Tuesday 30 August 2016

Three hurricanes and two tropical storms surround the US

Two tropical systems, Madeline and Lester, could pose hazards to Hawaii from the middle of the week into Labor Day weekend.
Madeline and Lester are both major hurricanes at this time and are expected to weaken by the time they reach Hawaii.
However, both are expected to be either a strong tropical storm or category 1 hurricane when they make their closest approach to the islands.
Latest indications suggest that Madeline will continue its westward path before taking a slight jog to the south as it approaches the Big Island on Wednesday, according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Ed Vallee.
On its approach, Madeline will kick up rough surf and rip currents, especially along the east-facing beaches.
At this time, the greatest threat for flooding downpours and gusty winds are expected to focus on eastern portions of the Big Island from Wednesday into Thursday.
Sporadic power outages are possible.
Tropical Depression Seven strengthened into hurricane Gaston during today with another system attempting to form around the northern Caribbean islands.
Tropical Depression 8 to batter Carolinas with rough surf, downpours
Tropical Depression Eight could become a tropical storm while brushing the North Carolina coast with rough surf, downpours and locally gusty thunderstorms into midweek.
Part of the old circulation from Fiona and an old non-tropical storm system helped to spawn Tropical Depression Eight southwest of Bermuda this past weekend.

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Typhoon Mindulle hits Japan as tropical storm Lionrock waits in the wings

China prepares for Typhoon Nida just a week after over one years rain fell in one day killing 225

One month's rain in two hours destroys Ellicott City maine street in Maryland killing two

40 people killed 35 others injured due to lightning strikes in Odisha, India

Spanish high season on alert as temperatures set to soar to above 42 C (108 Degrees)

37 people dead 26 missing and 2,000 houses destroyed from floods and landslides in Nepal

Temperatures to hit 110 degrees (43C) during the weekend in the San Fernando Valley

Astounding statistics! Over one years rain in one day kills 225, 250,000 trapped and 53,000 houses destroyed in China

Kuwait tie's the world’s highest known temperature this week at 129.2 degrees (54 Celsius).

India –124 Dead 55,000 dead cattle and 336,555 damaged homes after monsoon rains

Two weeks after heavy rain left 128 people dead another 100 dead or missing in new China floods

Unprecedented and undeniable! June marks 14 consecutive months of record heat for the globe

Deadly Texas heat wave kills four and is the hottest summer since 1994

Greenland lost over a trillion tons of ice from Jan. 1, 2011 to Dec. 31, 2014 report claims

Parts of Europe on alert as a heatwave moves in with some parts hitting 40C (104F)

Tropical Depression 6E (Estelle) to strengthen into tropical storm today

Tropical Storm Darby set to strengthen in the Eastern Pacific

New York set to beat July heat records as high humidity pushes temperature in Central New York to nearly 100F (38C)

3 dead due to heat wave in the Abruzzo region Italy

Hurricane Celia set to strengthen into a "major hurricane" in the East Pacific

A new record: Ten thousand lightning flashes lit up Hong Kong's night sky over the weekend

22 dead and 170,000 forced from their homes from Flash floods in India

11 dead 200 villages marooned as devastating flash floods hit Madhya Pradesh India

500,000 evacuated as deadly Typhoon Nepartak makes landfall in China

Super Typhoon Nepartak hit's Taiwan: 331,900 households without power, strongest winds since 1901

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