C, 105F.
A new record, as ten thousand lightning flashes lit up Hong Kong's night sky in July, hundreds killed in torrential rains in India.. the records just kept tumbling.

KDR Media Chaser Steve Yezek captured footage of flooding from the Osage, Decorah, and Freeport Iowa areas where 4-6 inches of rain fell on 8/24/16.

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Rain bombs and thousand year floods are catching America’s attention as 110,000 homes damaged by floods in Louisiana .

One Dead, One Missing in Louisiana Flooding as rivers reach record highs

12 dead and thousands hospitalised as Japan temperature hits 40C (104F)

Death toll expected to rise as Tropical Storm Earl kills 38 people in Mexico

54 dead after a week of torrential rains and flash floods in Pakistan

More than a years rain in two hours kill 22 and and injures 60 in Macedonia

40C, 104F is becoming a summer normal as evidence shows Shanghai is getting hotter

Scorched Earth! A week after Kuwait tied the world’s highest known temperature UAE temperature hits 50C, 122F

One month's rain in two hours destroys Ellicott City maine street in Maryland killing two

40 people killed 35 others injured due to lightning strikes in Odisha, India

Spanish high season on alert as temperatures set to soar to above 42 C (108 Degrees)

37 people dead 26 missing and 2,000 houses destroyed from floods and landslides in Nepal

Temperatures to hit 110 degrees (43C) during the weekend in the San Fernando Valley

Astounding statistics! Over one years rain in one day kills 225, 250,000 trapped and 53,000 houses destroyed in China

Kuwait tie's the world’s highest known temperature this week at 129.2 degrees (54 Celsius).

India –124 Dead 55,000 dead cattle and 336,555 damaged homes after monsoon rains

Two weeks after heavy rain left 128 people dead another 100 dead or missing in new China floods

Unprecedented and undeniable! June marks 14 consecutive months of record heat for the globe

Deadly Texas heat wave kills four and is the hottest summer since 1994

Greenland lost over a trillion tons of ice from Jan. 1, 2011 to Dec. 31, 2014 report claims

Parts of Europe on alert as a heatwave moves in with some parts hitting 40C (104F)