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Cooked mussels, melted starfish! The death of the Pacific has started: Radiation will be around for 50,000 to 250,000 years

Credit Jeff Chiu/Associated Press Another dead gray whale

Last week the New York Times asked the question: "What’s Killing Pacific Whales?"
Since January, at least 167 North Pacific gray whales have washed ashore dead from Mexico to Alaska.
That’s probably just a fraction of the number that has actually died.
Most will have sunk to the sea floor; scientists call these carcasses “whale falls.”
But the number of known deaths is high enough that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has declared an “unusual mortality event”  a pronouncement that has sent scientists scrambling to figure out what’s going on, good luck with that!
You see, 167 dead North Pacific gray whales are just a tiny scratch on the surface when you consider the true devastation unravelling along a stretch of the Pacific Ocean often referred to as paradise.
The New York Times report goes on: Interdisciplinary teams of scientists have begun sifting through a profusion of data — for example, sea ice extent, ocean temperature, food availability, entanglement in fishing gear, marine pollution, toxic algae blooms, collisions with large ships and predation by killer whales. New York Time Report
In a sense, this is old-fashioned detective work. (Wouldn't old-fashioned detective work involve checking radiation levels?) Ok, let's not go there just yet!
Just this weekend, The Big Wobble reported, thousands of dead mussels, their shells gaping and scorched and their meats thoroughly cooked along a 150 mile stretch of northern Californian coastline.
According to "experts", a record-breaking June heatwave apparently caused the largest die-off of mussels in at least 15 years at Bodega Head, a small headland on the northern California bay, with a similar mass mussel deaths at various beaches across roughly 150 miles of coastline. (Now call me cynical but doesn't California have lot's of heatwaves, so why are cooked mussels a new phenomenon, just maybe, something else cooked the mussels?) Full Story
And then In 2011 reports from scientists revealed starfish were melting, yes melting, and shellfish populations were breaking down from Alaska all the way down to Mexico. (What could melt billions of starfish I wonder?)
And rather conveniently, the New York Times has not bothered to mention the small but significant fact that along the same coastline thousands, yes, thousands of leopard sharks have mysteriously died in the San Francisco Bay area since 2017. Full story
Or the small issue of hundreds of thousands of dead seabirds which have been washing up along the coasts of western Alaska for the last three years.
Common murres, an abundant North Pacific seabird, have been found dead on shores from Shishmaref to St. Lawrence Island.
It is thought millions of the little birds have died since 2015 but the true number will never be known because the majority of birds are thought to die out at sea.
A new report now claims that the dying seabirds are now turning up as far south as San Francisco.
Not to mention of the collapse of the salmon fishing industry in Canada and Alaska, or the disappearance of  Sardines, Anchovies and Tuna, causing many west coast fishermen to go bankrupt.
Also, not mentioned are the thousands of dead Puffins washing up along the Alaskan coast, stranger still, the puffins don’t startle and move away when people approach them. they poor birds just fall over onto their bellies, too weak to waddle.
Last month Bill Laughing-Bear, our friend in Alaska who is monitoring the fish up there for radiation came across one of the dead gray whales mentioned above and he claims radiation levels were higher than many of the salmon and halibut levels he had tested earlier, I personally have no reason to believe Bill would lie. Full Story

Bill Laughing-Bear tests a dead gray whale for radiation

Recently other warnings have been published as the slow drip-drip-drip of information is slowly increasing.
In 2017, A study by the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa revealed almost 50% of fish consumed on the islands of Hawai’i were contaminated with caesium 134 the radioactive finger-print of Fukushima.
The report also showed that migrating organisms can transport the Fukushima-signature (caesium 134) over significant distances as they showed detectable 134Cs (6.3±1.5 Bq/kg) in Pacific bluefin tuna caught off the California coast only a year after the incident.
Another study found caesium 134 in longfin tuna (Albacore) along the western coast of the US just one year after the Fukushima disaster. Full Story
Would the New York Times feed us a fake story, sure they would, that's what the media do all the time, would our own governments lie to us?
Of course, they would, Trump, Putin, Bush, Obama, Blair, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un, Hassan Rouhani, they are all the same, corrupt and rotten to the bone.
Let me tell you something your government never told you...Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima and the Marshall Islands Runit Dome: Nuclear pollution will be around from 50,000 to 250,000 years. More here

Radiation levels up to 6,000 times higher than those found in the open ocean found in seafood near "CRACKED" Marshall Islands nuclear Runit Dome.
The radioactive shellfish were found near Runit Dome — a concrete-capped waste site known by locals as “The Tomb” — according to a presentation made by a U.S. Department of Energy scientist this month in Majuro, the island nation’s capital.
The clams are a popular delicacy in the Marshall Islands and in other nations, including China, which has aggressively harvested them from vast swaths of the Pacific.
According to Terry Hamilton, a veteran nuclear physicist at the Energy Department’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Runit Dome is vulnerable to leakage by storm surge and sea level rise, and its groundwater, which is leaking into the lagoon and ocean, is severely contaminated. Full Story



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  1. Thank you Gary for posting this! No news of it any other place that I have seen. I am glad I frequent your site. I do not feel up to commenting on this though. You know how I feel about it, we know what is happening.

  2. HI folks,
    Isaiah 44:18 and Hosea 4: 1-4 say's it all.
    Regards, Bob

    1. Sad but true 😭 I'm so thankful that I have faith in God and His promises and not man

  3. i wonder if this would represent one third of the sea being dead.....


    1. JAPANESE NUCLEAR PLANT THAT RUPTURED IN 2010 OR SO... HAARP gov weather manipulator.... this was done on purpose

  5. OMG you really don't know what Fukushima is? Please look it up on the internet

    1. Kevin knows more than anyone on fukushima,he himself suffers from radiation :(

  6. It is NOT just in the ocean

    Within minutes or hours of publishing this list of cities over 10.5 Million YTD Counts of Radiation, even more cities will Zoom past 10.5 Million Counts of deadly Gamma Radiation since January 1, 2018.

    Their killer attack on your body’s trillions of cells never ceases. It did not used to be that way y’know – back in the day.

    There were only four radioactive Isotopes then in existence and their Decay products. They were mostly in the ground.

    Today there are 1,946 known radioactive Isotopes in existence in our atmosphere. The known Gamma radioactive Isotopes are measured by RadNet [1] and reported here.

    Cell assassins, like Plutonium 239, and its brothers were never around; they did not exist on this Planet. All 98 Rad Cities are above 10.5 Million Rad Counts far this year.

    RadNet has largely stopped reporting radioactive Beta counts. No explanation was given.

    Max Normal Safe Level

    The United States is a very radioactive country now. No monitored cities are below the MaxNormalSafeLevel; all monitored cities are above safe level.

    Records of Total Gamma Radiation are easily accessible with a computer and a fast Internet connection at RadNet, a directorate of the EPA. [1]

    RadNet simply presents the data. It is up to you to decide how much radiation is too much and what to do about it.

    Use a fast InterNet connection or run the look-ups as a background task. Either way, you get the data yourself.

    Good luck on your efforts. As they say, “It’s complicated.”

    Conclusion. The amount of Rad in the air now Dooms Humanity to a relatively quick Extinction.
    Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there.

  7. Our oceans are facing the perfect storm of enormous amounts of pollutants, acidification due to them being a carbon sink, warming and ionising radiation.
    Ionising radiation bio-accumulates in apex predators and can weaken their immune systems.
    As we lose the Arctic sea ice Krill lose access to the algae that used to exist under the ice.
    As this disaster continues we face "Canfield Oceans". Good luck everybody.

  8. so sorry to report G00gle has pulled the blog from the internet today.... they are stomping out all news sources ....


  10. Just as the oceans will the lands through the ocean waters evaporating into the atmosphere.

  11. Mosaic Phosphate Co. is a huge contributor with dumping their toxic, radioactive waste water into the Gulf! #marchagainstmosaic