Saturday 11 November 2023

A seismic week—Another major quake rattles the Banda Sea' Indonesia recording 5 major quakes (mag 6 or higher) and almost 50 aftershocks this week: Meanwhile Iceland declares volcano Emergency ordering thousands to evacuate.

Credit USGS

Seismic events around the world are causing some concern—Last night another major quake rattled the Banda Sea Indonesia recording 5 major quakes (mag 6 or higher) and almost 50 aftershocks many of them mag 5+'ers. This area could be a huge development and needs closer inspection.

Meanwhile in Iceland. . . 

Credit USGS

Iceland Monitor has reported that a threat level of civil protection has been declared due to an intense seismic swarm at Sundhnúkar crater row, north of Grindavík [Volcano Fagradalsfjal]. Authorities have ordered thousands living in the southwestern town of Grindavík to evacuate as a precaution. The Icelandic Met Office (IMO) says it is concerned large amounts of magma - molten rock- are spreading underground and could surface there. Thousands of tremors have been recorded around the nearby Fagradalsfjall volcano in recent weeks.

Geldingadalir eruption near Fagradalsfjall, 24 March 2021. Credit Berserkur - Own work

Latest Update Iceland. . . 

Significant likelihood of a volcanic eruption in the coming days Models show a 15-km long magma intrusion, located just northwest of Grindavík 11.11.2023

Updated 11. November at 6:30 At 18:00 today, 11 November, a status meeting concluded between scientists at the Icelandic Meteorological Office, the University of Iceland, and the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the latest measurements of seismicity and ground deformation in the region of Grindavík, in addition to reviewing the latest geophysical models and hazard assessments.

From combined assessments of satellite radar imagery, ground-based GPS measurements, and seismicity, it was concluded that the ongoing dike intrusion represents a serious volcanic hazard. From geophysical models of the dike intrusion, it is estimated that the intrusion is propagating upwards slowly, with magma thought to be 800 m beneath the surface. The exact location of a possible eruption site is unknown, but the 15-km length and orientation of the dike give a good indication of possible sources.

The overall assessment from the status meeting was that the likelihood of a volcanic eruption is high and that an eruption could be possible on a timescale of just days. Based on the extent of the dike, magma could emerge from its southern, just outside of Grindavik. Therefore, the likelihood of a submarine eruption has also increased, so preparations must be made for the possibility of explosive activity. A hazard area has been defined based on the location of the dike, as shown in the map.


Hawkeye said...

So many quakes and eruptions! It doesn't stop, only continues to increase, like earth is vomiting from so much poison dumped on her!
Speaking of Australia, I just got a news link from there about a "thunderstorm asthma" warning. Thunderstorm asthma? What is that and why are thunderstorms giving people increased asthma symptoms? The link is issued by the Australian gov. Hmmmm.
It states the winds from thunderstorms are causing this. Why isn't named wind asthma then? Thunderstorms? So only storms with thunder create winds that increase pollen distribution? Is it me or does that sound pretty lame to you guys too?

What's in the thunderstorms? Just so happens to be the land area coastal side of the continent where the band of quakes are in this post Gary reported on. Is it connected or rather is there a connection?
Question everything!!

Hawkeye said...

I'm following up from this post and the most recent post Gary followed up my comment with regarding this rare phenomenon called thunderstorm asthma.

Well thank you Gary, I wasn't aware it had happened in 2016 also. I should have figured though! Does anyone ever wonder why, where, all these new illnesses are really coming from? "Really" highlighted because the media's explanations are ridiculous and fabricated as usual. The pictured graph of how thunderstorm asthma happens is pretty lame. Ridiculous IMHO.
When the media comes up with these ludicrous explanations like this one and too many others, know it is cover up for geoengineering fallout being the cause. It's the big unacknowledged secret you know, shhhh!
When you spray the sky with toxic chemicals and heavy metals gravity eventually brings those ingredients to the ground and of course every life form on earth that breathes air takes it inside their lungs and body. But, when you completely ignore, deny, and cover up that the skies globally are being sprayed with toxic chemicals and heavy metals then of course there must be a fabricated responce when questions are asked to determine a reason for some new phenomenon causing some new illness.
This applies to humans, wildlife, marine life, plants, trees, and insects. Everything is very negatively effected.
I am so so so over it!!!!!
This is the med used to "treat" most every other bad thing these lunatic leaders do to God's creation(s). It's science. It's real. It's why we are in the end of days.
I personally can not wait to hear the Trumpet call!

Anonymous said...

This is not new. It's how Iceland, Indonesia, the Colorado plateu, and most other place have been formed.....natural violence and chaos, not humans. Just stop the foolishness already. It's immature

Hawkeye said...

Nice try anonymous. Foolishness belongs to the fool who ignores visual facts and calls them natural violence and chaos. There is nothing natural about planes spraying lines in the sky. Everyone knows that microwaves cook from the inside out.