Friday 25 November 2016

A mag 6.5 - quake strikes Tajikistan...The 4th major quake to hit the planet since Monday

It’s another big one! A magnitude 6.5 - 49km NE of Karakul, strikes Tajikistan, making it the 4th major quake to hit earth since Monday.
And major quakes were predicted on Monday by The Big Wobble as a major coronal hole turned to face the Earth See here

On Tuesday the stricken nuclear station, Fukushima had it's cooling system shut down, a meteor burned through the sky and a tsunami evacuation warning after a powerful mag 6.9 quake hit Japan. And on Thursday a massive 7.2 earthquake rocked El Salvador as Hurricane Otto made landfall!
The massive coronal hole is now moving away from Earth facing but we are still in the danger zone, see below.


This afternoon's major quake was the 11th of this November and the 123rd of 2016.

The West coast of the US is looking more and more vulnerable as its the only area of the "ring of fire" not to witness a major quake this year and the law of averages would suggest "the big one" has to come sooner or later.

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