Monday 29 August 2016

Lightning strikes again! At least 322 wild reindeer killed by lightning in Norway: 2016 has seen a massive increase in death by lightning

  • Lightning strikes on a 12 to 24% increase: Phenomenon appears to be worsening with climate change.
  • Reports of "Strange lightning storms!" Lightning from cloudless sky! "Strange lightning storms" causing widespread bush fires in the US and Canada this year.
  • 100's dead from lightning strikes in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka this summer
  • In June more than a 100 people were struck in Europe.
  • In July a new world record was recorded as ten thousand lightning flashes lit up Hong Kong's night sky over one weekend

 An inspector for Norway's wildlife and environmental protection agency Statens naturoppsyn (SNO) encountered an animal tragedy while out making his rounds on a mountain plateau just before the weekend.
At least 322 wild reindeer were found dead in a radius of just 50 to 60 meters.
Knut Nylend told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) on Sunday that the wild reindeer, which move in large, tight flocks and are a protected species in Norway, most probably were killed by lightning bolts that struck the Hardangervidda plateau Friday afternoon.
"There were quite hard weather conditions with thunder and lightning in the afternoon," Nylend told NRK.
"The flock must have been hit by lightning."
The dead animals were found, some of them lying on top of each other, between Møsvatn and Kalhovd in Telemark County. Staff from SNO and the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) were working at the site on Sunday, counting the animals and taking biological samples from them.
They determined 322 reindeer were killed, all in a concentrated area where "they certainly were standing tightly together," Nylend said.
"They often do so."
He said it was still unclear what would be done with all the cadavers, saying that was a matter for the state food safety agency Mattilsynet to decide.
There are an estimated 10,000 wild reindeer roaming Hardangervidda.

Gigantic Jet Lightning over China 
Image Credit & Copyright: Phebe Pan
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2 months rain in one day makes Iowa the latest state in America to declare an emergency as our planet is showing signs of birth pangs

Rain bombs and thousand year floods are catching America’s attention as 110,000 homes damaged by floods in Louisiana .

One Dead, One Missing in Louisiana Flooding as rivers reach record highs

12 dead and thousands hospitalised as Japan temperature hits 40C (104F)

Death toll expected to rise as Tropical Storm Earl kills 38 people in Mexico

54 dead after a week of torrential rains and flash floods in Pakistan

More than a years rain in two hours kill 22 and and injures 60 in Macedonia

40C, 104F is becoming a summer normal as evidence shows Shanghai is getting hotter

Scorched Earth! A week after Kuwait tied the world’s highest known temperature UAE temperature hits 50C, 122F

One month's rain in two hours destroys Ellicott City maine street in Maryland killing two

40 people killed 35 others injured due to lightning strikes in Odisha, India

Spanish high season on alert as temperatures set to soar to above 42 C (108 Degrees)

37 people dead 26 missing and 2,000 houses destroyed from floods and landslides in Nepal

Temperatures to hit 110 degrees (43C) during the weekend in the San Fernando Valley

Astounding statistics! Over one years rain in one day kills 225, 250,000 trapped and 53,000 houses destroyed in China

Kuwait tie's the world’s highest known temperature this week at 129.2 degrees (54 Celsius).

India –124 Dead 55,000 dead cattle and 336,555 damaged homes after monsoon rains

Two weeks after heavy rain left 128 people dead another 100 dead or missing in new China floods

Unprecedented and undeniable! June marks 14 consecutive months of record heat for the globe

Deadly Texas heat wave kills four and is the hottest summer since 1994

Greenland lost over a trillion tons of ice from Jan. 1, 2011 to Dec. 31, 2014 report claims

Parts of Europe on alert as a heatwave moves in with some parts hitting 40C (104F)


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Thank you, old head burried in the sand one, I do like your drawings!

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Don't you recognize the number? 322 is skull and bones. This is an engineered assault. All the numbers of everything that has happened recently are all significant numbers to THEM. They can weaponize the weather. Go to Steve Quayle's site and learn more about the weaponized weather.

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That is the first thing that popped up in my head...skull & bones. good call

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But it says, at least!

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Worsening with climate change eh?... Maybe HAARP instead?

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322 = Fabricated BS Story...