Thursday 31 March 2022

An exciting night expected! A magnitude 6.9 rocks the Loyalty Islands in the South Pacific after a powerful X-class flare is ejected from our Sun and strong G3-class geomagnetic storms are possible during the early hours of March 31st when a CME arrives

Credit USGS

This major quake and—Maybe, some more later may well have been expected tonight, as the earth's magnetosphere is expecting strong G3-class geomagnetic storms during the night when a fairly powerful CME is expected to strike. Earlier this afternoon our sun shot-off a rare powerful, X-class flare too. Full story

The quake, registered as a mag 6.7, but upgraded to a M6.9 by USGS, southeast of the Loyalty Islands in the South Pacific is the 40th major quake (mag 6 or higher) of 2022 and the 12th of this month so far.

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