Tuesday 7 April 2020

Severe Tropical Cyclone Harold is the 2nd strongest cyclone to hit Vanuatu on record after killing 27 on the Solomon Isles: Is now heading toward Fiji and Tonga

Credit Vanuatu Meteorology

It has been described as "a truly remarkable monster system." A Category Five superstorm, generating destructive winds and "phenomenal" seas.

Cyclone Harold Update

The 'Severe Tropical Cyclone,' smashed into Vanuatu as expected, earlier today, destroying buildings and causing devastation after killing 27 people on the Solomon Isles over the weekend. The Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department issued a warning early on Tuesday that Harold had developed into a category 5 strength Cyclone with hurricane-force winds of 185km/h (100Knots), gusting to 235km/h (125Knots) and is now the 2nd strongest cyclone to hit Vanuatu on record.

One-third of Vanuatu population has been affected, severe wind damage and flooding have been reported. Harold’s behaviour now indicates that the inner eyewall is collapsing due to the system’s interaction with the islands to its west. While it remains in extremely favourable very hot sea waters, Harold may organize an eyewall again before it heads towards the Fiji archipelago and Tonga.

The latest satellite imagery is indicating Harold is losing its strength, the eyewall is collapsing which is perfectly visible as it has a trochoidal wobbling. The CDO (Central Dense Overcast) is getting warmer, indicating the system is undergoing a land-induced EWRC (Harold’s main inflow region is feeding on the west, passing through the islands and across the cold wake of the cyclone) SWE


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