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ABRAHAM AND FRAUDULENT SOCIAL SECURITY: A letter to The Big Wobble from Hogorina, his 95th letter to TBW to be exact, exposing satan's sneaky deceptive tricks in the dark days of 2020.

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Below is the 114th comment on TBW's Coronavirus Timeline, nothing strange there, however, the person who wrote it, someone called Hogorina it was their 95th comment and he or she writes on the  Coronavirus Timeline, almost daily with a religious letter to TBW readers. I would like to thank him for his diligent, conscientious and hard work exposing satan's sneaky deceptive tricks in the dark days of 2020.
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Abraham, the father of all nations, was not nailed down with a Social Security number. This holy patriarch took a name-change from Abram to Abraham. Satan’s remarkable manner in numbering down humanity as catalogued slaves of state via serial numbering, is far-fetched today, in vacating God’s previous will to set precedence, in the unchangeable truth, that a given name is honourable. Our Lord’s chosen people are numbered. Too, Satan’s gang in the political valley of hell, that is the very foundation of iniquity, named the pseudo-democratic party, – include an ever number of corrupt republican exponents of corrupt existence. Jesus was Jesus, one astounding individual of Godship. God commands through individual personalities. The Social security Administration demands and commands through numbers of which brand individuals as mere cattle. Today, ancient Abraham remains an individual recognizable personality. If living within our contemporary commie correlated social act he would become a number. In between Abraham and the daily manipulation of calculus, manipulation revelations put forth 666. Just as 666 accords mankind, social security is patterned.

Peradventure, as prolonged Humanoids become mentally crippled as feeding on state hand- two-party hand-crafted political troughs, individuality is devalued. Here, through the absolute loss of personality inertia dwindles and one becomes a politically devised slave of the state. All in the art of calculated iniquity as Satan has his plan for upcoming born humanity to fall into line with a state already previously the Satanic regimentation as throngs for devils in the flesh. In actuality, this declaration of satanic rule by the agents of commie orientated political proclivities has been reversed. The state, USA, has become a victim of its own class rule, in the name of organized criminality, Fifty-state mob orientated trough patrolling are now engaged with various class anti-social Marxian orientated dissidents. mobs of visual supplications is a grave weight hovering over the halls of congress and now have become a Golan Monster with its claws into the literal throat of the supreme court. Only with several devils on the supreme court coinciding with a gang in the White house could the actual overthrow of national government take place.

Without a doubt soul, people, are born, they are given a name. later in life, they are compelled to receive a SS number, All through life one is tagged like a swine. Here comes the fraudulence of SS. The name on the card was chosen at birth. A child had no choice within the matter. One was plastered with a name and should have been given a chance to name itself. Even Though the name is hated, it remains. Here the SS card is fraudulent and is a part of a scheme to control and manipulate people against their will. Christ never recognized any state or civil mandate. Since our creator told and shown Abraham the world as then and into the future, he stuck with his God-given name. Social Security is a satanic functionary on the backs of God’s people, for it robs honest investors in feeding idle mankind with services, as stolen from true beneficiaries. There is more than a name, a true name. Convicts have identity numerals–so does the commie-run gang cuddle the 666. Yes, every patriot in America is a convict of the national government. It is a matter of time for humanoids to become mankind and to throw off oppression in God’s name, and to let fraudulence left into the names of scoundrels, of whom take citizens to be fooled.
If you enjoyed Hogorina's work here is a link to his/her blog https://hogorinablog.wordpress.com/2015/08/29/683/ 

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Anonymous said...

I beg to differ, never seen so much drivel and superstitious BS!

Larry said...


Anonymous said...

Switch the page back to the way you had it before, cannot read it properly now for some reason.....was this intentional??

Gary Walton said...

What do you mean?

Channon said...

Garbage. The Democarats aren't Satanic and Republicans aren't Godly. Neither live according to the Gospel. They serve the God of Money. Ease stick to reporting facts, not opinion and propaganda.

hogorina said...

Pseudo Democracy bag of worms.

The old maxim that waste products can be rejected from one’s torso through the expedition of useless stored up wastes contrary to individual consumption will release a democratic fervor via unloaded gobble de gook legislative blockage. One legislator used a trial one that failed, : “ Hello,

i just tried a coffee ENEMA An expelled everything, but I have a question. Throughout the day i would feel like i would have to go. And the only thing that would come out would be this mucous looking stuff, like little globs of it.

What is this, intestinal lining, intestinal mucous, or Candida. Is this a good thing to expel ? “ ( In paraphrasing, Hogorina would suggest that prior to belly wash and colon flushing such political plants must understand that their psychic process is not an alien misgiving mind-bending mental process to be separated from the all over vegetative cognition as aliened with the gut. We might add in borrowing from psychology today. To be plagiarised: Psychology is the study of mind and behavior. It is an academic discipline and an applied science which seeks to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and ( paraphrased. Congress is a group and collected individuals of which suffer IRANIANITIS. Our nation is in the hands of hand-picked political idolatry. This is the belly-wash that that clings to colons. Too, a mind-set to protect the state of iSRAEL Under this alien influence is the gut-wrenching in concealing that Congress is a syndicated nest calculating scoundrels. prime MINISTER Netanyahu and Obama wades through both houses as a mud-puddle. Under pressure that Vladimir Putin of Russia has no colon stoppage. His canals has been flushed into the Crimea. NATO has become a thorn in its overstepping its illegality through false implications of pursuing internationalism. The Near and Middle East is armed by the influence of oil-seeking Western-world Mongols, Again, Congress is bowel-locked because of collective nervous dysfunctional personality suppression. The ADRENALININ and pituitary glands are over-reacting in creating internal bowl functioning. We wonder why Congress is fighting to maintain inlaid corruption. Constipation is natural when nervous systems become chemically disrupted. Our Congress suffers from elephantiasis. It reminds our nation of the crockergator. This beast is the meanest creature upon the earth. This is because it has a tail on each end of its body and cannot get rid of waste. Good advice to Congress is to keep a crate of Equate Enema on hand–Saline Laxative. And before sending drones and stingers over Iran that kill both Christians and ISI elements please remember that Netanyahu has no intentional problems or worms.

Gary Walton said...

Or maybe a fiscal laxative?

hogorina said...

ENTANGLEMENT BETWEEN RELIGION AND POLITICAL WHOREDOM. Jesus was baptized by John. Joseph Smith was baptized by an angel under the direction of Peter, James, and John. This is because the angel was going through Devine guidance, and priesthood authority. Ms. Barnhardt is highly intelligent and speaks the truth. but lost on her religious presumptions. SHE BLOCKS HOGORINA.

hogorina said...

Think a like

It is interesting and I have a lot of interesting info to share with you that I would like for you to see for yourself first and post around, Pertaining to your fantastic post about world government: We were obviously meant to cross paths and I would not want to part without my exchanging the lot of some info. I have collected over the years! You put things to good use!!On You-Tube: “Norman Dodd's interview with Edward Griffin. This interview was done in 1982! Lauren Moret PDX 9/11 truth. Lauren is a geo scientist for many years and a historian. She also teaches about radiation/nuclear waste. Lauren has MUCH wisdom to share about the communist control of the University of California when she worked there many years ago. There are FEW people who reveal the truth as she does! There are also 2 episodes of “One Step Beyond ” from 1959-60 that have vanished from the series! They were two true stories. One was about a man named Charlie Shelton who had a water(hydro) fuel that would have put Rockefeller out of commission. I saw it more than 40 years ago and have not seen it since! I never forgot that episodes! also look up the POGUE carburetor. This little device can hook onto any car and cause the engine to use the fuel so efficiently that you would hardly ever need gas. It would evaporate before you would use it all! You could travel 1000 miles on just a couple of gallons! Then of course ,here on You-Tube is Henry ford’s “Hemp car” from the 1940’s.The car was entirely made and fueled by Hemp and was biodegradable. The fuel gave off no harmful fumes and the car was twelve times stronger than the old steel cars we had years ago! Amazing people God gave us! And amazing ways to have what we need without destroying the planet but actually making our presence here better for it! The same criminals liars have kept these simple clean technologies hidden from humanity!