Thursday 7 December 2023

Wearables and bioelectronics, which apparently rely on breathable interface devices with bioaffinity, biocompatibility, and smart functionality for interactions between "beings" (that's us) The Incredible rise of Graphene Oxide

Credit NASA

While millions of us may be worried about the devastating climate change coming our way, or just worried about paying the energy bills and staying warm or comfortable next season. Well, our mad scientists have your backs and have been hard working on a contingency plan, but, you may not have heard of it?—"Personal thermal management." Yes!—And, it's already out there! Can you imagine as the the record-breaking cold snap enters its second bone-chilling month, but, you are sitting in a self-built igloo enjoying the subzero temperature. To cool down you are sipping cocktails, wearing shorts and teeshirt, listening to Pink Floyd and basking in your own technologically induced tropical micro-climate. . .

We are talking about—Wearables and bioelectronics, which apparently rely on breathable interface devices with bioaffinity, biocompatibility, and smart functionality for interactions between "beings" (that's us) and things from the surrounding environment, computers and stuff. Imagine that! 

However, it just so happens, that wearables and bioelectronics can help "humans," in many other ways too, for instance, wound healing, drug delivery and biosensing. What's biosensing, I hear you thinking? Biosensing is the detection of target molecules based on the principles used by a living system such as an immune system—Hmmm, this is all beginning to sound a little bit familiar. Wearables and bioelectronics can also provide "YOU," with personal protection. WHAT? Could this stuff protect me from being mugged? No stupid, but, it can protect me from catching COVID-19 and other nasty viruses. 

However, there is a clear and present caveat, yes, of course—There is always a caveat! Wearables and bioelectronics are just the latest attempts by scientists, leaders and the elite to interface us to a device or program enabling them to monitor and communicate with us through a computer. And, wait for it—Graphene Oxide is the foundation of this technology. Take away the benefits of a cocktail or two, listening to Pink Floyd and the harsh reality of this horrendous technology once again rears its dystopian head.

By reporting on only the positive benefits this new nanotechnology has to offer to a human being and not the dark side, the dystopian, or Orwellian side, our leaders are leaving themselves exposed. Indeed, their lies and deceptions are easy to call out. By listening to what they say—And what they 'don't' say—By watching what they do—And watching what they 'don't' do. When we start breaking down specific facts and figures we can see lots of disturbing anomalies in the official narrative we are being fed by governments, scientists and the media. Many lies are being uncovered, layers and layers of deception—These layers of deception are what our leaders refer to as alternative truths.

Wearables and bioelectronics are just another attempt to link every human being on this planet to the powerful 5G network so we can eventually be monitored and controlled 24/7. They are an integral part of the so-called, "Grand Reset," which has been touted by our world leaders since WWIII started back in early November 2019 when COVID-19 was released.

How Graphene Oxide works

Graphene Oxide is a carbon material so small it is called nano-technology and can be administered to a person through an injection and is already officially being used in flu vaccinations. Graphene oxide once administered to someone can then be given a positive charge which activates a magnetic field, the graphene oxide that is present in an individual's body can, through the activated magnetic field be connected to the wearables and bioelectronics, mentioned above, or, any other electronic product, such as computers, neural networks, RFID Chips or a mobile telephone.

Graphene is an incredible breakthrough in the field of electrical conductors in humans, and can host its own magnetic field and is being used as a tool for connecting human beings to modern technology, that's already a fact.

Here is what the scientists are failing to tell us. Our movements, including heart and blood pressure monitoring, fitness, diet, work production, alcohol or drug intake, internet trends and even personal thoughts and actions could quite easily be monitored on a neural network which would be fitted to the brain, and then connected to the Graphene oxide in our blood. Absolutely everything we do in 24 hours would then be transmitted into the neural network and then fed into a giant database run in the cloud. day. This technology is not a sci-fi theory or an idea for the future, no, it is probably by now considered old tech and some other dystopian idea is already out there and is being championed by the powers that be!

According to IBM, neural networks reflect the behaviour of the human brain, allowing computer programs to recognize patterns and solve common problems in the fields of AI, machine learning, and deep learning. Now, with the use of lipid nanotechnology, (graphene oxide) our bodies could quite easily be monitored through the neural link in our heads along with the graphene electrical conductor in our body, and get this, George Orwell's "thought Police" could be monitoring our every thought, if, for instance, we had a wrong or bad thought, we could be punished quite easily with a painful electrical shock, sent from our AI controller. A positive charge could potentially kill a person. 


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