Man made disasters

Ladies "SAFE-ZONE" for New Years Eve celebrations after migrants committed hundreds of sex assaults and robbery on horrific night in Cologne in 2015.
 Berlin's traditional New Year celebrations will take on a new twist on Sunday evening when a "safe zone" will be set up for women after a large number of assaults and robberies targeting women at Cologne's New Year's Eve celebrations two years ago horrified Germany.

The evil is out there! Pentagon ufo disclosure is the beginning of a new deception after 70 years of lying of swamp gas and weather balloons
The truth is finally out there, or is a new deception is on the cards?
The Pentagon admitted it ran a secret UFO investigation programme for five years until 2012.
Luis Elizondo, who was the head of the Advanced Threat Identification Programme (AATIP), a US program set up to investigate reports of unidentified flying objects, UFO's, has declared the existence of unidentified flying objects using technology more advanced than human capabilities has been proved “beyond a reasonable doubt”.
So...There it is a disclosure of sorts.

Australia's shame! Australian establishment deny drug-fuelled insane, demon-possessed Muslim is a terrorist claiming he is a drug addict and mentally ill
Yesterday a drug-fuelled insane, demon-possessed Muslim deliberately drove an SUV at speed into innocent men women and children happily going about there business and since then the spineless Australian government and Media have been falling over themselves denying this action as terrorism, saying no terrorism link has been identified at this stage?

Horror in Yemen! War... Famine... Drought...1 million with cholera and now diphtheria while key ports for humanitarian shipments remain closed
Three people have died of suspected diphtheria in conflict-hit Yemen, doctors said Wednesday, as the World Health Organisation and International Committee of the Red Cross warned the disease was spreading.
"Currently, there is an increase in diphtheria cases, due to the poor vaccination coverage for children under five years of age," an ICRC spokeswoman told AFP.

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