Sunday 3 December 2023

More mysterious "NULL" Quakes reported as the southern Mindanao island in the Philippine Sea resembles the 2011 Great Honshu Quake with so many powerful aftershocks after a massive mag 7.6 struck yesterday!

Credit USGS.

Since yesterday afternoon an epic seismic situation has formed in the southern Mindanao island of the Philippine Sea, about 600 km South of Manila. Yesterday afternoon a mag 7.6 quake rocked the city of Davao a city of nearly 2 million people. A tsunami warning was issued but has been withdrawn.

Almost 100 aftershocks have been recorded with the highest being a mag 7 this morning which was rapidly reduced to a mag 6.6, by USGS. The area is rocking and almost resembles the 2011 Great Honshu Quake with so many powerful aftershocks, so stay tuned. A further three magnitude 6.2 and a mag 6.4, all three being major quakes—(mag 6 or higher) and a further 41 aftershocks registering mag 5 or higher prove this cluster to be the the most powerful since Fukushima 2011.

High Strangeness!

Credit USGS

Since October 1st, 19 major quakes, (mag 6 or higher) have been recorded. Nothing strange about that, however, what is strange is they have all occurred in a small area of the Western Pacific Ring Of Fire! More specifically, the Philippines, and Indonesia area that is strange!

Besides the major quakes above being recorded in a relatively small area of our planet, three mysterious "Null" quakes have been recorded, below are two showing up on USGS last month!

Credit USGS

What are Null earthquakes?

I once emailed USGS to ask them what a 'null' quake was, and they answered probably a mining explosion . . .

However, many of these 'null' quakes are often registered thousands of kilometres away from land and under the sea. They can't possibly be mining explosions. Surely they would have to be something else. An underwater volcano eruption for instance, or maybe something a little more sinister, off-shore nuclear testing? And with the current conflict tensions reverberating around the world at the moment, the nuclear example might just make more sense.

More on these mysterious Null quakes below:

The Dark Arts Of Military Build-Up—An incredible 11 major quakes, mag 6 or higher have been recorded by USGS since Hamas attacked Israel just over a week earlier: However from the incredible spike only 7 may be actual quakes. Could the 4 'NULL' quakes be nuclear tests?

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