Man made disasters Quick Read

Last week 214 whales died around New Zealand and Trump approved seismic tests that will harm thousands of Atlantic dolphins and whales.
Last week in a seven day period 214 whales, including, large sperm whales, pygmy killer whales, and pilot whales died in shallow waters around the coast of New Zealand, no one knows why, or do they?
Allegedly the US Navy, Australian Navy and New Zealand Navy were conducting a RIMPAC type underwater electronic weapons testing with Raytheon right where these whales died, I can not prove or confirm this but in a press release last week the President Trump administration approved seismic tests that could harm thousands of Atlantic dolphins and whales.

"Food insecurity" the creepy buzz phrase by the elite used to describe 60 million people suffering famine caused by Muslims killing Muslims
A famine, or "Food insecurity" (the creepy buzz phrase used by the elite) has been ongoing in Yemen which started during the Yemeni Civil War.
Over 17 million of Yemen's population are at risk; over 3.3 million children and pregnant or lactating women suffer from acute malnutrition.
Over 100,000 of the affected children are in Al Hudaydah Governorate, with the city of Al Hudaydah worst affected area of the province.
According to the Norwegian Refugee Council, the famine in Yemen will soon reach "biblical proportions".

Two-thirds of all animal and insects extinct by 2020: Dying oceans fish replaced by plastic: One in five of the world’s plant species threatened
Photo NOAA
This week The Big Wobble has focussed on the frightening information regarding the state of our planet and it's messed up, we have learned, two-thirds of all animal and insect species will be extinct by 2020.
Imagine if the human population fell by 60%, that would be like emptying the America's, Europe, Africa, Oceania and China of people.
In just two years’ time, the World will have lost two-thirds of all wild animals.

Tsunami horror! Early detection buoys along Indonesia's coast had not worked since 2012 even after 2004 tsunami killed 230,000 people
As the death toll races past 3,000 after the mag 7.4 quake last week, Indonesia's disaster agency says early detection tsunami buoys off the coast of Sulawesi have not been working for six years, resulting in insufficient warning before rising waters reached the shore.
A network of 22 buoys connected to seafloor sensors was meant to transmit advance tsunami warnings to the Indonesian meteorology and geophysics agency (BMKG).
But Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, spokesman for the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB), said the detection buoys had not worked since 2012 due to a lack of funding.

Death toll to rise to "THOUSANDS" after Indonesia's geophysics agency sensors missed tsunami allowing hundreds back onto the beach
Indonesia's geophysics agency lifted a tsunami warning 34 minutes after it was first issued following a major earthquake that sent huge waves crashing into the northeastern coast of Sulawesi island, killing almost a thousand and leaving thousands more homeless.
Hundreds of people, around 1,000, had gathered for a festival on the beach in Palu on Friday when waves as high as six metres (18 feet) smashed onshore at dusk, sweeping most to their death.
The geophysics agency (BMKG) faced criticism on Saturday on social media, with many questioning if the tsunami warning was lifted too soon.
At least 832 people have been killed with many more still missing after the 7.5-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami rocked the Indonesian island of Sulawesi on Friday, the country's disaster agency confirmed Sunday.

Many people are thought dead and hundreds missing after a hydroelectric dam collapsed in southeastern Laos nearly 7,000 homeless
Many people are thought dead and hundreds missing Tuesday after a hydroelectric dam collapsed in southeastern Laos, state media reported.
The Xepian-Xe Nam Noy hydropower dam in Attapeu province collapsed, releasing five billion cubic meters of water in the San Sai district, according to Sky News.
The water swept away several hopes, the official news agency KPL reported.
More than 6,600 people were left homeless.

Photo credit Wikipedia
This morning in my in-tray arrived the latest update from our intrepid explorer Bill up there in Alaska and his recent results, as he keeps an eye on radiation levels in the fish up there.
Bill, who is deeply respected and trusted by thousands of readers on The Big Wobble has released his latest findings exclusively to The Big Wobble and it's not good.
All the fish he has monitored on his latest update have shown increased radiation.

Fukushima has changed our world forever: New exclusive update from Bill in Alaska radiation up in salmon tuna halibut and crustaceans
Fish with radiation poisoning
On the 7th anniversary of the Fukushima’s Nuclear Disaster, in March this year, I received mail from our friend in Alaska, Bill Laughing Bear, regarding increasing radiation levels of fish he himself has monitored in the coastal waters off Alaska since 2012
A new much-appreciated update regarding radiation from Fukushima affecting fish along the coast of Alaska has arrived from a very busy Bill.
According to Bill, who is doing spot checks on fish in the area and claims "radiation levels in the fish is up from last years readings."
Here is his exclusive report below. 

Thousands of dead fish off the coast of Florida caused by a smelly, "guacamole-thick" algae fueled by freshwater flows controlled by the Army
A charter captain says he saw thousands of dead fish while taking clients out on Wednesday.
"It was the largest amount of dead fish I have ever seen in my career," said Rhett Morris, of Beyond Borders Outfitters.
Morris has been a charter captain for more than 20 years.
"This is what makes this red tide event so scary, is these snook are getting wiped out right now and they are all full of eggs."
According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, fish kills can be caused by algae blooms cutting off oxygen below the surface.
But Morris says red tide is unusual this late in the year, and they've gotten worse over the past few years.

An unconfirmed report claims Belgium nuclear power plant was dramatically shut down "last week" preventing near global catastrophe
An unconfirmed report has been sent to The Big Wobble concerning a possible global catastrophe was kept quiet for almost a week as a Belgium as a nuclear power plant was dramatically shut down after damage to a cooling system.
Despite the fact that the incident occurred almost a week ago information of the near global catastrophe is only now being released by the Belgium government.
In Belgium, the main reactor of  'Doel Nuclear Power Station' was urgently stopped after a water leak from the cooling system.
Despite the fact that the incident occurred not less than five days ago, information about the threat of the accident was announced only on Saturday, April 28.

Radiation is found 10 miles away from the Hanford Nuclear Reservation as demolition work is halted after contamination of workers
Seven decades after making key portions of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, workers at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation are being exposed to radiation as they tear down buildings that helped create the nation's nuclear arsenal.
Dozens of workers demolishing a plutonium processing plant from the 1940s have inhaled or ingested radioactive particles in the past year, and even carried some of that radiation into their vehicles, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Cancer-causing breathable particles known as PM2.5 soared to hazardous levels as a massive sandstorm hits Beijing Wednesday
Beijing's air quality index (AQI) soared to hazardous levels on Wednesday (Mar 28) morning as a sandstorm smothered the Chinese capital in dust after triggering an alert late on Tuesday from the National Meteorological Center (NMC).
In a 'blue' warning, the lowest in China's four-tier alert system, the NMC advised citizens in northern parts of the capital, northern parts of the surrounding Hebei province and other regions to close doors and windows, wear scarves and dust masks and drive slowly due to poor visibility.
The alert would remain in place until 1200 GMT (8pm Singapore time) on Wednesday, the agency said.
The AQI reading for Beijing provided by the US State Department, based on the concentration of cancer-causing breathable particles known as PM2.5, was 244 as of 0153 GMT, rated as "very unhealthy".

"Mass extinction event!" The desperate unrecoverable state of Earth's species in numbers: 60% of species now threatened with extinction
The sorry state of Earth's species, in numbers
It's a disaster The Big Wobble has been reporting since 2011 and in the 7 years since some astonishing statistics have been revealed.
In just 2 years time two-thirds of all wild animals who once lived in the world will be dead, the world's primates face an "extinction crisis" with 60% of species now threatened with extinction and an unprecedented death of billions of tons of marine life around the world’s oceans and waterways.
Just last week the world’s last male northern white rhino died which captured the attention of the worldwide media, however, the decline of our biodiversity has been mostly ignored for decades, however, scientists began a comprehensive, global appraisal of the damage, and what can be done to reverse it but is it too late?

Tens of millions without power in Brazil as electric system in the country's poor north and northeast has practically collapsed
A power outage struck large swaths of Brazil on Wednesday, affecting tens of millions of people, especially in the country's northern and northeastern regions where the system remains "practically collapsed," according to an official.
The outage began at about 3:40 p.m. (1940 GMT) and had not been resolved by late evening, according to the country's state grid operator.
The blackout was due to the failure of a transmission line near the massive Belo Monte hydroelectric station, authorities said.

Radioactive Californium used in nuclear warheads at market value of $5.8 billion seized by Turkish Police thought to have been smuggled from Russia
Turkish police have seized a valuable cache of the radioactive Californium element in an operation in the capital Ankara, according to a report published Monday by Turkish broadcaster NTV. Californium, a rare and dangerous non-natural element, is being used in nuclear warheads and nuclear energy plants as well as in the oil and mining industries, with a worth of approximately $4 million per gram.
The article reported that anti-smuggling teams in the city conducted the operation in Pursaklar district upon a tipoff, detaining four suspects believed to be a part of a larger criminal organization.
The suspects reportedly agreed to sell the cache of 1.441 kilograms of the element for $72 million on the black market.

Fukushima the disaster that changed our world forever: 27% increase of radiation levels found in salmon and halibut off the coast of Alaska
On the 7th anniversary of the Fukushima’s Nuclear Disaster, I received another mail from our friend in Alaska, Bill Laughing Bear, regarding increasing radiation levels of fish he himself has monitored in the coastal waters off Alaska since 2012.
It is a timely revelation after Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) announced recently their  "BIG HOPE" the 'ice wall' has failed to freeze Fukushima's toxic water buildup resulting in another million tons of toxic waste will be dumped into the Pacific. Full story
With no known technology to fix the problem and TEPCO claiming it will take at least 40 years to repair (how do they arrive at 40 years if there is nothing out there to stop it?) it is the disaster that changed our world forever.

Tepco's BIG HOPE the 'ice wall' fails to freeze Fukushima's toxic water buildup! Another million tons of toxic waste to be dumped into the Pacific
Bags of radioactive waste are seen piled up at a temporary storage site in Tomioka, Fukushima Prefecture| KYODO
Last summer 50,000 trillion Becquerel’s of radiation leaked into the Pacific, however, Tepco says tritium poses little risk to human health and is quickly diluted by the ocean.
300 tons of radioactive water is leaking daily into the Pacific and there is no known technology to fix it.
In one of the world's worst nuclear disasters, the Nos. 1 to 3 units experienced fuel meltdowns while the No. 1, No. 3 and No. 4 units were also severely damaged by hydrogen explosions following a massive earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

Asian markets join global stock plunge along with London Frankfurt and Paris all falling sharply after Dow plummeted by record points Monday

Asian markets followed the US stock market with Japanese stocks suffering their biggest point drop since June 2016 on Tuesday, after Wall Street tumbled the previous day on fears about rising U.S. bond yields and a potential pick-up in inflation.
With all eyes now on Europe the big three, London, Frankfurt and Paris all fell sharply when they opened on Tuesday with new losses of up to 3%.
In the US overnight, the Dow lost 4.6%.
US stocks suffer worst fall in six years, with all gains from the last year wiped out yesterday afternoon.
The Dow has dropped by a record 1,175 points, the leading US stock market index closed down 4.6% at 24,345.75., smashing the previous record when it fell by 777.68 points during the financial crisis in 2008.

Ladies "SAFE-ZONE" for New Years Eve celebrations after migrants committed hundreds of sex assaults and robbery on horrific night in Cologne in 2015.
 Berlin's traditional New Year celebrations will take on a new twist on Sunday evening when a "safe zone" will be set up for women after a large number of assaults and robberies targeting women at Cologne's New Year's Eve celebrations two years ago horrified Germany.

The evil is out there! Pentagon ufo disclosure is the beginning of a new deception after 70 years of lying of swamp gas and weather balloons
The truth is finally out there, or is a new deception is on the cards?
The Pentagon admitted it ran a secret UFO investigation programme for five years until 2012.
Luis Elizondo, who was the head of the Advanced Threat Identification Programme (AATIP), a US program set up to investigate reports of unidentified flying objects, UFO's, has declared the existence of unidentified flying objects using technology more advanced than human capabilities has been proved “beyond a reasonable doubt”.
So...There it is a disclosure of sorts.

Australia's shame! Australian establishment deny drug-fuelled insane, demon-possessed Muslim is a terrorist claiming he is a drug addict and mentally ill
Yesterday a drug-fuelled insane, demon-possessed Muslim deliberately drove an SUV at speed into innocent men women and children happily going about there business and since then the spineless Australian government and Media have been falling over themselves denying this action as terrorism, saying no terrorism link has been identified at this stage?

Horror in Yemen! War... Famine... Drought...1 million with cholera and now diphtheria while key ports for humanitarian shipments remain closed
Three people have died of suspected diphtheria in conflict-hit Yemen, doctors said Wednesday, as the World Health Organisation and International Committee of the Red Cross warned the disease was spreading.
"Currently, there is an increase in diphtheria cases, due to the poor vaccination coverage for children under five years of age," an ICRC spokeswoman told AFP.