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Monday, 31 October 2016

What Clinton, Trump and the Main stream Media are not telling us about The United States Of America

Friday’s headlines from around the world were the horrendous claim Isis had slaughtered at least 232 civilians near Mosul, Iraq last week, according to the UN.
Aleppo - During the past week, Aleppo has been the target of the worst aerial onslaught since the start of Syria's civil war in 2011. More than 400 people were killed, hundreds of others wounded
Last week on the streets of the US just as many, if not more civilians have been slaughtered, even worse, these deaths happen every week in America and barely make the news
Since Friday more than 100 were slaughtered with hundreds injured over the weekend.
This weekend in Chicago alone 14 young people were killed and a further three dozen injured in the battle for the streets of America but you have to dig deep to find any mention of the carnage and death in the cities and urban streets of the US.
If you were beginning to think this year’s election fight was a blood bath think again, so far this year 12,226 have been killed in the United States of America, with a further 25,284 injured.
More than 3,000 of the above were children aged from 0-17. Source
The statistics above are only gun statistics; I have not added any data for other violent crimes, such as stabbings, domestic violence or beatings.

When one look’s at the bigger picture, the events in the Middle East although terrible should take on an entirely different perspective, along with the petty school yard cat fight of the American President election.

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Anonymous said...

12226 = 0.000003.7% of the population
the last data for gun violence showed 6 million people stopped violent crime by using a gun. far out numbers the deaths. The deaths are mostly in areas where misplaced liberal anti gun laws stop law abiding people from being able to defend themselves

Gary Walton said...

Oh, OK, thanks, it's no problem then...

Unknown said...

The streets of Chicago are notorious for a large portion of gun related gang violence. Ironically, Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the nation. There are too many street weapons. More gun laws at this point only ensures that the criminals will be able to murder unimpeded.

ted@newyork said...

It is a seductive idea. If there is gun violence, take the guns. The deeper question is why is there gun violence. Why is there not more education, support, as well as enforcement and patrolling. Why is it politically ok to take guns from responsible citizens, and yet not ok to focus on finding and taking guns from felons in high crime neighborhoods?

Anonymous said...

Gary, I think that there is one point that can be easily pulled from your article in conjunction with the post by ANONYMOUS. That is that in the Iraqi war zones, people were allowed to resist those terrorizing them. So, the number of those slaughter would be way down from places where no resistance is permitted(Chicago). I hope this helps.

Unknown said...

Daily abortions stats should be added into the murder number

Gary Walton said...

Good point!

Gary Walton said...

Great point! Fiona