Animal Die-Offs 2022

There is something very mysterious going on around the waters of Sevastopol in the Black Sea and the Russians have been going to incredible lengths to cover up this mystery since the Summer of 2017! Is GPS spoofing killing thousands of dolphins, birds, and fish?

It's an area described by President Zelensky as 'hell.' and according to reports from Ukraine this weekend, tens of thousands of fish along with thousands of dolphins as well as marine fauna are washing up dead along the coastlines of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. Many more, fish and dolphins will have died and sunk to the bottom of the sea and will never be counted.  According to Odesa ecologist, Ivan Rusev tens of thousands of dolphins had died in the Black Sea three months after the Russian aggression from explosions and the impact of sonar. 

All the reports I have read indicate the deaths have been caused by the war in Ukraine, and indeed, the war may well be responsible for many of the marine deaths but . . . This area has a strange history of mass die-offs and other strange mysteries, including "GPS spoofing," involving Russia and Nato stretching back six years at the very least!

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