Monthly Reports

Record-breaking wildfires in Australia and California, record-breaking flooding in the UK, France and Italy, hundreds dead from flooding in Central Africa: November 2019 was a month to remember
New Delhi, India's capital city, with a population of 26 million had been described as a gas chamber in the first week of November. A thick haze had been hanging over many parts of India caused by plumes of toxic smoke from farm fires raging in neighbouring states. According to the Central Pollution Control Board that week, an index measuring the level of a deadly air pollutant hit 484 on a scale of 500, the government’s highest number this year. It is thought deadly air pollutants are killing nearly 2 million Indian's every year with the number increasing, however, an unlikely ally arrived to clean up and blow away the pollutants in the way of 2 large tropical cyclones. India was sandwiched between Tropical Cyclone Maha in the Arabian Sea and Cyclone Bulbul in the Bay of Bengal.

September 2019: Record-busting Cat 5 Hurricane Dorian. Forgotten Sept 11 Hurricane Erin: Historic wildfires: Typhoons and a rush of major quakes!
Record Busting Hurricane Dorian, credit NASA

As we headed into September, four potential tropical depressions were forming in the Atlantic and the Gulf with Hurricane Dorian becoming the multi record-breaker. The record-busting Cat 5 Hurricane was confirmed as the second-strongest Atlantic storm on record with top sustained winds of 185 mph and gusts hitting 220 mph (350 KMH). At this point, Miami was warned of a possible storm surge that could push destructive waves higher than many roofs in the islands as Dorian approached. the Bahamas. Full Story

August 2019: Shaken and stirred! Devastating global wildfires, Super Typhoon, Typhoon, Tropical Storm and category 5 Hurricane and 10 major quakes...
A look back at August 2019 saw a total of 10 major quakes (mag 6+) around the world, the biggest being the M 6.9 - 102km WSW of Tugu Hilir, Indonesia at the beginning of the month, the 10 major quakes brought the total to 101 major quakes so far this year. It is always interesting to compare how many major quakes had been recorded this time a year ago, in 2018, the number is a mere 78, considerably less than this year so far. 2017 recorded even less with 65 and finished the year on just 111 major quakes, the lowest amount this century. 2016, recorded 93 and 2015, 90, so it's fair to say our planet has been shaking much more this year than recently.