Thursday 30 April 2020

April the 4th month of probably the most important decade in the history of mankind sees a rise of 2,343,443 Covid-19 cases in just 30 days: Almost 300 million are facing starvation due to locusts swarms and much much more!

Tuesday, 7 April 2020, "A truly remarkable monster system." A Category Five superstorm Tropical Cyclone Harold killed 27 people on the Solomon Isles.

On April the 1st the total number of confirmed cases from the coronavirus was 862,890 with 30,000 in a critical condition. Total deaths were at, 42,196 and the world was in a panic, little did we know then that by the end of April the total number of confirmed cases from the coronavirus would be at an incredible 3,206,333 a rise of 2,343,443 in just 30 days, with a death toll of 227,958 and most governments in the Western world claiming the death toll is a very conservative figure and is certainly much higher. April was the 4th month of probably the most important decade in the history of mankind and it's not looking good.

Elsewhere, more swarms of locusts continue to form in the Horn of Africa, Arabia and Asia. An insect that multiplies 20-fold with each new generation every three months. It is the same species of locust God used against the Egyptians in the epic Bible Book of Exodus. The Desert Locust (Schistocerca gregaria), and they are the most destructive migratory pest in the world. The massive Plague of locusts were set to descend upon the Middle East in time for Passover, however, the swarms were expecting to miss the Holy Land. TBW

As the coronavirus hit 1 million cases worldwide doubling in just 8 days, just how many million cases will be worldwide by June the 1st is anybody's guess. The Colorado State University issued a worrying report at the beginning of April, for residents in the Caribbean and the Gulf States.
According to their report, An abnormally warm Gulf of Mexico could intensify the upcoming tornado and hurricane seasons causing devastation to an already crippled population due to the coronavirus. Water temperatures in and around the Gulf of Mexico are running more than three degrees above average, increasing the prospects for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes this spring and potentially stronger hurricane activity in the summer and fall. TBW

"A truly remarkable monster system." A Category Five superstorm, generating destructive winds and "phenomenal" seas, was heading for Vanuatu in the South Pacific. Tropical Cyclone Harold had done an unprecedented intensification into a powerful monster tropical system. It was packing 120 knots (140 mph / 225 km/h) maximum sustained winds and 936 mbar (914 mbar per Vanuatu Met. office) central pressure. This officially puts Harold into a Category 5 system, based on the Australian/Fiji classification. That is a Category 4 equivalent tropical system based on the Saffir-Simpson scale. TBW

The 'Severe Tropical Cyclone,' smashed into Vanuatu as expected, destroying buildings and causing devastation after killing 27 people on the Solomon Isles. The Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department issued a warning early on Tuesday that Harold had developed into a category 5 strength Cyclone with hurricane-force winds of 185km/h (100Knots), gusting to 235km/h (125Knots) and is now the 2nd strongest cyclone to hit Vanuatu on record. TBW

In the 2nd week of April, mobile masts were being set on fire in the parts of the UK and Europe amid conspiracy theories claiming a link between 5G and coronavirus. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport was quick to calm the incidents by claiming, "there is absolutely no credible evidence" of a link between 5G and Covid-19. Actually, there is evidence and a worrying connection. People are living in the 21st century with suppressed immune systems due to a medical term called 'Oxidative stress,' which is linked to radiofrequency radiation, obesity diets rich in fat and sugar, processed foods, smoking, alcohol consumption, medications, pollution, exposure to pesticides or industrial chemicals, in other words, modern life. TBW

A very early heatwave continued to grip Europe with temperatures in parts pushing 30 deg C, (86 deg F). In Paris-Montsouris in France, the mercury topped 27.1°C, while, Sion in Switzerland, equalled the number .27.1°C. Bilbao in Spain reached a very desirable 27°C. However, many people couldn't enjoy the wonderful weather because of the Coronavirus lockdown. It wasn't all fine early summer weather throughout Europe though, Akseloya in Norway recorded -24.4°C, (-11.92 F) and was the coldest place on the planet and Pontevedra in Spain was the wettest place on the planet with 42 mm rainfall. TBW

Severe weather swept across the South of the US, killing at least 32 people and damaging hundreds of homes from Louisiana into the Appalachian Mountains. Many people spent part of the night early Monday sheltering in basements, closets and bathroom tubs as sirens wailed to warn of possible tornadoes. The storms blew onward through the night, causing flooding and mudslides in mountainous areas, and knocking out electricity for nearly 1.3 million customers in a path from Texas to Maine, according to TBW

The mercury was on the rise across India, as the nation braced for its first heatwave of 2020 while it remained under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Afternoon temperatures climbed well above 38 C (100 F) in parts of the country. Hoshangabad, New Kandla and Surendranagar reported high temperatures of 44 C (111 F). Forecasters say during the upcoming stretch of hot weather this month, high temperatures near 38 C (100 F) or above can be expected in much of the country. TBW

Rats in major US cities are resorting to war and cannibalism to survive the lockdown as expert claims Americans will face similar problems if the shutdowns go on much longer. Rats living in major US cities are resorting to war and cannibalism to survive the coronavirus lockdown, a rodent expert has told the media. But as closures hamper food production, humans may also find themselves in trouble. While rats feeding off the residential waste in places like New York City and Los Angeles are doing just fine, those relying on restaurants – shuttered due to Covid-19 quarantines – are suddenly facing starvation, urban rodentologist Bobby Corrigan claimed. TBW

Here we go again, NOAA has released its global weather report for March and once again 2020 is heading for the record books already. After having a record-hot January and its second-hottest February ever, Earth continued to endure unrelenting heat last month, making March 2020 the second-hottest March on record. March also brought a substantial (more than 45 %) drop in global commercial air traffic, scrubbing the world clean of massive amounts of carbon dioxide, did you ever see blue skies as we are having now? Disturbing patterns show the Northern Hemisphere has witnessed its warmest winter ever, as the U.S.  UK and Ireland, Europe and Russia all reported warm or record warm for 2020. TBW

Recently I have been receiving quite a few emails from worried farmers or people who work in slaughterhouses or in the food industry as a whole. 2020 is turning out to be a disaster for millions of people around the world but I want to focus on the food sector which, in case you didn't realise already received incredible hardship in 2019 and now, as Covid-19 has taken its vicious grip around the world it is the food sector which will bring the next Bible-Esque prophecy to our tables. Back in 2019, a crisis emerged across three continents as extreme weather conditions and disease began to bite the farming industry leaving world banks warning the 2020s would be a decade of dramatic economic and social upheaval as another billion mouths will need to be fed. This statement, of course, was made well before the coronavirus had jumped from animal to human.

In 2019, Europe was losing 1000 small farms a day, due to a crop decline, leading to price rises. Officials were using the word 'disaster' to describe the widespread crop failures happening all over America and in Asia pork prices had doubled after more than a quarter of the entire global pig population had been slaughtered due to an outbreak, (also in China) of African swine fever. TBW

It's happening again! Hundreds of dead seals are washing ashore in Nova Scotia, some headless or with flesh missing from the head??? 'This does happen occasionally, depending on the year', (Marine Animal Response Society)...Yes, it does but only in Nova Scotia, this is indeed very mysterious and something I have been monitoring on The Big Wobble since November 2016 when tens of thousands, (many damaged) of dead herring kept washing ashore along the rocky beaches of western Nova Scotia, prompting a retired scientist to enlist the help of local naturalists and bird watchers as he continues to gather data about the mysterious phenomenon. The die-offs kept coming from dead Herring, Lobster and Scallops, whales and seals through to 2018 when the die-offs appeared to have stopped, however, the deaths have mysteriously begun again and the strangest fact of all is that many of the dead have serious wounds. Jump forward to April 2020 and it's started again. TBW

As famines of ‘biblical proportion’ loom: 260 million are facing starvation and that is NOT including people who face starvation due to Covid-19: Locust swarms are increasing across Africa, Arabia, Southwest Asia and Pakistan. As the coronavirus death toll approaches 200,000 and more than 2.5 million confirmed cases, understandably the world is looking away from a global humanitarian catastrophe of Biblical proportion happening elsewhere. A deepening crisis is exploding in many parts of the world as more frequent natural disasters and changing weather patterns along with poverty and conflict. According to a new report from the World Food Programme (WFP) the world is facing a perfect storm. 135 million people are facing crisis levels of hunger or worse, coupled with an additional 130 million on the edge of starvation prompted by Coronavirus.

To make matters worse farms and food production businesses are struggling to stay afloat due to Covid-19. Crops and animals are being destroyed due to virus restrictions. With an extra billion mouths to feed the vision of the rest of 2020 is a very frightening picture, however, the problem did not begin this year, the problem escalated last year. TBW

A mystery disease is killing thousands of blue tits in Germany with symptoms of the diseased birds including breathing problems, (pneumonia) and no longer taking food. Thousands of blue tits have been found sick or dead in Germany, prompting an investigation by conservation groups and scientists. The tiny blue tit is a common bird found across Europe and the UK. TBW

It's exciting, it's an old friend and it's the highest active volcano in Eurasia! The eruption of the Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcano in Russia's Kamchatka has created spectacular scenes, producing rivers of lava and massive smoke clouds – but scientists worry that the resulting ash cloud could disrupt air traffic. The latest activity within the steep symmetrical cone of the volcano – the highest in Eurasia – blew ash some 7,000 meters into the air on Monday, the Emergencies Ministry said. Klyuchevskaya Sopka, at 4,649 meters in height, was effectively inactive for three years before it started spewing lava again last October – and the smouldering eruption has continued to some degree ever since. TBW

NOAA is claiming 2020 has already a 75% chance of being the hottest year ever and it's still only April: Many parts of Western Europe and the UK have had only around 5% of their average April rainfall: Parts of US driest since the 1500s.
  • NOAA is claiming 2020 has already a 75% chance of being the hottest year ever
  • Many parts of Western Europe and the UK have had only around 5% of their average April rainfall
  • Blistering heat is gripping much of Southwest US and is spreading into the Rockies and Southern Plains this week, smashing records from California to Texas.
  • Southwestern North America is in the midst of “the driest 19-year span since the late 1500s and the second driest since [the year] 800,”
  • Chancellor Angela Merkel used her weekly video message to highlight a growing threat from climate change after only 5% of the usual rainfall in April and that, if the drought continued, trees would die en masse.  TBW

Thousands of birds are washing up on north-east beaches in Scotland showing signs of starvation and It is the tip of the iceberg as millions of seabirds die around the world every year of hunger. What comes out of the sea shows the health of the sea and in recent years the millions of dying sea birds around the world are showing nothing is coming out of the sea. The most recent sea bird showing signs dying from starvation appears to be guillemots washing up on beaches across the north-east of Scotland. TBW 



Anonymous said...

How many cases of influenza would we see globally per season?
This thing is contagious but many say it's not more deadly than the flu.

The death numbers attributed to covid-19 are intentionally exaggerated; due to profit and the desire to control us, the masses.

There is almost nobody less credible than Fauci, the CDC, WHO and Gates. If somebody still believes them, they are not well informed and don't know about the deception and fraud going on with these institutions and characters.

Anybody who willingly spreads fear and panic has been and is killing people and has blood on their hands. This includes those mentioned above, the mainstream media bobble heads, and any individual who seeks to profit from panicking people.

Christopher said...

Gary you are correct and so is the person who made the previous post. Yesterday, I wrote a post on mass animal die offs that did not make it to the comments for some reason. Wether it was intercepted or rejected for some reason I am unsure, but I do care. At the beginig, middle and end of the day and all the minutes inbetween it's all about the truth. Frakly, the truth is disturbing and it is surrounded by deception. Yet, we all have to face this reality every day.
Unfortunately, so many are brainwashed in ignorance and apathy
that they fail to act on the truth and remain shackled to their smart phone Radio Frequency Weapons. We are in a Quiet War with Silent Weapons myered in deception. This reality is not about fear it is about understanding the enemies of Humanity and Nature and overcoming fear with knowledge. It's about discerning truth from fiction and taking action to educated ourselves on how to prevent, avoid and protect ourselves from the evil that is upon us. Keep Your Faith and follow your heart.

Anonymous said...

However, CDC,WHO, Gates and many more belong to Obama and his gang. Do the math.

Christopher said...

I guess my comments are not welcome 2 days in a row. The truth must rub you wrong. Gary, I will never stop seeking and speaking the truth until my last breath. However, I will no longer waste my time commenting on your blog, just to not have my comments not metioned. That is AFU. Take Care

Gary Walton said...

I have no idea what happened to your comment Christopher.

Anonymous said...

Two Great articles -