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The French Revolution, credit Wikipedia.

There is one thing we all have which no government, no dictator, mad-man or killer can take away from us—Our relationship and conversations with God—And with a healthy dose of the Holy Spirit we can even be happy during these terrible times!

On the very day Ukrainian President Zelensky advised the world to stock up on anti-radiation pils and to quickly construct air raid shelters against Putin's increasing nuclear threat, our sun shoots off yet another X-class flare—And, is another, very good reason to maybe stock up those anti-radiation pils and build a sturdy air raid shelter, but, just a little bit deeper, because if Putin doesn't get you there are other ways. By the way, the X-class flare is not a danger to us—This time!

A very powerful and shallow mag 7.0, reduced from mag 7.2 by USGS has rocked the Loyalty Islands in the night. It comes after the powerful mag 6.9 which struck earlier last night, I did mention in my report we could expect more major quakes, (mag 6 or higher) during the night. Full story here 

13 large aftershocks have also struck the islands. I can't find any information of damage or injuries at this moment. Two tsunami warnings issued for Fiji, New Caledonia and Vanuatu have been been lifted, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC). 

Wednesday, 30 March 2022 Signs And Wonders—A very powerful X-class solar flare has exploded on the sun's surface this afternoon and a Coronal Mass Ejection, (CME) will almost certainly be heading toward Earth coupled with a Strong G3-class geomagnetic storm later tonight!

A very powerful X-class solar flare has exploded on the sun's surface this afternoon and a Coronal Mass Ejection, (CME) will almost certainly be heading toward Earth. According to, the source is active sunspot AR2975--the same sunspot that has already hurled at least two CMEs, (M-class) toward Earth this week.

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the flare's extreme ultraviolet flash: Radiation from the flare ionised the top of Earth's atmosphere, causing a shortwave radio blackout over the Americas. Aviators, mariners, and ham radio operators may have noticed unusual propagation effects at frequencies below 30 MHz. A CME is almost certainly emerging from the blast site. SOHO coronagraphs have not yet detected the cloud, but there is strong circumstantial evidence. 

Thursday, 24 February 2022 Signs And Wonders—Another near miss! Massive and very powerful solar flare filmed by NOAA showing Coronal Mass Ejection being thrown millions of kilometres into space missing planet Earth—An impact like this would propel mankind back to the Stone Age and is a matter of when not if!

Another near miss! On the 15th of Feb, a massive and powerful eruption exploded from our Sun, luckily it was on the far side of the Sun and will not impact Earth's magnetic field which is an incredible piece of luck because the Sunspot group which produced this is now turning toward Earth. If the above powerful eruption had hit Earth's magnetic field full on it could have caused extreme damage. 

Solar Cycle 25 (the latest solar cycle) is heating up after NASA and NOAA told us it would be a quiet affair, however it's not. New sunspot counts from NOAA confirm that the young solar cycle is outperforming the official forecast. 

Tuesday, 22 February 2022 The Mighty Military-Industrial Complex—1957, the year the space race started, the year our Sun recorded a record number of Sunspots, our planet recorded a record number of major quakes and the year global warming started and natural disasters began increasing—Its all here!

It is perhaps the perfect day to reflect just how f#cked up our planet has declined finds itself in once again just as President Putin orders his troops into the Ukraine. He is the latest megalomaniac in a long list of narcissistic maggots who believe it is their destiny to have people killed in the glory of his name! I ask myself, once again, why-oh-why do we keep on voting for these cruel selfish despots? Below is the reason our planet is on the verge of absolute destruction and—It has nothing to do with factories, airplanes and cars!

"Our very future depended on being the ones who first seized ownership of space." “Control of space means control of the world,” Johnson declared. “From space, the masters of infinity would have the power to control the earth’s weather, to cause drought and flood, to change the tides and raise the levels of the sea, to divert the gulf stream and change temperate climates to frigid.” Vice President Lindon Johnson at Southwest Texas State University, May 27 (1962).

Friday, 14 January 2022 SIGNS AND WONDERS! Far-side X-class flares, Sun Spot activity out-performing the "experts" predictions: A record number of major quakes in the first two weeks of 2022 going back 120 years and more than 30 volcanoes worldwide showing activity: 2022 begins its first baby steps into the unknown!

A possible X-Class flare earlier this week on the far side of the sun. Credit SOHO

The fledgling new year has already surprised many scientists and experts as 2022 begins its first baby steps into the unknown. 

Record number of major quakes starts off the new year!

It is very early days indeed but halfway through January 2022 and our planet is throwing quite a few surprises our way! On the 11th of January, two powerful major quakes, a mag 6.8 and a mag 6.6 rocked Alaska's Aleutian Islands. The two major quakes,(mag 6 or higher) in Alaska brought the total to 11 in the first 11 days of 2022 which is quite a start to the year, well—it's a record, going back further than 1900. As far as I can see from the USGS data base 11 major quakes in first 11 days of a year has never happened before. And, it hasn't stopped, this morning a magnitude 6.6 rocked the Sunda Straight in Indonesia bringing the total to 12 major quakes, (mag 6 or higher) in the first 14 days of January, 2022.

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